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There was a time when epilepsy and seizures were considered untreatable
as there was no proper medication available for these disorders.

Brasov, Romania, March 30, 2010 -- There was a time when epilepsy and
seizures were considered untreatable as there was no proper medication
available for these disorders. As medical sciences started progressing,
researchers introduced drugs to control and manage these diseases with
the help of suitable medication. Lamictal is touted to be one of the most
suitable medicines prescribed for the treatment of partial seizure,
epilepsy and bipolar disorder. Introduced by GlaxoSmithKline, it is an
anticonvulsant that is available in both tablets and chewable forms.

Lamictal, as a drug got its first approval from the United States Food
and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 1994 for the treatment of
seizure and some other psychological disorders in patients who are above
16 years of age. A few years later, the medicine was allowed to treat
children above 2 years suffering from partial seizures. FDA also
maintained that the drug can also be effectively used for therapy of
other psychological problems such as bipolar disorder as well as severe
mood episodes. It was in fact considered to be one of the most potent
mood stabilizers. Recently, FDA approved the medicine for using it for
the exclusive treatment of partial seizures as against valporoate, which
was till date considered as the only drug for treating these disorders.

Important facts on Lamictal

Lamictal is a very interesting drug in the sense that there is an extreme
paradox about this medicine. On one hand, it is considered to be one of
the most effective medications for treating psychological disorders. On
the other hand, the medicine has to be administered with utmost care
because it can have serious side effects, which can be life-threatening.

If you are interested in learning about Lamictal in a comprehensive way,
you should visit the site The
site offers extensive information about Lamictal Anticonvulsant. On
visiting this site you can have a better understanding of what Lamictal
is, how and when to take it, as well as the side effects of the medicine.
There are dedicated section on the site that offers information about the
side effect and overdose of this medicine. Even when you discuss the
various aspects about Lamictal with your doctor, you can have a fairly
good understanding about this medicine if you carefully go through this

Lamictal overdose

An overdose of Lamictal can be fatal. The patient must ensure that he
takes the right dose, that is, whatever has been prescribed to him by his
doctor. The effect of the Lamictal overdose depends on several factors.
It needs to be taken into account on whether the dosage was combined with
alcohol and other medications, or street drugs. Some of the common
symptoms that can be observed while taking Lamictal overdose include
blurred vision, coordination problems and increased seizures. If taken
substantially, the consequences can be severe. The patient may undergo a
state of coma, unconsciousness and even loss of life.

It is very important to seek immediate medical advice if the patient is
suspected of taking an overdose of Lamictal. If he is rushed to the
physician, he may offer certain medicines or pump out the medicine from
the stomach. In extreme cases, dialysis has also been observed to be very
useful. The site gives a detailed
account on the various treatment options for a Lamictal overdose. Some of
these include insertion of fluids through an intravenous line and
providing medicated relief to control seizure. It also mentions the other
treatments based on the nature of the complication.

Some precautions

There are certain precautions that should be taken while consuming
Lamictal. It is recommended not to stop taking the medicine abruptly. The
patient should always have a proper consultation with the doctor. It
should also be noted that if the patient happens to miss a dose, he
should take the next dose at the right interval. It is not advisable to
have two doses simultaneously.

As Lamictal is a chewable dispersible tablet, it can be swallowed with
water. The other option is that it can be chewed, or dissolved in water.
When chewing the tablets, the patient should drink sufficient amount of
water that would help in the swallowing process. If the tablet is
dissolved in water, the patient or his caregiver should ensure that it is
completely dissolved.

The medicine should be stored in a tightly closed container at room
temperature. Keep dry and protect from light, so that no reaction takes
place that may be harmful for the skin.

Other sections:

The website offers some important
tips on Lamictal anticonvulsant. Some of the most interesting topics
covered on the site include Lamictal and weight gain, Lamictal and its
use on bipolar disorder, Lamictal dosage and its effects on migraines and
the use of the medicine during pregnancy. The site has been authored by
Andrei Moscalu, a medical student at the Medical University in Brasov in

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