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					                                             Green Guide 2008

     Being Mindful of the Media
                                                    by Erinn Hale

                         he Green         diverting attention away from               businesses, they in turn grant
                         movement         the fact that disposable diapers            a discount sending money into
                         is spinning      contribute an estimated 27.4 billion        the stream of charitable causes
                   wildly through         diapers to landfill each year. Where        chosen by you, of course. Visit
                   space. You knew it     is that solution? So, while you could for more
                   wouldn’t be long       feel good knowing you’re helping            information.
                   before Outdoors NW     to vaccinate the developing world             Turn off the TV and Talk. Start
 GreenGuide ’08
     By Erin Hale  would catch the bug    with your diaper purchase, it would         a think tank among friends and
                   and produce some       be more helpful to donate that              invite ‘em over for a “100-mile Diet”
resource-packed pages worth keeping       money directly and find a more              themed potluck with the intention of
out of the recycling bin for a little     environmentally friendly diaper for         addressing some pressing needs.
while longer.                             a more sustainable future for the             Whether your discussion involves
   In researching the mavericks and       world’s next generation.                    planning out next week’s carpool
movement, I realized there is so much        Commit to Conscientious                  to the out of town marathon, or
out there to thumb through for the        Consumerism. It’s not difficult to          outlining plans for claiming the
most pertinent and true information.      support local business while you’re         empty lot down the street for a
The countless messages and tips are       in the city. With the encroaching           neighborhood p-patch, nurture the
a bit overwhelming. If you’re feeling     development of Big Box Stores in            space for innovation.
the burn to correct habits and join       smaller communities, it’s imperative          Do a simple web search, for
the journey for change, stick the         we support locally owned stores to          example, on
following tips in your shirt pocket for   ensure the money is cycled through          and enter “Sustainable [enter
safekeeping.                              our own community. Not only will            neighborhood or city here]” for active
   Mind the Messages. Recently, I         you support the area’s unique cultural      discussion groups already committed
caught a commercial for a brand of        contribution, you’ll also support local     to change. If none exist, start your
diapers that has adopted a do-gooder      artisans and manufacturers through          own! For an example, visit http://
program committed to donating one         your purchase.                    
vaccine for every pack sold. Although        Regional programs are popping              Let’s start the discussion now. Feel
I applaud the intention, a heck of a      up throughout the country allowing          free to email us with your thoughts
lot more vaccines could be purchased      you to make purchases that make             and questions: editor@OutdoorsNW.
with one pack of diapers.                 a difference. Through your loyalty          com And watch for more “green” in
   The company also seems to be           to a localized list of participating        future editions of Outdoors NW.
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22    July/August 2008 Outdoors NW
                                             Green Guide 2008

  Our ecological Boot Print
  Mindful Tips
  for Hiking
  and Camping
                                                                                              Seattle’s Rachel Matthews
                                                                                              Seattle’s Rachel Matthews
                                                                                              sets up camp on Lopez Island
                                                                                              sets up camp on Lopez Island
     By Nathan Hale                                                                           in the San Juans. Photo by
                                                                                              in the San Juans. Photo by
                                                                                              Carolyn Price
                                                                                              Carolyn Price

