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                         Chapters 7 & 8 Assignment
1. As of 2007, in how many states were people of color the majority of the

A. Two

B. Four

C. Six

D. Eight
2. What social phenomenon does Robert Terry's "Up/Down" metaphor explain?

A. Why members of a majority group typically don't know much about minority groups
whereas minority groups know a lot about the majority group.

B. Why the terms "majority" and "minority" are no longer legitimate or useful in a society as
diverse as the United States.

C. Why majority groups oppress minority groups how minority groups end the oppression
when they conform to the majority.

D. How members of the majority group rationalize their oppression of minority groups and
why nonviolence has been effective in confronting such oppression.
3. Which of the following statements best illustrates the Melting Pot perspective?

A. Americans should support the ethnic groups living in their own neighborhoods because
that's the best way to preserve their culture and provide safety for their families.

B. Americans should respect the diversity of all the racial and ethnic groups that have come
to the United States because we all have benefited from this diversity.

C. We should all just be Americans and no one should be a hyphenated American.

D. The American Dream is to achieve the lifestyle of the average white, middle class family,
and if newcomers to America imitate that family they can achieve that Dream.
4. If the following statements appeared in a high school textbook, which one is the
only statement that does not represent ethnocentric bias?

A. Europeans regarded Africans as primitive people who were only fit to be slaves.

B. English colonists established the first American settlement at Jamestown, Virginia.

C. President Lincoln established the Thanksgiving holiday during the Civil War to promote

D. All of the above represent ethnocentric bias.
5. How does the practice of "steering" perpetuate segregated neighborhoods?

A. Banks will only approve mortgage loans for clients of color who are purchasing homes in
racially segregated neighborhoods.

B. Residents of white neighborhoods have covenant agreements permitting someone to
purchase a home only if they agree not to sell their home to a family of color.

C. Many white realtors refuse to show homes to clients of color and send them to realtors of

D. Realtors show homes to clients only in neighborhoods where residents predominantly
reflect the race of the client.

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