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Helping Good Schools
Become Better Schools
        ou have often heard the              It is important to set out that the      school costs, a motivational speaker,
        phrase, “it’s as good as it gets!”   curriculum standards will be defined     and members will hear about the new
        and yet somehow, there is            as those that are required by the        ‘school’ cost savings program from
always a newly improved formula-             existing provincial regulating body,     product and media suppliers.
tion, a new size or a new flavour that       or for unregulated environments, a         Attendees will also experience
is presented to replace the compet-          set of standards that meets identified   Calgary’s fine dining together with
ing, ‘as good as it gets’ product.           North American benchmarks. In this       planned social activities.
  In education, schools must always          manner, the current diversity of           You can contact Denise Armstrong
be stepping forward to explore               Canada’s massage industry will           at for atten-
avenues of enhancing the students’           be fully accommodated.                   dance information.
educational experiences, the content           In late January the CCMTS met with       This spring is also the time for the
and delivery of their programming,           John Goss, COMTA Chair, and Ellen        CCMTS new membership campaign
as well as their overall administration      Bateman, the Executive Director, to      for schools whose programs meet
processes. In Massage Therapy, this          explore the establishment of protocols   CCMTS standards. CCMTS welcomes
process of constantly seeking to             and the adaptation of a mechanism        the Somatics Institute and M H Vicars
become, ‘better at what we do,’ is           for Canada. This mechanism, which        School of Massage Therapy which
a core value of CCMTS member                 already includes Canadian site-visitor   have joined the CCMTS for the first
schools. After all, the better the           experts, will be presented for member    time this year. For a list of member
academic arena, the better prepared          discussion at the upcoming Annual        schools please visit the Council’s
the graduate will be to enter the mas-       General Meeting.                         website at
sage therapy health care profession            The City of Calgary, at the gateway      For information about becoming a
with a set of strong practical skills,       to the Canadian Rockies, will be the     member contact Shirley Desborough
sensitivity for quality client care and      host to this year’s AGM, April 29-30,    at (
a solid understanding of peer profes-        to be held at the Hyatt Hotel in the       • The CCMTS, as a national organi-
sional ethics and standards.                 exciting downtown core. This year’s      zation representing both public and
  In the previous issue of Massage           meeting is being planned to integrate    private member programs, has a
Therapy Canada, the CCMTS outlined           both business and social activities,     unique perspective and influence
the decision to move forward towards         to create a forum for technical          on the educational landscape that
a goal of voluntary accreditation for        discussion, as well as to foster team    exists across our great country.
member schools through the                   relations among member schools.            Whatever your role in this diverse
Commission of Massage Therapy                  This year, attendees will enjoy        and exciting profession be it student,
Accreditation (COMTA). Member                a variety of activities and topical      therapist, educator, association or
schools agree that accreditation             presentations including a presentation   regulatory body, we hope you join
will lead to the advancement of the          from the Massage Therapists              us in our pursuit of competent,
art, science, education and practice         Association of Alberta, a peer           innovative and accountable
of massage therapy through the               discussion for an accreditation          educational programs.
adoption of recognized standards.            game plan and associated


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