VOL. VIII.                                        PHILLIPS ACADEMY, ANDOVER, MASS., MARCH 6, 1886.                                         No. 2i.

                                The-Ttreologgue. -               -       Thlepouting red lips parted in a delici-       Trbe Eartb's Satellite.
                                            I                      ous peal of laughter, and then she spoke.
                       O who is hie of the pensive face,              "' What do you mean, sir? I'm not your          The third lecture in the Abbott Academy
                                      air,        fawn-like grace?
                       The lord-like air, and the fn-llke gra H    darling, and I don't understand you at all." Astronomy Course was delivered by Prof.
                                                                                                                      Thethirdl tureinteAbbottAcadem?
                       And why have his eyes that upward rollstronomy                                                           Course was delivered by Prof.
                       And why is his face so full of soul?           "Don't trifle with me, Hilda; I will not                   Wednesday
                                                                                                                  Young on Wednesday evening, subject
                                                                                                                                               evening, subject
                                           II                      stand it !" said her lover through his set "The Moon." The moon has the most
                       How! know ye not this gentle youth?         teeth.                           _t                            on te earth in te e t
                       He studies peace and love and truth,           Aoss of the imeriousitthe
                                                                      A to s       e
                                                                                                             andearth                            in the effect of
                       But ah! it grieves me this to say,                    oft     i    rious le     head, and the tides, and by the theory of Darwin the
                       How oft' he trendn the other way.           a contemptuous smile was his only answer.                                                 s-
                                           III                        " Say you love me, dear, or if you-can't faceof the earth, but by the reciprocal
                       For every night for hours full,             say that, let me say it for you."              action of the tides on the eth      and moon,
                       lie lingers o'er the midnight glim,           -,    on't knof      hethe                            earth                      and moon,
                      'Tis this that makes his face so dull,               on                                     it has been gradually pushed away, till it
                      And makes his eyes so dim.                   not, Mr. \Tan Holsted, and I'll thank you reached its present distance of about 240,
                                           IV                        not to call me by my first name without 000 miles, varying according to its orbitby
                      'Tib not from pouring o'er his Giekie,"        le ;
                                                                        ave." returned Miss Hildegrde with de- about 20,000 miles. The time of its revo-
                       Nay ! Nay ! It is not this,
                      For he is lost in love and rapture             cision. -                                     lution around the earth is accurately
                      In the Duchess's " Last Kiss."                      ' No ! no ! don't say that! but tell me, known. It is 27 days, 7 hours, 43 min-
                                           V                         Hilda, don't you care for me just a little                s        sid       i.   Th
                      And then 'tis very often.                          .                                         utes 11.545 seconds, sidereal time. These
                       lie gives a midnight -"spread,"               bit."                                         figues are obtained from a record on the
                      And from eating canned lobter                  - -The dark eyes fell for a moment, and ruinsf Nineveh, that in the year 763 B.
--   -                Betakes himbelfto bed
                      Betakes himselfto bed        .                                                               ruinsof Nineveh, ate,      the Was total
                                                                     the rich blood dyed the rosy cheeks. "Per-C., on a certain that inthere year a63 B.
                                           VI ,/
                      Thensays it is fronstudv. ..                   lps I do. just a little bit, was the soft eclipse of the moon between 9 and 10 in
                       From study hard and long,
                       From study hard and long.                     reply. ,
                                                                     reply,                                       the morning. There have been 30,000 odd
                      O Theologue! M T'heologue!                        " Ah! bless you, bless you, my own months sincete             and if the averagewere
                      Prevarication's wrong.                                                                      monthssincethen and         theaveragewere
                                          VII                       Idarling. )Will you kiss me, dear?"           diminished the one hundieth of a second
                      Now fare thee well mv bonnie bov,                 She hesated, then leed fo          rd and the reverse computation would bring the
                      We wibh you every pstoral joy, t               touched hlr warm lips to his, andid her eclipse before 9 'clock.            Having stated
                       And may you always tell the truth.                         j
                                                                     f*ce i ie .. over's breast Neither ,oke                   ,
                      As taught you inyour tender youth,             face on heri over's breast. Neither spoke in what respect some of the motions of
                      And if in ministry you fail,                   for a moment, so deep was their emotion, the moon are still a puzzle to astronomers,
                      Just go and study law at Yale.                 nor lid they notice the angry clouds which lie explained how it is that while the moon
                                                                       ad obscured the sun, norl the dtull moan- rot;tes on its axis it still has but one face
                                                                     ingofthe rising wind A el of ever toward us. There is no air, no life of any
                       Gady rildegard's                  Dow         berating thunder startled them fiom their kind on its surface, while its heat is of low
                            Or, THE FATAL KISS:                      silence, and the young lover looked tip iitensity, and about similar to the heat a
                                      ___BY LANCE     I)
                                                      BEV      U ii with dismay at the sudden turmoil of the block of ice would diffuse.
                       BY LANCIIE GENEVIEV             ) VE AU.      elements. Tile flapping of the sail warned     As much of the moon as is visible has
                     ,or " hef sitl of.ao ,
                     A                  Lti,"       Sadot.tby Oa," him, and he rushed to the helm, but all in been surveyed and mapped tnhough tele-
                            The Bride of an flour," etc., etc.

