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					                               COCC GOLF LEAGUE
                       2007 LEAGUE RULES AND GUIDELINES
                                   Rev. 3/16/07

League Officers
President / Treasurer:           Ken Pound
Secretaries:                     Robert Bessel, Kevin Rogers

The league is composed of four-person teams. Each player on a team is assigned to a flight (A, B, C,
or D). Weekly competition will be based on match play between opposing players from the same
flight. Each team competes for up to 6 points per week, with either zero, one-half or a whole point
being awarded to the team for each loss, halve or win in an individual match, respectively. In
addition, the team can earn up to two bonus points based on results of the team’s performance
within their foursome for that week. The lowest team net score from each foursome will be awarded
1 point. Since your team is split into two foursomes this makes up the 2 team bonus points.

Playing Season
The regular season will consist of two halves. The team with the highest point total after the
first half of the season will play the team with the highest point total after the second half.
The winners of each half will play each other in a one-game (9 hole) playoff at the end of the
league season.

In addition to the regular season and playoff, there will be two weeks in which teams will
compete against each other in a "scramble" format.

Only subs with league established handicaps are permitted during the scramble events. Only
a player of a higher handicap can sub for a absent player. Only players of lower flight than
the missing player may take shots in place of the missing player.

Tee Times
In an effort to promote social interaction and to keep the league fun, all players will be
assigned a tee-off time for their golf match up each week. All players will be assigned an
opponent, a foursome, and a tee time for their match.

Tee times will be assigned weekly on a rotating schedule. Times will be scheduled based on
team matches, as well as rotating players among the four divisions (A, B, C, and D). For
example, in week 1, “A” and "B" players from each team (and their opponents) play
together, while "C" and "D" players from each team play together. Times will be published
prior to the start of each season, and will be distributed to all players.

It is the responsibility of each player, or their substitute, to be at the tee box for the
appointed tee-off time. In the event a player(s) is late for their tee-off time, the assigned
group must wait until the tardy player(s) arrives. The foursome must then wait until all other
teams tee off or, if available, the foursome may tee off in an unoccupied tee time.

If there are multiple teams waiting for players after all other teams have teed off, the team
that had the earlier tee time shall have priority and tee off first (and the missing player(s) will
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forfeit their match). Any remaining teams shall apply the same logic until all teams have teed

If the Course Starter requires members to tee off without allowing an assigned foursome to
golf together, please accommodate the request. Common sense must prevail. Please make
appropriate notations on your score cards to make cross-referencing and scoring easier after
the match. All team/pair matches will be scored as usual, regardless of the fact that assigned
opponents did not play together.

Maximum Score (the “X” rule)
The maximum number of strokes that can be taken on one hole is one over double par. If a
player has scored double par without holing out, they should pick up their ball and proceed
to the next hole. They will score an “X” for that hole. Once a player has hit the ball 1 more
time than double par, the ball should be picked up and the score for that hole should be
denoted with an X. A player cannot win the hole with an “X” score.
example: on a par 4, if I sink the ball on my 8th stroke I will score an 8. If I sink the ball on
my 9th stroke that should be scored as an X but the score will be counted as an 9 for
handicap purposes. If hit the ball 9 times and still haven’t holed out, the ball should be
picked up and an X scored for the hole.

If a regular player cannot participate in a regularly scheduled match, s/he must field a
substitute. It is preferred that all substitutes be the same level of handicap. If the substitute
has not established a handicap with the league, the officers will calculate the substitute's
handicap before scoring the match. It is the substitute’s responsibility to provide a league
officer with proof prior scores before play begins if he/she does not have scores on record
with the league.

The use of substitutes is granted for the convenience of a player on vacation or otherwise
unavailable due to work or illness. A substitute should not give a competitive advantage to
the team. For that reason, a team may not field more than two substitutes in the same match;
this includes scrambles. If this occurs, the team forfeits all points in contention for that
night's match. In addition, substitute players may not replace regular players in a playoff
match. If a regular player cannot attend the playoff, the playoff should be rescheduled
independently between the competing players.

