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“More Bucket Music 3 Pack Compositions” by Olivier Cutz by csgirla


									                  “More Bucket Music: 3 Pack Compositions”
                              by Olivier Cutz
This second book “More Bucket Music” is a response to those teachers and students who would
like some new challenges and added variety to their “Bucket Music” repertoire.

The book contains 3 new compositions intended to add variety and introduce new musical
concepts and drumming skills that were not present or prevalent in the pieces of the first book.
“Elsewhere” is a good starter piece where the main motif is broken up between the three
sections (bass, alto and soprano). This motif has an hypnotic ostinato pattern complimented by
“taiko” drumming and “calypso” beats.“A Drop in the Bucket” is a little more challenging with
its quick changes and blend of “rudimental drumming” styles and “rock” beats. “The Duel”
offers the challenge of odd time signature changes between 7/8, 6/8, and 4/4. It is a blend of
“Macedonian mountain” rhythms with “Caribbean” and “rock” beats and an exciting drum battle
at its peak. Each piece is unique and will add a new flavor to your repertoire.

*It is recommended to own and be familiar with the first book “Bucket Music: Learning to the
Beat of Different Drum” before purchasing “More Bucket Music: 3 Pack Compositions” which
does not contain explicit “Set-up” and “How-to” sections.

* Please complete this order form and send it along with a cheque of $25.00 (shipping,
handling and GST incl.) per copy payable to Talking Drum. Package includes receipt.

Send to:
Talking Drum
69 Carrington Place
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1G 5C3

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