                                 (CHAPTE R IO
                                 CHAPiTER 1.
                                                                        vain. On the instant the squall struckht scopes much more completely than has the
                                                                                                                                more            than
                                                                        them and overturned the boat as though it surface of the earth. There is no patch on
             I                                     11                        n
                 N     VIIICHI IIAR0   1D   VAN'    OI.SrED    'IXI)S I were made of paper, throwing itsprecious the moon's surface of half a mile square
                        HIMSEL     A    HERO IN     SPITE 0'         b      n   iOF
                                                                                  .   s*hin
                                                                                      ...             rirt
                                                                                          a       w
                                                                     burdle ll ito the seething
                                       HSE              E                                               ters.       that is not accurately mapped.   The height
                                                                         For a moment Harold Van Hoisted was of the mountains on the moon is accurately
                     The last golden rays of te webtern sun; overcome by the suddenness of the cala- measured by the length of their shadows.
             were kissing the placid waters of Lake mity, ut speedily recovering his presence By the illuminated screen the lecturer gave
             Como, and streaming over the dancing of mind, he looked hastily about him for us a very vivid picture of the moon's sur-
             waves, they fell upon a little boat and its his companion. There, on the other side face and present condition, showing plainly
             two occupants, one, the fair Lady Hilde- of the boat, it seemed miles away, his prac- the mountains, volcanoes and ocean beds.
             garde, the pride of the country round; -t ticed-eye - discovered - -the      dark dress -ofr
             other, the hero of our tale, Harold Vdn woman, and he swam with all his strength                        Tursda        the foth lecture       as
             Hoisted.    A more heautiful type of the for the spot, but when he had reached it no                                  the t of ato     a
             brunette could hardly be found than proud sign of her remained. A sickening fear                    e        te        et           te   e
             Lady Hildegarde, with her soft creamy came over him,              d he cried out with alle         The asteroides he said ae also called
                                                                                                                                        said ale also called
             complexion and dark liquid eyes, and her the strength of his lungs. At that momeanetoides                      and minor panets. A their
             peculiar beauty was more marked when the form of his loved one rose almost beside                  anetoies nd minor planets. All their
                                 pci~uti~t markedi ,when hi
                                                is              fo , e lasttime         ,      .        .     orbits are between Mars andJupiter. 253'
             contrasted with the handsome blonde face him,rang the hisosoe
                                                               for           time,
                                                         cryitrabicuin lastcancse and her imploring    lacein it numbe thei r, total mass amounts to
                                                                                                                  number, their total mass amounts to
             of her companion.      But let us listen to cry 'ng in his ears.                                 about one third the mass of the earth.
             whit they are saying.                          [The continuation of this mystical and Though diverse, their orbits, in respect to
                ' Hildegarde, my own darling, don't itensely thrling tale             owill found onlhe their distance from the sun, form a well
             say no to me f you would not breaNew                                    rk        der,
               say to me if you would not break my great Family Story Paer. for sale by the defined pathway, and suggest that they are
                 no                                                                                       all
             heart," was the low eager entreaty of the newsdealers and stationers. Now is the pieces of a planet which had well defined
             young man.           .                      time to subscribe.]                         .                      Continrnd ox Steoidage.
                                                                      The students and friends of our various            Cmntinirdfrom First Pag.
                                                                   institutions attended in large numbers, ad orbit
                                                                                                              and       was destroyed by an explosion.
Published Weekly by the Students of Phillips                       did not attend Prof. Winchester's lecture, This theory may b e modified by supposing
          Academy, Andover, Mass.                                  to which none of the lectures we have had instead of one, several explosions, that is,
 Entered s Second class Matter at the Andover Post-Office.         this year could   be compared,         and which,        that several of the jieces, after the first ex-
    mAnnlm        u...*----        ----               -s· s        particularly to students, was more valuable plosion, having gone on a while in their
BYall ..................................................                           .25 than the whole People's Course in one." e w orbits, themselves exploded into these
n the Term                                               ...........................................                          pieces which found for themselves other
Single Copies............................       .08 The very statement of the American thatp
                                                     the Academy boys did the balance of cheer- orbits. Of the greatest planets Jupiter is
Editoar-in Chief, J.     . LUND.                     ing at the  sailor lecture" is but a itera-chief, its listance from the sun is 480,000,
                     )                                           v
           Aras.r       G. B. HOLLISTEOR, 'a.        tio-of our words in the oigiil      article, 000 miles and its period about 12 years.
                       Treavurer, F. G. MORGAN, 'S7. ti--o o-r %v-i-*-itnh-e-----                                               -- and h
                                                     namely, " the students and townspeople a-nexT-rimsgitessto Venus and lias
              PRINTER.. OUBSTOM sRET. OSTON,.
       CRAWORDo.                ous                  will cheer to the echo," etc., and is also     oul 300 times the weight and 1200 times
                 school hs lost by deth an added proof of the popularity of this the bulk of the catlh. Its surface is not in
   LAELY te       chool has lost by deathCourse      ith the    We citicised the stud-a white hot o red hot condition but it has
two of her distinguished benefactors, JohnCus          t t   .        iiisdte      I
B. Gough and John Smith. Mr. Gough ents an educate             eople for missing such o dobt a high temperature             short dis-
has repeatedly aided the school in many a chance as Prof. Winchester, and yet at- tance below the surface. It appeas to be
ways, particulaily at the time of the cen- tending these lectures. We still think the in semi-solar condition and to have no
tennial. Mr. Smith was one of the founders   iticism holds. With these                  fixed spots on the sl ll f cc like the sun, its
                                           criticism holds. Withthie facts ill vietion
of the principalship fund, and in addition                       olicing             torotatio being potent in the equatorial re-
to his help to the Academy e assisted in te L deplorable policy of ring         t       o
building the Brechen Theological Library strengthen our argument by refetence to go"- Its sphere shows a series of horizon-
in Andover and the Andover schools in the People's Com se"seems hardly pi o\ed. t ) belts of tl           e-n"t various colors. By
Brechen, Scotland, his birthplace.            We do not see how our E. C. strength- observation of the eclipses of the moon of
  The Lawrence American of last Satur- ens his argument by reference to our men-             Jupitci the distance of the planet fiom the
day,afterquoting the Pliir.LiPIAN'sremarks tion of the Emergency Course and the              sun may be accurately determined by the
about the attendance at Prof. Winchester's Brown Glee Club concert.         We said          know" rate at which light travels and thus
lecture, speaks as followsthey                    (refeig to the students and towns-         a very ccurate means derived for ascrtain-
