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									RETAIL WALK
10 MARCH 2007
RAW – This Time iT’s PeRsONAL

Luxury brands present fashion, design,
art, ideas and collaborations across
Melbourne, over one dynamic day.

Saturday 10 March, 2007
Register now via the RAW section of
10 mARCh 2007

10:00   Tiffany & Co.
11:30   Hermès
13:00   Lunch
14:30   Euroluce
16:30   Corporate Culture
19:00   RAW Wrap Party

ALsO visiT: RmiT GALLeRY

                            hOW TO ReGisTeR fOR RAW >   Places at RAW are limited
                                                        so don’t miss your chance
                                                        to be involved. Register
                                                        and get your RAW Day pass
                                                        and booklet by going to
                                                        the RAW event section of
                                                        or calling +61 3 9824 0097
Welcome to the third           This year sees a new
annual Retail Walk – the       element introduced to
only exclusive satellite       RAW – RAW Auctions.
event as part of the L’Oreal   Come along to a thrilling
Melbourne Fashion Festival     live or silent auction and
– presented to you by          bid on your favorite
Poster Magazine.               designer product.

The theme of this year’s       We are so excited to
RAW is Personal, and the       present this year’s RAW
places you visit on Saturday   to you, and hope that
10 March will provide a        Saturday 10 March is a day
glimpse into how to enhance    that will enliven both the
both your personal space       imagination and the senses.
and yourself.
                               NiChOLAs meimARis
                               CREATivE DiRECTOR,
See beautiful jewellery        MGROUP
designed by world class
architect Frank Gehry for
Tiffany & Co, the latest in
cutting-edge furniture
design at Corporate Culture,
and visit Hermès to view
the stunning Hermès Art
Horse – and that’s just
the tip of the iceberg.
TiffANY & CO.   On view at the Collins         Further expanding on
                Street store will be new       the Gehry theme, past
                pieces from the Frank          winners of the Designer
                Gehry Collection for Tiffany   Award presented by Tiffany
                & Co., together with two       & Co., including Josh Goot,
                one-of-a-kind exhibition       Claude Maus, SiX!, Mad
                pieces, The Bilbao Brooch      Cortes and T.v will show
                and Diamonds in the Rough,     garments inspired by
                flown out from New York        Frank Gehry’s jewellery.
                especially for LMFF.
                                               vieW These fAbULOUs
                                               DesiGN COLLAbORATiONs AT
                                               TiffANY & CO. 267 COLLiNs
                                               sTReeT, meLbOURNe
heRmès                         Striking and ironic, the     The perhaps unexpected
                               imposing and statuesque      collaboration between
Art Horse is a tongue in       horse dominates the space    contemporary artist and
cheek nod to the history       at Hermès Melbourne.         luxury house came about
of Hermès, opened originally                                quite naturally. Each holds
as a harness and saddle        The horse has been           a passion for the arts and
workshop in the Grand          decorated by artist Robert   possesses an appreciation
Boulevards quartier of         Doble, who, through this     for quality through creativity
Paris, in 1837.                project, has given his       and craftsmanship.
                               personal interpretation
                               of Hermès.                   see The sTUNNiNG heRmès
                                                            ART hORse AT heRmès,
                                                            115 – 119 COLLiNs sTReeT,
eUROLUCe                      All preparation for this        Euroluce is pleased to
                              installation will take place    present the Flos City
Euroluce is excited to        at the Side Project Studio,     of Light product range.
showcase A Study for Like     with the final installation     visit the City of Lights
Kings, an exploration of      to be unveiled at the           – a wonderful world of
the world of plastic          Euroluce Showroom.              lighting possibilities,
utilitarian objects.                                          perfect for the modern
                              Euroluce Lighting Australia     city and beyond.
This unusual installation     Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s
presents objects, ‘half       most renowned providers         visiT The eUROLUCe
draped’ in chrome and gold                                    shOWROOm AT 20 RUsseLL
                              of solutions for Australian     sTReeT, meLbOURNe
and displayed in a ‘kinetic   contemporary interior design
artefactual manner’.          and architectural lighting.
CORPORATe CULTURe             Corporate Culture is excited     This range is created
                              to turn 10 this year and kicks   by one of today’s most
Stay tuned for details on     off a year of celebrations       talented design teams.
the Highlight Auction of      with the launch of the new       it features classic designs
iconic design pieces to       lounge series designed by        brought up to date and
take place at the Corporate   design duo jehs+laub,            maintains Fritz Hansen’s
Culture showroom during       manufactured by Fritz            philosophy regarding linking
RAW. Be early on the day      Hansen. The lounge series        future designs to the Danish
to avoid disappointment.      is complemented by new           historical design legacy.
                              and updated versions of
                              well-known design classics       visiT OUR shOWROOm AT 31
                                                               fLiNDeRs LANe, meLbOURNe,
                              by Arne Jacobsen and             TO vieW The exCiTiNG NeW
                              Piet Hein.                       COLLeCTiON

