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We spend our lives trying to avoid adversity, but why not welcome it? After all, overcoming obstacles is the path to greater strength and confidence.

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   Most of us spend our lives trying to avoid
    adversity. We sensibly try to make sure that
    nothing goes wrong with our lives.
   What's more, when things go wrong, we get
    very unhappy. "How could this happen to
    me?" we ask ourselves.
   A lot of people spend a large amount of their
    lives trying to prevent things going wrong.
   This is not an unusual thing to do. After all it
    makes sense to dislike adversity.
   And it is perfectly understandable to be
    unhappy when things go wrong.
   But what if we were to take a different
    attitude to adversity?
   What if we were to relish obstacles and
   After all, history has shown us that adversity
    creates opportunity. It is during times of
    difficulty that we make our greatest progress
    in life.
   We learn the most when overcoming
    obstacles. When life is going smoothly, we
    are not compelled to grow.
   It is only during challenging times that we get
    forced out of our comfort zone. And it is only
    outside of your comfort zone that you can
    truly grow as a person.
   In other words, if it wasn't for adversity and
    obstacles, we wouldn't progress in life.
   As the Chinese proverb says: "A gem cannot
    be polished without friction, nor a man
    perfected without trials"
   True strength is only borne out of difficulty.
   You cannot know your own strength until it
    has been tested.
   And challenges and problems are the way
    that we are tested.
   Just as the muscle gets stronger by being
    pushed to breaking point, so our resilience
    and ability grows by overcoming obstacles.
   When you want to build confidence, you need
    to be strong. You need to be able to cope
    with problems that will inevitably come your
    way (that's life).
   So instead of cursing problems and adversity,
    we should actually relish them. We should
    welcome them. Overcoming obstacles is the
    path to greater strength and confidence.
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