                                         imei - people) will go to the above entertainments i
                                        te        t                                              the distance of the earth from the sun.
bors ofPhillipin Acadcmy, pblise to criticise the
  bThe Phillips   a
                  caper    ees fit
tastes of the lecture going population of and will not attend this one, given b the T l e lecturer also discoursed upon the
Andover," because of its tfailure to turn out in students."  We neithe     di       that the planets    atur,   Urauus a       Neptue.
large numbers to the lecture of Prof.                inchester.    students."        e               denied         the
                                                                                                              thatneither                                                   Neptune.
While we freely admit the excellency-of-the Emergency lectureswere-va1lable, otl              -- h-ile doubting the-existence bf any inter-
gentlemen's lecture, as is shown in another the founders of the couise were geutlemen, Anercurial-planet-he sid-that-therc-is- high
article, in every particular, we would remind the                                               ,   bamrbrit thpl one will be found outside
school-boy editor that the Andover public is free or that the lecturers were masters of their pobability that one will be found outside
to attend the lectures which its own best judg- profession, or that the Brown Glee Club of Neptune.
ment my dictate. The deplorable falacy re-
sorted to in the unsuccessful attempt to strength- would have it good house the next time         A
en its argument. by refering to the People's it came, and vet the American dleplores                   L   T
                                                                                                      n te L E t le
                                                                                                                            o   ck  S
                                                                                                                                     u l a
Course, is something unknown in the former                                                     evening the bells of the village rung an
history of that sheet. We would furtherremind the reference to the Emergency lectures." alarm call for what 'proved to be the largest
our esteemed neighbor that if the management and strikes up a valiant defense of the Glee                                    t  b
of the People's Course was wrongly informed                                                                                 fire of the   ear.        The night was bitter cold
 with regard to the "sailor lecturer," it was deep- Club, against which not                           word has been and especially bad for                      fire o      account of
 ly regretted;         and   still further say that          the   said.                                                                         bo        ie
lecture referred to was distasteful to the audience,                                         the high wind blowing.    The alarm was
and that the "cheering to the echo," camne al-     Next we come to         bad management" rapidly spread among the fellows and soon
most exclusively from that portion of the hall    nd poor aertisi.        " Te s           - our ol en      ws hud i te irection
occupied by "Phillipians." Perhaps the man-             poor advertising." The same meth-our old engine was hurried in the direction
agement of Prof. Winchester's lecture is more at ods of advertising weie used as in past en- of the smoke and flames which were plain-
fault for the "smallness of the audience which ter.tinments. and in addition, handbills ly visible and which wei& found to come
greeted him," than any other one factor. The
announcement was certainly unattractive, containing an accouunt of the lecture werefrom the Episcopal Church                                                             Tle fire had
and we are of opinion that the lecturer was left at the houses ; if the lecture was il- started in the west end of te                                                    church and
comparatively unknown about hele. The Brown
University Glee Club has in the past, and will. known here it shows extraordinary stupid-                                   owing to the strong westerly winds, Iad
we venture to affirm, continue to have a crowded   in not reading the advertisements, or
house when the weather is auspicious. Our                                              or                                   made such headway that it was useless to
citizens liberally patronize the entertainments lamentable ignoance o the part of the in-                                   try to save the burning  building. The
gotton up by the Academy when properly habitants of Andover, usually supposed to                                            curc     ig  old    d constructed  holly
handled.        We not only fil to see wherein our                                                                                                         constructed wholly
contemporaryfiids ground for cutting corn- be far in advance of the rest of the world                                       of wood, burned like tiider, sending                   out
ments" on the tastes of our townspeople, but in enlirhteiment.                                                                eat showers of sparks nd fiagtent                     of
also fail catch the point .where an intelligentgreat                                                                              showers o
public vId accord to grant the writer of the         The '"boy editor" of the PHILLIPIAN is                                 burning wood which the wind carried                    for
^Mote qes^tion sccess in attempting to "cut." glad to learn that " the Andover public is                                    a long distance, placing the houses in                  its
We cOplore the reference to the          mergency.
Course, the originators of which are gentlemen, free to go to what enteitainments its best                     track in great danger. Before our engine
and the success of which thus far has been un-lage                                                                               cowd had gathered nd
qualified, every lecturer beinga- master of his jugmet dictates."        The public in t                          ie
profession. If the students of the Academy past has generally managed to get along                             when,   picking their way through this, our
would court the patronage of the public, perhaps without our assistance, and probably will                     boys found they could (o no good by
ito m m e n t s be advisable to desist from such
    would                                                                                                      working at the re itself they turned their
            .                                                      in the future, though it seems in this in-ttento
                                                                                                               attention to Mr. Means' house oil which
                                                                                                                             Mr.                 on which
   By the PHILLIPIAN'S mention of the                              stance to have sadly needed some stiong the sparks were falling. After some delay
townspeople we had reference to that part                          hand like the PHILLIPIAN to guide it in the in finding water and further delay in mak-
of the town interested in and connected                            way it should go.    We are also informed ing it "come" a stream was thrown upon
with our various schools here, among                               that " if we would court the favor of the the house, which was thus left out of dan-
whom the PIIiLLPIAN has almost its entire                          public we must refrain from such corn- ger. Mr. Bradley's house, adjoining the
                                                                                                               church, was in the greatest danger, but by
circulation, and not to the people for whom                        ments." We were ignorant that an open the exertions of the Fire Department it was
the People's Course was originally started.                        expression of opinion would hurt the feel- saved. The fire did not last long, on ac-
No one doubts that that Course has been                            ings of the public-but if such is the case, count of the strength of the wind,', {zt
emphatically gficcessful in its prime object,                      we will have to leave said favor to the Am- while it did last it burned with the utmost
which was to bring good entertainments                             erican, and try ourselves to drag out a famerceness at           one.
                                                                                                                                  As near as can beinfog ind
within the reach of people who could oth-                          miserable existence under the eye of public out the cause was a defective flue. The
erwise not afford to hear them.                                    disapproval.                                insurance will probably be secured.

