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                                             Rapid Root Cause Identification
                                                  Technical Fact Sheet

SentientCause is Synengco’s leading              process relationships and other instruments             commercial impact of the problem on
technology for managing abnormal process         within the system to validate instrument data           efficiency, emissions, maintenance,
and equipment operation and to assist            within seconds. To accelerate analyses, data            quality and capacity.
power generators to:                             and time sets are created that can be re-used
                                                 during the analysis and shared with all users.     Each analysis provides a different
•      Improve efficiency and reliability;                                                          diagnostic view of the problem. The insights
•      Reduce emissions;                         These data and time sets can then be               and information revealed allow the user to
•      Manage abnormal operations; and           selected and a total solution provided by a full   triangulate to identify and isolate the root
•      Monitor equipment and processes,          range of analyses including (but not limited       cause of the problem.
                                                 to) the following:
SentientCause finds the root cause of                                                               To overcome the requirement for fleet wide
abnormal process and related equipment           •     Standard statistical analysis                specialists to have local knowledge of every
operation.                                       •     Statistical process control;                 plant, data sets are organised in a
                                                 •     Multi statistical process control (a         hierarchal manner reflecting the system.
SentientCause Operation                                powerful tool providing a unique             The user can then select all the data tags
                                                       signature for comparison to future faults    associated with a piece of equipment in two
When we developed SentientCause we                     to allow rapid identification of root        clicks. With common instrumentation (e.g.
understood that no single technology could             causes);                                     feedwater heater outlet is also feedwater
provide the solution to all problems.            •     Partial least squared;                       heater inlet temperature) the data is
SentientCause was, therefore, designed           •     Hotellings TA2 score;                        presented for both pieces of equipment, so
using a framework of hybrid technologies,        •     Standard prediction error;                   the user does not have to trace the process
combining fundamental (using the laws of         •     Sentient event impact analysis;              information diagram to find the data tags
physics) and statistical (using the laws of      •     Neural networks;                             required for analysing a problem.
relationships) techniques.                       •     Mass and energy balance precision
                                                       model;                                       Notes can be added to the data and time
To overcome challenges with existing             •     Patented Sentient process and financial      sets throughout the process to assist others
analysis tools on the market,                          analysis; and                                in reviewing the root cause analysis or as a
SentientCause uses a range of                    •     Business component analysis system. A        reference in future fault and abnormal
technologies such as standard instrument               financial analysis linked to the process     operations analysis.
evaluation based on process knowledge,                 operation that provides you with, the
                                                                                                    The multi statistical process control analysis
Table 1: SentientSystem Coverage                                                                    is particularly powerful and provides a
                                                                Ability to take      Sentient       unique signature that can be compared to
                                    Frequency         Fault
            Equipment                                             short term          Cause         future faults for rapid identification of a root
                                     of Fault        Impact
                                                                 rectification       Coverage       cause.
    Generator                          Low            High            Low
    Steam Turbine                      Low            High            Low
                                                                                                    SentientCause allows for:
    Condenser                          High          Medium        Medium
    Condenser Cooling System          Medium         Medium        Medium
                                                                                                    •    Rapid abnormal or fault identification;
    Feedwater Heating                  Low            Low          Medium
    Boiler Feed Pump                   Low           Medium           Low                           •    Data/instrument validity checking;
    Boiler Fans                        Low           Medium           Low                           •    Exclusion of invalid data from analysis;
    Air Heater                        Medium         Medium        Medium                           •    Identification of component
    Boiler                             High          Medium          High                                contribution to fault;
    Emissions Control                  High           High           High                           •    Identification of event contribution;
    Pulverisers                       Medium         Medium          High                           •    Analysis of long term vs. short term
    Coal Handling                     Medium         Medium          High                                contributions;
•    Comparison against previous                   This comprehensive coverage allows plant                •    Detect sub-optimal control of heater
     operations and base case;                     operators to take short- term corrective                     levels in feed water heating systems;
•    Quantification of process impact;             actions.                                                •    Detect intermittent failure of electric
•    Quantification of financial impact; and                                                                    static precipitators to clean (resulting in
•    The capture of knowledge for future           This extensive coverage is unique to                         opacity breaches on effective
     use by all users.                             SentientSystem® and has the benefits of                      operation);
                                                   providing:                                              •    Detect pump efficiency losses;
The range of users who benefits from                                                                       •    Isolate boiler slagging to an element;
SentientCause                                      •     A comprehensive solution for early                     and
                                                         warning of potential problems; and                •    Evaluate effectiveness of overhauls in
SentientCause was structured to allow both         •     The root cause of a fault and                          maintaining or improving the process.
the experienced engineer and specialist to               identification of the required solution.
carry out rapid fire analysis and also for the                                                             The platform provided by SentientCause
new user to follow the SentientCause 10            Benefits of SentientCause                               automatically creates data and time sets, or
step analysis process to ensure a thorough                                                                 re-uses them to allow the user to quickly
and complete analysis is undertaken.               SentientCause rapidly identifies problems               carry out analysis. The knowledge capture
                                                   that other systems are unable to find.                  function benefits both new and experienced
The step by step process adopted by                                                                        users. It is our experience that a new user
SentientCause allows for analysis by a new         The SentientCause process also captures                 can carry out investigations after an 8-hour
user to be completed in a timely effective         information in real time without reliance upon          training session and is fully proficient within
manner and readily reviewed by colleagues          an expert to record his or her knowledge.               one week of use.
and experts.
                                                   SentientCause provides earlier warning of               SentientCause has effectively and
Integrated with SentientAlert (Earlier             impending failures, as it is able to:                   commercially diagnosed the root cause of
Warning System)                                                                                            problems from $10,000 to $15,000,000 per
                                                   •     Detect smaller process changes;                   year.
The information gained by using                    •     Analyse the impact individual
SentientCause can be transferred to the                  sootblowers have on the boiler heat
SentientAlert System and automatically                   transfer;
presented to the appropriate personnel to          •     Detect 0.1% changes to turbine stage
increase the speed, consistency and                      efficiency;
suitability of the abnormal operation or fault
response.                                        Table 2: SentientCause Options
                                                       Option               Features
Coverage of Process and Systems                                                                      Sentient Server                 User
                                                  SentientCause      •   Low Cost               CPU: Intel® Pentium® IV   CPU: Intel® Pentium® IV
                                                  Basic              •   Uses plant             3.2GHz/800/1M             3.0Ghz/533/1M
SentientSystem® covers the entire process                                instrumentation        RAM:2GB                   RAM: 1GB
                                                                                                HDD: 250GB                HDD: 160GB
and systems of power generation for both
                                                                                                Monitor: 17" (1280x1024   Monitor: 17" (1280x1024
gas and coal fired power generators. While                                                      res)                      res)
each plant has a unique set of equipment
                                                  SentientCause      •   High precision total   CPU: Intel® Pentium® IV     CPU: Intel® Pentium® IV
and challenges, Table 1 summarises the            Lite                   unit model including   3.2GHz/800/1M               3.2GHz/800/1M
typical fault frequency and impact as well                               boiler                 RAM:2GB                     RAM:2GB
                                                                     •   Virtual instruments    HDD: 250GB                  HDD: 250GB
as the ability of the plant to take short-term                           of key parameters      Monitor: 17" (1280x1024     Monitor: 19" (1440x900 res)
corrective action (i.e., not major outage to                                                    res)

