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									A Lunenburg Progress Enterprise, Tuesday, May 6, 2008

                                                                                                         Steak knife threat,
                                                                                                            assault result
                                                                                                      in conditional sentence
                                                                                                          By KEITH CORCORAN                   less phone escalated to a scene that saw
                                                                                                          the man push his wife against a wall, put
                                                                                                                                              her in a headlock and threaten her with a
                                                                                                  BRIDGEWATER — A year of house               knife, provincial court heard.
                                                                                               arrest is part of a conditional sentence          Mr. Scovil suggested, while referring
                                                                                               handed to a Lunenburg County man who           to a pre-sentence report, that drinking
                                                                                               pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife and      seems to be the root of the problem for
                                                                                               threatening her with a steak knife.            Mr. Rioux.
                                                                                                  Part of the conditional sentence order         “The victim describes the accused as
                                                                                               directs James Lenus Rioux, 29, to keep the     an excellent individual when sober but
                                                                                               peace and be of good behaviour, refrain        that alcohol is the … negative factor in the
                                                                                               from alcohol and non-prescription drugs
                                                                                                                                              relationship,” Mr. Scovil said.
                                                                                               and not possess weapons or explosive
                                                                                                                                                 Court heard that Mr. Rioux has ap-
                                                                                                                                              peared remorseful, learned from the cir-
                                                                         ROBERT HIRTLE PHOTO      Anger management and substance
                                                                                                                                              cumstances, is attending addiction ser-
Grade 7 students Kelsie Mosher, left, and Rachel Kendall are the driving force behind          abuse counselling and participation in a
                                                                                               spousal violence prevention program is         vices and is dealing with a therapist in
Centre Consolidated School’s new anti-bullying campaign.
                                                                                               part of the sentence.                          reference to anger management issues.
                                                                                                  Mr. Rioux will also be on a year’s proba-      Mr. Rioux’s lawyer, Barry Whynot, said

                              Think pink                                                       tion following the house arrest.               alcohol has been his client’s “nemesis”
                                                                                                  The charges, to which Mr. Rioux pre-        but noted his client hasn’t consumed al-
                                                                                               viously entered guilty pleas, came as a        cohol since the January incident and has
                                                                                               result of a violent confrontation in Janu-     committed to never drinking again.
                   Students develop T-shirt                                                    ary between a husband and wife living in
                                                                                               the Italy Cross area, Crown attorney Paul
                                                                                                                                                 Mr. Rioux now lives on Highway 208 in
                                                                                                                                              Nineveh without his wife.

