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Crafting a Personal Action Plan


									Creating a Personal Action Plan

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 Creating a Personal Action Plan

         n action plan is exactly what it sounds like—a plan for putting into action a particular goal or
         objective. Action plans can be related to goals you have set for yourself (or your team) or they
         can be targeted toward other areas of your personal or professional growth. They outline a
reasonable, logical plan for following through with your intentions. In this article, you’ll learn a simple
method for creating successful action plans.

The key to creating a successful action plan is to break down the goal into a series of specific,
manageable, and sequential steps. A well-written goal articulates what will be improved, by how much,
and by when. The action plan answers the question of how this will be accomplished.

Following are two sample action plans (along with their associated goals). They illustrate two different,
yet equally effective styles—the paragraph and bulleted list.

       Sample 1

            Goal             I will finish the revision of the monitoring form by June 12.

            Action Plan      I’ll create a draft form by the end of this week and then all team
                             supervisors and I will use it while monitoring during the next week. We’ll
                             have an end-of-shift meeting that Friday to calibrate results and revise
                             the form as necessary. I’ll get Nancy’s approval on the final version by
                             June 10 and then I’ll roll it out to the agents on the 12th.

       Sample 2

            Goal             Create reasonable standards for the customer service team by August 5th

            Action Plan             Compile a list of current performance standards and job
                                     responsibilities. Due date: June 1st
                                    Assemble a team of job experts who will help analyze and define
                                     standards. Due date: June 10th

                                    Hold an information meeting with job experts to propose and
                                     discuss new standards. Due date: June 20th
                                    Finalize list of new standards. Due date: June 23rd

                                    Submit list of standards to management team for approval. Due
                                     Date: June 25th

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                                    Revise standards based upon recommendations from the
                                     management team. Due date: August 1st
                                    Present final list of new standards to human resources and quality
                                     assurance departments. Due date: August 4th

Creating action plans is a key practice that shows you’re sincere and dedicated to continuous
improvement. If you’re a manager or trainer, you can use the method outlined in this article to create
action plans for your employees or learners.

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