          hat better way to escape the torrent of depressing environmental news than to incorporate
          low-impact, leave-no-trace, hiking and camping principles into the adventure of a hearty
          mountain saunter.
  You are only one person traveling through the world, but your very footsteps can cause rippling
effects that can take years to recover. The following tips are provided to help you soften the impact of
your next adventure.
Hiking Basics                               destination has an impact on your         and plant your camp in kind.
                                            destination as well as every habitat    • Who hasn’t considered that their
• Enter the world mindful of the            on the planet.                            uneaten food, nobly tossed into the
  flora and fauna that live there.
                                          • Seek the advice of the pros. The          brush, would find a happy home in
  Just by being more aware of
                                            ranger station is a great place to        the belly of a scavenger? Take your
  your surroundings, you will avoid
                                            learn about the bare nuts and             food scraps home and put them in
  unintended damage and have a
                                            raisins of an area, including fire        your own compost.
  richer experience. If you can, learn
                                            safety, trail conditions, sensitive     • If you have to have that campfire
  about the ecosystems you will be
                                            habitats such as restoration sites,       effect, do so mindfully. Use a
  visiting prior to the trip.
                                            and the best places to camp.              small fire; bonfires are out. Collect
• Walk softly. Avoid tromping plants,
                                          • Don’t feed anything but yourselves.       only dead branches that are dry
  insects, and fungi. Tax your sense
                                                                                      and close to camp. Don’t tear off
  of empathy and imagine that they
                                          Less-caustic camping                        a live limb or rip up a decaying
  are sentient beings who feel pain,
                                          • The smaller the “tent-print” the          microcosm. And dragging heavy
  because who knows – they might be.
                                            better. Camping with other people?        logs across the forest is like
• In most natural areas, marked                                                       dragging a chainsaw across the
                                            Tight quarters reduces the area of
  and maintained trails provide the                                                   kitchen floor.
                                            impact, and may keep everyone
  best options for where you should
                                            so warm that you can forgo the          • Don’t forget to dowse your fire.
  conduct your hiking in a given area.
                                            morning fire and cut your carbon          Burning down the forest isn’t what
  Avoid creating unwanted “social
                                            footprint as well!                        they meant with the expression,
  trails” along switchbacks.
                                          • Choose a tent site with sparse            “Leave no trace.”
• Pack it in; pack it out, and pack out
                                            vegetation and a little history.        • So, when you are out in nature,
  whatever someone else may have
                                            Often you can tell from the gestalt       remember why you came. The
  carelessly left.
                                            of an area that a particular site has     natural world needs every kindness
• Going with a group? Carpool. Just         been previously camped. Rather            and consideration that we can offer.
  getting started planning the trip?        than trudging around for the hot
  Pick somewhere close. Consider            new real estate, mind the delicate        Nathan Hale is a Field Ecologist in
  that every mile you drive to your         plants, fungi, and invertebrates,       San Jose, Calif.

24     July/August 2008 Outdoors NW
 NW Women                                                                        New Comfort.
 Athletes                                                                        New Freedom.
   September/October 2008

  Picabo Street
  Debbie Armstrong
  Rebecca Twigg
  Helen Thayer
  Stacy Allison
  Cheryl Marek
                                                                              You can’t do this with a sleeping bag.
  Helene Madison                                                              That’s the idea behind our Comfort System — the latest creation
                                                                              from Therm-a-Rest®.

  And many others…                                                            Our new Fitted Sheets™ and Tech Blankets™ seamlessly integrate with
                                                                              your existing Therm-a-Rest mattress, adding a whole new dimension
                                                                              of comfort and footloose freedom.
  You know the names. We’ll fill you in on how these
                                                                              Customize your outdoor experience with our holistic approach to
  Northwest women athletes achieved worldwide
                                                                              comfort at
  acclaim and wrote themselves into the record books in
  their respective field of endeavor. Watch for the release
  of the September/October edition of Outdoors NW in
  late August!

 Advertisers: Reserve your space for                                     Find Therm-a-Rest products at:
                                                                             Alpine Experience – Olympia, WA
 this very special section by Aug. 8                                                          Sport Townsend – Port Townsend, WA
                                                                                              Whittaker Mountaineering – Ashford, WA (206) 418-0747                                           REI – all NW locations                                                                                  Outdoors NW July/August 2008                           25
                                                              ComfSystems_ONW_1-2Vert.indd 1                                                     5/30/08 2:13:36 PM
                                                       Green Guide 2008

