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Thr Snow Plow Solution 007


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									                            Telvisant Fleet Management
                            The Snow Plow Solution
Key Benefits
◦ Provides accurate
  records of plowing
  activity for each road
  and street                The Snow Plow Problem
◦ Provides accurate
  records of contractor     For citizen safety and emer-
  and driver activity
                            gencies there is an essential
◦ Assures that roads are    need to know which streets
  neither over-salted nor
  under-salted              and roads have been plowed
                            and salted or sanded and how
◦ Provides accurate
  historic evidence         much salt and sand was util-
  in liability disputes.    ized. To meet this need, mu-
                            nicipal and state governments
                            across the U. S. and Canada
                            are mandating that snow
                            plows be equipped with auto-
                            matic vehicle statusing solu-


                            Governments face litigation if
                            roads and streets are not
                            plowed within an established     of each plow on the road—        status of each plow and su-
                            time limit, and, in addition,    without driver involvement.      pervisory vehicle, carry on
                            often face court action over                                      two-way text messaging to a
                            disputes concerning sanding      The Telvisant system             driver, and generate reports
                            and salting issues.              comprises:                       that help highlight and ana-
                                                                                              lyze almost any aspect of the
                            The plowing industry is sea-     ° A truck-mounted smart          plowing operation.
                            sonal and plowing contractors      mobile device and sensors Important events such as
                            employ many part time driv-      ° Wireless network and           plow up and plow down are
                            ers. Compliance is a critical      Internet connectivity          captured and time stamped,
                            issue for the government,        ° Messaging, mapping and         relayed in near real-time and
                            plow contractors and the           reporting applications         recorded. This delivers accu-
                            divers.                          ° Service and support            rate and reliable information
                            Contractors and drivers are                                       to the dispatcher allowing him
                            subject to fines if they are not The smart mobile device          to monitor and adjust each
                            at their designated roads        continuously determines the      plowing job to better serve the
                            within an hour or less of a      plows location and status and public and assure safe condi-
                            snow storm incidence.            automatically reports this data. tions on the road in a timely
                                                             The reports are transmitted      manner.
                                                             over a wireless link to the      Salting and spreading infor-
                               The Trimble Telvisant         Telvisant data center, where     mation is conveyed from the
                                       Solution              the data is stored in secure,    spreader control units, such
                                                             high-availability servers.       as Bosch Rexroth®, Dickey–
                            Trimble now offers the Tel-      Your dispatcher accesses the john®, FORCE America®,
                            visant™ fleet management         data over a high-speed           and Epoke through the truck-
                            solution tailored to meet snow Internet connection. Using the mounted smart mobile device
                            plow requirements. The fully     Telvisant mapping,               to the wireless network and
                            automated telvisant system       messaging and reporting          the Internet. Special applica-
                            keeps the dispatcher on top of applications. The dispatcher       tions can easily be developed
                            the exact location and status can view the location and           using the Telvisant SDK.
Telvisant Fleet Management
The Snow Plow Solution

Features                                             CrossCheck Mobile Unit
The Telvisant Snow Plow solution comes in            Trimble’s Telvisant Cross Check® unit
three service packages or plans – Basic,             integrates a GPS receiver, a wireless
Standard and Quality Assurance. All contain          communication system, and computing
the following features:                              power in a single, low-profile enclosure.
° Operates without driver intervention               The snow plow’s location is continuously
° Map updates showing road or street                 determined by GPS. Other plow and vehicle
° Time speed and direction information               mounted sensors and accessories connect to
° Accurate GPS position information                  the CrossCheck unit to comprise an on-board
° Can be viewed from any internet connection
                                                     system that automatically monitors and
° Ignition on and off with run time counter
° Speed violation                                    reports plowing status with location and time
° Stores events and positions if out of network      tags. Spreader control units transmit the
coverage                                             spreading data through the CrossCheck to
° Manage site display                                the mobile network for storage on the
° Ping last reported information on plow             Telvisant hoasting unit. The dispatcher
° Dispatch closest vehicle to an area                accesses this data over the Internet.
° Leave and arrive yard site and geofence areas
° Retrieve info at any time-no extra cost            EchoLDX Message Terminal
° SDK available for WEB site integration
The Basic Plan contains all of the above plus        The EchoLDX™ terminal mounts
location information of the plow every 15 minutes.   conveniently in the vehicle cab. The driver
The Standard Plan includes all of the above and:     can easily read text messages received from
° Provides location information every 10 minutes     the dispatcher and send a pre-defined
  with one minute fidelity                           response message simply by pushing a
° Sensor inputs, e.g. plow up/down, load (extra)     button.
° MDT (Mobile Data terminal) (optional)
The Quality Assurance Plan includes all of the
above plus:
° Allows Pass Through of Spreader Data

Telvisant Plug-in Extension to ArcGIS™ from ESRI® and other products (Optional)
The Telvisant plug-in provides an easy to use extension to ArcGIS that allows the user to log
into Telvisant from within ArcMap. This extends the functionally of ArcMap to allow real-time
and historical analysis of GPS/AVL data. ArcMap tools are then available for visualization and
Telvisant can also integrate with other products such as RouteSmart™ and ArcLogistics™.

                                                                    6581 Eastridge Road
                                                                    Mississauga, ON, L5N 4L3

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