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                                           JOY TO THE WORLD
THAT'S the thought that came to me when I sat down to write a few thoughts for Province News. It's the paradox
that attracts me, I suppose: there are so many reasons not to be joyful these days. Here in Sydney there has been
the sudden surfacing of a deeply-felt racism that has shamed all fair-minded Australians and shocked much of the
rest of the world that has become aware of the recent events. I decline to make even a preliminary list of the
un-joys that I feel crowd in on me. What about you?
   So it's not a matter of feeling that all is going well in the world. All will be well, perhaps. So is it possible to
be joyful today? If joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit, a gift, then of course it must be possible. I think joy is
something like hope. Hope is not optimism - an attitude that it will all turn out all right in the end anyway.
The hope I'm talking about is linked to faith in the resurrection. Hope is not thinking that from this point on,
things are going to feel better. Hope allows that things are going to get worse than the sorry state they are in now.
But eventually ... ! That's it, eventually the resurrection will come, even if Good Friday goes on seemingly for
ever; even with our civilisation into chaos; even with me into death.
   Joy to the world at Christmas is not ‘cheap grace’. The joy is based on a self-emptying God, here among us as
a baby, one of us, picking a most inauspicious time and place to be born. The scandal of the particularity of the
Incarnation! The added scandal that the Saviour has chosen you and me to be bearers of the Good News!
Scandal? Grace, rather. And a cause of joy. God love you all!                                 Laurie Needham

                                                 Rest in Peace
                                       BR WILFRED RALPH GARRETTY
                                                    Eulogy / Homily
                                                                                     Br Stan Cusack, Friday 9 December 2005
THE readings from Isaiah this week are particularly pertinent to Ralph. Isaiah was full of hope for the coming of
the Lord. This week we read in Isaiah:
                 Young men may grow tired and weary. Youths may stumble, but those who hope in the
                  Lord renew their strength, they put out wings like eagles. They run and do not grow
                  weary, walk and never tire.
                         The three readings today are a clear index of where Ralph and we now stand in God’s
                  eyes. Isaiah (25) consoles us by saying that ‘The Sovereign Lord will destroy death forever.
                  He will wipe away any tears from everyone’s eyes’. And in 1 Corinthians (15), ‘The just die
                  because of their union with Adam, and in the same way all will be raised to life because of their
                  union with Christ.’ We are also comforted by the fact that ‘I will never turn away the one who
                  comes to me.’ (John 6). All three readings were apposite to the life of Ralph Garretty.
                 Any analysis of these well-chosen texts would be unnecessary when we think of Ralph’s life of
dedicated service and a life lived for others.
      Ralph Garretty never grew ‘old or weary’. He had the right to retire and enjoy his ‘Harvest’ years, but he
chose to enjoy his later years by acting as a voluntary part-time chaplain in Tamworth
Hospital, caring and supporting Max Flannery, who had adult Biblical classes, doing the shopping as Ralph was