     The Gear Junkie: Green Gear 2008
                     G    oing green
                          is not a new              Aquapac Hard Lens
                     phenomenon in the              Camera Case
                     world of outdoors                 This plastic waterproof
                     gear. To be sure,              camera case is now
                     it was almost 15               100 percent PVC-
                     years ago that                 free, meaning the
 The Gear Junkie                                    case employs no
 By Stephen Regenold Patagonia unveiled
                                                    polyvinyl chloride,
                                                                                                     Keen Newport Hemp
                     a jacket made with                                                                Woven hemp fiber gives this popular Keen
                                                    a chemical cited
fibers derived from recycled soda                                                                    hybrid sandal-shoe a new look. The patented
                                                    in some studies
bottles. But today’s eco-friendly gear                                                               toe guard protects from errant roots and rocks
                                                    as a pollutant and a
– including packs, shoes, socks, gadget                                                              on the trail, while the airy – and eco-friendly
                                                    carcinogen. Made for tiny
cases and camp stoves –reflects an                                                                   – upper lets your feet breathe. $95,
                                                    digital cameras, the case has a polycar-
industry-wide push to think broadly                                                        
                                                    bonate hard lens for clear images and
about sustainability.                               a watertight seal to keep moisture out.
   Sustainable manufacturing                        $45,                              Solio
processes, new chemical treatments
and the availability of materials
                                                                                                         The Solio clips to
ranging from organic cotton to PVC-
                                                                                                      your backpack while
free plastics has changed the industry.
                                                                                                      you walk, sucking rays
   Here are a handful of new products                                                                 all day and saving the
that should have you going green in                                                                   juice in its internal
no time.                                                                                              lithium-ion battery.
                                                                                                      Later, plug in your
 Carbon Neutral                                                                                       iPod, or even a laptop
 Camp Stove                                                                                           computer, to bank off
                                                                                                      the device’s 5-watt
    Wasting little of its flame output, the        Yakima SkyBox                                      output – enough
 Primus EtaPower MF stove utilizes up                 This series of car-top cargo boxes are made
 to 80 percent of the heat it generates                                                               to power most any
                                                   with 80 percent recycled ABS plastic, including    mobile device. $79,
 for cooking – a good eco move to start.           scraps thrown aside during the manufacturing
 But to go another step, the company                                                        
                                                   of other Yakima products. Boxes start at $459,
 buys carbon offsets for every EtaPower  
 MultiFuel stove sold, making cooking
 your hotcakes now a
 carbon-neutral expe-
 rience. $190, www.
                                                    Osprey Circuit
                                                       Tote gear
                                                    in an eco-                                                             Teko Ingeo
                                                    friendly                                                               Light Hiking
                                                    pack: The                                                              socks
                                                    Osprey Circuit                                                            Made of a biodegrad-
                                                    is made of
REI Organic Cotton                                  70 percent
                                                                                                                           able corn-based fiber,
                                                                                                                           these socks have extra
         Cadet Cap                                  recycled                                                               reinforcement in the heels
                   Touting an eco ethos with a      materials,                                                             and toes for durabil-
                  Cuban flair, the Cadet Cap is     including                                                              ity. The fabric transfers
                    an organic cotton alterna-      re-born PET plastic, webbing and                                       moisture and sweat to
                    tive to the work-a-day          mesh. Bonus: With a slim laptop-                                       keep feet dry and prevent
                   baseball bill. Bonus: The cap    compatible pocket this pack does                                       blisters. $13.95,
comes with a worn look and feel that requires       double duty in town or on the trail.                         
no break-in time. $16,                  $99,

26     July/August 2008 Outdoors NW
                                     Green Guide 2008

                                 Sierra Design Cyclone Eco         Icebreaker Biodegradable T’s
Big Agnes Ripple Creek
   This eco-cocoon                  This mid-weight shell             New Zealand-based Icebreaker has a
is comprised of 96               – which can be used as a          line of biodegradable apparel. The “Plant
percent recycled                 rain jacket or a cool-            It” T-shirts and tops for women and the
content, including               weather top – is touted           Renew/Recycle T-shirts for men are made
a rip-stop nylon                 to be the most sustain-           of 100-percent merino wool
shell. But you don’t             able jacket on the                – a sustainable, biodegrad-
lose comfort for the             market. It is made of             able and annually-renewable
bag’s green bias:                a recycled PET face               fiber. Wear one of these
Big Agnes stitches               fabric with PVC-free              shirts for a few years,
in a pillow pocket               seam tape and a                   then as the Plant It’s
and cuts the bag                 solvent-free water-               name implies, dig a
wide for more room               proof-breathable                  hole and throw the
at your feet and                 laminate. $149.95,                shirt in for a ceremoni-
shoulders. $160,                 www.sierrade-                     al, ecosystem-sustain-        (Avail-                 ing burial. $55 and up,
                                 able starting this summer.)

