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                                                                                     Winter 2010, Volume XXXX, number 2

                                         from the

                 36      years             protecting                        the       World's          oldest       Mountains

 2009 A Banner Year for Land Protection on Roan                                                                     What’s Inside
 Partnership Celebrates Keystone Acquisition
                                                                                                                  Priority Roan Tracts Protected
                                                                                      Avery County, NC-                      pages 1-4
                                                                                      What began as a
                                                                                      partnership on Big               Volunteer of the Year
                                                                                      Yellow Mountain in 1974
                                                                                      has yielded another
                                                                                                                              page 2
                                                                                      dramatic success, this
                                                                                      time on a nearby peak.
                                                                                                                  Higlands of Roan Stewardship
                                                                                      In the week before                    pages 5-6
                                                                                      Thanksgiving the North
                                                                                      Carolina Chapter of The      Agricultural Heritage Sites &
                                                                                      Nature      Conservancy         Local Farms Protected
                                                                                      (TNC) closed on a 466-                pages 7-10
                                                                                      acre tract, securing for
TNC’s David Ray (left) & SAHC’s Trustee Jay Leutze discuss the Little Yellow
Mountain project during a photo shoot. (Little Yellow – over Jay’s left shoulder.)
                                                                                                                 Blue Ridge Society Event Success
                                                                                         ~ continued on page 4
                                                                                                                              page 11
 Decades Long Roan Priority Tract Protected at Last!                                                              Welcome New Staff, Trustees &
 Avery County, NC- The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy recently                                                AmeriCorps
 announced permanent protection of 442 acres of high priority land on Big Yellow                                          pages 11 & 12
 Mountain, in Avery County. 265 acres were purchased from the landowner and
 177 acres were protected by the donation of a conservation easement.                                                Hikes & Events Calendar
                                                                                         ~ continued on page 2             pages 13-19
                                                            The 2009 Stanley A. Murray
                                                            Award for Volunteer Service
                                                                                                       The Stanley A. Murray Award for
                                                                                                       Volunteer Service was created
               Board of Trustees                                                                       in 1989 to honor persons
                                                                                                       who have made outstanding
   Witt Langstaff, Jr., President, Minneapolis, NC                                                     volunteer contributions to
     Bill Maxell, Vice President, Charlotte, NC
                                                                                                       the work of SAHC emulating
     Jeanette Blazier, Secretary, Kingsport, TN
   Bruce Cunningham, Treasurer, Kingsport, TN
                                                                                                       the lifelong dedication of our
                                                                                                       founder, Stanley A. Murray.
         Gary Barrigar         Elizabethton, TN
          Leslie Casse         Asheville, NC                                                           This year’s recipient is David
           Judy Coker          Maggie Valley, NC                                                       Hall, SAHC member since
          Joe DeLoach          Jonesborough, TN                                                        2005 and resident of Roan
           Doris Gove          Knoxville, TN                                                           Mountain, Tennessee. Hall’s
        Lindsay Hearn          Asheville, NC                                                           volunteer work with SAHC
             Bill Jones        Asheville, NC
                                                                                                       on Roan Mountain includes
    Florence Krupnick          Asheville, NC
         Tom Laughlin          Johnson City, TN
                                                                                                       maintaining trails, leading
            Jay Leutze         Minneapolis, NC                                                         guided hikes, managing the
     William Lowndes           Asheville, NC                                                           grassy balds and helping
        David Ramsey           Erwin, TN                                                               with the Baa-tany Goat
          David Smith          Arden, NC                       David Hall, SAHC’s 2009 Stanley A.      Project(Baatanygoatproject.
           Lach Zemp           Asheville, NC                   Murray Volunteer of the Year atop the
                                                                       Highlands of Roan.
                          Staff                                                                  Shell Hollow Trail at Hampton
                                                            Creek Cove is one of Hall’s favorite places to volunteer and hike.
Carl Silverstein    Executive Director                      “Hampton Creek Cove is one of the prettiest spots around here,”
Kristy Urquhart     Associate Director
                                                            said Hall. “SAHC does more work on the mountains where I live
Michelle Pugliese   Land Protection Director
                                                            than any other organization so I definitely want to be a big part of
William Hamilton    Farmland Protection Director
Hanni Muerdter      Stewardship & Conservation              their conservation efforts.”
                    Planning Director
Judy Murray
Cheryl Fowler
                    Roan Stewardship Director
                    Membership Director
                                                            Roan Priority, continued
Kiki Gollwitzer     Office Administrator                    “Protection of this property is significant because it is within a
Gretchen Parlier    Finance Compliance Specialist           Nationally Significant Natural Heritage Area and includes a mile-long
Nora Schubert       Roan Seasonal Ecologist
                                                            boundary with the grassy bald on Big Yellow Mountain, a globally
Brian Simpson       AmeriCorps Member
Kristina Tarasan    AmeriCorps Member
                                                            imperiled forest community type,” said SAHC Board Member Jay
Phyllis Stiles      Campaign Director, Blue Ridge Forever   Leutze. “It also includes nearly half the viewshed from the Appalachian
Valerie True        Coordinator, Blue Ridge Forever         Trail’s Overmountain Shelter in Yellow Mountain Gap. This property
                                                            has been one of our highest priorities for acquisition for decades, and
                        Offices                             coupled with other recent purchases on Little Yellow Mountain and
                                                            in Roaring Creek it really changes the map of protected lands in the
                      Main Office                           Roan.”
   34 Wall Street, Suite 502, Asheville, NC 28801-2710
           828.253.0095 • FAX 828.253.1248                  The conservation easement was made possible by the generous              donation of the land owner, Jim Atria, who provided not only the
               Stewardship Field Office                     easement, but also stewardship and transaction costs. The adjoining
        804 Rock City Road, Kingsport, TN 37664             acres were purchased by the partnering efforts of SAHC, conservation
         423.323.4993 •                   philanthropists Fred and Alice Stanback, the Trust for Public Land,
                                                            the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the state of North Carolina.
           Cover photo: Witt Langstaff, Jr.                                                                 ~ continued on page 3
Roan Priority, continued
“Donating and selling the land to              Brook Trout. SAHC Land Protection                       the greatest diversity of birds of any
SAHC are two big things that I’m Director Michelle Pugliese said, site in the North Carolina mountains.”
proud of in my lifetime,” said Atria. “This property ranks off the chart for                           The Big Yellow Mountain property is
“Protecting      this     land                                                                                    almost entirely within the
means that my family and                                                                                          Roan Mountain Important
my children’s children                                                                                            Bird Area (IBA). IBAs are
will enjoy unique wildlife                                                                                        designated by the Audubon
that I helped to protect.”                                                                                        Society as sites that provide
Atria sees conservation                                                                                           essential habitat for one or
of this land as valuable                                                                                          more species of bird. To
because safeguarding it                                                                                           date, 188 species have been
from development means                                                                                            recorded, 31 of which are
protecting the watershed as                                                                                       high priority species.
well as the area’s distinctive
species, especially those                                                                                         In addition to spectacular
that live in high elevation                                                                                       raptors, key species of
habitats.                                  The Atria Tract joins the grassy bald opening at the top of            birds found in the Roan
                                    Big Yellow Mountain. Grandfather Mountain looms in the background.            Highlands include the
Home to black bear, ruffed                                                                                        Alder Flycatcher, Willow
grouse and a variety of salamanders,           conservation value, from the quality                    Flycatcher, Red Crossbill, Brown
the tract is part of a critical wildlife       of the water to rare plant species. It                  Creeper, Winter Wren, Veery,
corridor identified in the State boasts every feature we like to see in                                Canada Warbler, Chestnut-sided
Wildlife Action Plan. The Big Yellow a protected tract and that is why we Warbler, Golden-winged Warbler, and
tract contains a vast stretch of the east      worked so hard to secure it.”                           Golden-crowned Kinglet. Also, Snow
slope of Roaring Creek Valley, which                                                                   Buntings, which are rare in North
was named “The Prettiest Valley in Protection of the property was in some                              Carolina, can be found wintering in
America” by Backpacker Magazine in doubt. “In this case the landowner                                  the high grassy balds of Roan. “Large,
October, 2007. The property is directly bought the property in order to                                unfragmented landscapes are key to
adjacent to the Big Yellow Mountain develop it, and that development the success of many bird species,”
Preserve, which is co-managed by               plan was underway when we secured                       according to Pugliese. “We really
The Nature Conservancy and SAHC. some critical private funding to help look for large parcels with important
It borders the Pisgah National Forest us safeguard the property.” according habitat characteristics when we are
and is in close                                                          to Carl Silverstein,          prioritizing which projects to work
proximity to several                                                     Executive Director on.”
other      properties                                                    of SAHC. “We were
owned by SAHC.                                                           very       heartened “SAHC was founded to protect
                                                                         that when we the Roan Highlands, and while we
The      land     lies                                                   approached Mr. have expanded to other areas, high
within the Upper                                                         Atria with an elevation lands on Roan remain