Finding a substitute is the obligation of the regular player. There are no fees due to the
league for substitutes, any reimbursement to the regular player for the greens fees is solely
between sub and regular player.

Absent Players
There may be times when an incomplete foursome has previously confirmed that a missing
player(s) or substitute will not be showing for the round. It is the responsibility of a player
to decide if it is appropriate to tee-off without waiting for their missing opponent. Should
the foursome decide to tee-off without waiting for the missing player, and the player shows
up late, the late player has 2 options…

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1.)They can meet up with their foursome at their next tee forfeiting all holes already played
by the foursome and all missed holes are scored as an “X” for the bonus point
2.) They can join another foursome with a missing golfer or wait until all teams have teed off
and golf a full round. The scorecards will be compared afterward to determine winners.

A unopposed player must complete at least one hole without an “X” score to claim their
forfeited match point. The bonus point will be determined by the other players low net
scores. If a unopposed player does not complete 9 holes and their missing opponent shows
late and completes more holes, the late opponent will win the match point.

In the event both players in a match are missing there will be no points won by either player
and the bonus point will be determined by the players that did show. If no players show no
point are awarded.

Teeing Off
Male players will tee off from the white tees; female players will tee off from the red tees.

The 7th hole will be considered a Par 3 for both male and female players. In addition,
female players will tee off from the front of the lowest most tee box, regardless of where the
red or white tees are for that week.

Suspended Play
If play is suspended by Blue Fox Run the round will be made up at the end of the regular
season pushing back the playoff week. You should take this into account in your plans
because league may go some weeks longer than originally scheduled. Blue Fox Run
determines whether the course is playable or not because of standing water or lightning. In
case of lightning air horns will sound alerting players to return to the clubhouse. Again
common sense and personal safety should prevail. Play is not suspended for rain unless
Blue Fox Run deems it unplayable because of standing water or lightning.

All players in the league will have a handicap tracked by the league. New players will be
assigned a handicap until they have established one of their own in the league.

In order to score a weekly match up the opposing golfers handicaps will be compared. The
player with the lower handicap will have the difference of the handicaps applied to their
score in the following manner:

In a Man vs. Woman match up, the white tees will be used for the purposes of determining
the handicap difficulties for the course.

Please note that we do not issue a USGA handicap. The handicap you receive as part of the
COCC league is intended solely for our purposes to ensure fair competition. If you play in
another club or league, and intend to use your COCC league scores towards an official
handicap, be sure to observe any Rules of Golf that might not be part of our system of play
(Mulligans, preferred lies, etc.).
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At the end of regular season play, the teams deemed winner of each half of the season will
participate in a playoff to determine the season champion. The playoff will consist of match
play between players of the same division on each team. The victor will be the team that
accumulates the most points based on the regular season rules for weekly matches.

Dues & Greens Fees
Dues consist only of greens fees paid directly to Blue Fox, and a small ($2/wk.) contribution
to the prize pool. Players are free to pay the entire balance of their dues, or in two payments
due on or before April 12th, and then the remaining balance due on or before June 28th.

A regular player who misses or fields a substitute for four consecutive scheduled matches
shall be removed from his or her team. The league officers will do everything possible to
replace the player with a substitute of the same handicap who is willing to be a regular player.

Anyone whose team is involved in a playoff must either attend the scheduled playoff night
or reschedule at the convenience of the players involved. Other league players may play on a
playoff night on a voluntary basis.

Because we play in match play format, a player may concede his opponent the hole at
anytime. The opponent is considered to have holed out with his next stroke. This is often
called a “Gimmie”, and usually occurs on the putting green. Please note that you can only
concede your opponent’s next stroke. You may not agree to skip holes, or “all putts for the

Be sure to count any conceded strokes on your scorecard. If you have taken three shots, and
are conceded the hole, your score is 4, not 3.

