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									                           NORTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                                              580 Whetstone Hill
                                                Somerset, MA

                             Saturday, February 20, 2010
                             10:00 AM – 11:00 AM BOYS
                             11:00 AM – 12:00 PM GIRLS
                                             GRADES 2 - 8

     Please join us for a fantastic basketball clinic conducted by Sarah Behn Basketball
     Camp. Sarah is the former Foxboro High School and Boston College All-American.
     Sarah is presently the Varsity Women’s Basketball Coach at Foxboro High School.

     Sarah and her staff will teach the basic skills of shooting, rebounding, ball handling, and
     all of the other fundamentals of the game. She will teach boys and girls how to practice
     better and improve their skills. Sarah will inspire the players to set goals and teach them
     how to make their dreams come true.

     There will be prizes available for the players to win. Sarah will also donate one, Day
     Camp Scholarship to a week of summer camp.

     Don’t miss out on this opportunity! You’ll learn a lot about basketball and you’ll have
     fun doing it! See you there!

     Please register online at on FREE CLINICS.

           Please contact Gary Pavao at with any questions.
              Any questions, please contact Nathan Dorosario at the Raynam Park and Rec
                Any questions, ·Tel: 508-549-0995 · Fax: 508-549-0998 Email:
P.O. Box 349 ·Foxboro, MA 02035 please contact Nathan Dorosario ·at the Raynam Park and· Rec

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