 Stephen Regenold writes “The Gear Junkie” column for several U.S. newspapers
 and magazines. See for video gear reviews, a daily
 blog, and an archive of Regenold’s work.

    Every bike sale at                                                   Featuring
    Gerk’s Alpine Hut                                                    Bikes from
      includes our
      exclusive 3-D                                                             and
    Motion Capture Fit

   GERK’S IS THE PLACE                                         GERK’S ALPINE HUT
    TO BUY YOUR BIKE!                                 
   7875 LEARY WAY, REDMOND, WA                                          425-883-7544                                                 Outdoors NW July/August 2008           27
                                                Green Guide 2008

  eco-Outdoors resources
Hiking                                      Recycle Running Shoes                          Worldwide resource for runners.
                                                                                           Check out their compiled list of shoe
• Leave No Trace, Center for                • Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program                  recycling programs.
  Outdoor Ethics:      
• Bureau of Land Management                   Nike’s recycled more than 20 million       Running Errands                  pairs of athletic shoes and created        • Clif Bar’s 2-Mile Challenge:
• Boy Scouts of America                       more than 250 sport surfaces around                 the world.
                                                                                           Make the 2-Mile Pledge to walk,
  resources/LeavenoTrace.aspx               • One World Running                            bike, or run within a 2-mile radius
Athletic Events                               com/
                                                                                         • Walk Jog Run:
                                                                                           Track running paths, calories
• Keith Peters’ Eco-Logistics                 An international program promot-
                                                                                           burned, and estimated time of route                      ing an awareness of health by pro-
  Inspiring and tracking eco                  viding shoes to those in the need in
                                              the U.S. and around the world.             • Bike Seattle:
  developments within the world of
  race organization.                        • Soles 4 Souls                              • One World, 2 Wheels:
• The Green Team          Impacting lives with the gift of             Trek Bicycles encourages people to
                                              shoes.                                       go by bike when traveling less than
  Runner’s World is gathering an
                                                                                           two miles.
  exclusive list of events dedicated to     • Run The Planet
  minimizing the race’s environmental                • Spokespeople:
  impact.                                     selection/recycle.asp                      • Pedal Pushers:
                                                                                           All Things Bike: Bike paths, bike
                                                                                           communities, bike events.
                                                                                         • Car Free Portland, “Rethinking
                                                                                           Mobility, Rediscovering Proximity”:
                                                                                           Read “Toward Carfree Cities” to
                                                                                           encourage your own motor vehicle
                                                                                         • SCALLOPS, Sustainable Communities
                                                                                           ALL Over Puget Sound: http://
                                                                                           Participate in think tanks and
                                                                                           community gatherings with your
                                                                                         • Cecile Andrews, Slow Is Beautiful:
                                                                                           A blog dedicated to taking back
                                                                                           our time and revolutionizing the
                                                                                           enjoyment of life.
                     Enjoy the Outdoors Responsibly   Get Involved Today

28    July/August 2008 Outdoors NW
                              » Ventilated, moisture-wicking
                                Auto-Fit harness system
                              » Ventilated, moisture-wicking waistbelt
                              » Suspended mesh panel with open sides
                                allows air to flow across your entire back
                              » 7001-T6 hollow, aluminum stay
                              » Lightweight, thermomolded framesheet
                              » Padded lumbar pad promotes positive
                                load transfer
                              » 210d HT double box ripstop and broken
                                twill nylon fabrics

