; RetentionProtection of Trees The following trees shall be
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RetentionProtection of Trees The following trees shall be


RetentionProtection of Trees The following trees shall be

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									Retention/Protection of Trees:

      The following tree/s shall be retained and protected in conjunction with the
      proposed development:


      Protective fencing must be provided around the trees. The fencing shall
      encompass the maximum possible area around the dripline of the canopy.

      Fencing of Preservation Zones: Prior to commencement of works a two
      metre high fence (chain mesh, roadside barrier webbing or similar) shall
      be erected around preservation zones as indicated by the plan. The fence
      shall remain intact until all construction on a site is completed.

      Signage: Preservation zone fences shall be signposted to advise all people
      associated with the development (eg. contractors, suppliers, developers &
      workers) and the general public of their purpose, eg (Tree protection area -
      No admittance). Signs are to be maintained and remain throughout the
      construction period.

      Competitive Vegetation in Preservation Zones: All preservation/root
      zones shall be cleared of weed species and competitive vegetation
      (excluding desirable ornamental shrubs, grasses and groundcovers).

      Mulching of Preservation Zones: All preservation zones shall be mulched
      to a depth of not less than 70 to 100mm using suitable organic mulch.

      Note: A preservation zone is defined as the root zone within the drip line
      of a tree. The drip line encompasses the area under the tree from the trunk
      to the outer extremity of the foliage. This is the minimum area of the
      preservation zone.

      Protection of Root Zone: Remaining trees shall not have their root zone
      affected by:-

      Storage of building materials, site sheds, paving or other impervious
      Excavation or increased soil level.
      Installation of underground services, eg. plumbing, power, gas etc.
      Dumping of refuse.
      Chemical run-off (including concrete wash, paint wash etc.).

      Protection Of Work Site Trees: Implementation of protection of trees on
      the work site shall be undertaken by a qualified arborist who is to report to
      the Principal Certifying Authority on a regular basis.

      (Reason: Tree preservation)

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