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					                         January                                                          February
1. Back Pack Safety:                                              1. Mold Prevention:
Having a properly fitting backpack is an important step           Mold can cause serious health problems. The key to mold
towards promoting skeletal health.                                control is moisture control.

*For more information go to:                                      *For more information go to:
                        A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home
        &target=sports_tips/camping/fit_backpack                          (20 pp, 1.2 MB) en Español (20 pp,1.2 MB)
                  General - Mold, moisture, and your home
        ryId=391235&infoPath=222977                                               Basics
                              Cleaning up mold
        Right-1524                                                                What to Wear

2. Identity Theft:                                                2. Fireplace & Wood Stove Safety:
Identity theft is a serious crime. It occurs when your personal   Many people use fireplaces and wood stoves as either a
information is stolen and used without your knowledge to          primary or supplemental heating source in the home.
commit fraud or other crimes.                                     Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of the fire risks
                                                                  involved when using these heating methods.
*For more information go to:
                                 *For more information go to:
                                     
                                   d+Life+Safety/Use+Your+Fireplace+and+Wood+St

3. Hypothermia/Frostbite:                                         3. Drinking Water Safety:
Cold injuries are usually due to prolonged exposure to cold       Many different contaminants can make water unsafe to drink.
temperatures, although they can occur with brief exposure to      They include organisms such as bacteria, viruses and
extremely cold conditions.                                        parasites and inorganic matter, such as chemicals.

*For more information go to:                                      *For more information go to:
                          
                             e.cfm?AID=55&category=5
               
        Frostbite_and_Hypothermia.pdf                                 

4. Generator Safety:                                              4. Earthquake Safety:
Portable generators are a popular alternative source of           Although there are no guarantees of safety during an
electricity; however, they also can be a source of danger. A      earthquake, identifying potential hazards ahead of time and
primary hazard when using a generator is carbon monoxide          advance planning can save lives and significantly reduce
poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust.                          injuries and property damage.

*For more information go to:                                      *For more information go to:
                            
                                    
                   repEarthquake.asp
        ml                                                            
                                     

                         March                                                                 April
1. Computer Screen Glare:                                         1. Mosquito’s:
Glare is a common cause of eyestrain among computer               It is important to know how to protect yourself against West
users.                                                            Nile, which is mainly transmitted to people through the bite of
                                                                  an infected mosquito.
*For more information go to:
           *For more information go to:
        omp_erg/gl_comp_erg_3.html                                    
                      ertips.pdf
         ions/components_monitors.html                                  detail.aspx?id=265

2. Bicycle Safety:                                             2. Campfire Safety:
Although many accidents involve a cyclist alone, collisions    As much fun as campfires are, they can also be very
that also involve a motor vehicle account for a much greater   dangerous. It's important to know how to properly build and
number of serious injuries.                                    clean up an outdoor fire.

*For more information go to:                                   *For more information go to:
                        
                                        ety
               
        ml                                                             14437405296

3. Food Safety:                                                3. Noise & Hearing Conservation:
By storing, cooking and handling foods safely and keeping      Noise exposure, or unwanted sound, can cause hearing
your kitchen area clean, you can reduce the risk of illness.   loss, a progressive loss of communication, socialization, and
                                                               responsiveness to the environment.
*For more information go to:
       *For more information go to:
        on/picnice.shtml                                           
                     n/index.html
    ,1082,0_        

4. Work Place Violence:                                        4. ELF Radiation:
Violence in the workplace is a serious safety and health       ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation fields include
issue. It’s one of the leading causes of fatal occupational    alternating current (AC) fields and other electromagnetic,
injury in the United States.                                   non-ionizing radiation and are produced by power lines,
                                                               electrical wiring, and electrical equipment. Some
*For more information go to:                                   epidemiological studies have suggested increased cancer
           risk associated with magnetic field exposures near electric
        .html                                                  power lines.
                       *For more information go to:


                            May                                                           June
1. ATV Safety:                                                 1. Heat Related Illness:
ATVs are not toys. Serious injury can result from improper     During hot weather, especially with high humidity, your body
use of ATVs, but with preparation and practice, you can        temperature can rise to dangerous levels and you can
safely develop and expand your riding skills.                  develop a heat illness.

*For more information go to:                                   *For more information go to:
                       
                  p
        ps.pdf                                                     
2. Camp Stove Tip:                                               2. Smoke Inhalation:
Propane-fueled camp stoves are generally safe, but can be        Smoke inhalation is toxic and contains dangerous chemicals
hazardous if not handled correctly.                              like carbon monoxide, acrolein, and hydrogen cyanide that
                                                                 can shut down breathing functions in seconds and can result
*For more information go to:                                     in death.
        89                                                       *For more information go to:
                 

3. Electrical Safety:                                            3. Using Insect Repellant Safely:
After a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster you need to   People use insect repellents when they are outdoors to
be careful to avoid electrical hazards both in your home and     protect their health. But it’s important to safely and
elsewhere.                                                       responsibly use pesticides.

*For more information go to:                                     *For more information go to:
                            http://www.pmra-

4. Sunburn Protection:                                           4. Animal Vehicle Crash:
People who work outdoors should take precautions to              Drivers should pay special attention when traveling through
protect their skin from sun damage.                              areas marked with deer crossing signs.

