SAE Ground Vehicle Lighting Standards Manual

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					SAE Ground Vehicle
Lighting Standards
Manual         2009 Edition
Table of Contents:

1. Introduction                                SAE J2009 OCT2005—Discharge Forward
                                                     Lighting System and Subsystems
2. SAE Lighting Standards—                     SAE J2111 FEB2005—Headlamp Cleaners
   Numerical List                              SAE J2282 AUG2007—Distributed Lighting
                                                     Systems (DLS)
3. SAE Lighting Standards                      SAE J2338 OCT1996—Recommendations
                                                     of the SAE Task Force on Headlamp
   3.1 Standard Practices                            Mounting Height
                                               SAE J2560 JUL2007—Forward Lighting
   SAE J387 JAN2007—Terminology—                     Halogen Bulb Performance
         Motor Vehicle Lighting                      Requirements for Motor Vehicles
   SAE J567 SEP2006—Lamp Bulb Retention        SAE J2584 SEP2002—Headlamp
         System                                      Mounting Height for Passenger and
   SAE J578 DEC2006—Color Speci cation               Pickup Truck Vehicles
   SAE J599 AUG1997—Lighting Inspection      R SAE J2591 NOV2008—Adaptive Forward
         Code                                        Lighting System
   SAE J759 JUL2007—Lighting Identi cation     SAE J2595 MAY2006—Performance
         Code                                        Requirements for Sealed Beam
                                                     Motor Vehicle Headlamps
   3.2 Road Illumination Devices               SAE J2650 SEP2005—Performance
                                                     Requirements for Light Emitting
   SAE J581 JUL2004—Auxiliary Upper                  Diode (LED) Road Illumination
         Beam Lamps                                  Device Systems
   SAE J583 SEP2005—Front Fog Lamp             SAE J2738 OCT2005—Improved Roadway
   SAE J600 FEB1993—Headlamp Aim Test                Illumination: Information Resource
         Machines                              SAE J2739 JAN2007—Absorptive and
   SAE J602 DEC1989—Headlamp Aiming                  Interference Coatings Applied on
         Device for Mechanically Aimable             Replaceable Headlamp Bulbs
         Headlamp Units
   SAE J760 JUN2004—Dimensional                 3.3 Signaling and Marking Lighting
         Speci cations for General Service          Devices and Systems
         Sealed Lighting Units
   SAE J1383 SEP2006—Performance                SAE J222 DEC2006—Parking Lamps
         Requirements for Replaceable Bulb            (Front Position Lamps)
         Motor Vehicle Headlamps                SAE J573 JUN1998—Miniature Lamp
   SAE J1606 OCT1997—Headlamp Design                  Bulbs
         Guidelines for Mature Drivers
   SAE J1735 DEC2006—Harmonized
         Vehicle Headlamp Performance
         Requirements                                + Indicates a new report for this edition
                                                     R Indicates technical revision for this edition
SAE Ground Vehicle Lighting
Standards Manual 2009 Edition
R SAE J585 FEB2008—Tail Lamps (Rear              SAE J253 DEC1989—Headlamp Switch
        Position Lamps) for Use on Motor         SAE J564 MAR1990—Headlamp Beam
        Vehicles Less than 2032 mm in                  Switching
        Overall Width                            SAE J565 JUN1989—Semiautomatic
  SAE J586 JUL2007—Stop Lamps for Use                  Headlamp Beam Switching Devices
        on Motor Vehicles Less than 2032         SAE J589b OCT1977—Turn Signal Switch
        mm in Overall Width                      SAE J910 OCT1988—Hazard Warning
  SAE J587 SEP2003—License Plate                       Signal Switch
        Illumination Devices (Rear               SAE J1076 MAR1990—Backup Lamp
        Registration Plate Illumination                Switch
        Devices)                                 SAE J1690 AUG1996—Flashers
R SAE J588 JUL2008—Turn Signal Lamps             SAE J2108 DEC1991—Door Courtesy
        for Use on Motor Vehicles Less than            Switch
        2032 mm in Overall Width
  SAE J591 SEP2003—Spot Lamps                    3.5 Test Procedures and Materials
  SAE J592 AUG2005—Sidemarker Lamps
        for Use on Road Vehicles Less than      SAE J575 JUN2007—Test Methods and
        2032 mm in Overall Width                      Equipment for Lighting Devices and
  SAE J593 SEP2005—Backup Lamp                        Components for Use on Vehicles
        (Reversing Lamp)                              Less than 2032 mm in Overall Width
  SAE J594 DEC2003—Re ex Re ectors              SAE J576 JAN2007—Plastic Material
  SAE J852 APR2001—Front Cornering                    or Materials for Use in Optical
        Lamps for Use on Motor Vehicles               Parts Such as Lenses and Re ex
  SAE J914 JUL2003—Side Turn Signal                   Re ectors of Motor Vehicle Lighting
        Lamps for Vehicles Less than 12 m             Devices
        in Length                             R SAE J1330 DEC2007—Photometry
  SAE J1319 MAY2005—Fog Tail Lamp                     Laboratory Accuracy Guidelines
        (Rear Fog Light) Systems                SAE J1647 SEP2007—Plastic Materials
  SAE J1373 MAY2006—Rear Cornering                    and Coatings for Use In or On
        Lamps for Use on Motor Vehicles               Optical Parts Such as Lenses
        Less than 9.1 m in Overall Length             and Re ectors of High-Intensity
R SAE J1424 NOV2008—Cargo Lamps for                   Discharge Forward Lighting Devices
        Use on Vehicles Under 5443 kg                 Used in Motor Vehicles
        (12 000 lb) GVWR                        SAE J1765 JUL2006—SAE Miniature Bulb
  SAE J1889 JUL2005—L.E.D. Signal and                 Vibration Test
        Marking Lighting Devices                SAE J2139 SEP2005—Tests for Signal and
  SAE J1957 MAR2000—Center High                       Marking Devices Used on Vehicles
        Mounted Stop Lamp Standard for                2032 mm or More in Overall Width
        Vehicles Less than 2032 mm Overall      SAE J2217 OCT1991—Photometric
        Width                                         Guidelines for Instrument Panel
  SAE J2087 MAR2006—Daytime Running                   Displays that Accommodate Older
        Light                                         Drivers
R SAE J2320 SEP2008—Discharge Signal          + SAE J2382 SEP2000—Video Based
        Lighting System                               Light Measurement Techniques

