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Annex to the


									                   Memorandum of Understanding

        Academic Collaboration and Cultural Co-operation


                          Institute of Sociology
                                on behalf of
                     Asia-Pacific Research Program
                             Academia Sinica


               International Institute for Asian Studies
                Leiden/ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

         In the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, for the purpose of
    disseminating knowledge to benefit and serve the Asia-Pacific region,
the Institute of Sociology at the Academia Sinica, on behalf of the Asia-Pacific
   Research Program (“APARP”), and the International Institute for Asian
Research (“IIAS”) hereby sign a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) for
 Academic Collaboration and Cultural Co-operation, which is co-signed for
                             approval by APARP.

The Institute of Sociology at Academia Sinica and the IIAS are hereafter
referred to as the “Parties”.

1. The aim of this MoU is to strengthen mutual understanding, to foster friendly
   co-operation, and to promote academic collaboration and exchange between
   researchers from the Academia Sinica and the IIAS.

   In pursuit of this aim, the Parties hereby agree to undertake, within the
   framework of the regulations applying in each of the institutions, and
   subject to the availability of resources, the following activities:

    1-1.   Research collaboration, including joint research projects, the
           exchange of faculty members and research personnel;
    1-2.   Exchange of academic and other publications;
    1-3.   Organization of joint conferences, seminars and academic
    1-4.   Mediation for researchers who are interested in visiting other
           institutes within the scope of the network of the Academia Sinica.

2. The terms of, and the necessary resource for, such joint activities and
   exchange programmes shall be discussed and mutually agreed upon in
   writing by both Parties prior to the initiation of the particular activity or
   programme and will be included as an annex to this MoU. It is understood
   that the mode of operation between the Academia Sinica and the IIAS of
   the past five years shall be adhered to as closely as possible in this

3. This Memorandum of Understanding will commence on the date of its
   signing by both Parties, and shall remain in force for an initial period of
   three years. Any amendment of and/or modification to the MoU will
   require the written approval from both Parties. The MoU shall renew itself
   automatically for successive periods of three years unless either of the
   Parties notifies the other party in writing of its desire to terminate it upon
   six months’ notice to the other party. The termination of this MoU shall
   not affect the implementation of the projects or programmes established
   under it prior to such termination.
On behalf of Academia Sinica       On behalf of the International
                                   Institute for Asian Studies

________________________________   ________________________________
Ying-Hwa CHANG                     Wim STOKHOF
Director,                          Director
Institute of Sociology

___________________                ___________________
Date                               Date

Hsin-Huang Michael HSIAO
Asia-Pacific Research Program

                          Annex to the

    between the Asia-Pacific Research Program (“APARP”) at the
   Acdemia Sinica and the International Institute for Asian Studies

                                         article 1

This annex specifies the short term exchange of excellent researchers (at PhD level)
as mentioned in the Memorandum of Understanding, article 1., signed on May15,

                                         article 2

The IIAS grants researchers from the Academia Sinica 6 “research months” per
calendar year, to be divided over max. two fellows. Per fellow a max. stay of three
months is allowed. The APARP selects the researcher(s) that it wants to send to the
Netherlands for a certain period, and submits name(s), curriculum vitae, a short
research proposal and preferred time schedule to the IIAS. Upon joint agreement
these researchers will be invited by the IIAS. An identical procedure takes place vice
versa: the APARP grants the IIAS 6”research months” per year, following the same
terms as mentioned above.

                                         article 3

The sending institute may offer the researchers a grant to cover such expenses as the
international flight, living expenses, etc.; the receiving institute will arrange for
adequate housing, and office facilities (computer, office supplies, etc.) where
available at the institutes related to the concerned researchers’ field. In both institutes
a contact person will be functioning as intermediary.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the APARP and the IIAS sign this ANNEX in
duplicate in the English language in Leiden/ Taipei, May 15, 2002.

On behalf of the                           On behalf of the International Institute for
Asia-Pacific Research Program              Asian Studies

Hsin-Huang Michael HSIAO                   Wim STOKHOF
Director                                   Director

Date                                       Date

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