French Broad River                                                       alternative plan our highest priority,” added Joe
Watershed        and                                                     that would protect DeLoach, a Trustee for the land trust.
hosts headwaters                                                         the viewshed and “Securing this tract stands as one of
of the North Toe River, a high quality         the natural heritage of the property he the greatest conservation successes in
trout stream. Several tributary streams        agreed, and worked with us to achieve                   our history and is exemplary of why
run through the property, each                 a great outcome. He is a great partner                  this organization exists.” Since 1974
starting as a trickle in exceptional           and a supporter of the work we do.”                     SAHC and its partners have protected
high elevation boulder-fields. It also                                                                 over 19,000 scenic and biologically
contains Sandbank Creek, which According to the National Audubon significant acres in the Greater Roan
holds native Southern Appalachian Society, “Roan Mountain has among Highlands landscape.
Partnership Celebrates Acquisition continued
permanent protection the summit            the sellers,” he said. “When
of Little Yellow Mountain, one of the      David’s career path took
most prominent land forms in the           him from SAHC to TNC,
Roan Highlands.                            where he is currently the
                                           Mountains Project Director,
“The summit tract on Little Yellow was     we thought it made sense
one of the most threatened places in       to keep him in the lead. We
our flagship project area,” explained      provided support in the field
Executive Director Carl Silverstein.       and on the private donor
“We have been in contact with the          side and worked with TNC
landowners for nearly a decade trying      at the agency level to help
to arrive at a conservation outcome so     secure state awards. TNC            Travis Bordley points to the summit of Little Yellow Mountain
this is a time for celebration.”           then moved very aggressively                       on a camping Trip in the Roan.
                                           to close on the property.
The road to success on this project                                                      professional and a personal level,” he
                                           The fact that we’re all friends who
was steep. The family who owned the                                                      said. “When I took my position at
                                           have worked together before helped.
property since 1968 listed it for sale
                                           We’re all really proud of David and The Nature Conservancy it meant a
with a realtor at a price that seemed to
                                           appreciative that TNC stuck it out lot to me that I could still work in the
put it out of reach for the Conservancy.                                                 Roan, and with so many of the people
                                           over what was a long haul.”
A new round of intense negotiations                                                      I trust and admire in conservation.
began in 2006 and there were several       The success of the project builds on          SAHC has been building a lasting
times when those negotiations broke        decades of work SAHC has done in legacy on the ground in the Roan for
down. “The landowners have been            the Roan Highlands. Little Yellow is 36 years and TNC is excited about
wonderful caretakers of the land,”         a critical high-elevation link between what lies ahead in this critical project
Silverstein added. “Their asking price     the east-west axis of the bulk of the area. From start to finish the SAHC
was high, but we were determined to        massif and the State Natural Area.            staff and Board supported me, and
find a way to do this deal.”               The property is within a Nationally supported the TNC effort, and it’s
                                           Significant Natural Heritage Area, an just a pleasure to work with partners
“We really worked hard to find new                                                       like that.”
                                           Audubon Important Bird Area, and
ways of getting this one done,” said                                                     ~ Jay Leutze
                                           holds countless seeps and streams
SAHC Trustee Jay Leutze. “Along
                                           feeding Roaring Creek, Powdermill
with several partners, we mounted a
                                           Creek and Hensons Creek. The top
campaign in Raleigh to establish the
new Yellow Mountain State Natural
                                           of the mountain has a bald opening                      Thank you!
                                           that is still being inventoried for its
Area. This designation made the                                                             SAHC has applied for accreditation
                                           botanical importance. The tract also
project eligible for additional funding                                                     from the Land Trust Accreditation
                                           joins 550 acres of land that SAHC has            Commission, an independent program
sources, which proved important in a
                                           acquired since 2006.                             of the Land Trust Alliance. The land
tough economic climate.” (Substantial
funding from the state’s Clean Water                                                            trust accreditation program recognizes
                                           “This is how we like to work,” said                  land conservation organizations that
Management Trust Fund and the              SAHC Board Chair Witt Langstaff.                     meet national quality standards for
Natural Heritage Trust Fund has been       “Leveraging our own staff talent and                 protecting important natural places and
awarded for the purchase though            time through partnerships, leveraging                working lands forever. We will learn in
those funds are currently unavailable      funding sources, and linking lands we                March if we have been accreditated.
because of the state budget crisis.)       have already protected fits with our
                                                                                                We would like to thank the volunteers,
                                           strategic planning goals. It makes us
According to Leutze a central part of                                                           AmeriCorps members, and Duke
                                           stronger and leads to more success.”
the strategy was to engage with one                                                             interns who provided hours of services
of SAHC’s original partners. “When                                                              to the accreditation process; Tavis
                                           David Ray was reflective when asked
we re-started this negotiation, our                                                             Cummings, Bonnie Jean Bloom,
                                           about the accomplishment. “This
Land Protection Director, David Ray,                                                            Robbie McLucas, Julia Horrocks, and
                                           project has been gratifying on both a                Ginevera Ryman.
already had a good relationship with
Grassy Ridge Mow-off’s 15th Anniversary
An Unprecedented Success!
The     globally   rare    southern               Developing,          Growing
Appalachian grassy balds community                and Employing) Crew in
is best represented by a system of                transporting our equipment                 opened up the year before. Everyone
                                                             and fuel the 2 1/2 miles        was able to stand back at the end
                                                             out to Grassy Ridge. But        of weekend and take great pride in
                                                             this year we had more gear      our accomplishments. To all those
                                                             than their two crews could      mentioned above and to Michael,
                                                             handle, so Megan Sutton,        Becker & Raz Andry, Gary Barrigar,
                                                             The Nature Conservancy’s        Karel Bernady, Clay, Leigh & Sam
                                                             NC Mountains Stewardship        Bordley, Jim Brant, Willie Ehrenclou,
                                                             Program            Manager,     Matt & Sarah Fraser, Hank Gamble,
                                                             marshaled a team of TNC         David Hall, Jack Horan, Don Hyatt,
                                                             staff--Andrew Roe, Erin         Gary Kauffman, Travis Knowles, Jay
                                                             Haggerty,      Lauren
                                                             Reker, David Brand,
                                                             herself, and volunteer
                                                             Jack Saye, to carry 6
     Esther Ray (left) and Susan Simpson hard at work.       weed whackers to the
six high-elevation treeless balds on              site. SAHC’s Seasonal Ecologist
the Roan Mountain massif, and, by Nora Schubert and her summer
many measures, Grassy Ridge is the                intern David LaPorte led the
premier grassy bald in the system. BRIDGE Crew out with the
Grassy balds are “disturbance rest of the tools and fuel. Nora
communities,” meaning that they                   and David, along with SAHC
require management action to                      volunteers Stephen Carr, Tom                     View from Jane Bald.
keep woody species at bay. Once                   Gatti, and David Smith, all made two       Leutze, George McClellan, Jim Martin,
maintained by native elk and bison                trips out to Grassy on Friday to carry     Hanni Muerdter, Ken Moore, Carolyn
and later by sheep, cows and horses,              out the community food. Others             & Tyler Novak, Charlie Powell, Aaron
after federal acquisition and livestock           strapped extra food bags onto their        & Jacob Raulerson, David, Christine
removal, their size and character packs.                                                     & Esther Ray, Randall Rogers, Jerry
began to decline. For the past two                                                           & Dianne Rysticken, Pete Schubert,
                                                  The weekend’s work focused
decades SAHC and the Appalachian                                                             Harris Short, Susan Simpson, Shelley
                                                  on restoration of an area we had
Trail Conservancy have been                                                                     Stahlman, and Chris Sullivan, who
working with the US Forest                                                                      came out either for a day or for
Service to restore and maintain                                                                 the whole weekend, we extend a
Roan’s balds through a variety of                                                               huge thanks and debt of gratitude
techniques.                                                                                     for their hard work, good will and
This year SAHC’s 15th Annual                                                                    spirit of cooperation, both in the
Grassy Ridge Mow-off weekend                                                                    field and in camp! It was great
saw an unprecedented number                                                                     to see old friends and make new
of volunteers--42!     For the                                                                  ones. We are already looking
past dozen years, we have been                                                                  forward to our 16th reunion
aided by the NC Department of                                                                   this summer, July 16-18, 2010!
Corrections BRIDGE (Building,                                                                   Interested in joining the crew?
Rehabilitating,     Instructing,              Camp Grassy Ridge 2009 -the most tents ever!      Email
Roany Boyz Mark their 7th year as Grassy Balds
Seven years ago long-time member            buddy, David Goforth usually
of the Grassy Ridge Mow-off crew            roll in on Wednesday evening
and past SAHC Board of Trustees             following the Grassy Ridge
President, Carol Coffey, created and        Mow-off and set up camp in
continues to head up a lively volunteer     Engine Gap, their target mow
balds management crew who early             area and jumping off spot.
on dubbed themselves the “Roany             Other members of the party
Boyz.” They are quick to point              stream in throughout the rest
out that new volunteers are always          of the week to join in the weed
welcome, including Girlz! Carol and         whacking and lopping as                  Roany Boyz at the Camp Engine Gap kitchen.
                                                  they continue to reduce
                                                  the blackberry cover in                Thanks this year go to leader Carol
                                                  the gap and restore the western Coffey and crew members Jamie
                                                  slope of Jane Bald. This year          Burnham, Bruce Byers, Mike Fisher,
                                                  they worked in a side trip to visit David Goforth, Mark Hall, Bill and
                                                  Jamey Donaldson and his herd           Daniel Ryan, and SAHC’s Seasonal
                                                  of balds-restoring Angora goats.       Ecologist Nora Schubert for their
                                                  Beginning their menu planning fine work. Consider joining them
                                                  in January, the Roany Boyz really      next year any time from July 22 – 25.
                                                  know how to combine work, fun          Watch SAHC’s website for details.
                                                  and fabulous food—tempting
       The Roany Boyz crew on Engine Gap.         inducements to join this crew!

