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					DEATHS: Ramona Marhin, John Mappas.                                                                      WORLD DAY OF PRAYER: 7th March at 7:30pm Our Catholic community has been invited to
                                                                                                         read Psalm 111. Three people are needed. If you can help or for further information please contact
LET US PRAY FOR THE SICK: Molly Garvey, John Ormond, Edna Ormond, Nirelle McCoy,
                                                                                                         Beryle Castley on 47491743 or leave a message at the Parish Office.
Ebony Lees, Mark Dalton, Denis Comerford, Doreen Comerford. Kate Anderson, Pacquito Favis,
Kevin Egan, Roger Jamieson, Shirley Quinlan, Robert Prowse, Juvy Baer, Stuart Glasson, Cris              RELIGIOUS EDUCATION IN STATE PRIMARY SCHOOLS: Volunteers needed! 30 mins
Breedon, Terry Casey, Sherrie Kerwitz, Tony Chappel, Lyn Galley, Stan Jacob, Susan Flay, Victoria        once a week, all teaching information provided. Co-ordination meeting – Thursday 21st Feb @
Abedejos, Len Smith, Ted Butterworth, Joyce & Basil Yaxley, Lotar Krause, Val & Pat Hogan, Maria         10:30am Room 14. Come along and find out more. Please contact Fr Mick or Lorna Fisher on
Julian, Bernie Julian, Elsa Souka, Anniono Baccari, Stephen Jamison, June Oliver, Mick Butler, Will      0402934489.
Carland, Albert Fernandez, Angela Fell, Sr. Kath Clancy, Ned Kelly, Jill Falzon, Tom Clancy, Janelle
                                                                                                         CONFIRMATION/FIRST EUCHARIST: This Sunday at all masses we will welcome and ask a
Ryan, Ernie Shambrook, Joe Doherty, Jim Telford, Fred Dowse, Laurie Raynes, Lally Biondi,
                                                                                                         blessing for all children and their families who will be enrolled for the Easter Sacraments. A
Carolyn Ruffles, Mary Mann, Kevin Rankine, Zofia Szuciak, Sherrie Salonen, Aurea German.
                                                                                                         Welcome Liturgy will be on Monday, 18th, at 7pm. We will welcome all the young people enrolled
2nd SUNDAY of LENT                                           3rd SUNDAY of LENT                          at Masses next weekend with a special liturgy and supper afterwards. Please bring something to share
Genesis 2:12-18                                              Exodus 17:3-7                               for supper. The Parish will organise a Sausage Sizzle and drinks.
Corinthians 5:20-6:2                                         Romans 5:1-2.5-8
                                                                                                         CENSUS/MINISTRY SUNDAY: Forms for 2008 will handed out this weekend. Please return
Matthew 6:1-6. 16-18                                         John 4:5-15. 19-26. 39-42
                                                                                                         them at your earliest convenience. If you have not been involved in a ministry here before there are
                                                                                                         many to choose from which may open a new spiritual path for you or greater involvement in our
  OUR GIFT TO GOD - FOR GOD’S GIFT TO US                                                                 Sunday Mass especially.
      Planned Giving (last week) $1783.40
      Loose                      $ 538.95                                                                CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY: is on Sunday 2nd March. One million volunteers are wanted
      Total                      $2322.35                                                                Australia wide this year. If you would like to identify a space in your local area to clean up register
                                                                                                         with Clean Up Australia at or call 1800 282 329. Round up some family and
      Caritas                    $ 137.00                                        149 days to Sydney      friends to help as every little bit counts. R.A.G. will have a Clean Up on Saturday, 1st from 7am to
                                                                                                         8am at Burke Street.
February 16/17th Rite of Enrolment for Confirmation/1st Eucharist at all Masses                          MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL: SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS
         18th Welcome Liturgy – Monday- 7pm for Confirmation/1st Eucharist

                                                                                                                          MCB Accounting
         14th Laura Johnson Home Mass 9:30am Anointing of sick and aged
         15th Stations of the Cross - 6pm in Church
WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: This website for Pastoral Councils in the
Archdiocese of Brisbane is useful for pastoral councils everywhere. The FAQ deals with questions of
practicality and philosophy - such as finding the most suitable new members, and the role of a           GRADES 8 TO 12 YOUTH GROUP: Meets every Friday, during school terms, from 7.30pm to
council. There is also information on Cecilia Anning's Handbook for Parish Councils, which is now        10pm at the Anglican Church Hall and is organised by the Anglican, Uniting and Catholic Churches.
in its third edition.                                                                                    THANKS: to all who clean our Church and arrange everything for the Sunday Liturgy. Your time
FR. PHILLIP O’ROURKE: If people wish to contact Fr. Phillip for pastoral matters it is best to do        given is really valued by us all as we admire the flowers or see how clean and well kept inside the
so through the Parish Office who will refer all matters to him.                                          Church is.
                                                                                                         THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: “The Lord called Abram to go forth to a new
ST VINCENT DePAUL PIETY STALL: The Society is having great diffciulty in attracting                      land and begin a new nation. There's no telling what we can become by
members and looking after the piety stall here and in Miles Street. If there are any people willing to   responding to the Lord's invitation to us.”
take on this important work of the Society please see Fr. Mick or it will close after Easter.
CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE: All women of the Parish are invited to our first gathering of                                           LENT LENT         LENT      LENT     LENT
CWL – 10am after mass this Sunday 17th Feb in Room 14. Come along and help plan some events
for 2008, including a special celebration on 6 th March for Women’s World Day of Prayer and                CARITAS: This week’s story comes from Indigenous Australia where Caritas is helping to
International Women’s Day. Share a cuppa and listen to our guest speaker Margaret Medley talk              transform communities by providing basic skills training in filmmaking to renew relationships
about the history and exciting plans for our most popular tourist attractions - Underground Hospital.      between Indigenous youth and their elders through the sharing and recording of personal stories.
                                                                                                           Your donation to Project Compassion will support the ongoing development of communities like
                                WORLD YOUTH DAY 2008:                                                      Amos’.
1: Are you interested in meeting in preparation for Sydney in 2008? A meeting will be held each,           STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Will be held each Friday at 6pm during Lent in the Church.
Sunday, at 4.30pm to discuss plans for going to Sydney. EVERYONE interested in going is                    The LITTLE BLACK BOOK for LENT: Six-minute meditations on the Passion according to
welcome to attend. Contact Fr. Mick for info about the Mount Isa delegation.                               John is available at the Piety Shop at the front of the Church. Cost $ 3.00.
2: Hour of Power: CONTINUES each Thursday from 6pm to 7pm in the Church. A time of
                                                                                                           MID-LENT VISION PROGRAM: A life changing program is being offered at Good Shepherd
prayer and quiet reflection where we can pray for our Youth and all associated with WYD08.                 Parish this year. Friday 22nd February 5:30pm to 9pm and Saturday 23rd February 9am to
3: WYD08 Registrations are now OPEN. Go to and register now. If there are               12:30pm. For more information and acceptance forms are at the back of the church or at the
any problems with registrations please contact Fr. Mick.                                                   Parish Office.

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