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					 Root Cause Analysis ? Problem Solving ?
     The Causal Factors of today’s incident are the Risk Factors of tomorrow’s
Try TapRooT® Training for ‘open disclosure’ & ‘accountability without blame’
culture development and improving problem solving skills

TapRooT® Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis tools have revolutionised
how we can investigate ALL risks of business interruptions :- quality / environment / safety
incidents, accidents, equipment failures / maintenance problems, operational interruptions
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                                       What past participants                                  2 Day Course Outline
                                       are saying !                                                      DAY 1 TOPICS
                                        “TapRooT is significantly better than any other
                                       investigation technique I have seen”
                                                                                           - Introductions, Company Expectations
                                        Operations Manager                                 - Opening Exercise
                                        “ With the TapRooT Root Cause Tree analysis        - Performance Improvement Models
                                       of the same incident , we uncovered 3 more          - Using TapRooT® - Reactive Analysis
                                       important root causes than using our old methods    - SnapCharT TM Basics
                                       on the same incident ”                              - SnapCharT TM Team Exercise
                                         Processing Industry Safety Manager                - SnapCharT TM Advanced
                                        “The ideal way for company consistency with        - Causal Factors, and Team - Exercise
                                       investigation methods & language”                   - Root Cause Tree® & Class Exercise
                                         Corporate QA Manager                              - Root Cause Tree® Team Exercise
                                        “ The course was good for looking at our own       - Finding Generic Causes
                                       real examples of incidents and investigation data   - Corrective Action He1per TM Exercise
                                       to find the real root causes”
                                         Government Officer
                                        “The SNAPCHART Charting was extremely
                                                                                                         DAY 2 TOPICS
                                       valuable in summarising all the information in a    - Day 1 Course Critiques
                                       meaningful and complete way”                        - Proactive TapRooT® & Risk Analyses
                                         Quality Manager                                   - Communications Exercise
                                        “The day after the course I had a workgroup        - Proactive Exercise
                                       creating with me a successful “real-facts,          - Safeguards Analysis- Team Exercise
                                       blame-free” SnapChart(R) for a vehicle roll-        - Implementation
                                  ™    over”                                               - Presenting Results to Management
Authorised Australian /Asian Agent       OHS Manager                                       - How Will You Use TapRooT®
                              ®         “Excellent course !, excellent system ! ”
       TapRooT                           Company OHS Coordinator
                                        “It was above my expectations and we put easy,
                                                                                           - TapRooT® Techniques - Presentations
                                                                                           - Team Exercise- SnapCharTTM
 ® Systems Improvement Inc. USA        effective principles into practice in an
                                                                                           - Team Exercise- Root Cause Tree®
                                       understandable way. I will strongly recommend it
                                                                                             & Generic Causes
  risk @ workplaces pty ltd            to others”                                          - Team Exercise- Corrective Actions
                                         Safety Manager                                    - Presentations and Critique
         ABN 15 082 987 675
                                        “Great ! Met my expectations ! Very Informative    - Award Certificates
 Ph : 07 3378 5060                     ! Suited to my needs !”
 FX : 07 3378 9684                       Process Supervisor
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  Training Guarantee                                           What is TapRooT ® ?
Guaranteed training?                      - Based on ‘culture’ of FAIRNESS & JUSTNESS
Impossible!                                    ‘Open Disclosure’ / ‘Accountability without Blame’
But when your system /                    - An effective, proven system to guide experienced & novice
training are as good as                      investigators to root causes - not just a Report Form to fill in !
TapRooT®, you can afford                  - Easy - to - Use by all employees NOT just specialists
guarantees. So this is ours:              - A 12 Chapter 418 page reference manual that completely
Attend this training and use                 documents the system and techniques
TapRooT® to find root                     - State-of-the-art in root cause analysis
causes. You will be more                  - An integrated investigation process and 5 root cause analysis
efficient and effective in                   techniques
finding and fixing                        - Techniques that improve the consistency of investigations
“problems” or                             - Tools that allow the consistent trending of root causes to
“opportunities for                           identify generic root causes and effective Corrective Actions
improvement” when you                     - Tools to provide management with fixable causes
use TapRooT® techniques.                  - A system designed to help investigators well versed in finding
If not, just return your                     the causes of equipment problems also identify potential
books & course materials                     human performance problem areas (e.g. errors, procedures,
and we'll refund the course                  training, etc.)
fee.                                      - The missing link in Integrated OHSMS / TQM programs
                                          - Tools to assist in organisational learning
Why are we so confident?                  - Helps people identify effective Corrective Actions that reduce
We know you will find                        the probability of an incidents recurrence and improve
more root causes and better                  performance
corrective actions than ever              - Helps a company get away from the negative cycle of finding
before.                                      people to blame
                                          - Optional Software Tools
                           Venues                                            Accommodation
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courses for your organisation.                  bookings Ph : 07 3378 5060 Fx : 07 3378 9684
Included in the
- A TapRooT® reference book 418pp
     ($US195* value)
- The TapRooT® Dictionary &
     Root Cause Tree &
     All Course workbooks
- If ordered before /during the course,
   TapRooT® SNAPCHART Charting
   TapRooT® for Windows™
   Software for root cause analysis is
   only $US 795* ($US 700 Off)
   *plus GST / Delivery
- Lunches / Refreshments

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