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					School Fundraising Made Easy

           Money Tree – Recycling with Rewards
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What is the Program?                                     How Does it Work?
Money Tree – Recycling with Rewards is a simple          Money Tree – Recycling with Rewards is a hassle-
and easy way to mobilise teachers, students and          free fundraising program that delivers results with
parents and involve them in a sustainable and            little effort. We provide you with everything
year-round fundraising activity.                         you need.
You simply ask students to bring used newspapers         By signing a service agreement, Transpacific will
to school for collection.                                provide you with recycling bins and will collect the
                                                         newspapers free of charge. No cash outlay
Newspapers will be collected, recycled and reused
                                                         is required.
in spill kits, kitty litter, cereal boxes, egg cartons
and pencil barrels to name just a few examples.          Your school’s benefits will be paid via cheque or
                                                         electronic funds transfer and can help you achieve
The more newspapers collected, the higher your
                                                         any number of special projects. You decide how to
school’s rebate for use on special projects of
                                                         spend the money raised.
your choosing.
                                                         We will provide your school with materials to help
                                                         promote the program, such as posters, flyers and
                                                         content for newsletters.
                                                         Every child in your school will be provided with a
                                                         free environmentally friendly fabric tote bag to
                                                         encourage their participation and make
                                                         collection easy.

                                                         Program Logistics
                                                         We will provide you with as many 240 litre
                                                         wheelie bins as you need. Additional bins can be
                                                         requested and supplied at any time free of charge
                                                         – just let us know.
                                                         Collections take place weekly with the number of
                                                         bins being serviced recorded at that time.
                                                   79 million copies
                                                   of The Advertiser and Sunday Mail
                                                   are published and distributed to
                                                   South Australian households each year.
                                                   How many can your school
                                                   collect to raise money?

                                                            Which Papers are
Think Outside the Box                                       Included?
While students, parents and teachers can bring                      All newspaper products are suitable,
newspapers from home, there are a number of                         including:
other ways to help increase your collections.                           All national and interstate newspapers
Some examples include approaching your local                            Religious and nationality newspapers
public library, real estate office, newsagents, local                   Real Estate Buyer’s Guide
businesses and work places of parents. You are                          Sunday Mail
only limited by your imagination.                                       Messenger
                                                                        The Advertiser
                                                                        and many more

More Than a                                                         The program doesn’t include:
                                                                      white office paper
Fundraising Program                                                   cardboard
                                                                      glossy paper
Although raising funds is central to the program,                     shredded paper
we want to do more.                                                   letter box leaflets
Transpacific has recovery, recycling and reuse at                     other general waste
the heart of our corporate philosophy. That’s why
it’s our intent to leave a lasting legacy through
the program.
We are keen to give our children a functional
understanding of recycling, its importance, and the
role it can play in helping to save our
limited resources.
Transpacific will gladly work with you and your
teachers to support recycling initiatives within
your school.
We are only too happy to provide your teachers
with information, school visits by qualified
education officers, or the opportunity to take
students to a local recycling facility, offering a
valuable behind-the-scenes look at what happens
after recycling material has been collected.
Ongoing Program                                                How to Join the
Support and Success                                            Program?
In an effort to make the program exciting and fun,
and to keep participation rates high, Transpacific
                                                               More than 100 schools have
will facilitate a series of initiatives throughout the         already signed up for the
school year.
                                                               South Australian program.
Our dedicated team members are also available to
help share success stories from other schools
with you.
The more newspapers collected – the better for
                                                               Call  13 13 39
your school and the environment.                               for more information about
                                                               Money Tree – Recycling with
                                                               Rewards or to sign up
                                                               your school.

                                                               Transpacific is one of Australia’s largest waste
                                                               management companies, working with more than
                                                               300,000 customers Australia-wide. Our
                                                               underpinning corporate philosophy is that all
                                                               waste is a resource and we aim to incorporate
                                                               recovery, recycling and reuse throughout all
                                                               our operations.

                                                               We work with our clients to provide tailored
                                                               solutions, including general waste management,
                                                               secure document destruction, packaging and paper
                                                                                                                  05-09 / 1000

                      Printed on recycled paper by a leading
                                                               waste management, medical waste management
                      Australian carbon neutral printer.       and recycling.


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