                                                        Page 1
the only driver in the community, and involving himself in domestic matters. These were some of his chores right
up to the time when he chose to come to Treacy Villa for a brief time before he spent some time in Concord
Hospital and then to Gertrude Abbott Nursing Home to join Norman Lipman, John Hurley and Daniel Marzorini.
By the time he went to Gertrude Abbott he was becoming very weak and before long he was semiconscious.
However, Ralph still had the upper hand on a ‘certain’ visitor. I said to him last week, ‘Ralph, the Brothers are
praying for you.’ The answer came like a bolt from the sky: ‘Why?’ He said. So, I knew not to continue any
other utterances and prayed aloud with him in his semiconscious state. He was thankful and became more
relaxed. But this was vintage Ralph. No fuss for him nor any pretence of piousity. Ralph lived for the present
and he accepted positives and negatives as they came.
    Ralph’s life was founded on HOPE, which as St Paul said is such that it ‘will not leave us
disappointed’ (Romans 5.5). Today’s Requiem fits into this very context in which faith sublimates sentiments
deeply engraved into the human soul.
    Ralph now joins Blessed Edmund Rice and all the Christian Brothers he knew, as well as, his mother, father,
brother (Dr Garretty) and sister, who died very young, and other family members.
    For seventy years, Ralph placed himself at the Lord’s service and spent his life in the ministry of youth as well
as living out his life as a Christian Brother. He, like the rest of us Brothers, was not exempt from trials. Some of
these were overwhelming but Ralph rarely showed any fear of them. He simply trusted in the Lord in the hope of
forgiveness, mercy and joy.
    Jesus said, ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled’ (John 14). He faced death in a way that convinced any visitor
that he had total trust in God and his mercy.
    It is difficult in our Congregation or indeed in any family to gauge what a person is really thinking or feeling.
The outward signs can be misleading but often they are not true indexes of what is going on with the person.
Having lived with Ralph for six years I can say with confidence he had complete and unconditional faith in the
Lord and our Congregation. His prayer-life was regular and he enjoyed community life although he was reticent
to involve himself with the banter that was going on almost at every meal. He knew he could never match the
banter of Pat Lynch, Des Kelly, Victor Dwyer, Paul Corkeron and the legendary Paul Leary. However, he was
never envious of other community members or vindictive when we made mistakes. Br Pat Lynch who is teaching
now in China told me yesterday that St Leo’s was the time when he was given an opportunity to mature as a
person and a teacher, thanks to Ralph. One of the qualities we admired in Ralph was the fact that he preferred
to deal with community matters in-house rather than involve other agencies. He remained dedicated to his
community by providing everything possible for us and for relaxation. He literally slaved on the school grounds
and ovals and thoroughly enjoyed using the necessary machinery, which he controlled with great care. Stories
    He was thoroughly dedicated to his mother who lived in the Eastern Suburbs. Ralph’s parents sent him to
Waverley College, which graced the eastern beaches and surroundings. Ralph became a very strong swimmer and
he was the envy of his peers at Bondi. He used call his mother every evening; and spent some considerable time
with her. The bond was constant and he spent Sunday with her. Dr Garretty was living in Melbourne at the time I
knew Ralph. So his visits to his mother were infrequent. However, Ralph enjoyed his brother’s company and
they were both financial wizards, as people like Eileen Leyden, Patricia Axtell and Mrs Orr and many others
would confirm.
    Ralph used his talents wisely. He saved St Leo’s from troublesome debts when I first met him. Then, among
many improvements to our house, he built a library/science block, an administration building and a squash court
because the Brothers were far from surf, tennis courts and gyms. All this was done in six years. He never set foot
in the Administration Block. Brian Berg was the first Headmaster to do so.
    As a Principal of three schools, St Leo’s, Wahroonga, Manly Christian Brothers and St Thomas’s, Lewisham,
Ralph encouraged the staff to exercise leadership roles in the school. At St Leo’s we had co-educational retreats
with other Catholic schools on the North Shore at Katoomba. He employed a strong staff of men and women and
he encouraged the latter, e.g., Daina Stumbles, Kathy Marshall and Sheryl, to take strong leadership roles in the
school. This was at a time when the neighbouring schools had an all-male staff. Many former Religious were
welcomed in the school and Ralph believed their respect for Catholic Education would be fostered. Staffs of other
persuasions were also employed in large numbers. One was later-on ordained a Bishop in the Anglican belief.
Brothers who later left for other goals became prominent professionals. One former staff member is now a
District Court judge. Ralph always thought the best of students. Many found their way to the medical and legal
profession, Christopher Peel to the Christian Brothers, Michael Raper to the political and justice arenas and Mel
Gibson to the acting profession.. Hundreds of other former-students today are very faithful and responsible
people. So Ralph accomplished the Kingdom of God’s work on earth by simply living an authentic and hopeful
    During this Eulogy I have attempted to paint some kind of a picture of this quiet but remarkable Brother. I
have not concentrated on such things as his excellence as a Religious Educator, a very proficient mathematics

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teacher and a principal who waived the fees of countless struggling families. I leave this to another person who
will be able to research more closely into Ralph’s life.
   Ralph, I am consoled by Isaiah (43) when the Lord reminds us all that ‘you are precious to me and because I
love you, I give you honour. Be not afraid - I am with you.’
   Ralph, as you believed that Jesus rose from the dead; so may you live and enjoy him forever.
   May almighty God bless you, Ralph, the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

                                             BR PAUL RIGNEY FSC

   General information
                                   BR PAUL RIGNEY FSC died on the evening of Saturday 3 December 2005.
Br Paul was known to some of the Brothers.

