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iTurbo Release



Media Contact: Kevin Sniffen
               The Hamilton Group
               212-213-3144 x1208

                      Voxred International LLC Introduces the iTurbo:
                      Emergency Juice For Many Popular iPod Models
           No More iPod Entertainment Interruptions Due to Low or Dead Batteries

LAS VEGAS, January 8, 2007, CES – Voxred International LLC, the company that launched the popular Turbo
Charge cell phone charger, today introduced the iTurbo, a portable power source for the iPod mini, iPod nano,
iPod with scroll wheel, iPod color and iPod video. A Made for iPod Licensed product, the stylish iTurbo is
affordable and easy-to-use.

“Whether it’s music, movies, TV shows, audio books, games or other forms of entertainment, iPod users no
longer have to worry about being stranded with a dead battery when away from home,” said Norman Docteroff,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Voxred International, LLC, developers and distributors of the iTurbo.
“Consumers everywhere will find the iTurbo a necessary and everyday companion to the iPod.”

Shaped like a large tube of lip balm and available in all-black or all-white (with matching adapters), the iTurbo is
intended for anyone who uses an iPod -- tweens, teens, Moms, Dads, gym enthusiasts, runners, hikers, business
or leisure travelers, and more. The iTurbo can fit comfortably into a front or back pocket, backpack, purse or
other small carrying case.

The iTurbo offers an “on /off” capability developed to preserve battery life. A faint blue light illuminates when
the unit is “on”. It is reusable, runs off of one AA battery and can be used anywhere in the world. When the
blue light on top of the iTurbo no longer illuminates, simply change the AA battery and the iTurbo is ready for
use again.

When an iPod indicates the battery is low, simply plug one end of the iTurbo adapter into the iPod and the other
end into the iTurbo. The blue light on top of the iTurbo will become brighter, indicating that the iPod is
receiving a safe flow of energy. If an iPod battery is completely dead, plug it into the iTurbo, wait a few
moments, and then, continue using the iPod.

The amount of additional playtime supplied by the iTurbo depends upon the make and model of the iPod. For
example, when an iPod nano battery is low, the iTurbo can supply up to nine additional hours of playtime.

For $24.95, consumers can purchase one iTurbo, one AA battery and one matching adapter at The iTurbo will be available in several leading national retailers such as Best Buy, Bed-
Bath & Beyond and The Sharper Image, among others. Additional news materials and high-resolution images of
the iTurbo are available by clicking on the “Press Room” link on

About Voxred International LLC
Based in Clifton, New Jersey, Voxred International develops, produces, and markets a variety of consumer electronics and
computer related products. In January 2006, Voxred introduced the Turbo Charge; additional information can be obtained
by visiting


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