For the price of $2 you may re-take a tee shot and not have it count against your handicap.
Please note on your scorecard that you took a mulligan and please include the $2 with your
scorecard when turned in after the round. This Mulligan will not harm your handicap, hence
the $2 fee. (note: this is for tee shots only, not for fairway or green play. 1 Mulligan per 9
hole round.)

Closest to the Pin
For the price of $2 you can choose enter the closes to the pin competition. Each week a par
three hole will be selected as the CTP hole on a rotating basis. A tape measure and results
sheet are provided on the green of the hole. You must declare you are participating in the
contest and mark the scorecard accordingly before you tee off. Your shot must be on the
putting green in order to count for the contest. (Balls on the fringe do not count).

You may include your CTP money weekly with your scorecard(indicate which player(s)
played), or pay in advance at anytime. Shots not recorded on the results sheet are not eligible

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for the prize. The Prize is the total dollars in the pool that week. If for any reason no one
has a valid shot on the green the prize pool will roll over to next weeks’ contest.

If you are the first foursome of the day you are expected to bring the tape measure and
results sheet to the CTP hole with you and leave it on the side of the green. If you are the
last foursome you are expected to pick up the results sheet an tape measure an return it to a
league officer.

Preferred Lies
Preferred lies can be used only if you are in your own fairway. The ball may only be moved
to the left or right or away from the pin with the club head not with the hand or the foot or
anything else. You may move the ball a maximum of one club length away, and never closer
to the hole. If you move the ball when it is not in the fairway, you must take a one stroke
penalty. Note that fairway means fairway, not rough, first cut, weeds or pine straw the same
height as the fairway, etc. 

Out Of Bounds
In case of an out of bounds shot, lost ball, or a water shot, the player should drop a ball on
the line of flight and take a one stroke penalty.

Note: if you are counting your COCC league rounds towards a USGA handicap, you must
use the proper stroke-and-distance penalty per USGA rules, and not our rule.

All players must follow standard Rules of Golf procedure for dealing with shots that enter
water hazards or lateral water hazards. If you are unclear on this, please ask Chad Burney or
see the rules section of the USGA website ( This is not difficult to do, does
not require any time (unlike OB policy) and ensures fair play for all.

Grounds Under Repair
Blue Fox is replacing much of the sand in their bunkers. If a ball lands in the replacement
sand pile it will be considered “Ground under repair” and the player can take a free drop no
closer to the pin but to the left or right of the line to the pin as much as needed to take the
replacement sand out of play.

Unplayable Lie
Players are entitled to declare any ball not in a hazard as unplayable per standard Rules of

Speed Of Play
Because we play at dusk, speed of play is critical to ensure fair play for all league members.
Excessively slow play should be brought to the attention of a league officer and appropriate
action will be taken.

Do not cost yourself or your team the match in an effort to rush. Please enjoy your round,
but make common sense efforts to play efficiently. Bags, trolleys or carts should be

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positioned between the green and the next tee so that the green can be cleared as quickly as
possible once putting is finished.

Make sure you keep everything you commonly need in or on your person. This includes
spare ball(s), tees, scorecard, pencil, ball marker or change, etc.

Most importantly, be ready to hit or putt when it’s your turn.

Score Cards
Turn in score cards to one of the league officers after the match.

Prizes for 2006 will include, but are not restricted to the following:
    1. LEAGUE CHAMPION TEAM. Determined by the results of the playoff between
        first- and second-half leading teams. The Prize is some cash amount TBD, and
        recognition on the plaque at its humble but visible position above the water cooler.
    2. The scramble champion team, based on lowest total score to par for all 18 holes
        of scramble play (both halves).

Awards are delivered at the season-ending Championship week.

Interpretation and modification of the league rules will be the responsibility of the league
officers after the organizational meeting. In case of dispute, the officers will meet to hear
the issue(s) involved and make a judgment. All decisions made by the league officers will be
made fairly, but are final.

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