    To ALL Brothers~
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      This information is required for inclusion in the Directory 2006 presently being produced. Thank you.
                                                                                                Margaret Bourke

                                                   ~ NEWS ~

                                           WORLD WAR II MEDAL PRESENTATION FRIDAY 4th NOVEM-
                                                                 BER 2005
                                                  Victoria Barracks, Paddington, Sydney
                                           ON Friday 4th November, Br Leo Hernon was presented with the
                                           60th Anniversary World War II Commemorative Medal honouring his
                                           service to Australia. Leo gives us the following account of the
                                                 THIS year a medal was struck to commemorate the Sixtieth
                                           Anniversary of the end of World War Two. The medal was
   L to R: Mr Bob McCarthy, Leo Hernon
     with his Award, Virginia Adams &
                                           presented to each of those still alive today who served in
              Br Ken McEwan                Australian Armed Forces. Three Christian Brothers received a
[Photos: courtesy official photographer]   medal: Jim Gorman in Brisbane, Donald Irvin in Perth, and
                                           Leo Hernon in Sydney,
       Jim join ed t he A i r F o r ce a n d se rv e d i n Ne w Gu i n e a i n c l u d i n g a
    period with the American Navy. He was also stationed in Darwin for a time.
    Donald spent five years in the Army, and was in Borneo when the war ended, and did not return to
    Australia until the middle of 1946. It took time for the Japanese to evacuate Indonesia and for peace to be
      Leo was in the 2nd Field Artillery Regiment which was stationed in Bougainville when war ended. He
    arrived back in Australia in May 1946.
      The three men entered MSM, Strathfield, in January 1947.
      The medal is a little bigger than a fifty-cent coin and is the colour of our dollar coin. On one side is the
    Coat of Arms of Australia and on the other side is a stylised image of Australia with lines representing air,
    ground and sea forces.
      The Federal Member for Wentworth, Mr Malcolm Turnbull, and General Peter Cosgrove presented
    medals to those living in this electorate at Victoria Barrracks, Paddington, on Friday 4th November.
      Brothers Patrick White and Ken McEwan were with Leo and his friends at the ceremony. Mr Turnbull,
    an ex-student of Waverley College, announced publicly that General Cosgrove had attended Waverley

                                                     Page 3
   College. Guests were served morning tea after the ceremony. Photographs were taken by Patrick and Ken
   as well as by the official photographer.

                                           PROFESSOR JUDE BUTCHER
IN a memo to staff, dated 8th December 2005, the Vice-Chancellor of ACU, Professor Peter Sheehan,
announced that Jude:
             has been promoted to the level of Professor (Level E) with effect from 1 January 2006.
   This is the highest academic status in the University as distinct from roles such as Vice-Chancellor or Dean.
   These would normally be professors before taking up specific roles. In Jude's case, he now has a higher profile
and has greater possibility of success if applying for administrative or leadership roles.
   Congratulations, Jude, on this public recognition of your standing in the academic world.
   The Brothers - to say nothing of your vast band of other admirers - know that your interests range far beyond
academia, narrowly understood, and they are very proud of you.
                                                               Laurie Needham, Province Leader, Thursday 8 December 2005

                              CHANGES IN THE WAVERLEY COLLEGE BOARD
IAN DUNCAN has finished his term on the Board of Waverley College after an outstanding contribution over many
   I have great pleasure in announcing that Mr Paul Gillian has accepted my invitation to be the Chairman of the
Waverley College Board from 2006 for three years. Paul joined the Board in 2005 and is known to many as a
parent very much involved in the life of the College.
   He is an ex-student of Waverley and brings a wealth of experience to this important role.
   In this time of great change for Waverley and the Christian Brothers, the role of the board is becoming more
significant in the future direction of the College, and I very much appreciate the generosity of Paul and his family

                                     CHRISTMAS EVE at MT ST MARY, STRATHFIELD
                            Carols will be held at 8.00pm followed by Christmas Mass at 10.00pm.

as he undertakes this role. My prayers are with him and the board for the future.
                                                             Br Laurie Needham, Province Leader, Monday, 5 December 2005