 »Losing weight
  never felt better
   technology + fit = comfort

   Can a lightweight pack still be comfortable enough to sport the Gregory
   label? Only when that pack has Gregory’s JetStream™ LTS Suspension.
   The lightweight, thermomolded framesheet combined with a hollow
   aluminum stay support the load you are carrying without adding
   excessive weight. Proprietary JetStream™ LTS suspension technology
   gives you true airflow across your back.
   JetStream™ LTS. It’s one weight loss program that’s easy to swallow.
                                                                             » z65™
                                                                                           » jade 60™

        Legendary Packs for Extraordinary Experiences » » California USA                                                              Outdoors NW July/August 2008   29
                                                Green Guide 2008

          Giddy for the Greenway
  Mountains to Sound is 100 miles of green space

                                                                                                  rattlesnake Ledge

By Jennifer

             hether you’re heading east into the
             mountains on Interstate 90 or dropping
             back down toward Puget Sound, you can’t
help but notice the lush green wilderness outside
your car windows.
  It’s no accident our region is blessed with a 100-mile
                                                                            Rattlesnake Ledge near North Bend is a popular four-mile
corridor of green space instead of 100 miles of strip                       roundtrip hike with great views of Snoqualmie Pass and the
malls. It’s the result of the hard work and dedication                      Cascade Mountains.

of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust.

   Formed in 1991, the Trust has             that provides a way for people to           family or something a little more
partnered with local, state and federal      travel on foot or by bike from Seattle      challenging, the MTS Greenway has
agencies to protect lands stretching         all the way across Washington state.        something for you. Here are a few of
from Seattle along the Cascade               You can start on the Burke-Gilman,          our favorites.
foothills, over Snoqualmie Pass and          Elliott Bay or Cedar River trails and
into Central Washington.                     head east along I-90 to the western         Family Fun
   The Greenway comprises over               terminus of the John Wayne Pioneer            These trails are perfect for families
750,000 acres of parks, forests, trails,     Trail near North Bend. From there           with little hikers or anyone just
rivers, meadows and lakes that are           you can travel by trail all the way to      looking for a relaxing walk in the
held in trust for the public. This green     Eastern Washington.                         woods.
space is not just a beautiful and              Of course, you don’t have to                Cougar Mountain regional
precious wild habitat, it’s also a hiker’s   undertake a cross-state journey             Wildland Park. With 4,000 acres of
treasure trove.                              to enjoy the trails the Mountains           hiking and equestrian trails, Bellevue’s
   With the exception of a few               to Sound Greenway has to offer.             Cougar Mountain Park is a wilderness
missing links, the Mountains to Sound        Whether you’re looking for an               gem right outside the city. The park
Greenway has a regional trail network        easy day hike, a trail for the whole        has more than 36 miles of hiking trails

30    July/August 2008 Outdoors NW
                                                  Green Guide 2008

                                                          Snoqualmie Pass hikers,
                                                          circa 1990.

                                                                                                                   The Kendall Katwalk
                                                                                                                   offers a spectacular
                                  Coal Mines Trail is a                                                            hike in the Alpine
                               five-mile section of an                                                             Lakes Wilderness.
                                  abandoned Burling-
                                 ton Northern rail line
                                connecting Cle Elum,
                                   Roslyn and Ronald.

                                                                                    Coal Mines Trail

      Map and all photos
      are courtesy of the
      Mountains to Sound
      Greenway Trust

