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                                                         Newsletter of
                                                  Saguaro Aerostat Association
                                                      September, 2009

Thursday    Sept 10         General Meeting – Old Pueblo Grille                      7:00 PM
Sat-Sun     Sept. 19-20     White Sands Rally – Alamagordo, NM
Sunday      Sept. 27        Kickoff Rally - Clayton Field                            6:00 AM
Sat - Sun   Sat-Sun         Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Thursday    Oct 15          General Meeting (a week later because of Fiesta)         7:00 PM
            Nov. TBD        Board Meeting – Location TBA
Thursday    Nov. 12         General Meeting – Old Pueblo Grill                       7:00 PM
Fri-Sun     Nov. 12-15      Sierra Vista Rally

                      MARK YOUR CALENDARS
                               Kickoff Club Rally
                       Sunday, September 27 – 6:00 am
                             Hosted by your Board
                      Encourage your crew to join our club

         2009-2010 Club Officers                          Members at Large:
 President-Dan Ewer              Past-president - Michael Glen
 Vice President-Ron Aros     
  Secy-Margret Aros               Trina Karol
 Treasurer-Alan Brown             Roy Walz

                                                Sunrise – Sunset Times
                                   Sept. 12     6:05 am……..6:34 pm.
                                   Sept. 19     6:09 am.…….6:25 pm
                                   Sept. 26     6:14 am……..6:15 pm
                                   Oct. 3       6:18 am……..6:06 pm
                                   Oct. 10      6:23 am……..5:57 pm
                                   Oct. 17      6:28 am……..5:49 pm

                 Dan’s Dialog
                                                involved as we can and bring ballooning
                                                back to Tucson.
We attended the Deming NM rally again this
year and it always amazes me how such a         I would like to encourage everyone to attend
small community can put out such a great        the Sept. 10 general meeting at Old Pueblo
duck race/rally weekend for all ages. There     Grill, more details to come. Also, the Sept.
were 4 Tucson balloons there enjoying the       27, Sunday, rally which is the Kickoff Rally
rally. A good time was had by all. It           for the season starter. Bring your best
seemed that the Deming community, all           dressed outfits and food. Hope to see you
ages that attended the morning flight,          all there.
thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.
The best part is meeting new people and         I want to send our appreciation to Roy and
making new friends. I recommend that            Richard’s committee for the shin dig at
everyone attend the Deming rally at least       Richard’s in Sierra Vista and the Meet and
once. It is a very laid back rally.             Greet at Jethro’s. Those of you that weren’t
                                                able to join us missed a great party and
If there is anyone interested in carpooling     breakfast!
from the outlying communities of Tucson
please contact Lorrie Ewer so we can            Thanks to Ron for organizing all the rallies
establish a list of people that would like to   through the season and figuring out the
ride share to the general meetings.             scoring. Thanks,
                                                Thanks to Margret for working on the
I am pleased that the club is moving in the     monthly newsletter and all the secretarial
direction it is going right now. We have        work that she does.
implemented our committees. All the
committees and chairs are working hard in       Thanks to Alan for working on the tax report.
their particular areas.
                                                Thanks to Lorrie Ewer for being my personal
There have been a lot of changes within the     secretary and for all the hard work she has
club; like how our meetings are conducted to    been putting in.
trying to have more involvement from the
entire club. I plan to implement a few more     Thanks to Trina for all the hard work she put
things to encourage our members to attend       into the website and we’re hoping she gets
more meetings and become involved. We           better soon so that she can join us once
have recruited 4 new single memberships         again in our meetings etc.
and 7 new family membership’s, it feels like
we are off to a great start.                    P.S. I have a great board of directors that
                                                are working very hard to bring ballooning
We, as a family, like to promote ballooning     back into the community. I know all of the
as a family sport. Where else can you get       members/past members are capable of
the great experiences of crewing,               making this a great club. We would
inflation/deflation, chasing, tailgating and    appreciate all the help we can get! Let’s
most often getting a ride for $25.00 a year     make this a viable club again.
with the balloon club. Sign up your friends
and families, let’s get as many people
                                                                 Dan Ewer
               GENERAL MEETING MINUTES – Aug. 13, 2009

                      Saguaro Aerostat Association
                             Old Pueblo Grille
         Meeting convened at 7:30PM after a very social happy hour.

•   In attendance: Dan and Lorrie Ewer, Alan and Carmen Brown, Ron and Margret
    Aros, Jim Hurst, Roy Walz, Sharon McCormick (guest).

Education Discussion regarding               Old Business: By-law change. Motion
preparation for flying: A spirited           by Alan Brown, seconded by Ron Aros
discussion ensued regarding the use of       to change the club by-laws to reset the
nitrogen or heat tapes for heating tanks.    date that membership dues will be
Some key points:                             payable. The dues will be payable each
                                             year as of September 1. Annual club
Use a circuit breaker on your heat tapes.    meeting and election of officers will
Always be sure that your heat tapes and      remain the same. Motion passed
tanks are inspected annually.                unanimously.

