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Software developers can use the SharePoint 2010 developer platform to build business collaboration applications for the enterprise and the Web, all with familiar tools and a rich set of interoperable, out-of-box features. SharePoint 2010 includes extensible framework features and tools for building applications, including Microsoft Silverlight Web Parts and Client APIs, LINQ to SharePoint, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Sandboxed Solutions, and new SharePoint List data relationships.

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									Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Described by Microsoft as the "Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web"
Microsoft SharePoint Application Development 2010 promises to deliver numerous benefits over its
predecessor. It is currently in Beta.

Feature highlights include:

       New user interface, including the new Office Ribbon.
       Web Edit, allowing easy customization of a site.
       Silverlight Web Part, allowing rapid integration of rich Silverlight applications.
       Rich Theming, allowing simplified skinning of a SharePoint 2010 site
       Multiple browser support, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari amongst others.
       Enterprise Metadata Management ("SharePoint taxonomy"), which enables a centralized

Developer Productivity:

       Software developers can increase productivity with Visual Studio 2010 and the new SharePoint
Designer 2010. SharePoint 2010 can be installed on Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Vista for
development purposes. With SharePoint 2010, software developers get a rich set of resources, including
SDK documentation and product features such as the developer dashboard page.

Rich Platform Services:

        SharePoint 2010 provides new features for building business collaboration applications,
including Silverlight hosting for user interfaces, LINQ to SharePoint Portal Services, Client Object Model,
BCS, data relationships, and large list scalability. Using BCS, developers now can integrate line-of-
business data in SharePoint and Office Client solutions easily and with read/write capability.

Flexible Deployment:

         Developers can build Sandboxed Solutions to be deployed on-premises or online, with built-in
API limits and resource governance for administrators. In SharePoint 2010, new Sandboxed Solutions
can be deployed to a corporate intranet or to a shared hosting environment, such as SharePoint Online.

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