                              Volunteers are needed
 Office Work/Data Management                           Contact: Cheryl Fowler
 Special Events/Public Relations              • 828-253-0095, ext. 209

 Assisting in Monitoring of Properties                 Contact: Hanni Muerdter
 Adopt-A-Property program                     • 828-253-0095, ext. 206

 Grassy Ridge Mow-Off on Roan                          Contact: Judy Murray
 Balds Management Opportunities               • 423-323-4993

SAHC Conducts Outreach to Local High School Students
SAHC Stewardship and Conservation Planning Director, Hanni Muerdter,
conducted an outreach program on November 7, 2009 for Pisgah High School
students interested in environmental careers. Students and their friends and
family joined the SAHC Stewardship Team to monitor Rough Creek, an 870-
acre watershed in conservation easement with the Clean Water Management
Trust Fund and managed by SAHC. Students learned about the process SAHC
uses to monitor protected lands annually and helped to post “Conservation
Area” signs along the boundaries of the conservation easement property.                  Hanni Muerdter (left), Blake Anderson,
                                                                                                   and Jobie Parr.
Foundation Grants Help SAHC Preserve Local
Farms and Clean Water
Buncombe County, NC- The Southern        which the landowner
Appalachian Highlands Conservancy        agrees not to convert
(SAHC) has been awarded grants           the property to a real
from the Janirve Foundation and          estate    development,
the Pigeon River Fund of The             but continues to own
Community Foundation of Western          and use the land as
North Carolina to support its efforts    they have been doing.
to preserve local working farms and      Landowners          who
protect water quality.                   enter      conservation
                                         easement agreements
The Janirve Foundation awarded           can potentially qualify
                                                                          Working farm outside Marshall, NC in Madison County.
SAHC an $18,000 grant to support         for federal and state
its Farmland Preservation Initiative.    income tax benefits.                         by the late Irving J. Reuter, an
Through this initiative, SAHC has        This makes conservation easements a          executive in the automobile industry.
already protected several thousands of   powerful tool for preserving farms in        Janirve has a strong commitment
acres of working farms in Buncombe,      the mountains.                               to land and water conservation and
Madison, and Haywood Counties.                                                        has supported SAHC in the past in
The Janirve grant will enable SAHC       Protecting working farms now its efforts to preserve clean drinking
to reach out to additional farmers       is critical because farmland is water, wildlife habitat, farms and
in agricultural communities such as      disappearing in western North scenic landscapes in the Southern
Sandy Mush, Fairview, and Spring         Carolina at an alarming rate. In the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Creek, and complete conservation         last two decades North Carolina has
easements on farms in those              lost 2.37 million acres of crop and The Pigeon River Fund has awarded
communities.                             forest land due to intense real estate       SAHC a $25,000 grant to support the
                                         development. In the span of five organization working with farmers
A conservation easement is a voluntary   years from 2002 to 2007, Buncombe            in the Spring Creek community
agreement a landowner can enter with     County alone lost 10% of its farms to in Madison County. The objective
an organization such as SAHC, in         development and 24% of its farmland of this focused effort is to secure
                                         acreage.                                     conservation easements that protect
                                                                                      and improve water quality in Spring
                                         “We are pursuing this initiative in          Creek and its tributaries.
                                         order to work with outstanding
                                         family farms in the region now before The Pigeon River Fund of The
                                         the opportunity is lost, and help Community Foundation of Western
                                         families preserve their farms for future North Carolina was created by the
                                         generations,” said Carl Silverstein, State of North Carolina and Progress
                                         Executive Director of SAHC. “These           Energy to improve water quality in
                                         farms play a central role in the             the streams and rivers of Haywood,
                                         visual and cultural landscape of our Buncombe and Madison counties.
                                         region, which is key to economic             The fund provides grants to nonprofit
                                         development. Retaining places to and public agencies that improve
                                         grow food locally is also important.”        surface water quality, enhance fish
                                                                                      and wildlife habitat, expand public
                                         The Janirve Foundation is a private          access and increase awareness about
                                         grant-making foundation established protecting these resources.
     Working farm in Hot Springs, NC.
Historic 500-Acre Farm Protected
The Southern Appalachian Highlands                 “It’s a peaceful feeling to know this
Conservancy permanently protected                  farm will be protected forever and
the historic Bee Branch farm this year             remain in its natural state for present
through a conservation easement. The               and future generations,” said Keith
500-acre working farm adds to over                 Wells, one of the landowners. “I’d
6,000 acres that SAHC has previously               hate to see the mountains destroyed              Charlie Wells plowing tobacco on
protected in the Sandy Mush Township               and the scenic views hurt. I feel good         Bee Branch sometime in the early 90’s.
of Buncombe County, NC.                            about it; I would encourage other
                                                   landowners to do the same.”                Pearl Wells, one of the landowners.
When landowners donate voluntary                                                              “I was raised on this farm and have
conservation easements, they enter a               The farm is within the French Broad        lived here most of my years. This farm
perpetual written agreement between                River Watershed and includes about         is something my Mother and Daddy
a qualified conservation organization              40,700 linear feet of Bee Branch,          worked hard for, and I want to keep
or public agency and the landowner.                Willow Creek and their unnamed             it that way for my family and future
This enables landowners to protect                 tributaries.                               generations.”
their land, maintain ownership of it,
                                                   The Bee Branch is a multigenerational      North Carolina lost 1,000 farms in
and many times realize significant
                                                   farm. It has been in the family for        2005—tying Florida and Tennessee
tax savings. The agreement runs with
                                                   nine generations. This farmstead is an     for the most farms lost in the nation
the land—which means the land can
                                                   integral piece of Buncombe County’s        according to the Unites States
be sold, but will be bound to the
                                                   history. Historically, the Wells family    Department of Agriculture. Less than
conservation easement and therefore
                                                   has grown tobacco and hay and              50,000 farms now exist in North
permanently protected.
                                                   grazed cattle. This tract is enrolled      Carolina compared to 300,000
                                                                      in the Voluntary        in 1950. Developed land in the
                                                                      Agricultural District   Southern Blue Ridge Mountains has
                                                                      program,         and    increased by more than 77 percent in
                                                                      the Well’s family       the last two decades and is expected
                                                                      will       maintain     to increase as the region’s population
                                                                      the property as a       continues to rise.
                                                                      working landscape
                                                                      for      agricultural   “SAHC has been a professional
                                                                      enterprises.            and    knowledgably      organization
                                                                                              and a pleasure to work with on this
                                                                       “Part of this land     important project,” said Wells. “I
Aunt Pearl’s homestead built in 1924. This multi-generational farm has has been farmed by
                  been in the family 9 generations.
                                                                                              hope others will appreciate the long-
                                                                       our family for over    term value of these easements and
“I believe this conservation easement              200 years, some of it dating back to       consider protecting their farmland as
serves to protect not only the scenic              1807,” said Wells. “A portion of the       my family did.”
viewshed, but also the historic and                farm was received by State Grant in
natural habitat values of this property;           1815, and one cabin on the property        The Bee Branch is part of a network
and, most importantly, a viable farm               is pre-civil war era.”                     of thousands of acres of conservation
when we are losing farm land in North                                                         easements and land held by SAHC,
                                                   This     500-acre  farm    contains
Carolina, and specifically Buncombe                                                           including the nearby 256-acre Pardue
                                                   a prominent ridgeline, visible
County, at an alarming rate,” said Terri                                                      family conservation easement, 873-
                                                   from Sandy Mush valley and the
Wells, one of the family members.                                                             acre Canton watershed conservation
                                                   surrounding area. Protecting this
                                                                                              easement, 600-acre Sandy Mush Bald
The Bee Branch farm is located within              ridgeline is an important part of
                                                                                              conservation easement, 138-acre Bill
the Newfound Mountains. Elevations                 preserving the beloved mountain
                                                                                              Duckett conservation easement, 400-
on the farm range from approximately               skyline of Buncombe County.
                                                                                              acre Jayne conservation easement, and
2,280 feet along Willow Creek to                                                              500-acre Hearne family easement, just
                                                   “It is real good to know the Bee
approximately 4,200 feet at Sheep                                                             to name a few.
                                                   Branch will stay a farm forever,” said
Pen Knob.
Farmland Protection Gives Back to the Family
Buncombe County, NC - The                          animals       including
Southern Appalachian Highlands                     black bear, beaver,
Conservancy (SAHC) continues its                   birds of prey and