*For more information go to:                                     *For more information go to:
                           
               
        ty/articles/rt-31?from=skin_welcome                          
                      152.asp
                            July                                                          August
1. Firework Safety:                                              1. Hand Washing:
To insure the safety of the audience, those lighting the         Hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the
fireworks and to avoid starting a wildfire; it’s recommended     spread of infections.
that you obey the fireworks safety measures during your
fireworks display.                                               *For more information go to:
*For more information go to:                                             _hands.html
                                   
                                     tion/Solutions/Food+Safety/Handwashing+Techniqu                 es.htm
2. Lightning:                                                      2. Barbeque Safety:
Lightning kills more people in this country than tornadoes,        Careless barbequing can cause injury, food poisoning,
floods and hurricanes.                                             property damage and fires.

*For more information go to:                                       *For more information go to:
                                    
                                 d_Safety/index.asp
                    
        ety.html                                                       

3. How & Where to Store Scented Objects:                           3. Fire Extinguisher Safety:
To protect yourself and the wildlife, minimize the possibility     To safely and properly use a fire extinguisher, you must first
of wildlife encounters by storing food, trash, and scented         be familiar with what type of fire each extinguisher is rated
items in ways so that wildlife cannot get it.                      for and know how it operates.

*For more information go to:                                       *For more information go to:
         http://www.yosemite.national-                                
                 
4. Human Waste:                                                    4. Proper Lifting:
Protect the purity of our water and the health of other hikers.    It’s important to know how to properly lift to avoid
Human feces contain many harmful pathogens. When nature            compressing the spinal discs or straining your lower back.
calls, be sure to be prepared – bring a trowel to dig a hole six
inches deep and bury your feces. Defecation within 20 yards        *For more information go to:
of streams, trails, or roads is prohibited.                            
*For more information go to:                                           
                  
        .htm                                                               in-the-workplace

                        September                                                           October
1. Towing a Trailer:                                               1. Elk Safety:
When a driver is trailer towing, they are even more likely to      During rut season in September to October, testosterone
be involved in an accident.                                        levels in bulls rise dramatically and they fight to gain
                                                                   breeding access to females. Elk are very large unpredictable
*For more information go to:                                       animals that can easily seriously injure or kill someone
            without warning. It’s wise to respect these beautiful and
        m                                                          powerful animals.
                 *For more information go to:
                   
2. Blue-green algae blooms:                                       2. Campfire Safety:
Some blue-green algae blooms can be toxic or poisonous if         Campfire’s can be very dangerous. It's important to know
the water is swallowed by wildlife, livestock, pets or people.    how to properly build and clean up an outdoor fire

*For more information go to:                                      *For more information go to:
              
                   m
        ?AID=/20070809/OPINION0434/708090323/-                        
        1/SPORTS11                                                        ety
                     
        Health-Fact-Sheet.pdf                                             1/Campfire-Safety-Tips/Page1.html

3. Pedestrian Safety:                                             3. Poison Oak:
Safety is a shared responsibility for all road users, including   The genus Rhus includes poison oak, poison ivy, and poison
drivers and pedestrians                                           sumac, all of which may cause severe skin reaction on
                                                                  contact and can require either medical attention or restricted
*For more information go to:                                      activities.
        safely.cfm                                                *For more information go to:
                 
               
        ety.aspx                                                      

4. Chainsaw Safety:                                               4. Slips and Falls:
Chainsaws can be lethal and can cause injury or death in the      Slips and falls amount for a lot of pain, suffering and
hands of an uninformed and unaware operator.                      sometimes (much too often) even death.

*For more information go to:                                      *For more information go to:
                   
        w.htm                                                         
               
        es                                                                ml

                        November                                                          December
1. Car Maintenance:                                               1. Needlesticks:
One of the ways to keep yourself safe is to regularly maintain    Needlestick injuries are wounds caused by needles that
your vehicle.                                                     accidentally puncture the skin. These injuries can occur at
                                                                  any time when people use, disassemble, or dispose of
*For more information go to:                                      needles. When not disposed of properly, needles can
             become concealed in linen or garbage and injure workers
               who encounter them unexpectedly. For example,
        Vehicle-Maintenance-Safety-Tips-For-                      participating in a highway cleanup.
        Women&id=1236159                                          *For more information go to:
                          
                     andards.html
        .woa/wa/route                                                 

2. Personal Hygiene:                                              2. Dehydration:
Personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect     Thirst is a sign of dehydration and means that your body
ourselves and others from illness.                                doesn't have enough water in it to keep it working right. If
                                                                  you're going to be working outside, it's a good idea to drink
*For more information go to:                                      water before, during, and after, especially if it's hot.
           *For more information go to:
         asp                                                        
           
         .nsf/pages/Personal_hygiene?OpenDocument                       n.html

3. Repetitive Motion:                                           3. Road Rage:
The term "repetitive motion syndromes" refers to a group of     Road rage is a term that describes the aggressive driving of
injuries that result from performing the same physical motion   provoked, angry drivers who have committed acts of
over and over again. Over time, this constant, unvarying        violence, including assaults and murder. It is important to
motion may cause temporary or permanent damage to               recognize the warning signs of aggressive driving in order to
cartilage, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and muscles involved     avoid becoming involved in a potentially hazardous situation.
in producing the motion.
                                                                *For more information go to:
*For more information go to:                                        
                   safety/preventing-road-rage.htm
        rders_rmds/article.htm                                      
             
        n/repetitive_motion.htm                                     
                      prevention-awareness.asp

4. Eye Safety:                                                  4. Choking:
UV radiation, whether from natural sunlight or artificial UV    A choking victim can't breathe, which deprives the brain of
rays, can damage the eye, affecting surface tissues and         precious oxygen. When someone is choking, quick action
internal structures, such as the cornea and lens.               can be lifesaving.

*For more information go to:                                    *For more information go to:
              
        ml                                                          
                                choking.html
                            
               px?pageid=0372
        21137712                                                    