                                     '----   ~   '      --                               -'   -:-
                                                                                              . [.                   ...                                          -y.--J'
                          oston's IrmuSement.
                                                                  At a meeting of the Trustees of Phillips Acad-
                                                               emy, July 8, 8oo, it was "Voted: That the              My Importations of Fine Wool-
                                                               scholars be prohibited from exercising them-
                                            «·.r,, MVRC        selves in any wheel called a federal balloon, fan- ens for the Spring trade are just com-
                                    SATURDAY, MARCH .          dango, or by any other name. Voted: That Hon..
                 BosTON 'rHEA.TRE.-Magagaret Mather as "Ju- Samuel Phillips, Mr. Pearson and Dr. Morse be ing in.           When they are all in I shall
              liet."   lMatinee and Evening                    a committee to consider whetherany plan can be have by far the best assortment I
                                                               adopted by the Trustees of this Academy, for ex-ave            r          t assortment
                 Buou TIIEAmR.--Lydin Thompsonl       in "Oxy- tending and perpetuating to the citizens of have ever offered.          Don't order your
       - '    gen." 2.00.                                      America, the advantages to be derived from an
                 BOSTON MUSEUM.-3Boucicault in "The Jilt." adherahce to the counsels of pen. Washington; spring suit or oversack before look-
              2.00.                                            delivered in his address, and, if any, what."
                                                                  Phillips was a great friend and admirer of ing them over.
                 PARK TEATR..-Madison Square Company WXashinglon.
              ia "Private Secretary." 2.00.
                GLOBE TIEATRE -NModjeska in "As            You    Mr. Edward D. Page, a graduate of Yale, pub-                           A T     T-
              Like It." 2.oo Evenin, - Twelfth Night."
                                            LikeIt."   2.0  "  review and comparison of the history of Yale J -
                                                               lishes in the ,¥tiox Feb. 8th, an interesting
                                                                                     of                                  M .-       .B±A            .  .......                                 DLE;...
                 HOLLISST. THIEATRE.-"The Mikado." 2.00. and Harvard for the last fifteen years. During
                                                               this period Yale has increased from 818 in 1873
                                                               to 856 in 1885, a gain of 4.6 per cent. Harvard,
                                     __ _____-
                                      ____         _     _  or a gain of44.7 per cent. Thus, during twelve                                                        T
                Our mathematical editor has computed that   years past; Harvard's increase has been more
              our tuition costs us about 9 cents a lesson.  than ten times Yale's. Going furtherback, Yale
                                                            has increased from 500 in 866 to 563 in 1885, a                                       MAIN            STREET,                ANDOVER.
                G. S. IcNeill, P. S. '86, and S. B. Johnson, P.
                                                            gain of 12.5 per cent. while Harvard has in-
              A. 86, have had to leave school on account of creased from 419 in 1866 to o168 in 1885, or a
              sickness.                                     gain of 55 per cent. Taking the freshman
                The Episcopal services will be held in the low-
                                                            classes, Yale's freshman class ofthis yeYis 134,                                 H            N                   '   P       N
              er town hall for the present.
              erected as soon as possible.
                                             chapel will be or 22 less than entered in 865, while 258 entered
                                                            Cambridge this year, or 133 more than in 1865.
                                                                                                                                             H EN RY P.                                       NOYE                 ,
                Stetson was struck in the mouth bv a cinder                     F
              al the fire. We are glad to report that there was                                                                              f!hint               ana                    w
                                                                                                                                                                                  U ln tmnkI              Woml
              no damage to his moustache                                                     Tioll                                  1I                                                                    w o
               The Middle Classical class were glad to receive      *J   1",        J.                   N          UN              t        iTO                                  ORDE
              their old friend Tweedv 2nd back.    He has been                                                                                                     TO ORDER.
              home on account of sickness.
                                                                                                     I                  .                                     ~ ~~' F
                                                                                                                                                                 ~-AFULL              LINE OF-
               By an error in our last issue the date of the
              spring-tournament at Exeter was misstated.      It                                                                         I FURNISHINGS,
                is to be held Mlay 15, instead of March 15.
                  All who are going to have photographs ought                                                                                                         CARPETS,
               to sit this term, in order that Mr. McCornick                                                                r
               may have next term forimaking school groups. I                                                                                                         .. E OL
                                                                                                                                                                      TI..                 BEDDING,       ETC
-.--------- --- It habeen voted--by thelHanrard Conference                                                              T                                                         O
               committee that any person caught "cribbing",                                                                                           PARK STREET, ANDOVER.
               in an examination shall be expelled from col-
               Dr. Bancroft and Prof. Conmtock are invited
              to be the guests of Dr McCo,h at the reunion
                                                                                                                                                      HAWES &                      KIRTLAIND,