work of safeguarding North Carolina’s              many migratory bird
unique natural resources and scenic                species. According to
beauty with its recent purchase of                 the North Carolina
76 acres in Sandy Mush Township,                   Wildlife Action Plan,
Buncombe County.                                   “The importance of
                                                   oak forest to wildlife
The property was placed under                      of the region cannot
conservation easement in May of be                           overstated…
2009 and is located in the Sandy the wildlife food                             The Duckett family has farmed this land since the early 1900’s.
Mush farming community, within the                 production capacity
Newfound Mountains. Protecting                     of oak forests is
this area was made possible by a                                                                  “I’m 74. It’s the kids and grandkids.
                                                   immense.” The land also contains an            They helped in this decision.”
grant from the Buncombe County area of Eastern Hemlock Forest.
Land Conservation Advisory Board                                                                  William and his wife Mabel talk
and generous support from SAHC                     While over half of the property is             proudly about their two sons who
members Brad and Shelli Stanback forested, the remaining portion is used continue to farm the land and their
along with other individuals in the                primarily as farmland. Landowner,              16 year old granddaughter who loves
Sandy Mush community.                              William Duckett, said that his family          to be involved in the farm, especially
                                                   has owned the land for several                 helping with the cattle. It is clear from
These newly preserved acres are in                 generations and has used the land for their smiles that conserving their land
close proximity to several SAHC farming since the early 1900s.
protected tracts within the Newfound                                                              was a decision made thinking of the
Mountains, adding connectivity                     Duckett recalls, “When I was growing           betterment of their children’s future.
among these protected landscapes.                  up people lived off the land. We               Conservation of the property also
                                                       had chickens and hogs and my               results in the protection of tributary
                                                       grandparents had sheep and streams of the French Broad River
                                                       ducks. It was like a zoo!”                 Watershed, keeping the water from
                                                                                                  sources of sedimentation and other
                                                       William grew up on the property types of pollution. A network of
                                                       with his sister Myrtle Duckett,            streams, seeps, and springs runs
                                                       who now lives in a nursing                 throughout the property and feeds
                                                       home. Myrtle has Alzheimer’s Robinson Creek, a tributary of Sandy
                                                       disease, but William believes that Mush Creek which flows into the
                                                       she would be glad to know that French Broad River.
                                                       the land is being protected. The
                                                                                                  Robinson Creek and Sandy Mush
                                                       revenue from the property helps
                                                                                                  Creek are both classified as “Class
                                                       with the costs of Myrtle’s care
                                                                                                  C Waters” by the North Carolina
                                                       and it would seem that the land
                                                                                                  Division of Water Quality, indicating
  SAHC Land Protection Director, Michelle Pugliese     is finding yet another way to give
                                                                                                  that they are protected for recreation,
         and landowner, William Duckett.               back to the family that has cared
                                                                                                  fishing, wildlife, biological integrity,
                                                       for it for over 200 years.
                                                                                                  and agriculture. Sandy Mush Creek is
Linking these habitats is significant as                                                          also classified as trout waters, which
it provides larger ranges for species, That is only one of the compelling                         means it has water quality that is high
promoting plant and animal diversity.              reasons that the Ducketts have
                                                   for deciding to protect the land.              enough to sustain trout populations
                                                   “Whatever happens [to the land]                and provide conditions that allow for
Providing a shelter of predominately
                                                   won’t affect me much,” said William.           trout propagation.
Oak-Hickory Forest, the property
will continue to be a refuge for many                                                              ~ by Kristina Tarasan
SAHC Protects Gateway to Farming Community
Memory of World-Renowned Forester Preserved in the Land
Buncombe County, NC - The                    Additionally, Five North Carolina            SAHC that is going to protect it in the
Southern Appalachian Highlands               Significant Natural Heritage Areas           future when I’m gone.”
Conservancy     (SAHC)    recently           are within a few miles of the property
protected land along the “Gateway            including: Spring Creek Trillium               Currently, Carol serves as Secretary
to Sandy Mush” with a 43-acre                Slope, Raven Cliff, Crabtree Bald,             on the Board of Directors for the
conservation easement in western             Canton Watershed/The Glades, and               Carolinas Chapter of the American
Buncombe County.                                                                                      Chestnut Foundation, an
                                                                                                      organization that Carol has
The property is within the                                                                            been a member of for the
Newfound Mountains in Sandy                                                                           past five years. Gene worked
Mush Township and is in close                                                                         for the United States Forest
proximity to several other SAHC                                                                       Service (USFS) for much of
protected tracts. Protection of                                                                       his career and was one of
this land ensures scenic views                                                                        only six people in the USFS
into the property from Early’s                                                                        to be appointed to a Pioneer
Mountain Road, a primary                                                                              Research Scientist position.
access way into the Sandy Mush                                                                        After retiring from the USFS,
farming community where                                                                               Gene accepted a position
SAHC has protected over 3,000                                                                         as Department Head and
acres of farmland.                   View of Sandy Mush farming community from protected property.
                                                                                                      Professor of Forest Sciences
                                                                                                      in the University of British
“Carol Namkoong wanted to be sure          Newfound Mountain/Rockyface.                     Columbia in Canada.
the land that she and her husband Southern and Central Appalachian
cherished remains unharmed forever,” Oak Forests are the primary type of                    During his lifetime, Gene received
said SAHC Land Protection Director, woodland on the property. According                     the highly acclaimed Marcus
Michelle Pugliese. “By donating a to the North Carolina Wildlife Action                     Wallenberg Prize, an international
conservation easement to SAHC she          Plan, “The wildlife food production              award for scientific achievements in
has made a lasting commitment to           capacity of oak forests is immense.              forestry. Gene earned this award for
her family and the community.” The         Coupled with the sheer amount of                 his “path-breaking contributions to
easement was also supported by a this habitat available, these factors quantitative population genetics,
grant from the Buncombe County             make oak forests one of the most tree breeding, and management of
Land Conservation Advisory Board           important habitats of the region to a            genetic resources, which form a solid
which helped to pay for the project’s significant variety of wildlife species.”             scientific basis for the maintenance of
transaction costs.                                                                          biological diversity in forests all over
                                           For over a decade the property the world,” according to the official
The size of the property coupled with      provided a home for land owners,                 citation for his Marcus Wallenberg
its geographical proximity to other        Carol and Gene Namkoong. Carol Prize. “His scientific achievements
protected properties adds to the           continues to reside on the property,             have significantly contributed to a
biological and scenic significance of      but her husband, Gene, passed away deeper and broader understanding
the land. “On a clear day you can see      in 2002 after losing his battle with of tree population structure and have
Asheville, all the Black Mountains, melanoma. “Gene and I both loved considerably influenced the strategies
Mount Mitchell and clouds along this property and hated to have it of tree breeders throughout the
the French Broad River so you know         developed,” said Carol. “I know he               world.”
where the river is,” said Namkoong. would be very happy about it being
“It is spectacular to look out and see protected. It’s a beautiful piece of “Gene by all accounts was the leading
all those things. From here you can forested land and I’m pleased to authority in forest genetics in the
also see Newfound Mountain.”               know there is an organization like               world,” said Sally Aitken, Professor
                                                                10                                         ~ continued on page 11
Farmland Gateway, continued
at the Department of Forest Science,       philosophical view of life and death         is slower than a human lifetime. I
University of British Columbia.            throughout the process, all the time         hope it continues and that my fellow
Throughout his life, Gene lectured         continuing to work on his final              humans will continue to live with it
in many countries and participated         book.”                                       as they also change. Who they will be
in innumerable national and                                                             and what they will expect from their
international conferences, often as a      In the epilogue to his final book, “The      life with the forest, I don’t know. I can
keynote speaker. “He fought a heroic       Misunderstood Forest,” Gene wrote,           only leave them with at least the same
battle with melanoma,” said Aitken,        “On Early’s Mountain the forest is           range of possibilities that I found in
“and he maintained an incredibly           growing and changing at a pace that          this patch.”
                                                                                        ~ by Kristina Tarasan

