Good Bears of the World Auction

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					                        Good Bears of the World Auction
                                July 22, 2006
                             San Jose, California

1. To be added.

2. Twink is a 1997 Robert Raikes, 18” mohair bear. Hand-signed on the bottom of
   the left paw pad. This bear has a hand-carved face and paw pads. She has
   butterfly wings and a flower pedal collar. She is #31 of a Limited Edition of 250.
   The original certificate is enclosed. Donated by Barbara Jo Hernandez, Bearo
   #1004 and a member of the Beary Good Friends Den in Columbus, Ohio.

3. “Billy B. Bear is by artist Marji Bebiak. He is dark brown, short curly mohair and
   has glass eyes, vintage quilt paw pads, filled with wood wool, polyfil and glass
   beads. He is 15” tall and has beige striped overalls. He is holding “Little Silly
   Bear” who is created by artist Linda B. Schaff. He is mohair with glass eyes,
   filled with polyfil and steel shot. He wears a cozy red jacket. He stands 3” tall.
   Donated by the artists.

4. This is a 20” artist bear in a beautiful cream colored curly mohair and wearing a
   lavender ribbon. The bear is soft stuffed with suede paw pads, glass eyes and is
   fully jointed. A truly huggable bear. Donated by a friend of GBW.

5. “Glory” is an 18” artist bear by Lori Casey of the Oz-Some Bear Den in Salina,
   Kansas. He is made of German mohair. He has leather paw pads, a vintage back
   pin, vintage donkey pin, a hand stitched nose and German glass eyes. He carries a
   vintage flag. This wonderful bear is ready to celebrate the 4th of July or any
   patriotic holiday with you. Donated by the Oz-Some Bear Den.

6. Steiff Gulliver. The original Gulliver was created in 1996 by artist Cindy
   Anschutz as a traveling ambassador for Good Bears of the world. GBW is
   honored to have Gulliver chosen to be reproduced by Steiff. This bear is #146 of a
   Ltd. Ed. Of 5000. He is made of golden mohair, stuffed with acrylic fiber and has
   glass eyes. He wears a GBW logo sweater and a Steiff pin. Donated by GBW.

7. A 14” black alpaca bear by Florida artist, Kathy Sheppard. She has glass eyes
   and leather paw pads. She wears a wonderful hat and has a matching collar and
   front vest. She carries a rose and plays “The Sting.” Donated to GBW from the
   Naples Museum collection.

8. “Love” is an adorable 10” golden mohair bear by Japanese artist Keiko Sago. He
   is made of German mohair, soft stuffed with pellets, has glass eyes and is fully
   jointed. He sports patriotic patches on his belly and arm.
9. “Emily” is a 12” gray, plush bear by artist, Neysa Phillippi of Purley Neysa. She
   has velveteen paw pads, amber glass eyes and is pellet filled. She has a squeaker.
   Donated from the Naples Museum collection.

10. “Hans the Hiker” is made by artist Kay Elmore of Sugarloaf Mountain Bears in
    Illionis. He is 20” tall and made of a dense plush. He wears jeans and a sweater
    and hiking shoes. He carries binoculars and a walking stick. In his backpack he
    has his lunch and a toothbrush. Hans is ready to come and stay with you!
    Donated by a friend of GBW.

11. This 14” mohair bear is made by English artists Iris and Rowland Chesney of
    H.M. Bears. He has glass eyes and leather paw pads and is softly stuffed for a
    really huggable feel. He sports a green plaid ribbon and has a growler. Donated
    by GBW.

12. “Captain Bully” is a House of Nisbet bear which was made to salute the inaugural
    publication of Teddy Bears and Friends magazine in 1983. He comes with a
    miniature replica of the magazine. He is #364 of a limited edition of 2500
    worldwide. This bear definitely should be added to the hug of a serious bear
    collector. Donated by a friend of GBW.

13. Haywood U. Huggme is a 20” curly, hand-dyed mohair bear by Wisconsin artist,
    Amy Thornton. He has glass eyes and felt paw pads. He has a needle point heart
    embossed on his chest and carries his own flag. If you shake him you will hear
    that he has a “jingle butt” and you won’t be able to resist a smile! Donated by the
    Somethin’s Bruin Den.

14. “Not tonight, I have a headache” is created by artist Belle Hagerty of BJ’s Bears.
    She is 17” tall and made of German mohair, poly filled, with imported glass eyes
    and suede paws. She wears a sheer pinafore with matching slippers and carries
    her own bottle of aspirin. She is #15 of an edition of 25.

15. “Choco” is a 5” mohair bear by an unnamed Japanese artist. He is softly stuffed
    with shoe button eyes and suede paw pads. He comes with a stand and flower
    pot. How can you resist that impish expression? Donated by a friend of GBW.

