What To Pack…And What Not To Pack…

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					                    What To Pack…And What Not To Pack…
 It is important that your stay at camp be as comfortable as possible, so we
 recommend you pack the following items:
Check List:
  Sleeping bag, warm blanket, and pillow                         Flashlight and extra batteries (the bigger, the better)
  4 pairs of long pants, 4 pair of shorts                        Sun Screen (water-proof / sweat-proof, SPF-30)
  Insect Repellent (Muskol or Repel work well)                   Camera (optional)
  3 long sleeved shirts, 3 warm sweater                          Paper, envelopes, stamps, & pencil/pen for writing letters
  5 T-shirts, 2 pair of pajamas                                  Rain gear
  2 Bathing suits                                                Medication (if needed) – give to camp Medical Officer
  Lots of socks and underwear                                    Laundry detergent / fabric softener
  2 jackets (1 warm / 1 wind breaker)                            Alarm clock
  Running shoes, hiking boots, and rubber boots                  Sports equipment (optional)
  1 pair of water-shoes (to be worn in the shower and river)     2 towels, face cloth, shampoo, soap
  Baseball cap or other hat (protection from the sun)            Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and comb

If you have any books or activities you want to bring, please feel free; good costumes or
games are also welcome.

Please contact the Director if you wish to bring bicycles, weights, musical instruments or
personal vehicles

Camp McGovern will not be held responsible for any articles lost, stolen or damaged,
while at camp.

 Items that should not be brought to camp include the following:
 TV’s, gameboys and/or gaming systems, cell phones, pagers etc
 Weapons of any sort -- including pocket knives
                                                                          * Any inappropriate materials found will be seized,
 Alcohol and tobacco products and/or illegal drugs
 Discriminatory material                                                  and at the discretion of the Director, may not be
 Clothing, music, posters, books, magazines, etc.                         returned.
                                                                          * Any illegal materials found will be seized and
      •    of a violent, profane, and/or pornographic nature
                                                                          the appropriate authorities will be contacted.
      •    or are not appropriate for use around children
 Expensive clothing

 If you have any questions about what should or shouldn’t be brought to
 camp, please don’t hesitate to call us at the Camp Office: (519) 364-3975
 or at the Campsite: (519) 369-6704.

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