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									                                                      Time & Labour Launch Pad
                                                                    HCM – Time & Labour

This job aid outlines how to use the Time and Labour Launch Pad function in PeopleSoft
HCM. This feature allows you to access all time reporting related options or to view an
employee’s work schedule.

The Launch Pad allows you to view scheduled, reported, and payable time for an entire
month, for each employee within your security access. You can view the time in
summary format or you can drill down to view further details.

   1.   Click the Manager Self Service link.

   2.   Click the View Time link.

   3.   Click the Time and Labor Launch Pad link.

   4.   In the Time and Labour Launch Pad Timesheet Summary page, you can
        search for an employee in multiple ways. Clicking on the "looking glass" next to
        each of the fields provided will give you a list of possible values for that field.
        You must enter search criteria in at least one of the fields.

        The most common ways to search are:
        EmplID – enter the employee’s ID number to search one employee at a time

        Department – enter your department ID number to search for all employees in
        the department that you have access to timesheets for

        Group ID – selecting S0xx, H0xx, or T0xx in the group ID field will generate a
        list of salaried, hourly, or trust employees respectively

        Your access has generally been restricted to your own department unless
        otherwise indicated.
   5.   Click the Get Employees button once you have entered your search value(s).
        The Enter key will not perform the search.

   6.   There are several columns in the search results table providing data about the
        employees matching the selection criteria, including Name, EmplID, Empl
        Record, Job Description, Company, Business Unit and Combination Code.

        Use the information in these columns to determine the correct employee and job
        record to enter the time. This is especially important if the employee has more
        than one job – choose the correct Empl Rcd!

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Time & Labour Launch Pad
HCM – Time & Labour

        Check the Company and Business Unit to confirm Trust or Operating
        positions. Trust jobs typically have the company TRU and business unit UCALT;
        whereas, Operating jobs typically have the company UOC and business unit

   7.   Select the correct employee from the list by clicking on his/her name.
   8.   The Time and Labour Launch Pad screen will now display. The view will default
        to the current month and year.

        To change the month and/or year, click on Month and/or Year drop down
        box(es) and select the desired month/year combination.
   9.   Click the View drop down list to change the view of the launch pad.

   10. There are several different ways in which to view the monthly calendar. The two
       most useful are:

        Reported Elapsed Hours (recommended) – allows you to view both reported
        time (from the timesheet) and the payable hours for each date where time is
        entered. For Hourly and Salaried employees, this may result in different
        information being shown. This view will also show any changes made or
        entered by the central HR Payroll processes run before each pay.

        Scheduled Hours – is useful for salaried employees, as this shows the hours
        entered based on their schedule in the system (i.e., 7 hr shifts, 5 days/week
   11. Click the View button to refresh the view if you have changed the month, year
       and/or view.

   12. The Reported Elapsed Hours or Scheduled Hours are now displayed in the

        Notice the symbols that appear on the dates throughout the month. Refer to the
        bottom of the page for the Legend.

        In the Time and Labour Launch Pad view, “Exception” does not mean exception
        time (i.e., what we enter into the timesheet for salaried employees). Generally
        you will not see this symbol on the Launch Pad. If you do encounter this symbol,
        you may contact central Human Resources for an explanation.

   13. The days which are underscored represent days on which time has been
       entered. Click on the daily link (i.e., the date on the calendar) to drill down and
       view the details of the time.

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                                                    Time & Labour Launch Pad
                                                                  HCM – Time & Labour

   14. You will see two different types of time headers:

        Reported Time – what is entered on the timesheet

        Payable Time – what the system calculates using the appropriate rules to “pay
        out” to the employee; may be different from what is reported in the timesheet

        You do not see dollar values or wages in the Launch Pad, it only allows you to
        view hours and amounts as determined by the Time Reporting Codes used
        (either entered manually into the timesheet or added automatically by the

   15. Click the Return to Calendar link to return to the monthly view and to choose
       other dates to drill down to.

   16. Click the Return to Select Employee to return to the Select Employee page
       and choose another employee.

   17. From the Time and Labour Launch Pad calendar view page, use the links for
       Manager Self Service and Time Management to navigate you to other Time &
       Labour screens.

        You can also use the drop down to access a few other quick links.
   18. You have successfully learned how to view time and use the Time & Labour
       Launch Pad.
       End of Procedure.

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