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Party Plan Hostess Rewards


Party Plan Hostess Rewards

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									Midesigns Australia Pty Ltd

Party Plan
Party plan as a method of selling has been successful since the 1950’s. Consultants
present our unique catalogue of contemporary floral arrangements and homewares in the
comfort of your own home. Shopping in a home environment with a group of friends is a
wonderful social way to conveniently purchase goods with the added advantage of having
a trained consultant advice with home decorating needs.

They provide an opportunity to have a ‘girls’ night out with friends and to purchase
quality products. Many women also like the fact that, when they purchase through home
parties rather than conventional retail outlets, they are supporting entrepreneurial women
building home-based businesses.

Hostess Rewards

As a valued Midesigns hostess you can earn generous discounts and incentives. The
information below indicates the special rewards you will receive when you host a party.

   Total Party          10% Reward           Booking Bonus           Delivery Fee
     Sales*            dollars of Total         $10.00 per     (all deliveries direct
                         Guest Sales        additional booking to hostess)

       $500                   $50               1 Party $10         Subject to area and
                                                                       size of order
       $750                   $75              2 Parties $20
      $1000                   $100             3 Parties $30
      $1500                   $150             4 Parties $40

To qualify for the hostess rewards a guest retail sales expenditure (*excluding GST and
deliver fee) must equal or exceed $500 plus 1 new party booking to be held within 21

 Midesigns Australia Pty Ltd

 Consultant Benefits

 Midesigns are the only party plan business offering a unique range of quality artificial
 floral arrangements. Coupled with a contemporary range of homewares we offer the
 opportunity for entrepreneurial women to build a successful home based business in the
 home decorating industry.

 Midesigns offers flexible working hours that can be operated around family
 commitments. With a dedicated work ethic and determined business acumen, a
 substantial income stream can be generated. A generous 20% commission is paid on
 each sale.

                         Total Party Sales $                       20% Commission
                             (excluding GST)
                                 $500                                        $100

                                 $750                                        $150

                                 $1000                                       $200

                                 $1500                                       $300

 If a consultant hosts 1 party per week with an average sale of $750 (GST exclusive)
 commission totals $150.

                                Commission on Sales (based on 1 party @ $750)


Dollars (Exc GST)




                                 2             4            6            8          10
                                                   Parties (per month)

Midesigns Australia Pty Ltd

Additional Benefits for Consultants

       •   Consultants are not responsible for deliveries. All orders are sent directly to
           the hostess by Midesigns Australia head office.
       •   Party profits paid weekly and deposited directly into bank account.
       •   40% discount on all personal purchases.
       •   Initial training program with ongoing support from management.
       •   Product catalogue and stationery package.
       •   Fax or online system available for lodging orders.
       •   Monthly newsletter access via Midesigns intranet which will include product
           information and updates, sales tips and business ideas.
       •   Sales Starter kit valued at a retail price of $1950.00 + GST to be purchased at
           a reduced rate of $975.00 GST inclusive. Additional kit items available at
           40% discount off retail prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn?
Your income is calculated according to the sales achieved at each party. An increased
earnings potential can be realized if your passion and enthusiasm about your products and
business are conveyed to inspire your customers. Ultimately a committed consultant sells
more products and earns more money. A party sale of $650 (GST exclusive) will
generate an income of $130.00. Profits are based on 20% of all sales.

Do I have to deliver products to each customer?
No. The orders are sent directly from the warehouse to the hostess who then distributes
the products to each individual guest.

How long should a party go for?
A party with your friends and acquaintances will generally run for 2-3 hours including
your travel time.

How much does it cost to start my own Midesigns Party Plan business?
Sales Starter kit valued at a retail price of $1950.00 + GST to be purchased at a reduced
rate of $975.00 GST inclusive. Additional kit items available at 40% discount off retail

An initial payment of $175 is required as a deposit upon receipt of the $975 kit. Two
additional payments of $400 are to be paid by the Distributor until the balance of the
starter kit is paid. Midesigns requires the first payment to be made four weeks after this
agreement is signed and the second payment is to be made a further four weeds after the first
payment. Therefore the starter kit is to be paid in full eight weeks after the agreement is signed.

Do I receive an incentive for recruiting a new consultant?
Yes. You will receive a bonus of $50 for each party plan consultant you recruit.

Midesigns Australia Pty Ltd


What are the benefits of being a hostess?
You receive 10% of guest sales to spend on homewares from the Midesigns range. $10
for each additional party booking will also be earned towards your purchases.

How are the goods received?
The orders obtained at your party are delivered to you directly. It is your responsibility to
forward each individual order to your party attendees.

How do I pay for my purchases?
You and your guests pay by cash, cheque or credit card at the time the orders are placed.

How long will it take to receive the orders?
Your order will be received within 14 working days from payment confirmation date.

How do I organize a party?
Call head office to make an enquiry.


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