Blue Ridge Society Event A Success
Blue Ridge Society members                 tall. Remarks were made by Jasmin            Nona       Mia
and friends joined the Southern            Gentling, long-time SAHC supporter;          I t a l i a n
Appalachian Highlands Conservancy          Peter Gentling, former SAHC Board of         Kitchen, Green
and the Conservation Trust for             Trustee; Pat Smith, former President         Man        Ale,
North Carolina for their 7th annual        of the Community Foundation of               and Mutual
fundraising reception. The event was       Western North Carolina; and Carl             Distributing.
held in mid September at the home          Silverstein, Executive Director of
of Jasmin and Peter Gentling whose         SAHC.                                        The       event Guest speake, Pat Smith,
spectacular gardens                                                                     raised close       is past president of the
                                                                                                          Community Foundation of
have been featured                                                                      to    $40,000      WNC & is a Blue Ridge
in        landscaping                                                                   for local land         Society Member.
books and gardening                                                                     and       water
magazines. Located                                                                      conservation efforts with over 100
in the Town Mountain                                                                    guests attending.
area of Asheville, the
Gentling home was                                                                       The Blue Ridge Society is a fundraising
once the summer                                                                         collaboration between SAHC and
residence of President                                                                  CTNC. Members support land and
Herbert Hoover.                                                                         water conservation in the Blue Ridge
                                        2009 Blue Ridge Society members.                Mountains by making an annual
The rain held out so that those in         Roots & Shoots members from                  contribution of $1,000 or greater
attendance could enjoy the Gentlings’      the Carolina Day School donated              annually which is equally divided between
beautiful gardens, including two           their time to help serve food at the         SAHC and CTNC. To become a member
Dawn Redwoods (Metasequoia                 event. Refreshments were generously          contact SAHC and ask about joining this
glyptostroboides) over 100 feet            provided by SAHC business sponsors           fundraising initiative.

Welcome New Staff Member
G     retchen Parlier joined SAHC as the
      Financial Compliance Specialist. She is
a North Carolina native, grew up attending
                                                   worker for Buncombe County Department
                                                   of Social Services for 6 years before deciding
                                                   to change careers. She recently completed
many Appalachian football games in Boone,          her Masters in Accounting from the Kenan-
NC, and has lived in the Asheville area for        Flagler Business School at UNC-Chapel
about 7 years. She received her bachelor’s         Hill. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking,
degree in Social Work from North Carolina          traveling, reading, the beach, and working
State University in 1997 and worked as a social    on her house.
Welcome New Trustees
Three new members of the Board                 SAHC Board of Trustees and he and
of Trustees elected at Junes Annual            his wife Shirley Anne are generous
Business meeting and present at                supporters.

the 2009 SAHC Board Retreat in                        oris Gove is a naturalist and
September will offer their leadership                 author. She grew up on a
and expertise to the Southern                                                                Cataloochee Ranch in Maggie Valley, NC was the
                                               Massachusetts farm, attended Barnard
Appalachian Highlands Conservancy.                                                              location for SAHC’s 2009 Board Retreat.
                                               College and earned an MS and Ph.D. in

L    eslie Casse has
                                                             biology at the University
                                                             of Tennessee.
                                                             books include A Water
                                                                                  Her        F    lorence Krupnick is active in a
                                                                                                  number of causes on behalf of
                                                                                             outdoor recreation, the environment,
Public Relations and                                         Snake’s Year (1991),            and children. She, her husband Jack,
Marketing, and she has                                       and My Mother Talks             and their children live in Asheville.
a longstanding love of                                       To Trees. She teaches           Florence has worked hard on behalf of
Roan and other special                                       environmental studies           the Blue Ridge Society, a philanthropic
places in the Southern                                       to elementary school            giving society that benefits SAHC and
Appalachians. She, her                                       children, and has been          the Conservation Trust for North
husband Daniel, and                                          involved for many years         Carolina.
their two children live                                      in issues pertaining
in Asheville. Leslie’s                                       to the Appalachian              Jay Leutze of Minneapolis, NC was
service to SAHC is a                                         Trail and Great Smoky           elected to the Board of Trustees
family affair: her father                                    Mountains       National        to serve a second three-year term.
Charlie McCullough is                                        Park.                           SAHC is fortunate to have strong
                             Leslie Casse and her daughter
a past President of the     Ellie at the SAHC Board Retreat.                                 leadership.