             ,of New England preparatory schools at Prince-                                                                                  459 WASHINGTON ST.,                                     BOSTON,
              ton, lMarchl I 5th.      '
               The Junior Middle Class has omitted Cicero
                                                                         N ANDOVER,                          MASS.              >                                 UP ONE FLIGHT.
             and be,,un Vir-il this \rek
             and begun Virgil this week.      In h course f
                                              In the course of-                --                                                             Hiere trgis tlenrto-sclect only the mnst artistic and ODD
                                                                                              ----                  -                        DESIGNS in incxpensive and handsome fabrics for DRA-
             time at the present rate how long will it be before                                                                             PERIES PORTIERES and complete INTERIOR
             they read it in the Prep. class?                                                                                                DECORATIONS.
               There is a Yale Freshman who is reported as                                                                                    C. ALGBiR HAWF.                             CIAS. F. KIRTLAND.
             having a "banger"-i, e., a cane which weighs                1                                                               i-------
             more than il lbs. It i pleasant to note such
             evidence of higher culture among the students
             of our American colleges.- Tri-bunec.
               At the conference of theCollege Young Men's                PHOTOGRAPHER                                                   I
              Christian Associaton which met last week atJ
             Brown University, there were fourteen Phillips
                                                                               H T                                                                        /
             Andover men present, and on'Saturday evening 425 WASEINGTON                                 TREET,
             a reunion was held in Manning Hall.4             WAH-llN ,jlS
               Annual "Town Meeting" came on March ist,                                                      BOSTON MASS                                      -
             giving the usual welccme cut.         The license                                               BOSTON, MASS.
              measure was defeated by a vote of 131 to 37, and
              it is highly probable that this large mnajorityM
             seals the fate of our future holidaysrwn                                                                                        Manufacturing Retailers anh Gents' Outter
             question comes utp.                'SPECIA                                  PRICES              0T. ST1UDENTS.                   469 and 471 Essex St., Lawrenc, Mass.
               Saturday. March 20th has been decided upon
             as the day for the winter tournament. As this                                                                               I
             date is a week earlier than was at first contem-)                           A                    T                                                           -                    _
             plated, it is important that all who intend to take
             part should hand in their names as promptly a
                                                                          J.             v   . BRIN
                                                                                                r                           ,                     T                       A              ADI
                                                                                                                                                      A                                   -     '            -
             possible. Preliminaries will take place Sat., 13tllD                                        U        FI                                                              GE NT        L1.
        A-Twelve        Exeter graduates at present in Prince-
                                                                     HARVARD                         OUTFITTER,                                                                                           u-...-
             ton have offered a gold medal to be competed for
             by four representatives from each of the two lit- Tennis Rackets,     '           -                                                                                              -Theatest No-
             erary societies of Exeter-the G. L. Soule and          I       _
             Golden Branch societies. -The contest isto be - "        Tennis Balls, Nets,                                                                                                elties in both Eng-
             one of declamation, and is to take place in the
             last week in May. If tie issue of this contest be                        Jersey Pants,                                                                                      lish and American
             successful it is very probable that the prize will Hose- and Shoes,                                                                  i                                      Manufacture.
             be renewed every year.
               The Germania concert to be given in the Townt              Foot Ball Jackets, and                                              _                           W                          --
                                                                               Bal J       ,
              Hall on the i6th will be one of the most inter-
             esting entertainments which have appeared this
                                                                                             English Rugby Balls,                                                     -
                                                                                                                                                                                                   ILSLEY & CO,
             winter.   The Germnania isan-old-cstablisled
             icompany, andn contains most excellent talent.         8AMPLES OF SUITING                            OVERCOATIN,                 - 81 WASHINGTON STREET.,
             Mr. Lichtenberg's playing is unexcelled. He is
             a second Ole Bull, Mrs. Eames, besides being                                                                                                         Opp. Fnkln treet
             a charming singer, is a most beautiful woman                       ETC., TO BE FOUND AT
             The company has been secured at great expense,
             and deserves n hearty welcome.                              A. S. WICKS, P. A. ROOM.                                                              B O ST O N .
                         English Shawls,                          Ianket and                                    JBAS.                    B           M cALOO N
                                                                                                                                                                                                      &                    CO.,                -
                          Flannel Wraps for men, women                                                          JAS.                     B.          McA

