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					Late Swingers’ Ladies League

Regular Meeting Minutes

The Late Swingers’ Ladies League regular fall meeting was called to order by League Administrator Aggie
Hampton at 5:30 PM, September 25, 2008.

      Golf Pro Kirk Schooley thanked the members for their support of golf at Juniper Hill and
       especially for the work for the Governor’s Open Tournament. He encouraged them to continue
       to enjoy the nice fall days of golf.
      Aggie thanked her fellow officers and the various committees for their hard work. She reminded
       the members that there was a lot of work going on behind the scenes that enabled them to
       enjoy league golf and encouraged them to get involved next year.
      The minutes of the March 27, 2008, regular spring meeting that have been posted to the
       Juniper Hill Ladies Golf Alliance Web site were approved by voice vote.
      Barbara Reynolds reported that her review of the treasurer records kept by Susan Goins found
       no problems. Copies of the Treasurer’s Report were available to the members at their tables.
      Karen Pilcher reported on League Night. Audie Rodgers developed a new method of flighting
       based on the number of members present each Thursday which allows a broader distribution of
       winners. The following members had perfect attendance:

       Michele Brown, Tonya Courtney, Mary Ellen Cameron, Donna Grimes, Carol Payton,
       DebbieSlattery, and Esther Wilhoyte.

       Points were awarded for wins each week. Mickey Smith had the most points with 20. Renee
       Thomas and Teresa Prather had 19 and 18 respectively.

      Shirley Rodgers reported on the Special Events. Her Committee of Billie Robinson, Co. Chair,
       Linda Dailey, Brenda Shipp, Tara Taylor, TrishTyler, Cathy Kays, Carol Payton,Connie Sheets,
       KarenLiebman, and Lesa Hodge organized the following events:
           o Miss DollieSheamble - 74 participants
           o Ladies ClubChampionship - 73 participants
           o Governor’s Open – Desserts for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
           o August League Tournament – 74 participants (only about 50 qualified in 2007)
           o “Step Aside” Scramble – 51 participants
           o Tonight’s Banquet
      Shirley announced the First Annual Juniper Hill Ladies Ryder Cup tournament planned for
       Saturday, October 18, 2008. The tournament will raise funds for the Frankfort Women’s Shelter.
       Interested members are encouraged to sign up. Details of rules and minimum handicap will be
      Michele Brown reported on the Four-Holers and noted this year we had a number of ladies who
       had played golf previously, but had been away from the game for quite a few years. Those
    ladies moved up to the 9-hole group rather quickly. All the four-holers showed significant
    improvement and had a great time this season.
   Michele Brown also reported on the website. Statistic reports showed traffic increased each
    month and we had over 485 unique visitors to the site. We recorded over 95,000 hits to the
    site, which shows it was used extensively. Plans for improving the layout and content of the site
    are underway and changes will be made during the off-season.

    Aggie thanked Michele for her work in getting the new Web Page going this year. It has been
    invaluable in keeping members informed and has received numerous compliments from visitors
    outside the league. Michele asked members to submit suggestions for improvements to the
    Web Page. That can be done anonymously from the site.

   Bylaws:
        o Shirley Rodgers explained the Special Events Committee’s recommendation that the
             responsibilities for the Ladies Club Championship be removed from that committee and
             instead a committee representing both the Late Swingers’ and the Wednesday Morning
             Leagues be established. Changes in the Bylaws to that effect were adopted by voice
             vote. The Wednesday Morning League will be asked to concur.
        o Aggie explained the method used to determine the Most Improved Player. Because
             there was no written methodology used in the league, she contacted the USGA. The
             USGA method is to subtract the start-of-season handicap plus 12 from the end-of-
             season handicap plus 12 and divide the difference by the start-of-season handicap. She
             recommended that the by-laws reflect that the USGA methodology will be used. The
             addition to the Bylaws was adopted by voice vote.
   Shirley Rodgers announced the League Tournament winners and distributed gift certificates:
        o   Fifth Flight:
        o   1 – Jill LeMaster
        o   2 – Kelly McKensie
        o   Fourth Flight:
        o   1 Low Gross – Donna Grimes
        o   2 Low Gross – Kim Hammons
        o   1 Low Net – Missy Jolliff
        o   2 Low Net- Ruth Hinkle
        o   Third Flight:
        o   1 Low Gross – Mickey Smith
        o   2 Low Gross – Janet Green
        o   1 Low Net – Becky Parrish
        o   2 Low Net – Carol Payton
        o   Second Flight:
        o   1 Low Gross – Renee Thomas
        o   2 Low Gross – Esther Wilhoyte
        o   1 Low Net – Tara Parker
           o   2 Low Net – Terri Price
           o   First Flight:
           o   1 Low Gross – Teresa Prather
           o   2 Low Gross – Charlotte Pyles
           o   1 Low Net – Susan Goins
           o   2 Low Net – Julie Dawson
           o   Championship Flight:
           o   1 Low Gross – Donna Marlin
           o   2 Low Gross: Ann French Thomas
           o   1 Low Net – Connie Wiard
           o   2 Low Net – Megan Brewer

      Shirley Rodgers announced the Nominating Committee’s slate of officers for the 2008-09
           o League Administrator:
                    Barbara Reynolds,Chair; Shirley Rodgers, Co-Chair
                    Michele Brown, Chair; Aggie Hampton, Co-Chair
           o Thursday Night League:
                    Karen Pilcher, Chair; AudieRodgers, Co-Chair
           o Special Events/Tournaments:
                    Carol Payton, Chair; Trina Roberts, Co-Chair
           o Four-Holers:
                    Trish Tyler, Chair; unnamed Co-Chair

       Members voted by paper ballot. Michele Brown was elected League Administrator; the other
       positions were unopposed.

       Aggie distributed prizes to the birdie and par poster winners (each lady who was on one of the
       posters had her name put in the basket and one winner for each was drawn).

       Aggie announced Teresa Prather was the Most Improved Player with her handicap improving
       from 31 to 23 this season.

       Karen Pilcher and Audie Rodgers distributed league gift certificates.

       Aggie closed the meeting by inviting the members to come to the regular spring meeting
       scheduled for Thursday, March 26, 2009, at the Frankfort Plant Board Clubhouse.

Meeting was adjourned.

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