                                         PHILIPPINES PROJECT OFFICE
The following letter to Province Leaders describes the progress of the Brothers’ mission into the Philippines-
                                                 Christian Brothers Oceania
    The Philippines Project Working Party wishes to inform you of progress being made in the Philippines
Project. This material might be included in your newsletter.
    The Philippines Project is progressing well. Last week the four members meet in Brisbane for three days of
intensive preparation. This was a combination of preparing for cross-cultural ministry and for living in
community in a foreign country.
    Sr Marlene Hixon and Mrs Kate Hill were the main presenters. Steve McLaughlin (Philippines Project
Working Party), Dennis McLaughlin (ACU) and Bill Sultmann (Edmund Rice Education Qld) also made valuable
    Steve and Rod Ellyard provided background information gathered during research and preparations by the
                                                                     Philippines Project Working Party.
                                                                     Dennis gave the benefits of his knowledge and experi-
                                                                     ences gained while working with various education
                                                                     facilities in the Philippines. He provided sound prac-
                                                                     tical suggestions as to how a small group of educa-
                                                                     tionalists might best work to assist a struggling educa-
                                                                     t                  i                 o                 n
                 First Philippines Community                                 Bill spoke on behalf of the Edmund Rice
            L to R: Brs John Moodie, Rod Ellyard,                    Education within the Xavier Province and, to the
                 Peter Hardiman, Neil Langan                         degree that he could, for his colleagues elsewhere,
                                   [Photos: courtesy Br Neil Langan]
                                                                     within and beyond the network. He spoke of how
                                                                     Edmund Rice Education might be able to support this

                                                        Page 4
new ministry. He pointed out that the small group were not on their own facing educational challenges. The re-
sources and expertise built up across Australia were available to them.
       Marlene and Kate worked at preparing the team for entry into cross-cultural ministry. All four
members have had some experience at working cross-culturally either in Australia or overseas. They showed the
community members the importance of knowing themselves and the culture and experiences that have helped
form their beliefs and behaviours. Exercises helped them understand how they are likely to react with each other
and with the local community.
       The group will meet again in January at the Brothers’ Gathering and after that will attend a six-week course
in language skills. They will have a short break and will leave for the Philippines on 11th March 2006.
    Rod and Neil are currently in the Philippines, meeting the Bishops and attending to some practical
arrangements, which should lead to a smoother entry for the full group.
   Brs Rod Ellyard & Neil Langan, Administration and Research Officer, Christian Brothers Oceania Philippines Project Office

WE aim to provide an opportunity for children to enjoy a care-free, fun and relaxing time in a safe atmosphere of support and
challenge. Eddy Rice Camps operate with an enthusiastic band of approximately 300 young adult volunteers who organise
and run each camp.
                         Can you afford to give a child a quality holiday this Christmas?
As a volunteer organisation Edmund Rice Camps NSW relies heavily on the Christian Brothers through their Edmund Rice
Foundation for financial assistance. A donation of $250.00 provides transport, accommodation, meals and activities for one
child over a full week. You may even be interested in becoming a volunteer leader? To assist, please send your donation to:
                                             The Edmund Rice Foundation
                                        (Private Box 154 Balmain NSW 2041)
                                         All donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible.
                        For further information: /
  or contact: Danny Croucher, Camp Coordinator [02 4773 5531] / Simon Dirs, Edmund Rice Foundation [0408 260 739]