and over 12 miles for equestrians.              Preston-Snoqualmie Trail. This              spray from the 70-foot waterfalls.
Because the park is a sanctuary for          flat, easy trail connects the historic         Though it’s right next to I-90, the
native plants and animals, no bicycles       town of Preston on the west to an              noise from the traffic is drowned out
are allowed on the trails and dogs           overlook of Snoqualmie Falls on the            by the roar of the falls.
must be leashed.                             east. This is a great trail if you’re             Coal Mines Trail. Start at the
   Squak Mountain State Park. Just           bringing the kids along because it’s so        trailhead in Cle Elum and follow
south of Issaquah, Squak Mountain            well-graded and paved. At 5.3 miles            five miles of the former Burlington
has 2,000 acres of hiking and wildlife       each way, the Preston-Snoqualmie               Northern rail line, connecting the
habitat, including 13 miles of well-         Trail is also popular for biking.              towns of Cle Elum, Roslyn and Ronald.
maintained hiking trails with several           Twin Falls natural Area/Olallie             You’ll pass by abandoned mining sites
loop options and six miles of horse          State Park. Take this 1.3 mile (each           with interpretive signs and benches
trails.                                      way) forested trail along the south            along the way. The flat, easy trail is
   Tiger Mountain State Forest.              fork of the Snoqualmie River for               paved — great for strollers or bikes.
Tiger Mountain is a favorite of hikers,      a view of Twin Falls. Look for a
mountain bikers and equestrians alike.       huge old-growth Douglas Fir called             High Country Hikes
It boasts 13,000 acres of protected          Grandfather Tree, about a mile up the            These trails offer a little more
forests, recreation areas and managed        trail (it is protected by a fence). If you     challenge for hikers eager to explore
state trust lands. Tiger Mountain            push on for another mile you can pick          the high country of the Cascades.
offers a hike for everyone, from the         up the John Wayne Pioneer Trail.                 rattlesnake Mountain. Take the
challenging West Tiger 3’s 2,000-foot           Franklin Falls. At a mile each way,         new trailhead from Snoqualmie Point
elevation gain to the Around Lake            this spot is popular with families,            to enjoy one of the Greenway’s most
Tradition trail, which is easier and         especially on hot summer days when             scenic areas. Greenway volunteers have
wheelchair accessible.                       hikers are rewarded with the cool                               Continued on page 32                                                                           Outdoors NW July/August 2008          31
                                                                                                                            Green Guide 2008
         worked to build a 10.5-mile trail from                                                                     Bend. The eight-mile round trip hike                                along — the tunnel is completely
         Snoqualmie Point east to Rattlesnake                                                                       to the 4,000-foot summit is a great                                 dark!
         Lake, with great views of Mount Si and                                                                     workout, and one of the region’s most                                  Check for
         North Bend along the way.                                                                                  popular day hikes. If you’re not up to                              details and directions to these and
            rattlesnake Ledge. Start at the                                                                         the big mountain, try the 5-mile round                              many other trails. The Washington
         trailhead from Rattlesnake Lake and                                                                        trip to Little Mount Si.                                            Trails Association ( also
         follow the trail four miles (round                                                                            John Wayne Pioneer Trail.                                        is a great resource for trail suggestions
         trip) to Rattlesnake Ledge. The                                                                            Called the “backbone” of the of                                     in this area. Don’t forget — some trails
         rocky outcropping offers spectacular                                                                       the Greenway trail system, the John                                 may require a Northwest Forest Pass
         views of Snoqualmie Pass and the                                                                           Wayne Pioneer Trail in Iron                                       
         Cascades. More ambitious hikers can                                                                        Horse State Park is a
         continue from the Ledge all the way                                                                        former Milwaukee Road                                                               Freelance writer
         across Rattlesnake Mountain to the                                                                         railway bed. The trail                                                               Jennifer Donahue and
         Snoqualmie Point trailhead.                                                                                crosses most of                                                                        family – including
            Snoqualmie river Middle Fork                                                                            Washington State;                                                                        two school-
         Valley. Once a dumping ground                                                                              this section is                                                                           age boys – are
         and magnet for illegal activities,                                                                         more than 100                                                                             frequent hikers
         volunteers have labored to clean up                                                                        miles long and                                                                            in the Mountains
         the Middle Fork Valley and return                                                                          passes through                                                                            to Sound
         it to a haven for wildlife and hikers                                                                      gorgeous                                                                                  Greenways
         alike. Wander through old growth                                                                           mountain scenery                                                                          corridor.
         forests and along the river beneath                                                                        and a 2.3-mile
         overhanging cliffs, 14 miles each way.                                                                     rail tunnel under                                                                         A hiker pauses to view
            Mount Si. You can’t miss Mount Si                                                                       Snoqualmie Pass.                                                                   5,629-foot Granite Mountain,
         as it towers over the town of North                                                                        Bring a flashlight                                                                 just west of Snoqualmie Pass.