Welcome New Americorps Members
The         Southern                                     environmental consulting            from Washington
Appalachian                                              firm and helped operate,            &         Jefferson
H i g h l a n d s                                        Cape      Fear     Biofuels,        College with a
Conservancy         is                                   a biofuels co-op in                 Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and
fortunate to continue                                    Wilmington, NC. In his              from Shippensburg University with
participating      in                                    spare time enjoys hiking,           a Master’s Degree in Ecology and
the      AmeriCorps                                      trail running, surfing,             Environmental Biology. She conducted
Project     Conserve                                     snowboarding            and         her graduate thesis research on the
to strengthen our                                        hanging out with his wife,          Eastern Box Turtle. Kristina spent
program work. Two                                        Kelly. Brian is very excited        time studying wildlife/conservation
Americorps members                                       to be working with SAHC             abroad in Kenya and Tanzania. She
joined the SAHC Brian Simpson with his best friends      protecting precious land            also worked as a Roots & Shoots
team in September.       Velzy & Woody.                  and water                                           intern for the Jane
                                                         resources,                                          Goodall Institute in
B    rian Simpson is assisting with
     the Stewardship and Land
Protection programs. Brian graduated
                                               promoting biodiversity
                                               and living in an area
                                                                                                             Arlington, VA.
                                                                                                                Kristina enjoys finding
                                               steeped in the rich
from the University of North Carolina          Appalachian culture.                                             turtles, playing tennis,
at Wilmington with a Master of Science                                                                          traveling,        hiking
degree in Geology, concentrating on
hydrogeology and Environmental
Geology. He previously worked at
                                               K     ristina Tarasan is
                                                     assisting with Public
                                               Awareness & Outreach.
                                                                                                                and exploring the
                                                                                                                Southern Appalachian
Land Management Group, a private               Kristina         graduated    Kristina Tarasan helping a young
                                                                                    Eastern box turtle.
  Leave a lasting legacy by donating your
  appreciated stock or mutual funds to SAHC.
                                                         SAHC Launches New Website
  Your gift may qualify for an income tax                SAHC is happy to announce the launch of it’s new website! The
  deduction and you avoid capital gain taxes.            website is more user friendly, contains up-to-date information
                                                         about currents events, guided hikes, land conservation success
                                                         stories, and much more. Visit to learn about
                                                         what we are doing to conserve land and water resources in this
                                                         region or to see the many
                                                         different ways that you
                                                         can contribute to such a
                                                         worthy cause.
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                                                Wish List
 in need of the following:
    Laptop PC or Mac computers, compatible with the newest operating systems
    Flat Screen Computer Monitors                              The donation of these items -
    Digital Camera                                             or the funds with which to purchase
    Flip Video Camera for website videos                       them - will be greatly appreciated! All
                                                               in-kind gifts are tax deductible up to the
    Label Maker                                                value of the donated item.
    High Speed Document Scanner

          2 nd Annual                       SAHC Egg Hunt
Sunday, March 21
2 - 4 pm                                                               Olivia says,
                                       $25 per family                  “Come out
Historic                               (SAHC members)                  and
Sherrill’s Inn                         $50 per family                  your local
Hickory Nut Gap Farm                   (SAHC non-members)              land trust!”
Fairview, NC

          Egg Relay Race • Prizes • Refreshments • Music • Fresh Farm Eggs
                                  RSVP online or give us a call by March 17, 2010.
               • • 828.253.0095, ext.205
Thanks to the following                SAHC Members Celebrate 2009
 businesses for their
  support this year!                   SAHC held what will be its first of many Membership Parties, one in Asheville,
                                       NC and the other in Johnson City, TN this past November to celebrate the years

  Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria          accomplishments in land and water conservation. Attended by SAHC members and
      Bellagio Art to Wear             guests, the events raised almost $2,000 which helps with SAHC’s capacity to fulfill
    The Biltmore Company               its responsibilities and remain effective.
 Black Dome Mountain Sports
      Blue Spiral 1 Gallery
                                       Barley’s Taproom
    Carolina Native Nursery
                                       & Pizzeria kindly
     Depot Street Brewery
                                       donated the space
     Dicks Sporting Goods
                                       to hold the Asheville
          Early Girl Eatery
                                       event as well as the
                                       pizza and beer. If not

    Equinox Environmental
         Fine Arts Theatre
                                       for their generosity
      Firefly Design Studio
                                       this event would
        First Citizens Bank
                                       not have been so
      Flour Fancies Bakery
                                       successful. Other
                                       business sponsors,

       Four Corners Home
                                       such as Equinox
                                                                  Members of all ages celebrate SAHC’s accomplishments at Barley’s
        Greenlife Grocery
                                                                                      Taproom in Asheville, NC
          Green Man Ales
                                       Consulation and
     Henco Reprographics
                                       Design, the Nantahala Outdoor Center, and Black Dome Sports, as well as many
         Jack of the Wood              local musicians added to the event’s success by donating items for raffle and gifts of
  Kee Mapping & Surveying              cash in addition to their time and talents.
                Kelty                                                               The Johnson City event was held at the Tipton-

   Laughing Seed Cafe, Inc.                                                         Haynes State Historic Site and use of the
        Lighten Up! Yoga                                                            venue was gerously donated. Volunteers and
      Mahoney’s Outfitter                                                           many business sponsors such as Mahoney’s
 Malaprops Book Store & Café                                                        Outfitters, Natural Foods Market, and Flour
       Mast General Store                                                           Fancies Bakery made this event a success.
       Mayfel’s Restaurant
         Mountain XPress                                                            SAHC Executive Director, Carl Silverstein spoke
  Nantahala Outdoor Center                                                          briefly about the year’s accomplishments at both
     Natural Foods Market                                                           events. SAHC Board Member, Jay Leutze, stole
           Natural Home                                                             the show at the Asheville event by performing

 Network Computer Solutions                                                         his song “Saving Graces”!
     New Morning Gallery               Rosalie & Dan Russo, long time members
                                       & former volunteers of the year recipients
                                                                             SAHC plans to continue to host these
   Nona Mia Italian Kitchen
                                       enjoying the party at Tipton-Haynes State
    Outdoor Bird Company                   Historic Site in Johnson City, TN.
                                                                             Membership Parties at the end of each year
                 REI                                                         in both
Rush Street Neighborhood Grill         North Carolina and Tennessee to celebrate the
               years accomplishments, grow our membership
            Sam’s Club                 support, and raise additional funds for land and
           Second Gear                 water conservation.
 Steven McBride Photography            We would like to thank all of the many volunteers

