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       Volume 35                                                                                            Winnipeg, MB
       Number 3                                                                                                R3E 0J7
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             T-L Meeting
                                              The Teachable Moment for Media Literacy
The first T-L meeting for 2001/02
will be held at 2:00 p.m. on 8         Events of 11 September 2001 were          !     How does item placement/
November at the Scandinavian           as unexpected as they were                      juxtaposition/sequencing affect
Centre in conjunction with the ULS     devastating. Entire sectors of                  our perceptions?
Book Display. The PD component         society as well as individuals were        ! How do the photos or camera
will include a presentation on the     paralyzed by shock and fear.                    angles chosen affect our
OSU Children’s Fund (Ghana) by         Subsequent acts of bioterrorism                 perceptions?
former WSD teacher-librarian,          have served to exacerbate the              ! How do descriptors used for
Alice Moulton.                         situation. Feeding the uncertainty              individuals or groups affect our
                                       and fear are the mass media,                    perceptions?
School administrators are requested    including newspapers, journals,            ! Are statistics or crowd counts
to facilitate attendance of teacher-   television, radio and Internet sites,           inflated or minimized?
librarians at 3 meetings each          upon which we depend for
school year.                                                                      ! Are action shots real, re-enacted
                                                                                       for the benefit of news agencies,
                                                                                       or archival?
                                       Conflicting reportage by the mass
                                                                                  ! How does the choice of wording
             ULS Display               media has provided educators with a
                                                                                                    and tone of the
                                       supremely teachable
                                                                                                    speaker or writer
United Library Services will hold a    moment in the area
                                                                                                    affect our
book display on 7 and 8 November       of media/                     “We shape our tools
2001 at the Scandinavian Centre,       information literacy.         and thereafter, our
                                                                                                     ! Are headlines
764 Erin Street (between St.                                         tools shape us.”
                                       Classroom                                                          inflammatory?
Matthews and Wolever) from
9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. each day.         discussions of recent
                                                                     Marshall McLuhan
                                                                                                     ! Are the news
Parking is available 1/2 block south   events are simply                                                  sources
of the Scandinavian Centre.            not enough. It is our job as                    authoritative, authentic or
                                       educators to help students to analyze           unnamed?
WSD schools receive 36%                and to critically assess the media’s       ! Does commercial sponsorship or
discounts. As the only approved        role in shaping our understanding of            political affiliation of the news
commercial vendor of cataloguing       the recent terrorist acts perpetrated           agency affect the reportage?
and processing for WSD school          upon the U.S. and the implied threat
libraries, ULS ships all materials     to the global village.                     Manipulation by mass media is the
shelf-ready to WSD standards. For                                                 reality in the global village, and our
further information, contact ULS       Students need to examine all news          children are among the most
local representative David Larsen      media for biases or points of view         vulnerable. To counteract media
(Ph: 774-5575: Fax: 774-8437;          which may slant or filter the news         exploitation, teachers can access
E-mail:              deliberately, in the case of               English and French language media
                                       propaganda, or inadvertently. These literacy resources and resources for
                                       questions, among others, must be           talking to kids about terrorist attacks
                                       considered by all discriminating           in the U.S. from the highly
           T-L Substitute                                                         acclaimed Media Awareness
                                       consumers of news-media:
Please add the following to the list   ! Which news items are selected? Network <
                                       ! Are any topics conspicuous by  >
of T-L substitutes published in the
September 2001 issue of Inklings:          their absence?
                                                                                  Carpe diem!
Roz Russell Turk         452-5753
(Day 2 or 4 only)

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development team is 16 November               Tougas.                                                  "   Free Online Cross-Curricular
2001. T-Ls interested in                      Teacher-librarians: Betty Brown,                             Classroom Activities for
participating should apply through            Donna Dawson, Jackie Wright, Pat                             Grades K-3! [Flash]
their school principals.                      Zealand.                                           
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                                                                                                           Learning & Teaching
         Teacher Renewal                         Library Media Services Newsletter is published the
                                                 first Tuesday of each month from September to June.
                                                 Opinions expressed in this publication do not             ~harsham/interactive.htm
Renewal aims at preventing teacher
                                                 necessarily represent the policy or opinions of The   "   A New Way of Thinking About
                                                 Winnipeg School Division No. 1.
drop-out. Renewed teachers:                      Editor: Gloria Hersak                                     Learning to Read
! have a philosophical or spiritual                                                              
                                                                                                       "   Phonics
! have a commitment to students,               TD Children’s Book Week                                     ! First Aid for Phonics
    to lifelong learning and to the                                                                  
    school;                                   The official launch of TD Children’s                             posts/54.html
! are aware that they are an                  Book Week is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.                         ! Free Online Phonics Classes
    integral part of the school               on Sunday, 4 November 2001 at the                                http://billjanaecooksey.
! have a sense of personal                    Centennial Public Library. Featured
    responsibility;                           are authors Cynthia Pratt Nicolson,                          ! Phonics
                                              John Danakas, Joe McLellan, Ishbel                     
! have a strong love for all aspects
                                              Moore, Angela North, and Sheldon                                 score/Phonics_Link/phonics.
    of life;
                                              Oberman, and storyteller Johanna                                 html
! have the ability to see all people
                                              Kuyvenhoven.                                                 ! Phonics in Whole
    as individuals;
                                                                                                               Language Classrooms
! have the ability to communicate;
! exhibit a sense of collegiality;                                                                             databases/ERIC_Digests/
! have a strongly developed sense                World Book Earning for
    of leadership;                                 Learning Program
                                                                                                           ! Phonics Instruction
! separate their egos from their                                                                     
    work.                                     World Book is offering one-year
                                              home-use subscriptions to World                                  ~eric_rec/ieo/bibs/phonics.
How are you doing so far? For more            Book Online at a cost of $20 US to
                                              parents and $10 US to school staff                           ! Remedial Phonics
on this topic, see Cain, Michael                                                                     
Scott. “Ten Qualities of the                  and volunteers. Each subscription
                                              earns your school a 10% product                              ! Resource for Teachers
Renewed Teacher,” Phi Delta
                                              credit towards either an Online                        
Kappan (May 2001).
                                              subscription for your school or any                              phonicsrm/
                                              other World Book print materials for                     "   School Technology Funding
                                              library and classroom. The same                              Center
                      Obtain the              credit applies to home-use purchases               
                      Multiple Literacies     of World Book print materials. For                           resources/funding/
                      Pathfinder at http://   information contact local World                          "   Utah’s Project for Inclusion
                    Book representative Ian Glassford                            Virtual Library
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