Use your checklist on a regular basis        A new application with the changed
don’t just depend on experience. Also        dates was supplied by Lorrie.
remember to be sure that your crew
knows what they are doing, don’t             Old Business:
assume they know. Inflation, launch,
chase and recovery are the duties of the     All transitional activities have been
crew.                                        completed. Past paperwork will be
                                             passed back to Alan to shred
NEXT MONTH’S TOPIC IS:                       unnecessary materials and consolidate
 Landing Techniques and Areas:               summaries of each past year. A folder
 Dan passed out an article that will be      of past newsletters was passed on to
discussed.                                   Margret Aros as Newsletter Editor.

Minutes of June 11 meeting:                  Committee Reports:
Approved as published in the July            Safety and Education: BFA no longer
newsletter.                                  has up to date videos on flying activities.
                                             Dan spoke to IMC insurance and is
Treasurer’s report: $75 received in dues,    working with them in regard to how to
will return $10 to Orville Choat who had     sanction our education activities. He also
wanted newsletter to be mailed. $20          asked about liability waivers and was
from 50/50 and $50 in interest.              told that regular flight crew can sign one
No expenditures in July.                     waiver per year. Each waiver must be a
Current balance as of July 31, 2009 is       separate form not a group waiver.
Treasurer’s report approved.                 Communications: Trina has been out of
                                             commission so Lorrie has been talking to
Chuck for the website. Current member
pilots still need to send in their balloon              balloonmeister for the November rally.
pictures. Please send those to Lorrie.                   It will be the weekend of the 21st or
Unpaid members will not have their                      22nd. Ron suggested that there be a
picture published. Lorrie has been                      discussion of how to score for this
working with Chuck to move forward.                     coming year. This will be discussed at
Jim Hurst motioned that we find an                      the next Board meeting on September 2.
additional person to finish developing                  There is still an opening for a
the website until Trina feels like she’s                balloonmeister for October.
able to take back the leadership. Alan
seconded the motion which passed.                       Editor’s note: Ron and Dan will
                                                        coordinate the October rally in the
Ways and Means: Alan is working on                      absence of any willing pilot.
the tax report.
                                                                 Prizes: Door prize: Roy Walz
Community Relations: Margret is                                  won a tarp.
continuing to produce a monthly                                  50/50: Carmen Brown won
newsletter..                                                     $12.00
                                                                 Attendance: Lisa Hurst not in
Social Events: Roy Walz: Richard                                 attendance so $25.00 rolled over
Sanders threw a great summer party but                           to next month along with $9.00.
was disappointed that it was poorly                              Next month the prize will be
attended.                                                        $34.00.

Flying Events: Ron Aros reported that                            Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm
Frank O’ Neil has agreed to be the

  Meet and Greet Board Meeting Summary – August 27, 2009
At the meet and greet breakfast the officers and board in attendance voted in 10 new memberships. We
received $235.00 in new membership dues.

The balloon club made $18.00 in the 50/50 drawing. The winner of the 50/50 for $18.00 was Jeff Dalecke
crew for Ron and Margret Aros, Concho.

1 balloon club pin was sold for $3.50.

Richard Sanders made a donation to the balloon club of $11.50.

The new additional members are; Jolene, Harry, Deanne Helt and the Owen’s.-Concho Crew; Jeff,
Shirlanna, Alexandria and John Dalecke - Concho Crew; Sharon McCormick and Jose Zegurra - Blue
Moon Crew; Patrick, Donna, Chantelle, Austin and Jonathon Traylor - Blue Moon Crew; Cristina, David,
Briana and Anthony Ramirez - Blue Moon Crew; Sherri,Wyatt and Nathon Hawkins - Blue Moon Crew;
Lisa-Marie and Mathew Beam - Blue Moon Crew; Beth Wall - Blue Moon Crew; Timothy Prevatte Sr. -
Blue Moon Crew; Shirley Comier - Foolish Pleasure Crew; Chris Romer – Foolish Pleasure Crew

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by SAA Secretary, Margret
    Sunday, September 27th

    Pilot Briefing 6:00 am
     Clayton Launch Site

         Dan Ewer

                   Rally Theme: Football
    Wear your football jersey, helmet, shoulder pads,
    cheerleader outfit, pom pom’s, or mascot costume


Best Dressed: Football Player
           Best Dressed: Cheerleader
                  Best Dressed: Mascot

                        Food Theme:
                Best Football tailgate goodies
                     Best Tailgate Drink

           Pilot Competition: Hare and Hound
                Best Crew Person Award

             RSVP to
 The Meet and Greet at Jethro's Little Cafe was outstanding, several of the older balloonists were
there and several new people showed up. The food was great and filling, way to much food for
the price. Don't think there was any food left on the plates though.
 The conversations with new people and old balloonists was amazing, there was laughing and
joking around, enough that the club had signed up at least three more new people at Jethro's
Little Cafe.
It was another outstanding get together for everybody and the club. If you did not show up you
missed out on something great, maybe next time, you can take time out of your busy
schedule and join us for some fun and support the new and growing balloon club. HUA!

We want to thank everybody that came out to have a good meal, some fun and support their
balloon club.

Richard and Roy
                                                      Build Your Club Contest
   Margret Aros editor:                            Between July 1 – December 31, 2009                            Get new or returning members to join.
    Newsletter deadline:
     25th of each month                            (May not have been a 2008/2009 member)
   Tucson Club Website:                       Winner must be present at the January meeting to be                                 eligible for the prize.
   Albuquerque Website:                                        PRIZE: $100.00
                                               Be sure your new member puts your name on their

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