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									                                                                                       Overdue fine?
                                                                                       Act now and you could

                                                                                       pay less
                                                                                           Fee waiver applies until
                                                                                                   19 March 2010

*Not all fees are eligible for the waiver. Penalty Reminder Notice fees will not be
waived as part of this fee waiver. If you have warrants issued by a Court other
than the Infringements Court, a warrant issued and executed in a State other
than Victoria or a warrant issued against you by a judgement creditor for a civil
judgement debt, you will not be eligible to claim the fee waiver for these warrants.
Call 1300 221 249 to confirm your eligibility for the waiver.

** Extensions of time to pay are not available on outstanding warrants.
We’re waiving fees on fines*
From 2 February to 19 March 2010, the Victorian           HOW TO CLAIM THE FEE WAIVER                                            PAyMEnT OPTIOnS
Government is helping you pay off your outstanding
fines by removing some of the additional fees and costs   Step 1. Contact us                                                     For information and the payment options available to pay
you may have incurred. These could include a number       Most fees on eligible outstanding fines will be waived if you pay by   your outstanding fines, contact:
of court and warrant costs.                               19 March 2010. To confirm that your fine is eligible and to find out
                                                          the reduced amount you need to pay, call 1300 221 249.                 Civic Compliance Victoria
To check if your fine is eligible call 1300 221 249
or visit                             Step 2. Take action to pay your reduced fine by 19 March 2010          Ground Floor 277 William Street, Melbourne 3000
                                                          To have fees waived on eligible fines you must do one of the           8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
                                                          following by 19 March 2010
                                                                                                                                 Call 1300 221 249 between 8am – 9pm, Monday to
                                                          a) pay the reduced amount in full, or                                  Friday, excluding public holidays.
                                                          b) arrange an instalment payment plan, or
                                                          c) arrange for an extension of time to pay.**                          Take advantage of this reduction before our Sheriffs begin
                                                                                                                                 taking tougher action from 20 March 2010. This includes:
                                                          IF YOU DO NOT TAKE ONE OF THESE ACTIONS BEFORE
                                                          19 MARCH 2010 THEN ALL FEES WILL STILL HAVE                            	   •	vehicle	registration	non-renewal	
                                                          TO BE PAID IN FULL.                                                    	   •	driver	licence	or	vehicle	registration	suspension	
                                                                                                                                 	   •	wheel	clamping	
                                                          Existing payment plans                                                 	   •	seizure	of	property.	
                                                          If you have an existing payment plan in place, you don’t need
                                                          to do anything. Just continue to make your regular payment by          Act now and you could pay less to clear your fines.
                                                          the due date and fees on your eligible fines will be automatically
                                                          deducted.                                                              TTY: Call 133 677 and ask to be connected to Civic
                                                                                                                                 Compliance Victoria on 1300 221 249. If you need an
                                                          Important                                                              interpreter please call the Translating and Interpreting
                                                          If you do not make payments on your existing payment plan,             Service on 13 14 50 and have them contact Civic
                                                          or the payment plan made under this waiver, or if you default          Compliance Victoria on 1300 221 249.
                                                          on your payment plan, fees will be reinstated.
                                                                                                                                 Translated versions of this brochure are available for
                                                                                                                                 download from

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