   3.4 Switches and Flashers

   SAE J249 JUN1988—Mechanical Stop
                                                      + Indicates a new report for this edition
         Lamp Switch
                                                      R Indicates technical revision for this edition
SAE Ground Vehicle Lighting
Standards Manual 2009 Edition
   3.6   Warning Lamps and Devices             SAE J2121 DEC2002—Requirements for
                                                     Composite Lighting Assemblies
R SAE J595 NOV2008—Directional Flashing              Used on Construction and Industrial
        Optical Warning Devices for                  Machinery
        Authorized Emergency,
        Maintenance, and Service Vehicles      3.9 Special Purpose Vehicles
R SAE J845 DEC2007—Optical Warning
        Devices for Authorized Emergency,   R SAE J1623 FEB2008—All-Terrain Vehicle
        Maintenance, and Service Vehicles           Headlamps
  SAE J887 AUG2004—School Bus Warning
        Lamps                                  3.10 Motorcycles
  SAE J1133 NOV2004—School Bus Stop Arm
  SAE J1318 MAY1998—Gaseous Discharge         SAE J131 JUN2003—Motorcycle Turn
        Warning Lamp for Authorized                 Signal Lamps
        Emergency, Maintenance, and           SAE J213 FEB2004—Motorcycle
        Service Vehicles                            Classi cations
R SAE J1849 APR2008—Emergency Vehicle       R SAE J392 NOV2007—Motorcycle and
        Sirens                                      Motor Driven Cycle Electrical
  SAE J2498 AUG2004—Minimum                         System Maintenance of Design
        Performance of the Warning Light            Voltage
        System Used on Emergency              SAE J584 JAN2003—Motorcycle
        Vehicles                                    Headlamps
                                            R SAE J1167 MAY2008—Motorcycle Stop
   3.7 Agricultural Machinery                       Lamp Switch
                                              SAE J1306 MAR2002—Motorcycle
   SAE J974 AUG2002—Flashing Warning                Auxiliary Front Lamps
         Lamp for Agricultural Equipment      SAE J1577 NOV2006—Replaceable
   SAE J975 JUN1993—Headlamps for                   Motorcycle Headlamp Bulbs
         Agricultural Equipment
                                               3.11 Snowmobiles
   3.8 Construction and Industrial
       Machinery                              SAE J68 FEB2004—Tests for Snowmobile
                                                    Switching Devices and Components
  SAE J95 JAN2007—Headlamps for               SAE J277 NOV2004—Maintenance of
        Industrial Equipment                        Design Voltage—Snowmobile
  SAE J96 DEC2005—Flashing Warning                  Electrical Systems
        Lamp for Industrial Equipment         SAE J278 MAR2006—Snowmobile Stop
  SAE J99 MAY2003—Lighting and Marking              Lamp
        of Industrial Equipment               SAE J279 MAR2006—Snowmobile Tail
        on Highways                                 Lamp (Rear Position Lamp)
  SAE J572 MAY2004—Requirements               SAE J280 FEB2006—Snowmobile
        for Sealed Lighting Unit for                Headlamps
        Construction and Industrial         R SAE J292 SEP2008—Snowmobile and
        Machines                                    Snowmobile Cutter Lamps,
  SAE J1029 JAN2007—Lighting and                    Re ective Devices, and Associated
        Marking of Construction,                    Equipment
        Earthmoving Machinery
R SAE J1908 NOV2007—Electrical
                                                    + Indicates a new report for this edition
        Grounding Practice
                                                    R Indicates technical revision for this edition
SAE Ground Vehicle Lighting