                                                                          ^3 M-]E RCH ANT
  Blanket               I and children. Forthesick-room
   Vrp8 -
                          or bath, or those havingoccasion
                          to be uti nights they are found
                                   nab                                                                                                                                                     TAILORS,
            Noyes Bros.
            Made in the most thorough and
 Evening                  .;;er.rntinegseptioor
            elegant manner. for WEDDINGS,
            Dinner Parties, Receptions, or                                                                 BOWDOIN SQUARE, BOSTON,
  Dress     any occasion.   Constantly on
  Shirts.   hand and to special measure at                                                                                              OPPOSITE                      REVERE                  HOUSE..
            short notice.
 English    Medium Fall and Heavy Winter
Underwvear rWeights in Pure WoolSilk and
     and                 Balbriggan. Mledium andfinest                                                                SPECIAL STYLES -FOR STUDEN
                                                                                                                                          STUDENT                                                                                         -
    _____ Hery,__
           _.grades-at             lowest prices.                                                                     SPECIAL STYLES
Eng. Dress.'  Smoking Jackets, Long Gowns,
 In Jackets   House and Office Coats, Bath
 and Gowns    Wraps, Shawls and Rugs                                                     The patronagewith whirh we have                                                   een favored by thetm has enacbld us to
  Pajamas. f For Steamer Wear, for Sleeping
LongFlannel Cars and Home use. Indispen-                                                             fjdge their tastes and wants, and the, will find in                                                                           our Stock
   Night     sable for those wishing a pro-
   Shirts.   tection from colds.                                                                                                  goods especially suited for their wear.