                  CORPORATe CULTURe
                  31 fLiNDeRs LANe meLbOURNe
ACmi CiNemAs,                CRAfT viCTORiA
AUsTRALiAN CeNTRe            31 fLiNDeRs LANe,
fOR The mOviNG imAGe         meLbOURNe
feDeRATiON sqUARe,
fLiNDeRs sTReeT,
meLbOURNe                    Solutions for
                             Better Living
Fashion and Film             9 March – 7 April
Wednesday 7 – Sunday
11 March 2007                Around the Home:
All tickets $8               Ellie Mucke and
                             Anthea van Kopplen
Shoe Biz: The Beat of Shod   Monday 5 – Sunday
Feet (Unclassified 18+)      18 March
Wednesday 7 March
                             meLbOURNe mUseUm
19:30                        11 NiChOLsON sTReeT,
British Fashion Double:
Swinging London Fashion      My Sister’s Wardrobe:
(Unclassified 18+)           Kate Pears in partnership
Friday 9 March, 19:30        with Melbourne Museum

British Fashion Double:      Saturday 10 March
Quadrophenia (R)             13:30 – 16:00
Saturday 10 March, 21:00     Admission $6.00
                             Bookings essential:
Australian Fashion Double:   +61 3 8341 7777
Undercover and
Berlei Shorts (PG)           meLbOURNe’s GPO
                             CNR bOURke & eLizAbeTh
Sunday 11 March, 15:00       sTReeTs, meLbOURNe

Australian Fashion Double:   Designer Out On
Closet Tales                 The Line installation
(Unclassified 18+)           Tuesday 6 – Saturday
Sunday 11 March, 17:30       31 March
                             Admission free
344 sWANsTON sTReeT,
meLbOURNe                    Renowned urban artist
                             Joost has come together
Fashion Face: Fashion        with leading Australian
Photography by Robyn         designers to create the
Beeche 1979 – 1989           GPO Designers Out On
Friday 2 March –             The Line installation.
Saturday 21 April
                             For more information visit
Fabsolute: The Fashion
illustration of Alfredo
Bouret 1940s – 1960s
Friday 2 March – Saturday
21 April


keY iNDUsTRY heADs
Creative and Managing Director
Nicholas Meimaris

Creative and Business Director
Cilla Maden

Editorial Manager
Rowena Robertson

Event and Sponsorship
Linda McNaughton                 A-z Of COmPANies DiReCTORY
                                 ACMi +61 3 8663 2211
Creative Assistant Media         Adelphi Hotel +61 3 9650 7555
Marianne Diaz                    Arthur G Designs +61 3 9543 4633
                                 Audi 1800 50 2834
in-house Design                  Büro North +61 3 9654 3259
Lucas Nieuwenhuys                Corporate Culture +61 3 9654 8522
                                 Craft victoria +61 3 9650 7775
MGROUP                           Christian Dior +61 2 9223 4308
Tel: +61 3 9824 0097             Deck 10 +61 3 8080 5807
Fax: +61 3 9826 0074             Duttons Direct Online +61 3 9820 2555
Email:     Euroluce +61 3 9657 9657
Website:    GPO +61 3 9663 0066
                                 Grey Goose 1800 357 994
Sponsorship Agent                Hermès +61 3 9654 5571
Steve Rainey (SRC)               L’Oréal Melbourne
                                 Fashion Festival +61 3 9654 5599
Art Direction/Graphic Design     MGroup +61 3 9824 0097
Büro North                       Melbourne Museum 13 11 02                National Gallery
                                 of victoria +61 3 8620 2222
Publicity and Media Management   Poster Magazine +61 3 9824 0097
Ewan McEoin                      Propeller
viviane Stappmanns               RMiT Gallery +61 3 9925 1717
Propeller                        SABA 1800 441 739
+61 (0) 448 446 044              Santa vittoria +61 2 9748 0299             Side Project            Tiffany & Co. +61 3 9639 7788
RAW PLATiNUm              RAW GOLD
Poster Magazine           Corporate Culture
                          Tiffany & Co.

RMiT                      Adelphi
Side Project              Büro North
                          Deck 10 at Adelphi
                          Duttons Online
                          Grey Goose
                          L’Oréal Melbourne
                          Fashion Festival
                          Santa vittoria
                          Savoir Faire Creative
                          Poster Magazine
                          Poster Online
                          XYz Studios

RAW sUPPORTeRs            ThANk YOUs
Arthur G                  Abbe Barnes, Bronwyn Hogan, Daniel Stonehouse,
Cose ipanema              Dave McDonnell, Erica Lewis, Fridcorp, Gemma Youlley,
Dior                      Helen Walpole, James Dutton, Javier Degen, Karen Webster,
kikki.K                   Kate Rhodes, Lauren Hansen, Leonard Georgopoulos,
Roy                       Marissa Mandile, Mark Watson, Matt Jiles, Nicola Dexheimer,
zambesi                   Ozzie Kheir, Pip Sutton, Richard Muano, Robert Doble,
                          Studio Round, Tim Kentley, Toby Wilats, vincent Aiello,
                          viviane Stappmanns
                                                         STAMP HERE

                                                         STAMP HERE

                                                         STAMP HERE

           CORPORATe CULTURe                             STAMP HERE





Stamp this page at each RAW venue on Saturday March 10 to go into the running to win
one of 20 special, luxury RAW prizes. Send this page along with your name, address,
phone number and email address before March 20, 2007 to:

PO bOx 1064
sT kiLDA sOUTh
viC 3182

This booklet was produced by MGroup
This time it’s PeRsONAL

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