Standards Manual 2009 Edition
   3.12 Electrical Systems                         SAE J1432 APR2006—Rear High Mounted
                                                          Stop Lamps and Rear High
  SAE J560 APR2004—Primary and Auxiliary                  Mounted Turn Signal Lamps for Use
        Seven Conductor Electrical                        on Vehicles 2032 mm or More in
        Connector for Truck-Trailer Jumper                Overall Width
        Cable                                      SAE J1967 JAN2006—Retrore ective
  SAE J823 JAN1994—Flasher Test                           Materials for Vehicle Conspicuity
  SAE J1067 JUN2007—Seven Conductor                SAE J2039 MAY2001—Side Turn Signal
        Cable—Truck and Bus                               Lamps for Long Vehicles
  SAE J1128 DEC2005—Low Voltage                    SAE J2040 MAR2002—Tail Lamps (Rear
        Primary Cable                                     Position Lamps) for Use on Vehicles
  SAE J1239 FEB2003—Four-, Five-,                         2032 mm or More in Overall Width
        and Eight-Conductor Electrical             SAE J2041 OCT2004—Re ex Re ectors
        Connectors for Automotive Type                    for Use on Vehicles 2032 mm or
        Trailers                                          More in Overall Width
R SAE J1292 JAN2008—Automobile, Truck,           R SAE J2042 SEP2008—Clearance,
        Truck-Tractor, Trailer, and Motor                  Sidemarker, and Identi cation
        Coach Wiring                                       Lamps for Use on Motor Vehicles
  SAE J1654 SEP2004—High Voltage                           2032 mm or More in Overall Width
        Primary Cable                              SAE J2261 JAN2002—Stop Lamps and
R SAE J1930 OCT2008—Electrical/                           Front- and Rear-Turn Signal Lamps
        Electronic Systems Diagnostic                     for Use on Motor Vehicles 2032 mm
        Terms, De nitions, Abbreviations,                 or More in Overall Width
        and Acronyms                               SAE J2442 SEP2000—Harmonized
  SAE J2232 JUN1999—Vehicle System                        Provisions for Installation of Lamps
        Voltage—Initial Recommendations                   and Retro-Re ecting Devices on
  SAE J2357 JAN2000—Application                           Road Vehicles Except Motorcycles
        Guidelines for Electronically            R SAE J2577 SEP2008—Heavy Duty Lamp
        Driven and/or Controlled Exterior          Electrical Connector Standard
        Automotive Lighting Equipment

   3.12 Heavy Duty Vehicle Lighting              4. Standards from Other SAE Technical
        (>2032mm in width)                          Committees Referenced in SAE Lighting
   SAE J577 JUL2005—Vibration Test
        Machine and Operation Procedure             4.1 In SAE J2009
            (NOTE: This manual contains
            only a partial publication of the       SAE J1211 NOV1978—Recommended
            SAE standard J577. Due to                    Environmental Practices for
            constraints on their size, the               Electronic Equipment Design
            machine drawings
            cannot be accommodated in this       5. Canceled SAE Standards on Motor
            format. If you wish to purchase         Vehicle Lighting Subjects
            the entire standard with the
            drawings, please contact SAE         6. Key Word Index
            Customer Service using the
            information on the copyright
            page at the front of this manual.)
                                                          + Indicates a new report for this edition
                                                          R Indicates technical revision for this edition

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