        Washington and Summer Sts.,
 BOSTON,                                         U.           S. A.                                  s Oufitters,
                                                                                     385              WASHINGTON                                                ST., 1-                                                        f
          F. L. DUNNE,                                                                                (Directly Opposite Franklil                Stect.)
                                                                                                                     BOSTONT -                                                                                '

    I                       NGR ~AI~~LOR.
                        TI \\     TAI LOR.
                                                      G ... ._               F^Our Illustrated Ciatalorues we selnd freen receipt nf.addre-.
                                                                                     Sall sizes in FASHIIONAiLE COI.LAR'S,
                         ~IPV1~ T~n
                          ING     T                                                            ~
                                                                                               GLOVES, tc..alspecialt.
                                                                                       For ten years we have h.d .1 large share of Students' .us-                                                         _                               _
                                                                                     tor, whicfi we much .Ippreciate, .ind irapectfilly solicit lt                                 m
                                                                                     cnntinu.n.     I

   A largeline of goodsfor students'wear.                                                                                                                                                                                                 n

                                                                                                      W. F. DRAPER,                                                           ..                                  -            -----
        338 Washington Street, Boston.                                               Keeps anl Kialds of Bookls and Stationery lUsed

                                                                                       In tie Seloola and Acadrmle of Andover.                                                                   1381                  -   1          6
                                         BEANW,                                                                 PRICES                  LOW.

HAIR                                     CUTTER, FALL RIVER LINE                                                                                                                                                  CHAPMAN
                                                                                                                                                                                   kDINNG ROOMS,*
    TOWN HALL BUILDING.                                                                          ,                                                                                 ld deler in Fruit, Contcctinncr, Cipr. Tobacco :ad
        Towel for Every CustoltiLr.
    A Clean
                       Custer. -AClan..o..elfor.Every                                    1 -        x
                                                                                                       ·            Y Ir1--Xi. AND WEST.
                                                                                                                                 SOUTH                                               Cigarettesnlank Books Statinirv. Iks. Ker.ene
                                                                                                                                                                                               inlckingBrushes, nl.e Hall God., etc.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Oi., C11an,
                                                                                                                     New Iron Ste:amer                                                 A Good Assortment of Kennedy's Fancy Crackers.
           AjtS,                                                                                            ^ILGx-cRI,
                                                                                                            PI           C3I