                  campaign to fight bullying                                                   Scovil said.
                                                                                                  The husband had been drinking and
                                                                                                                                                 The sentence imposed was a joint rec-
                                                                                                                                              ommendation of Crown and defence at-
                                                                                               an argument between the two over a cord-       torneys.
            By ROBERT HIRTLE                 tance for the fundraising aspect of the
           initiative will also receive their own
                                             pink T-shirt, as will members of the
   CENTRE — Bullying, while often as-
sociated with physical abuse, can take
many forms.
                                             popular local rock group Air Traffic
                                             Control, who are tentatively scheduled
                                             to perform at the school May 30 in sup-
                                                                                                              Dayspring teen
                                                                                                          placed on house arrest
   That’s something that Kelsie Mosher       port of the campaign.
and Rachel Kendall are fully aware of,          Students from other area schools will
having experienced first-hand the un-        be invited to the performance, and, in
pleasantness of being intimidated by         lieu of wearing pink T-shirts, will be
some of their peers at school.               given pink ribbons, bearing the slogan                       By KEITH CORCORAN                   for a year following the eight-month con-
   “We’ve both been bullied and we saw       and logo, to wear as a display of encour-                    ditional sentence order.
other people being bullied, so we wanted     agement for the initiative.                                                                         Mr. Ballard’s lawyer, Bob Chipman, in-
to do something about it,” Kelsie recalls.      “And anyone else that would like a                BRIDGEWATER — A Dayspring teen              dicated to the court that his client has ad-
“We thought it was going too far and we      shirt can buy one for $10,” Rachel adds.          has been given a conditional sentence          mitted a problem with drugs and alcohol
wanted to stop it.”                             Students are also working out the              order, which includes two months of            and is working on correcting the issues of
   To that end, the two Grade 7 students     logistics of staging an en masse march            house arrest, in connection to charges         substance abuse. He’s also made inroads
at Centre Consolidated School came           through the Town of Lunenburg some-               of uttering threats, assaulting a peace        with his education, the court heard.
up with the idea of starting an anti-        time in late May or early June, decked            officer, resisting arrest and breaching an        The resisting arrest and assaulting a
bullying campaign, a program which           out in their pink shirts, to draw atten-          undertaking.
                                                                                                                                              peace officer charge is in relation to a
would bring the issue to the attention       tion to the bullying issue.                          After the house arrest is finished, Josh-
                                                                                                                                              February 2008 incident in Queens County
of everyone who attends the facility,           “And we’ll have one day every month            ua Frederick Ballard, 19, of Oakhill Road,
                                                                                                                                              that saw an unco-operative man shove a
including those responsible for the bul-     that is pink T-shirt day and everyone will        will be on the conditional sentence order
lying.                                                                                         for another six months. He previously          Mountie, run away and attempt to hide.
                                             wear their pink T-shirt,” Kelsie says.
   “We got sponsors, and we raised              Both girls say they are more than              pleaded guilty to three charges.                  The other two offences came in connec-
enough money so that every student in        happy with the support they have re-                 Attached conditions include keeping         tion to a December 2007 occurrence where
the whole school will get an anti-bul-       ceived for their efforts, not only from           the peace, being of good behaviour, getting    a man uttered threats to a woman. On a
lying T-shirt,” Kelsie says. “We had a       school officials and parents, but from            substance and mental health counselling,       later date, the man later showed up in the
contest to see who can design the best       their fellow students who offered assis-          having no contact with two individuals         Bridgewater parking lot of the restaurant
logo and slogan, with the winning entry      tance by serving on their anti-bullying           and staying away from their residences         where the woman is employed, which he
being placed on the shirts.”                 committee.                                        and also consuming no alcohol or non-          wasn’t supposed to do, and resulted in a
   That honour went to the Primary              They’ve also noticed a sharp decline           prescription drugs.                            breach charge, said Crown attorney Paul
class at the school, who won movie pass-     in the number of bullying incidents di-              Mr. Ballard will also be on probation       Scovil.
es and other prizes for their catchphrase    rected towards them since the campaign
“The more friends, the more fun. Don’t       began two months ago.
be a bully, our feelings are one.”              “Everything’s turned out well,” Kel-
   A total of $2,196 was raised in sup-
port of the initiative, through the sale
of Avon products and the support of
                                             sie says.
                                                Principal Glen Matthews says what
                                             makes the anti-bullying campaign spe-
                                                                                                              Conquerall Bank man
individuals and businesses who donated
   “And our corporate sponsor was As-
                                             cial is that it is student led.
                                                “It’s students helping students be bet-
                                             ter students,” he explains. “They’re tak-
                                                                                                            pleads guilty to weapon,
sante [Financial Management],” Kelsie
explains. “We didn’t have enough money
raised for the T-shirts and they paid the
                                             ing on responsibility beyond their age,
                                             and when you look at the whole package,
                                             they’re doing something to make not
                                                                                                                 drug charges
rest.”                                       only the school better, but the whole                        By KEITH CORCORAN                   hand so that the blade protrudes from the
   Parents who volunteered their assis-      community better.”                                           front of one’s fist.
                                                                                                                                                 The search was done the same day
                                                                                                  BRIDGEWATER — A jail term and               RCMP were told Mr. Conrad, 29, was taken
                                                                                               fines were handed to a Conquerall Bank         into custody by the Edmunston, New
     Two family physicians recruited                                                           man after he entered guilty pleas last
                                                                                               week to a series of charges.
                                                                                                                                              Brunswick, drug section where a vehicle
                                                                                                                                              search there resulted in a find of hash and
                                                                                                  A judge imposed fines totalling $500        marijuana.
              By PAULA LEVY                     It is hoped the second physician will          and a jail sentence comprised of 30 days          The other guilty pleas were in relation
             set up a family practice in Bridgewater.          on Corey Edwin Conrad, who pleaded             to a December 2007 occurrence where
                                                “We’re quite confident that we’ve re-          guilty in provincial court to charges in-      phone calls were made and voice mail
   COUNTY — Two family doctors will          cruited a physician for Bridgewater but           cluding marijuana possession, prohibited       messages were left at a Rhodes Corner
be coming to Lunenburg County this           there are still some details that have to         weapon possession and breaching a recog-       residence that were considered to be of a
summer.                                      be worked out,” she said.                         nizance.                                       threatening nature.
   South Shore Health spokeswoman               Although the two physicians will                  Two charges stemmed from a June 2007           “Mr. Conrad accepts having committed
Theresa Hawkesworth said one family          alleviate some of the problems faced              police search of a home at 5634 Highway        the offences. He regrets they occurred
physician will be working with Dr. Cathy     by Lunenburg County patients seeking              331 in Petite Riviere which yielded a find     …,” said Barry Whynot, Mr. Conrad’s at-
Kelly in her Lunenburg office. She said      a family doctor, Ms Hawkesworth                   of about two dozen grams of marijuana,         torney.
following the summer the physician will      said the area is still faced with doc-            marijuana seeds, a push knife and cash.           Mr. Conrad has until December 10 to
decide whether he will remain in the         tor shortages. Bridgewater, she said, is             The on-line resource Wikipedia de-          pay the fines.
clinic with Dr. Kelly or set up his own      the area of greatest need for family doc-         scribes a push knife as a short knife with        The push knife was forfeited to the
practice.                                    tors.                                             a “T” handle designed to be grasped in the     Crown.

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