                                                                                                                                                           China & Vietnam
                                                                                                                                                            Cycling Tour
                                                                                                                                                       October 12-27, 2008 / $2,998

                                                                                                                                                       Discover the history of China & North
                                                                                                                                                       Vietnam on this incredible cycling
                                                                                                                                                       tour. Ride through terraced farmland
                                                                                                                                                       and to the remote hillside homes of
                                                                                                                                                       Chinese minority people with a life-
                                                                                                                                                       style centuries old. In Vietnam,
                                                                                                                                                       pedal through the lush countryside
                                                                                                                                                       & visit colonial Hai Phong, the World
                 Planting a Forest…                                                                                                                    Heritage city of Halong Bay and the
                                                                                                                                                       fascinating city of Hanoi.

               One Test Drive at a Time.                                                                                                               There are a few spots left on New England’s
                                                                                                                                                       Covered Bridges Tour in August, too!
              In an effort to decrease our carbon footprint, test drive a Subaru
               at Carter and we’ll plant a tree in your name in the Mountains                                                                                                         Includes:
                  to Sound Greenway, the scenic byway along I-90 stretching                                                                                                            Guides
                  from Seattle over Snoqualmie Pass into Central Washington.                                                                                                      Van Support
                                                                                                                                                                               3&4-star Hotels
                                                                                                                                                                       Domestic Transportation
                                                                                                                                                                          Cruises & Activities
                                                                                                                                                                                 Historic sites
                        17225 Aurora Ave, just north of downtown Seattle                                                                                                  (530) 758-8782
                    (206) 542-1166 • (800) 426-1332 •
         32             July/August 2008 Outdoors NW
CARTER SUBARU > Outdoors NW 4.75 x 3.625 > INSERTION DATE June- 2oo8 > Agency: NationAd Communications 425/401.9900 > PDF Origin: marks 425/844.0601
                                                         Green Guide 2008
Green Buzz
One World,
Two Wheels
   Trek is rolling out an effort to
“make the world a more bike-
friendly place” with its One World,
Two Wheels program. The goal? To
increase the number of bike-friendly
communities, add trails and increase
                                        Seattle Farmers
the number of trips taken by bike in    Markets celebrate
the U.S. Framed as a way to tackle      berry days
many of the world’s most press-            For these and more listings, log
ing problems — global warming,          onto
childhood obesity, traffic congestion      June 29: Berry Sampling, West
— One World, Two Wheels encour-         Seattle Farmers Market, 11a.m.
ages people to go by bike when          – noon. Taste and learn about differ-
traveling less than two miles, and      ent varieties of local berries.
offers resources for getting started.      July 9: Stone Fruit Sampling, Co-
For details, visit                      lumbia City Farmers Market. Sample                  and learn about some of the many
                                        varieties of fruits in season.
It takes Sole to                           July 12: “Berry Spectacular and
                                        15th Anniversary, “University District
decrease landfill                       Farmers Market, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Lo-
                                        cal berry sampling, recipes, NW berry
                                        shortcake, cooking demo and more.
                                           July 13: Stone Fruit Sampling,
                                        Broadway Sunday Farmers Market.
                                        Taste and learn about different
     Brooks’ BioMoGo midsole
                                        varieties of local berries.
                                           July 24: Berry Sampling, Lake City
   Brooks Shoes has recently intro-
                                        Farmers Market, 3:30 p.m. Taste and
duced BioMoGo, the world’s first
                                        learn about different berries grown
biodegradable midsole. Conventional
                                        in our region.
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate midsoles can
                                           For farmers markets in Washing-
last up to 1,000 years in an enclosed
                                        ton: http://www.wafarmersmarkets.
landfill, but according to extensive
                                        com/; in Oregon: www.oregonfarm
tests, BioMoGo will biodegrade 50
                               and http://www.
times faster saving nearly 30 million
pounds of landfill waste over a 20-
                                           (Editor’s note: For more on ber-
year period.