The following excerpts were drawn from a report placed on the CathNews web site (24 November 2005) about
the ACU helping homeless people. The main actor in the story (from our point of view) is Peter Howard who is
very well known to the Brothers, especially in the indigenous area. (Laurie Needham)
SEVERAL Catholic organisations were in the spotlight last week as they received an Honourable Mention for
Outstanding Achievement and Collaboration in Research and Development and Education Training at the
Business/Higher Education Round Table (B-HERT) Awards Dinner at the Shangri-la Hotel in Sydney.
    The initiative is a collaboration between Australian Catholic University (ACU National), the St Vincent de
Paul Society, Sydney Archdiocese and Mission Australia.
    This award, presented by The Minister for Education, Science and Training, the Honourable Dr Brendan
Nelson MP, recognises the importance of a particular program that is the first of its kind in Australia to offer
University courses for homeless people. The delivery, currently taking place in Vincentian Village, East Sydney
and the Mission Australia Centre in Surry Hills, is modelled on the Clemente program, initiated in the USA by
Earl Shorris, author of Riches for the Poor, who visited Australia in 2003.
    The students, aged in their 40s, 50s and 60s, come from a range of inner city homeless services to attend
lectures by ACU National academics, and to write their assignments with the help of business people operating as
‘learning partners’.
    ‘This award is an official recognition of the work and collaboration of the team involved that have put so much
effort in to making this project an overwhelming success and one which has enormous possibilities to extend
throughout Australia,’ said Project Co-ordinator and ACU National Senior Lecturer in the School of Education
(NSW), Dr Peter Howard.
    ‘An award such as this is values-based and helps to evolve the identity of the University and establishes the
links being developed by ACU National, businesses and the wider community,’ he said.
                                                                              Dr Howard also praised the relation-
                                     L to R: Christine Crimmins, Management   ship between the University and the St
                                     Committee, Vincentian Village; Hon. Dr
                                     Brendan Nelson MP, Minister for          Vincent de Paul Society who
                                     Education, Science and Training; Dr      are equally proud that the program is
                                     Peter Howard, Project Co-ordinator &     receiving significant recognition …
                                     ACU National Senior Lecturer, School of  ‘Our (St Vincent de Paul Society) part-
                                     Education; Pro. Gabrielle McMullen,
                                     ACU National Pro-Vice-Chancellor
                                                                              nership with ACU National has paved
                                     (Academic Affairs).                      the way to address more than the
                                                                              physical needs of homeless people.

                                                        Page 5
       E v e r y o n e                   h a s         a         r i g h t             t o        l e a r n ,
including       the      homeless,       who     now     have       the     prospect        of   receiving      an
enriching and rewarding educational experience.’
       T    o            d    a    t   e   ,           A     C     U            N    a     t   i   o    n    a   l
lecturers have provided University level courses on Ethics, Australian History, Spirituality, Art History and The-
ory. Some 50 students participated between 2003 and 2005. It is expected that this number will increase in 2006
with an additional site in Brisbane … ‘This program is enriching the lives of homeless people in a way that breaks
the cycles of poverty and disadvantage and has the potential to do so right across Australia.’

                                       BIRTHDAYS JANUARY 2006
                                   (From First Residency through Annual Profession)
            Sylvester M Chimenge        1    Zambia                Sianga Katungu              15     Zambia
            Keneth D’Souza              3    India                 Vincent Omondi              17     Kenya
            Vipin Lobo                  4    India                 Johnson D’Almeida           22     India
            Daniel Oloo                 6    Kenya                 Stanford Chibomba           25     Zambia
            Paul Luseni                 7    Sierra Leone          Daniel Lyimo                26     Tanzania
            Parag D’Costa               11   India                 Joseph Kamara               27     Sierra Leone
            Tatenda Matonga             14   S’n Africa            Roshan D’Cunha              29     India
            Charles Odundo              14   Kenya
                                             ST MARY’S PROVINCE
                         Cyril Bosco                  1            Francis Pelin               12
                         Max Flannery                 3            Bernard Gartland            17
                         Dominic Brogan               3            Jeffrey Regan               19
                         Raymond Dowling              5            John Hills                  21
                         Daniel Stewart               10           Michael Burton              30

                               WAVERLEY HOLIDAY & HOUSE BOOKINGS
    This is in reference to Waverley Cottage, the holiday house at 39 Strand Street, Forster, New South Wales. The house
    is open from December 3, 2005 through to January 3, 2006. At the moment, there are some vacancies. If any
    Brother would like to spend some time there, please contact Patrick White at Our Lady's Mount, Waverley, on
    (02) 9369 0695, or 0417 682 457.
    Those Brothers wanting to stay at Our Lady's Mount, Waverley, for hospitality, please contact the Guest Master,
    Brother Ken McEwan on (02) 9369 0700.

                           26 December 2005 till 3 January 2006 & 10 to 22 January 2006
                       Accommodation: $15.00 /person /night; Food / Drinks - Cooking: pro rata
                                       (Charges invoiced after 23 January)

                               Bed linen & towels provided - e-mail: connection available
                                        Bookings: 4234 0441 (Phone or Fax) or
                 e-mail: /
                                  A note of confirmation will be sent when you book.