investigate and repair) for each of the           SentientCause      •   Trend profile          CPU: Intel® Xeon®           CPU: Intel® Pentium® IV
                                                  Quantum                analysis               3.2GHz/800/2M (Dual         3.2GHz/800/1M
components within a coal fired power                                 •   BiCas Financial        Core)                       RAM:2GB
station. Many of these components are also                               Analysis               RAM:4GB                     HDD: 250GB
                                                                                                HDD: 500GB                  Monitor: 21" (1440x900 res)
common with gas-fired plants. As noted in                                                       Monitor: 17" (1280x1024     Recommended 2nd
Table 1, SentientAlert and SentientCause                                                        res)                        Monitor: 17" (1280x1024
cover all equipment and processes.
Importantly they cover both equipment with        Operating          Microsoft Windows 2000 professional
                                                  Systems            Microsoft Windows XP Professional
a high impact and also the equipment most                            Microsoft Windows Server 2003
likely to generate faults.                                           Linux
SentientCause Options

SentientCause is the most sophisticated
analysis tool in the market today. As not
everyone will require the full range of tools
that comprise SentientCause, a range of
smaller modules can be chosen to meet
your specific needs (See table 2)

SentientCause can be expanded to include
all or some of the remaining modules as
required by you. The additional modules
provide further diagnosis types that may be
required to resolve more complex

The Payback Period

SentientCause effectively pays for itself.
Our clients experience payback periods
ranging from 6 to 18 months.

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