                                        ries, see page 36.)
   Although the rest of the shoe (it
can be found in the Trance 8 model)
is made of conventional materials
and with this slight adjustment to
a waste management predicament,
it may appear as though Brooks is
jumping on the Green Power Train.
   To lessen doubts and inspire
progress, the Bothell-based athletic
shoe company decided to “treat its
new midsole discovery as an ‘open
source’ innovation.” Here’s a thumbs
up to Brooks and a nod to a step in
the right direction.
   For more information visit www.                                                               Outdoors NW July/August 2008   33
                                    Green Guide 2008
                                           Green Buzz
                                                                                    Carter Motors Goes
                                                                                    Carbon Neutral
                                                                                       Carter Subaru in Shoreline,
                                                                                    Wash. is planting a forest, one test
                                                                                    drive at a time. Carter has planted
                                                                                    over 5,000 trees in the Cascade
                                                                                    Mountains since beginning its
                                                                                    Carbon Neutral program earlier
                                                                                    this year.
                                                                                       For each car test-driven at Carter
                                                                                    Subaru, one tree will be planted in
                                                                                    the Mountains to Sound Greenway.
                                                                                    For each car purchased, three ad-
                                                                                    ditional trees will be planted.
                                                                                       The idea, according to Carter, is
                                                                                    simple: the planted trees will live
                                                                                    their lives locally in the Greenway
                                                                                    and will actively be absorbing
                                                                                    tons of carbon dioxide from the
                                                                                    atmosphere. Over the trees’ lives
                                                                                    (average 70 years), four trees will
                                                                                    adsorb one year of carbon emissions
                                                                                    of a car getting 21 miles a gallon
                                                                                    that is driven 12,000 miles.
                                            All natural bug                            Over 15 species of trees will be
                                                                                    used and plantings will occur in
                                            repellant                               the fall in such sites as Sammamish
                                               The first two active ingredients
                                                                                    State Park, Snoqualmie Point Park,
                                            are soybean oil and coconut oil
                                                                                    Issaquah Creek, Meadowbrook and
                                            which gives an indication of the
                                                                                    Tollgate Farms and on old logging
                                            all-natural ingredients in this new
                                                                                    roads near Snoqualmie Pass.
                                            insect spray repellent from BienElla,
                                                                                    For more,
                                            LLC based in Shoreline, Wash.
                                               Started by Lynnel Jones, a mom
                                            whose son had multiple skin condi-
                                            tions and sensitivities, Jones began    Tour d’Organics
                                            an exhaustive search of skin prod-      rides into Portland
                                            ucts to help her son, none of which        Tour d’Organics brings its
                                            helped. Her quest to find alterna-      all-natural bike ride to Portland
                                            tive solutions led her to realize she   Sept. 6. A series of bicycle tours
                                            needed to keep things simple and        that feature local, organic farms,
                                            began using all natural ingredients     the Tour d’Organics integrates
                                            in developing a whole line of skin      into one event the benefits of
                                            products.                               exercise with a healthy diet based
                                               The Bug Repellant, which sells for   on organic foods straight from the
                                            $14.50 per two-ounce bottle, is just    farm. Everything along the three
                                            in time for the summer. It’s safe for   routes will be a reflection of the
                                            use on children and even dogs.          strong environmental commitment
                                               By the way, the remaining            from ride sponsor Organic Athlete
                                            ingredients are Neem Oil, Rosemary,     including composting food waste
                                            Peppermint, Lemon Tea Tree, Gera-       and compostable plates and uten-
                                            nium, Eucalyptus, Lavendar, Catnip,     sils at the post-ride meal.
                                            Citronella, Lemongrass, Tea Tree and       If you want a ride you can truly
                                            Cedarwood Essential Oils. Available     feel good about, find out more
                                            at Ballard Organics in Seattle or       about the Portland Tour d’Organics
                                            online at             at
34   July/August 2008 Outdoors NW

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