     Ten Thousand Villages             who made the 2009 events such a tremendous
  Tipton-Haynes Historic Site          success! To view pictures of the 2009 events visit
             Weinhaus                  our Facebook page. Check out
                                       for details about the 2010 Membership Parties
 When visiting these area businesses   coming in November.
  thank them for suporting SAHC.                                                                  Jay Leutze performing his song, “Saving Graces”.
     Membership Benefits                                                         The Southern Appalachian
As a member of SAHC you are helping to preserve some of the                       Highlands Conservancy
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        Cheryl Fowler (left), Annie Ager, and Steve Melton, on an
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Thanks so much to the following people who have joined our efforts. We apologize in advance if your name has
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Nealon & Goldie Agee                  Shaw Canale                             Mary Gollwitzer
Nashville, TN                         Asheville, NC                           Maggie Valley, NC
Ms. Susan K. Aldworth                 Joshua Clemmons                         Scott Gollwitzer & Tracy Davids
McLean, VA                            Waynesville, NC                         Asheville, NC
Terry Alexander & Peggy Knox          Pam Cobham                              Heather Gordon
Newland, NC                           Jonesborough, TN                        Asheville, NC
Paula Apostolopoulos                  Millard Coffey                          Aimee Govett & Wayne Speer
Asheville, NC                         Asheville, NC                           Jonesborough, TN
Tim Anderson                          Deborah & Jonathan Cohen                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gurley
Asheville, NC                         Fletcher, NC                            Marion, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Aycock               Cecilia Coker                           Dr. Mark Hablinski
Newland, NC                           Asheville, NC                           Houston, TX
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Baker                David & Hillary Craig                   Mr. & Mrs. Alan Halsey
Marietta, GA                          Asheville, NC                           Pinecrest, FL
Peter Barr                            Amy Denham                              Judith Hammond
Concord, NC                           Chapel Hill, NC                         Johnson City, TN
Sandra Barrett                        Shirish & Anita Deshpande               Joe Hancock
Asheville, NC                         Arden, NC                               Greenwood, SC
Eric Becker                           Jamie Donaldson                         Dorothy Hauser
Owings Mills, MD                      Roan Mountain, TN                       Asheville, NC
Ellen Bethel                          Jennie Eblen & Rick Perkins             Ms. Vaughan Hedrick & Mr. Don Parlington
Asheville, NC                         Asheville, NC                           Pensacola, FL
Mark Bettis                           Joseph & Jeffrey Farr                   Lynn Heinrichs
Asheville, NC                         Asheville, NC                           Waynesville, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Boeckmann             Stephens Smith Farrell                  Brevard M. Henry
Dallas, TX                            Asheville, NC                           Columbus, NC
Eric Bowers                           Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Farris               James Hilderbrandt
Canton, NC                            New Orleans, LA                         Asheville, NC
John Bozeman & Diana DeNardis         Chip & April Ferguson                   Duncan & Mary Margaret Holaday
Asheville, NC                         Plumtree, NC                            White Salmon, WA
Jack & Amy Boyles                     Retha Ferrell                           Resa Holt
Kingsport, TN                         Rogersville, NC                         Asheville, NC
John Bozeman & Diana DeNardis         Mr. & Mrs. R. Christopher Gammon        Loredana Hovard
Asheville, NC                         Charlotte, NC                           Asheville, NC
Bob & Barbara Bronson                 Sarah Slagle Garrett & Chris Garrett    Robert & Brett Hrischenko
Columbia, SC                          Knightdale, NC                          Asheville, NC
David & Janet Brown                   Mary Gavlik                             Dale Hughes & Sharon King
Louisville, KY                        Johnson City, TN                        Asheville, NC
Kim Brown & Richard Propper           Kevin & Rhonda Gentry                   Melinda Huntsinger & Jason Simmons
La Jolla, CA                          Asheville, NC                           Asheville, NC
Brigid Burns & Chris Kobler           Jason & Holly Godfrey                   Mr. & Mrs. George Ivey
Asheville, NC                         Asheville, NC                           Asheville, NC
Ruby & Carl Campbell                  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Goldberg              Mr. & Mrs. Shelton Jones
Asheville, NC                         Rumson, NJ                              Brevard, NC
                                     New Members continued
William M. Kauffman                    Rachel Monderer                   Steve & Mary Sedmak
Johnson City, TN                       Johnson City, TN                  Laguna Beach, CA
Kee Mapping & Surveying - Brad Kee     Benjamin Moore                    Justin & Chrystal Sellers
Asheville, NC                          Asheville, NC                     Asheville, NC
Jack & Libby King                      Mr. & Mrs. Robin Morehouse        Lauren Smith
Waynesville, NC                        Banner Elk, NC                    Fletcher, NC
John & Robin King                      Diane Naff                        Thomas & Kitty Smith
Durham, NC                             Nashville, TN                     Kingsport, TN
Robert Knight & Debra Segal            Martin & Tanagra Netsky           Sander & Frema Sokoloff
Gainesville, FL                        Miami, FL                         Arden, NC
Lolly Kreider                          Leslie Newman                     Jody Sorofman
Maggie Valley, NC                      Asheville, NC                     Raleigh, NC
George & Margaret Kunkel               Alan Ostmann                      Lorna Sterling
Styart, FL                             Candler, NC                       Waynesville, NC
Lynda Lantz                            Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Patterson    Crissy Stewart & Laura Williams
Takoma Park, MD                        Boxford, MA                       Asheville, NC
Dr. & Mrs. Jay Levy                    Scott & Donna Paxton              Art Streppa
Charlotte, NC                          Asheville, NC                     Asheville, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Britt Lovin, Jr.            Edward & Debra Preneta            Mr. & Mrs. Rick Studenmund
Asheville, NC                          Fairview, NC                      Southern Pines, NC
Timothy Malone & Victoria Smith        Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Price          Mr. & Mrs. James Taylor
Marshall, NC                           Kettering, OH                     Great Falls, VA
Mark Massar & Julie Jones              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Quest          Craig Thompson
Asheville, NC                          Roanoke, TN                       Jonesborough, TN
Tom Massie                             Ken & Gail Raifsnider             Margaret Turner & Clifford McMurry
Sylva, NC                              Asheville, NC                     Asheville, NC
Melanie McClure                        Susan & Charles Reeder            Dianne Tuttle
Asheville, NC                          Cashiers, NC                      Fairview, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McKenzie               Mr. & Mrs. Britton Reid           Holly, Jeff, & Alexa Vigar
Dallas, TX                             Virginia Beach, VA                Delaware, OH
Karen McKinney & Toby Collins          Keith Reynolds                    Laurie Wackerhagen
Jonas Ridge, NC                        Fairview, NC                      Charlotte, NC
Lynne Meacham                          Kristie Amber Riddle              Lorraine Walsh
Asheville, NC                          Asheville, NC                     Asheville, NC
Bill & Wanda Melton                    Mr. & Mrs. Paul Robshaw           Jonathan & Isabel Way
Fairview, NC                           Austin, TX                        Marion, NC
Carleton & Lisa Metcalf                Mr. & Mrs. Bob Roepnack           Mr. & Mrs. Roger Wiedeback
Fletcher, NC                           Asheville, NC                     Naples, FL
Glenn Middleton & Rebecca Lane         Elias Rolett & Christina Jacobs   Steven & Judith Winchester
Asheville, NC                          Asheville, NC                     Waynesville, NC
Wes & Kristi Miller                    Mike Rolett                       Anna Wulfsberg-Johnson
Chicago, IL                            Asheville, NC                     Statesville, NC
Genece Mishew & Donna Simpson          Geoffrey Rundlett & Teresa Owen   Hank & Nancy Young
Fernadina Beach, FL                    Mills River, NC                   Asheville, NC
Jerri Mitchell                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Secrist
Swannanoa, NC                          Seabrook Island, SC

          Friends Remembered                                                                   Tributes
        Dedicated members of the Conservancy passed away recently.                      Tributes are gifts in honor of someone
    We share in the sorrow of their families.Their presence is greatly missed.                   or special occasion.