                                          PAPUA NEW GUINEA
The following extracts are from Some Region News No. 09/2005 of Br Vince Duggan, Region Leader-
                                               Annual Scrutiny
    At our Region Leadership Team meeting two weeks ago we accepted the applications made by Andrew
Demane, Fidelis Toatahi, Joachim ToRavit and Raymond Kaitok to renew their vows in December.
In offering them our congratulations I would also say thanks to them for the faith they show in us, and thanks to
all Brothers, especially those in Goroka, Vunakanau and Vuvu communities, who have supported them during

                                                      Page 6
                                                   Novitiate 2006/7
    John Kuvur has decided to withdraw his application to be a novice next year. He has become another victim
of increasing chaos throughout part of the PNG education system, and so will not be inspected for registration this
year. John has been advised to continue teaching until he is registered, and then to apply for novitiate. So at this
stage we expect to farewell Cosmas Pulkapo and Adrian Winnie on their way to Lusaka in Zambia in early
February. Even Adrian's travel is still in doubt - the PNG passport office claim to have ‘finalised and issued his
passport two weeks ago, but nobody knows where it is!’
                                                    Two Farewells
    This week we say ‘good-bye’ to Neil Langan and Ray Martens as they depart from Edmund Rice
Region. Ray Martens had already spent 9 years here at Banz, 1994-2002, and then returned this year to offer his
considerable experience and skill at St Mary's Secondary School, Vunakanau, as their first Grade 12 class
prepared for Higher School Certificate examinations. Coastal rather than highlands conditions have made this a
taxing year for Ray, and his health has not always been the best, but he has made the finishing line and students
and staff at St Mary's have very much appreciated his contribution and have learned so much from him. In this
past week he has spent time in Vunapope Hospital with tropical ulcer and cellulitis problems. Before Ray heads
south he has set himself the task of writing several-dozen student references. Neil Langan has spent three years
in the Region, his time fairly evenly divided between Good Shepherd Seminary Banz (teaching English) and help-
ing to re-establish the St Vincent de Paul Society in the Archdiocese of Mount Hagen. His cheery nature has been
much appreciated around Mount Hagen, which means that in the nature of things he has been fairly isolated from
most other Brothers in the Region. Neil's bright presence at our Region retreat in Kefamo in June gave many
Brothers their one and only chance to meet him, and this was very much appreciated. Neil now heads for the
Philippines as a member of the pioneer community. Our prayers and thoughts go with both of you, Neil and Ray,
as we say thanks for your brotherhood and your other gifts shared with us in PNG …
                                                    Health Matters
    I have already mentioned the recent hospitalisation of Ray Martens. Could I also invite your prayers for
others who have been hospitalised in recent times or who are about to face the same: Mark Varbongoi
(complications arising from malaria and/or diabetes), Josephite Sister Margaret Louisson (sister of Barry -
double hip surgery during this coming week), and my own sister Maureen Byrne (tumour on parathyroid gland,
hence my present visit to Coffs Harbour en route to Sydney). While not hospitalised, Paul Kikisi has suffered
from gout in recent months, and may have a broken bone in his foot as well - certainly mobility has been a
problem for Paul for a couple of months). As most Brothers would realise, Eric Corney has suffered serious
health setbacks in Australia since Easter, and is permanently on oxygen …
                                                Permanent Residence
    (For expatriate Brothers) The PNG Government has introduced the possibility of permanent resident status for
expatriates who have spent more than 5 years continuously in the country. The usual fee would be three thousand
Kina, but the fee has been waived for missionaries (nice to know we are valued so highly!). I have more than
enough "officialese" on my desk at the moment to see me through happily to the end of 2005, so I will not
distribute application forms for permanent resident status until early next year. Please note that "permanent
resident status" is not the same as ‘PNG citizenship’. I would encourage every Brother who qualifies to apply
for permanent resident status, as it will eliminate the time, hassle and cost of the three-yearly work permit.
                                                        Vince Duggan, Region Leader, Boroko, Tuesday, 22 November 2005

