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					                      Customer Service Standard
Our Purpose and Vision

As part of the Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS), our purpose is to deliver reliable,
responsive and efficient business support services and systems to the ACT Government. These services
include information and communications technology (ICT), records, publishing, procurement, human resource
and finance services.
We are a values driven organisation that attracts and retains talented and motivated people who take pride in
working together to deliver efficient, accurate, seamless and timely business support services and systems.
We model cross-departmental cooperation and are regarded as an industry leader.

Our Business

Shared Services is structured into the following lines of business:

Finance Services
Provides tactical and transactional financial services to ACT Government departments and agencies. The
services include financial reporting, accounts processing, preparation of GST and FBT returns, cash
management, systems development and support. Shared Services Finance works in close partnership with
its customers to provide efficient and effective financial services.

Human Resource Services
Provides tactical and transactional human resource services to ACT Government departments and agencies.
These services include payroll and personnel; recruitment; employee relations; workplace health and safety;
training and development; HR management systems, reporting and information management. Human
Resource Services works in partnership with client agencies and customers in providing quality, consistent
and efficient services.

InTACT is the shared ICT service organisation providing a complete range of ICT services to the ACT
Government including infrastructure, applications support and development, ICT policy and ICT project

        Records Services
        Provides a full range of records management and mail room/courier activities to the majority of ACT
        Government Departments. Services also include training and expert advice in records management.

        Publishing Services
        Publishing Services is an in-house business unit managing print and electronic publishing for the ACT

Procurement Services
ACT Procurement Solutions is the ACT Government's centre of expertise for procurement matters. It provides
procurement-related services to ACT Government agencies and the community.

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Our Values

   We are unified and open
   We take pride in our work
   We are professional and ethical
   We follow through on our commitments and are accountable for our actions
   We treat our staff, colleagues and customers with respect and courtesy
   We encourage learning, development and innovation
   We trust each other and our customers
   We focus on solutions.

Our Service Standards

As an organisation, we strive to make it easier for our customers to do business with us.

We will ensure that:

   accurate advice is given on issues relating to policies and procedures
   enquiries are handled promptly and courteously
   your dealings with us are kept confidential
   feedback is sought on your service expectations and the quality of service you received and implement

How you can help us to help you

To help us provide you with quality service, we need you to:

   seek advice from our staff if you are unsure of any of our processes or procedures that may affect you
   provide timely information that is accurate and complete
   allow adequate time to respond to your requests
   provide feedback on the quality of our service
   where possible, utilise the online services we offer at http://sharedservices.

Complaints and Feedback

To provide us with feedback, email us at:
We will ensure that positive feedback is passed on to the appropriate staff.
If you have any concerns about the service provided to you by our staff, we will discuss them to ensure staff
members are aware of their obligations and the standard of service expected by them.

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Contact Details

Phone:                           Extension 99 (or 6205 5444)
Hours of Operation:              8:30am – 5pm, Monday - Friday

Customer Service Portal:         http://sharedservices
Internet:               and

Postal Address:                  Shared Services
                                 GPO Box 158
                                 CANBERRA ACT 2601

Location:                           Head of Shared Services, Business Services:
                                       Level 5
                                       40 Allara Street
                                       CANBERRA CITY

                                    Human Resource Services, Finance Services:
                                       Levels 3-9
                                       Eclipse House
                                       CANBERRA CITY

                                    Procurement Solutions:
                                        Dame Pattie Menzies Building
                                        16 Challis Street

                                    including Publishing Services & Record Services:
                                         Callam Offices
                                         Easty Street

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