   In memory of A.C. Ambler, Jr.              In memory of Nancy Odendhal                In honor of Jack & Maxine Dalton
       Nelson T. Levings, III                         Barbara Bogart                           T. Clark Fitzgerald, III
                                                      John Hancock
    In memory of Mike Clarke                     Curt & Natalie McCune                        In honor of Merte Galesi
   Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm H. Lyle, Jr.           Friends of Appalachian Christian                     Lillah Schwartz
      In memory of Jim Crews                              Village                           In honor of Kay Hultquist
           Mary Crews                                                                            Pam Anderson
                                             In memory of Warren McLain, Jr.
         Heman Robinson                                                                   The Waynesville Womens Club
                                                 Judy Murray & Tom Gatti
     In memory of Peggy Green                                                          In honor of Judy Murray & Tom Gatti’s
                                              In memory of Mary Lee Novak
            Resa Holt                                                                           wedding anniversary
                                                      Carolyn Novak
                                                                                           Dr. & Mrs. Bernard D. Kaiman
    In memory of Dick Guthrie, Jr.             In memory of William Popper
          Mr. David C. Bailey                                                                In honor of Beatty Pless
                                                     Marcia Herman                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Fanjoy
          Elizabeth C. Byerly
          Gayle H. Childress                   In memory of David Thombs                In honor of Hugh & Jean Thomason
Dr. & Mrs. Charles T. McCullough, Jr.             Richard & Janet Sibley                  Philip Thomason & Amy Lynch
       Judy Murray & Tom Gatti
                                             In memory of John W. Thompson                In honor of Richard Thomason
    In memory of Donald Jones                      Josephine H. Morrison                  Philip Thomason & Amy Lynch
    Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Dinsmore                  Judy Murray & Tom Gatti
                                                                                               In honor of Bob Gault
   In memory of David G. Logan             In memory of Minnie Fuller Wofford                       Ruth Wells
      Daivd & Carol Lee Logan                  Mountain View Garden Club

                Memorial gifts are gifts of flowers in perpetuity

Grants Strengthen SAHC’s Programs
 Beattie Foundation                                                 John W. & Anna H. Hanes Foundation
 SAHC received a $5,000 grant to support SAHC program/              SAHC received a $5,000 grant for our land protection
 operating costs.                                                   program, focusing on the Black Mountains range.

 Norcross Wildlife Foundation                                       National Forest Foundation
 SAHC received a $2,000 grant for our web site upgrade              SAHC received a $50,000 grant for our Roan Stewardship
 and tools to enhance our communications capacity.                  Program.

 Janirve Foundation                                                 Pigeon River Fund
 SAHC received an $18,000 grant to support SAHC’s                   SAHC has been apporved to receive a $25,000 grant for
 Farmland Preservation Program.                                     our SAHC farmland and water quality preservation in
                                                                    the Spring Creek community of Madison County.

group hikes -
Please bring warm clothes, hiking shoes, rain gear, water bottle, backpack lunch, and camera. All hikes begin at 10:00
a.m. unless announced otherwise. Meeting location and directions will be sent upon RSVP Please ask permission before
bringing your dog. * FREE to SAHC members; $10.00 Non-members. Visit for more details.
February 24, Walhalla Trail Hike, Cataloochee Ranch, Maggie Valley, NC - Easy/Moderate – 4-miles. Led by Judy Coker,
co-owner of Cataloochee Ranch/SAHC Board Member and Kristina Tarasan, SAHC AmeriCorps Member.
March 24, Drovers Road Sunset Hike, Fairview, NC- Difficult – Steep Cimb. Led by John Ager, partner in Drovers Road
Preserve, Chairman of the Buncombe County Farmland Preservation Board and Kristina Tarasan. The hike will begin on Drovers
Road Preserve with a steep climb up to Rocky Point. This 4-hour hike is for the adventurous only!
April 16, High Knob Ramp Hike, near Burnsville, NC- Moderate – 4-mile double loop. Led by Kat Dunham, Naturalist
and Kristina Tarasan. Bring your favorite trowel and join us on an interpretive hike in the Old Growth Preserve easement at
High Knob.
April 22, Earth Day Volunteer Day- Join us to celebrate conservation successes with community outreach.
April 29, Christmount Wilderness Hike, Black Mountain, NC- Easy – 3-mile. Begins at 11:00 a.m. Led by Jamie Brame,
Christmount Relations Director and Kristina Tarasan. Enjoy spring wildflowers as we take an easy hike to Wildflower Cove in
the Black Mountains.
May 1, Rocky Fork Hike, TN - Moderate – 7-8 miles roundtrip. Led by David Ramsey, nature photographer/SAHC Board
Member and Kristina Tarasan. Hike into the backcountry and the headwaters of Rocky Fork Creek in East Tennessee.
May 5, Elk Hollow Branch Hike – Highlands of Roan, NC- Led by Jay Leutze, SAHC Board Member and Kristina Tarasan.
The first hike to explore the newly protected Elk Hollow Branch Tract! Known for its pristine wild trout waters, Elk Hollow
Branch is in the in the Roaring Creek Valley of the Roan Highlands.
May 15, Rough Creek Mountain Bike Ride, Canton, NC- Moderate – 10-miles. Join us for a Mountain Bike Ride in Haywood
County’s Rough Creek Watershed. We will explore the 10-mile trail system that was recently constructed to make the watershed
open to hikers and mountain bikers.
May 19, Montreat Wilderness Hike, Black Mountain, NC- Moderate/Difficult – 5-6 miles. Led by Joe Standeart, Biolo-
gist and Kristina Tarasan. Explore the beautiful Montreat Wilderness Area.
July 10, Kids Nature Hike- Easy – Ages 5 & up. Led by Jason Urroz of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and Kristina
Tarasan. Join us for a kid friendly nature adventure along the BRP where kids of all ages can explore the woods and reconnect
with the outdoors. Hike begins at 1:00 pm and parents should plan to accompany their children.

upcoming eVents -
March 21, 2nd Annual SAHC Egg Hunt, Sherrill’s Inn, Fairview, NC - From 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. – Held at the historic Sherrill’s
Inn on Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview, NC.
June 5, Land Trust Day! - Shop and support local businesses while supporting SAHC!
June 10, Stream Ecology Workshop, Roan Mountain State Park, TN- Easy/Moderate – Begins at 1:00 p.m. Led by Gary
Barrigar, SAHC Board Member and Kristina Tarasan. Help collect and identify creek critters in the Doe River in Roan Mountain
State Park. Workshop starts at 1:00. Wear clothes and sneakers you can get wet.
June 19 & 20 , June Jamboree! Annual Memberhsip Meetng,Crossnore, NC - -SAHC will celebrate 36 years of land &
water conservation.
July 16 - 18, Grassy Ridge Mow-Off 2010! - A weekend backpack work trip, with flexibility for those who can only
come out for a single day. Activities include blackberry mowing with heavy-duty weed whackers, cutting of shrubs and
small trees with lopping shears and hand saws, and toting cut shrubs away from the mowing or high visibility sites.
Something for everyone!
November 4, NC Membership Appreciaiton Event - Details coming soon!
We welcome the opportunity to give presentation to your clubs, businesses or friends or help you host an event in your
home. Please email or call 828-253-0095 ext. 200 to make arrangements.
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Asheville, NC 28801-2710

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Breaking News!

                                               The PBS program expeditions with Patrick mcmillan will feature two episodes
                                               on the grassy balds of the Roan Highlands in 2010. In partnership with The NC
                                               Chapter of the Nature Conservnacy, SAHC will be hosting a premiere of these
                                               episodes on Earth Day, April 22 at the Fine Arts Theatre in downtown Asheville,
                                               NC. Visit for more details!

  Protecting the World’s Oldest Mountains

           M I S S I O N
The mission of the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy is to conserve the unique plant and animal habitat,
clean water, local farms and scenic beauty of the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee for the benefit of present
and future generations. We achieve this by forging and maintaining long-term conservation relationships with private
             landowners, owning and managing land and encouraging strong, healthy local communities.

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