    BR IGNACY JOHN RUBISZ (died 22 October 2005)            O’Connell and the priests of Rarotonga. Both the parish
was buried in Rarotonga (Cook Islands) at the mission       school and Nukutere College students attended. This was
cemetery on Thursday 27th October. Ignacy is only the       a very moving liturgy. Br Joe Lauren, the Provincial
second Christian Brother to have been buried here. The      Leader, gave the Eulogy and Ignacy’s class prefect,
first was Br Tony Gherardi in 1998.                         Tevairangi Napa, also spoke very movingly of Ignacy.
    Ignacy’s sister, Wisia, and his brother-in-law, Pat,    After the Mass, Ignacy’s body was carried to the grave
were able to be present for the obsequies and they stayed   site and buried in the presence of a large crowd of people.
on for a few days. It was lovely to have them with us.          There have been several aspects of the experience of
They added so much. Helena, who lives in Nepal, was         Ignacy’s death that have stood out. I will mention just a
unable to be present.                                       couple.
    The evening before the funeral a prayer service was         It is a tribute to the man and it is truly quite amazing
held in the cathedral. This was attended by a large crowd   that Ignacy could have generated such love and affection
and was organized by a great friend of the Brothers, Mrs    amongst staff and students in the short time that he was
Henrica Wilson. The following morning at 11:00 am, the      on Rarotonga. They admired and loved him. There were
Requiem Mass was celebrated by Bishop Stuart                many tears quietly shed during the proceedings and the

                                                      Page 7
whole student body and staff are still in a state of shock         helped in various ways. The parishioners, the Cluny
and sadness that he is no longer with us.                          Sisters, the Daughters of Charity, the bishop and clergy -
    The support given to the Brothers’ community over              all have been thoroughly supportive.
the past week has been truly unique. ‘Tell us the                      A few days later the Turama (Festival of Light) was
readings and we will do the rest!’ said Henrica. And that          held. This is a local custom when those who have gone
is what happened. There is no such thing as undertakers            before us are honoured. It held each year on the eve of
in the Cook Islands; everything is done by the family and          All Souls’ Day and the graves are decorated beautifully
friends of the deceased. And everything was done for us.           and are blessed. Ignacy’s class took on the duty of
The preparation and dressing of Ignacy after he had been           decorating his grave and they did it very well.
taken to the hospital, the grave-digging, the obtaining of             We miss Ignacy very much in community, in the
a coffin in the weekend, the liturgies, the pall-bearers,          staffroom and in his classes. But we know he is in good
the obtaining and erecting of the marquee, the huge                hands and is at rest. We are consoled by the knowledge
kaikai that followed and all other tasks that needed to be         that he was very happy here in Rarotonga
done were taken care of. Much of this was done by the                            (Newsletter, St Joseph’s Province, New Zealand).
Nukutere staff but there were a lot of other people who

                                             EARTH MATTERS
                                            (a reflection)
    CONTINUING the reflection of the last article, which mentioned some long-held beliefs
    preventing a much-needed change of consciousness, there is another stumbling block
    to challenge us. Most of our species hold the belief that we humans are ‘higher’,
    ‘superior’, or ‘more intelligent’. Berry would suggest that we err when we speak of
    ‘levels’ instead of ‘qualitative differences’. If we confine our thinking to ‘qualitative
    differences’ we avoid the higher/lower, superior/inferior dichotomies.
    In the world of the bee, the eagle, the dolphin and the human-
             in each case the intelligence is appropriate to its function.
      ‘The special mode of human intelligence lies in the high development of its
    reflective consciousness.’ (Berry)                                      Gerry McGrath

                                                   NEW ZEALAND
                          Brother Ignacy John Rubisz (1949-2005)

                                           HEALTH MATTERS
                                                   BROTHERS’ HEALTH
MAX FLANNERY is recovering well following surgery in Tamworth.
KEVIN FARRELL, brother of Brs Tim and Frank (both deceased), will move to Gertrude Abbott Nursing Home
(2 West) in the next week.. You are asked to keep Max and Kevin in your prayers.
BR PAT WHITE concludes his MUSINGS ON MALE HEALTH (see Inserts ‘For Brothers’ Communities’ of this is-

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    Brisbane Conference 2006: Two Requests                      Around the Schools Supplement
    Musings on Male Health (vi)                                 Schools Governance Project Newsletter December 2005
    Douglas Park Retreat Programme 2006                            For ALL Readers-
    SOFCO: A new structure                                            Introducing the Earth Charter (F), (G) & (H)
    From the Postulator’s Desk: Christmas 2005                  Second Visit to the Philippines

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