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					Technology Addiction

By: Brendan Kaminsky, Eric Cohen, Patrick Donahue
and Marc White
           What is Addiction?
 Different ways to look at it:
   “Physiological: A chronic relapsing condition
    characterized by compulsive abuse and by long-
    lasting chemical changes in the brain. Addiction is
    the same irrespective of whether the drug is alcohol,
    amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or
   Non-physiological: Any act that when abused to a
    certain extent becomes detrimental to other areas of
Core Components of Addiction

 Absorption
 Mood Modification
 Tolerance
 Withdrawal
 Relapse

                      -Dr. Patrick Carnes
Let’s get it straight! As of today,
  there is no official answer…
     Addiction or Something Else
 Let’s look at the physiological definition
 No research exists indicating such a chemical change
  in the brain resulting from an addiction to technology
     Technology as an Enabler
 Are we really addicted to technology
    The online gambler?
    The online shopper?
    The Facebook fiend?
    The gamer?
    The cybersex addict?
Existence of Technology Addiction

  Now let’s look at the non-physiological definition
            Core Concepts of Addiction
Existence of Technology Addiction

  Survey by Dr. Dave N. Greenfield
    Over 29% of people use the internet to “alter their mood
     or escape on a regular basis”

  Mood is controlled by hormones like dopamine
     Technology Addiction across
 England: A poll of 2,100 people found 76% of Britons
  admitted that they could not live without the internet

 China and Korea are among the first countries to
  recognize internet addiction as a clinical disease
   4 million Chinese under the age of 18 are thought to be
    addicted to online
    gaming (At least 6
    hours a day online)
   Wang Yiming
        Intense Rehabilitation
          Measures in China
 Over 200 organizations have been set up across China
 Militaristic rehab: physical labor coupled with harsh
              Deng Senshan
 Deng Senshan, A 15-year-old boy has reportedly been
  beaten to death hours after arriving at a boot camp for
  internet addicts in China
Social Skills

         "I couldn't control my
          addiction. Friends were
          also telling me that I was
          on the net too long, but I
          thought: 'It's my life, I can
          do what I want.' I became
          a real loner, was
          withdrawn, and wouldn't
          listen to anyone."
                     -Wang Yiming
 Worst Case Scenario: It’s an Addiction.
       Some Issues to Consider:
For many people excessive use of technology can be
        detrimental to other areas of their life

•Cell phones/PDAs
•Game Consoles

                          True Life MTV video
       Effects of Pornography
 Unrealistic sexual expectations
 40% of internet users visited an online adult site in
  August 2005

                                         -Internet Filter Review

                Mood modification, Relapse
      Childhood Experiences
 Social isolation
 Wide array of gaming systems
 Gaming: one of the main factors in the rise of childhood

             Social Networks
 Attachment to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc.
 “Facebook official”
 Loss of sleep

             Online Gambling

 Gambling online legal
  all over vs. in person
 Play money

  Mood Modification

  Gambling Video
              Online Dating
 Dependence on dating sites
 1 of 1369 succeed            Absorption
 Story from Rehab
   Blackberry or Crackberry?
 Blackberrys improve
 However, does the fact
  that we need internet
  mean we’ve gone too
 Skewed line of work &
  personal life

           Constant Emailing
 59% of people check email in bed
 47% are more likely to check email in middle of night
  than get a late night snack

 53% check in the bathroom
 37% while driving
 12% in church

          Hindering Education of
           Teens/Young Adults
 Students in large lectures
 Research by Cranfield School of Management
   Over 60% reported to be addicted to the internet
   Students average 1-2 hours a day on social network sites
   39.3% said texting had damaged written English
     especially in spelling

                Online Gaming
 WoW: over 11 million players worldwide
 Games like Second Life can skew someone’s vision of
  what is real and what is virtual

 Virtual life vs. Personal life

            Online Shopping
 Buying things that user typically doesn’t want or

 Don’t feel like you’re actually spending money
 One click away

 Mood Modification
    It Can’t Be All Bad, Right?
 While some fall victim to the downfalls of technology
  addiction, others find ways to make it work to their
   Money
   Increased social skills
   Getting work done (Blackberry)
   Effects on the impaired
        What Do We Do As a
 Rick Ueno: Hotel Manager of Sheraton Chicago
 Canadian Government Agency
 Scott Dockter: President & CEO of PBD Worldwide
  Fulfillment Services Inc.

 Suggestions circulated on how to self-help
             In Conclusion…