16. “Shakesbear” is the first in a series of bears heralding specific English districts
    and inhabitants. The bear was designed for Merrythought by Jackie Revitt. The
    bear is made of golden mohair and is fully jointed. He wears his Shakespearian

17. “Tapestry Sam” is an 18” one-of-a-kind bear by Sally Winey. Made from Italian
    tapestry with glass eyes and suede paw pads. He is fully jointed and made for
    sitting on a chair or a shelf surveying the world. Donated from the collection at
    the Naples Museum.
18. “Mitey Mort II” is a 16” brown plush bear by artist Naomi Morton. He has his
    own Social Security card for identification. He is fully jointed and softly stuffed.
    With that adorable face and pot belly, who could resist a hug! Donated by a
    friend of GBW.

19. Who can resist this adorable 9” bear of palest pink mohair by the Japanese
    company, Izu&Co. Softly stuffed with glass eyes and wears a plaid ribbon. She
    promises not to take up much room in your hug. Donated by GBW.

20. “Bandit” is a black and white panda by artist Rhonda Unverzagt of Fairland,
    Indiana. He is made from short/dense German mohair, is fully jointed with glass
    eyes and poly/pellet filled. He is 13” tall with original hang tag. Donated by a
    friend of GBW.

21. To be added.

22. “Abearican Teddy” is an 8” bear by artist Susan Harter of Mulberry Meadows.
    He is #11 of 75. He is a made of mohair with shaved paw pads and is fully
    jointed. He sports a patriotic collar and is small enough to tuck into your luggage
    for the ride home. Donated by a friend of GBW.

23. “Kevi Bear” combines the talents of Robert Raikes with the melodies of
    internationally acclaimed musician Kevin Roth. Kevi is made of plush with the
    traditional Raikes carved face and paws. He comes with a cassette of bear-related
    tunes played on a mountain dulcimer. This bear is a limited edition by Applause.
    Donated by Bear-Cal Den.

24. “Monk” is a 15” mohair bear of by artist Leeann Snyder of Busser Bears. He is
    #2 of 4. Made of German string mohair with merino wool foot pads and German
    glass eyes. Needle sculpted fingers and toes. He is donated by the artist.

25. To be added.

26. “Dandy” is a yellow white and green bear with a hand-stitched dandelion nose by
    artist Martha Burch. She is #3 of 150, made from sparce mohair and suede paw
    pads. She is fully jointed. Had the original hang tag and is signed by the artist.
    Donated by a friend of GBW.

27. Steiff “Forever Friends” Blue 23, special North American edition 1996. They are
    #1929 of a Limited Edition of 4000. They are fully jointed and made of mohair,
    each in a different shade of blue. This pair is mint in box with certificate.
    Donated by the Mo-Kan Teddy Bear Den of Kansas City. They have included
    one their Mo-Kan pins.

28. “Fifi” is a 22” artist bear by Fiona Smith of Absolutely Bear. She is made of a
    luscious shade of peach mohair and is fully jointed. She is soft-stuffed and wears
   an elegant white scarf and a feather in her ear. Her paw pads are sewn with the
   same mohair as her body. Donated by GBW.

29. To be added.

30. 7-1/2” bracelet made with bright, multicolored lampwork glass panda head beads
    and Bali sterling silver beads in a velvet gift box. Made by Bearo Donna Wright.

31. To be added.

32. “Kaspar” is a 20” bear by German artist Hildegard Gunzel. He is #31 of 50
    worldwide edition of the Timeless Fellows collection. He is made of German
    mohair in varying shades of brown. His nose is stitched in contrasting orange and
    he sports a collar of gold string mohair. He comes with a certificate. Donated by

33. “Kaiko” is a 12” black and white panda by artist Kathy Kay of Bears in the Barn,
    Lebanon, Indiana. He is #2 of 5. Made of featherfluff mohair with German glass
    eyes and is fully jointed. Soft-stuffed with suede paw pads. Has the original hang
    tag. Donated by a friend of GBW.

34. Merrythought “Diamond Jubilee” Ltd. Ed. Anniversary bear to celebrate the 60th
    anniversary of Merrythought in 1990. This #1268 of 2500 Ltd. Ed. The bear is
    mohair with velveteen paw pads, is fully jointed and has a growler. Donated by
    Bearos Marilyn and Lee Lewis of Jacksonville, Oregon.

35. To be added.

36. Steiff Louis Teddy Bear 44. During the 1904 World Fair in St. Louis, the Steiff
    Company was awarded the “Grand Prize” of a gold medal. To commemorate this
    award the bear wears a medal with a stamping that is identical to the original
    grand prize. This is #2607 of 3500 pieces, made exclusively for the United
    States. Donated by Bearos Carol and Bill Atwood of Oakhurst, Calif.

37. To be added.

38. Hermann Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider bear. 16” tall, mohair, fully jointed and
    has a growler. He wears a jacket with several TR pins and a Mo-Kan Den pin.
    He comes with a Steiff Teddy Roosevelt poster. Donated by Mo-Kan Den.