Three Keys to Getting Buy in From Training Participants

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					Three Keys to Getting Buy-in From
      Training Participants

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 Three Keys to Getting Buy-in From
  Training Participants

         very trainer has experienced it at one time or another: a room full of blank stares, rolled eyes,
         and mumbled groans. It’s a phenomenon otherwise known as a training class with reluctant

If your learners don’t react to training this way, good for you. Consider yourself lucky and continue doing
whatever it is you’re doing that rallies them to improve their skills. If, however, you have a difficult time
getting buy-in from training participants, the following three steps might help you turn that around.

1. State the objective of the training session
At the beginning of the session, it’s important to tell the group what they’re there to achieve. The
objective should be written on a flip-chart, slide, or whiteboard (so that it can be seen by participants)
and it should be verbally announced by the trainer as well (so it can be heard by participants). Keep in
mind that often a training session has more than one specific objective. State them all.

To determine the objective, ask yourself “What will the learners be able to do at the end of the
training?” Then state the objective positively and concisely. Following are a few examples:

     Learn how to successfully operate the XL 22000 account management program
     Acquire skills to write e-mail messages that are clear, concise, positive, and professional
     Learn three techniques for effective cross-selling

2. Explain WIIFT
Most people are motivated by answering the ever-present question, What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM). In
order to get learners’ buy-in and active participation in training, it’s essential for you to let them know
WIIFT (What’s In It For Them)—basically, how they’ll benefit from doing whatever it is that you want
them to do.

In many cases, there are multiple benefits. Pick the two or three that you feel will resonate most
strongly with your learners, and then point them out with enthusiasm and confidence. You can also
remind them of these benefits throughout the course of the training. Following are some typical
examples of how people can benefit from learning new skills:

       Save time
       Have less stress
       Handle challenging customers with ease
       Progress along a career path
       Make fewer data entry errors

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3. Leave them with a feeling of accomplishment
At the end of the session, review the objective and remind learners that they’ve now successfully
learned and practiced the new skill or knowledge. Congratulate them and encourage them to continue
using it once the training is over. Although this step takes place at the end of training (at which point,
hopefully, buy-in has already been achieved), it will help learners to buy into the concept of applying
what they’ve learned. Learners will be more inspired to use what they’ve learned if they feel that
they’ve worked to acquire it, and succeeded in doing so.

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