Peristaltic Pumps are what the Doctor ordered! 704UR Lacquer feed by lindahy


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  Peristaltic Pumps are what                                      Colt pumps out more herbs!
     the Doctor ordered!                                          Here is a story about a business that has grown from being
                                                                  an interesting sideline to taking over several rooms in the
At least what the production and maintenance people in the        house. Colt Natural Products has grown over the past two
printing industry think.                                          years to the point that the parlour has been lost entirely to
                                                                  the business of producing their range of herbal preparations.
The most common applications of peristaltic pumps is to           Using formulations of herbs and minerals, Colt Natural
feed and scavenge inks and varnish to doctor blades or            Products have developed products that are in great demand
recirculating /mixing inks and adhesives. A ‘doctor blade’ is a   by patrons of nightclubs and dance parties, the body image
device used in the printing industry to control the amount of     conscious at the local gym or the serene of mind who want
ink picked up and finally transferred to the print roll.          to pamper the ‘inner being’. With catchy product names like
                                                                  Liquid Recovery, Liquid Buzz or Liquid Bliss, the herbal
Peristaltic pumps are also used extensively in multi-colour       extracts are claimed to increase the metabolic energy of the
label printing, flexo printing labels and varnish printing.       user, plus many other unique natural benefits.

To illustrate the capabilities of peristaltic pumps in the        The eleven Colt preparations are packaged in 8mL vials for
printing industry; take the case of manufacturing ‘secretive      retail sale. Originally filled manually, the task of filling the
face’ or window envelopes. Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps        vial had to be semi-automated due to orders exceeding
are used for: -                                                   production capacity. What Colt needed was a dispenser that
• Transferring the adhesive for the self-sealing flap             would accurately fill the 8mL doses, be easy to set up and
• Transferring the Adhesive for the ‘window’                      clean and just as importantly, be easy on the hip pocket
• Ink for opaque printing (applied on the inside of envelopes     nerve. There was an additional obstacle to be dealt with, the
  to reduce the ‘look through’ characteristics of the paper)      preparations contained a variety of herbal solids that could
• PVA adhesives for the flaps during manufacture                  not be dealt with by most dispensing systems.
• Post manufacturing over printing (company logo etc to
  the front face)                                                 Colt enthusiastically accepted an offer from CHEMCON to
                                                                  conduct a demonstration of the abilities of the Watson-Marlow
      704U/R Lacquer feed                                         313T Dispenser. The demonstration was so successful in fact
                                                                  that an order was placed on the spot.
     pumps on MAN Roland                                          “It’s been a boon to us” said John Lee-Wright, manager of
         printing units                                           Colt. "Using the 313T Dispenser has reduced wastage and
                                                                  ensures accuracy in the fill sizes. Product change over times
                                                                  with the Watson-Marlow 313T is now so rapid and easily
These peristaltic pumps have been fitted to the MAN Roland
                                                                  accomplished; we simply ‘flip’ up the top of the pumphead
units as the standard lacquer transfer/feed equipment for
                                                                  and remove the peristaltic tubing".
many years, why?
• No air bubbles to interfere with roller coverage
                                                                  As well as the reducing wastage, product changeover times
• Lacquer only contacts the tube, reducing maintenance
                                                                  and dealing effectively with the solids, the production rate
  to minutes
                                                                  has soared to the point that Colt is now keeping up with
• Precise, accurate and finely adjustable metering of lacquer
                                                                  orders. "Purchasing the Watson-Marlow 313T Dispenser
  to rollers
                                                                  was money well spent” said a very satisfied John Lee-Wright.
• Lacquer flow may be remotely varied from 1 - 100% of
                                                                  “The 313T dispenser has paid for itself in three months”.
  maximum flow
                                                                  Colt took delivery in late November 99.
• Reversibility means that there is no wastage and
  reduced cleaning
• No foaming or degradation of product

                                  Peristaltic pumps can
                                  replace lobe, diaphragm and
                                  progressive cavity pumps in
                                  all parts of the print shop.
                                  Integrating Watson-Marlow
                                  peristaltics into production
                                  is a sure way to reduce costs
                                  and increase ‘up time’

                                  Talk to our Sydney or
                                  Melbourne offices about a
                                  500, 700 or all new 620
                                  Series for your print

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