                                                                                                           :ald the well-known Stc.imers
                                                                                                                                                                                                J. H. CHANDLER,
                                                                                                                                      ___S___ W                             [ I'R0Va

              TA 1LO R                                                               B.ISTOL                          ..        P.O.I.E.CE
                                                                                                                                     ud.lys inclu.
                                                                                        Only Line runillng every d.av In the week, Sll
                                                                                     dcd. Only Line ai:ving Brlnoklyl anidJereyCityconinectinl
                                                                                                                                                                              JOHNSON'S ANDOVER AND BOSTON EXPRESS,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              AND DSALEK 1

                                                                                     by "Annex" boat.
        608    WASHINGTONN STRrEET,
               WASHINGTOnir' tM-.l-. 1                                               bySp"AnnExp"rss leaves Boto fr          Old C'l
                                                                                         SpEcia, Express leaves B,oato fnm Old CCl-,nv Sta.tion, nl                           Periodioals, Stationery, Confectionery, and
                                                                                                                                                                                     Foa-a} ... ,
                                                                                                                                                                                        ~                         ,*.
                                                                                     6 r. M., connccting at F.all Ri cr in 80 minutes, wvith one of                                         Foreign and Domesto Fruit
                                 .       -_-.        -T           ·                  the above-named steanlers.                                                               OPPOSITE TOWN HALL.'                                        ANDOVER.
                        OB -o S          T        1-
                                                 N>                                      Tickets,    .late.roons and bertls secured at lffice ofllc Linlle
                                                                                     3 OLD STATE HOUSE, :land at Old Cololny SLltion
                        (p.         Park TherJ.KENDRICK,                                               Gen. Mannger.
                                                                                       J. R. KENDRICK, Gen. MIanar.
                                                                                                                                                                               15        PER CENT                       CASH DISCOUNT
                                                                                                                .    -----             .
                                                                                                                                     .r,,,-          A    v           .                FROM OUR REGUIAR PRICES, TO ALL
 Special attention given to exclusive styles for                                                           GEbO. L. CONNOII, G. P. A , New York.                                                OU            EGUAR PICES, TO

                                                                                     3 OLD STATE HOUSE,                           -       ..                  BOSTON.              t, nnnt(s                           111                    a5em1
Royal Mail Bicycles and Tricycles,                                                                    HIGGINS &                               UTTLE
                          Don't falt,)                                                               HIGGINS                     & TUTTLE,
                          rx/minW                                     \                                                                                                              alwavs keep on hand a large stck of the FINEST
                                                                                                                                                                                       - GOODS for Younff Men's IX ear in the city.
                          these noted
                          i T     zeelr
                                  a                       -       LST6M             -1                               DU ANLO R                           EXPRESS                    Alsoa larse    tock       of MEDIUM PRICED GOODS.
                          t         vhe
                                    markents                                                 Offce, Brnard's New Block, Main St.                                              Patent Leather Goods
                          F     s
                               a; . Send                                                     -                                                                                             in great variety for Street and Dress Wear.
                         /stamp          forid                    -                  Agents for American and U. S. &Can. Expresses                                                     n      sentlo              t oatt o lng            Stud       of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Altudent of
               ff   ~         IllustratedO                                                                 Bn                                                                       By       entionlf, Ode faot of bring a
                          '-                                                                                   -~-                                                            Fdllips Academy,
                                                                                                                                                                                i                                 you are entitled to              he above
 iAlso, Sportinc Ooodsp Outfits. Fine Guns,
                     and                                                  Rifnes,                .
                                                                                             CHAS-                         H.                 JGILBERT ,                             t.
                                                                                                                                                                                     ^ AT T                            TTTTTot
 Also, Sporting oods and Outfits. Fine Guns, Rile. C                                                HAS.                                                                              BERT,
Fencng Foils, Boxing Gloves, Rods and Fishing Tackle,                                                                                                                    SMALL BROTHERS,
                                                                                             D             E         N           T        I S            T        } 311
                                                                                                                                                                  - 371 WYshngton Street, Corner Bromfild Street,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Street. Corner BroDfid Street
Tourists' Knapsacks,

          WM. READ
                              etc., etc.     Address iorCijrcular,
                                                 & SONS,

                                                                                         10D lSTlX
                                                                                              F                                                 S rX',
                                                                                                                                                T             -shngtonS
107 WALBOTON            TUBIT,                   -            -           00B0I.            DRAPIB'S BLOCK, ANDOVEi, iASS.                                                                                    BOSTON.

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