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Lancashire West County Newsletter
February 2008

A message from your County Commissioner

Hello Ladies,

I hope you‟ve enjoyed your well earned rest during the Christmas and New Year holidays and
come back to Guiding refreshed and re-energised. While you‟re working hard planning the
programme for the girls in the New Year I hope you‟ve stopped for a moment to pat yourselves on
the back for the good work you did in 2007. In the run up to Christmas I was fortunate enough to
be invited to numerous Carol Services throughout the County where I‟ve enjoyed the Services
and shows put on by the Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Young Leaders and Guiders, saw happy
faces on the girls and met grateful parents. All of that, I know, is only a very small part of the
things you do with your Units!

And as soon as the year starts it‟s time to prepare for Thinking Day. For those of you who went
to Liverpool for „The World in One City‟ celebration I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed
the experience. You can still take part by downloading the World in One City activity pack (log on
to, do some of the fun activities with your Unit and earn the badge.
Application date for ordering the badge has been extended to 31 March 2008.


From your County President
Congratulations on the launch of our newsletter. This is an excellent venture. I hope you find it as
interesting as me hearing what is going on around the County. I was fortunate enough to join a
coach of excited Brownies and leaders from Poulton Breck and Blackpool to the World Thinking
Day in Liverpool. The Capital of Culture, “World in One City” event. We had a wonderful time, not
to mention learning “Spanish dancing” & performing in the new indoor arena. The finale to the
celebration was truly amazing. Our Brownies from Poulton we also pleased to be able to sit with
Liz Burnley our Chief Guide, so all in all a very happy and successful day.
April 21 is our Annual Celebration Evening at Blackpool Football Club. You will all have
received application forms by now so please don‟t hesitate, book early, your County
Commissioner and myself look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for all you are doing in Guiding to make Lancashire West the best

Elaine Robinson
Trefoil Guild

Trefoil Guild on the Move.
Due to an increase in membership, Blackpool South Trefoil Guild has moved to larger premises,
and we are fortunate enough to have been offered the use of Aysgarth Day Centre, off Highfield
Road. Our first meeting there will be on 26th February 2008 at 7.30pm. If you would like to join us
or just find out more about what we do please come along.

Stalmine and Hambleton Rainbows

Rainbows from Stalmine and Hambleton had their first sleepover At Poulton
Guide Headquarters at the beginning of February it was the start of our
celebrations for the Rainbows 21st birthday year. The girls and guiders all
brought their fairy wings and made lots of fairy items including tiaras,
wands, fairy bread and jewellery. Everyone went home looking forward to the
next Sleepover. Jackie Holden

Rainbow Sunflower Project
The Rainbow Sunflower project is at Heyhouses Infants School on Tuesday the 18 March from
                                                                             st  nd
6.15pm- 07.15pm. They will also be having a sleepover at Fylde Scout HQ on 21 -22 of March.
Jean Lees.
Olivia’s 21 birthday Party
The Rainbow‟s are to celebrate Olivia‟s 21 Birthday at a huge party at Kirkham Grammar School
on 11 May 1-4pm. A reminder to all Rainbow Guiders that the closing date for applications is the
8 March.

Olympic Fun Day
A Chinese Olympic Games Themed day is planned, 8 June at Kirkham Grammer School. The
event is for Brownie Sixers. Each Division is to make a Chinese Style Dragon and every unit a fun
flag. These will be used in the opening and closing ceremonies which all the Brownies will take
part in. 50 places are available for each division and flyers and application forms will be circulated
soon. The closing date for applications is 1 May

Senior Section
‘We are off to Japan’

A loud sound echoed loudly around the peaceful campsite and groans mingled with cries of: „Get
up, you‟ve all had a good sleep, time to rise and shine!‟ This was the first morning of international
selection and, having had less than five hours sleep, we dragged ourselves our of our warm(ish)
sleeping bags.

We had been chosen at a camp in the spring to attend the next stage of selection. A few months
later; we were, once again, surrounded by mud. This time at Guys Farm. We soon got into groups
and were making towers from spaghetti and marshmallows as well as being challenged to
entertain a „Russian‟ guest who was lost and wanted to see how Guides in England amuse
themselves. Our contribution was the Zombie/Penguin Song which everyone participated with,
and looked very silly doing! Finally we crashed into our tents at about one or two in the morning.

We were now being woken up, before it was even light (about 5-30) to salute the rising sun. We
did Tai Chi, sang the „Okey Kokey‟ and then went to get dressed. For breakfast the leaders
presented us with some rather lumpy porridge which, we were to learn afterwards, was meant to
be extra watery and with „added ingredients‟. This was to test our ability to stomach unusual
foods. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but we both ate it and went up for seconds. We were
astonished to find that, we were expected to eat yet another meal at about eleven o‟clock of
bacon, sausages and eggy bread.

During the day we were split into groups for activities and challenges. These included assembling
and taking down an old ridge tent properly, writing WAGGS on the ground using a compass as
well as an egg dropping competition; involving the team using‟ two pieces of A4 paper, sellotape
and string, to safely transport our egg about 8 metres to the ground without it breaking. These
challenges we were given marks for teamwork, co-operation etc.

The next day we had to complete an obstacle course to earn our breakfast. Everyone had to help
each other finish the activities to earn food substances to make our breakfast. Our last challenge
was a short presentation about what we had learnt and enjoyed at the weekend.

About three months later, we both received a letter saying that we had been chosen to travel to
Japan in July 2008. We are over the moon and have started eagerly fundraising and applying for
grants. We will be spending some time in Tokyo as well as home hospitality and a world camp
with other guides from Japan, Thailand etc.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us achieve this. Phoebe Haigh, Zoe Taylor. Fylde South

The Friends of Guys Farm Activity AGM
The A.G.M. is to be held at Guy‟s Farm on the 12 March 2008 and will commence at 7pm.
The speaker is Miss Bannister and she will be talking about “Life and Times of a Female Brain
Our next event is the Garden Party, 1st July 2008. Tickets are available from Sally Winter price
Our Lancashire West Group of Friends will be pleased to welcome new members and appreciate
their ideas and help for future events to be held in the County. Forms are available from Audrey
MacNaughton or can be printed off by clicking on the icon below.

Competition Result

As you will have seen the winning name for our newsletter is Shout It Out! The winning entry was
from Muriel Ward. Congratulations Muriel your Marks & Spencer gift voucher will be with you

The World in One City

Everyone seems to have enjoyed this event however when an event on this scale is organised
there are always things that could have been better. Concerns have been raised about the health
& safety at the shop because of the volume of people in there and the queuing on the stairs also
at the lack of first aid facilities at the sleepover. The Rainbow craft was disappointing; the
Brownies didn‟t get their lanterns to take home. Distance between events and the lack of
directions of how to get to the next event. If you attended this event and received an evaluation
sheet please complete and return it so things can be improved for our next big event.
It certainly wasn‟t all doom and gloom, below is one Brownie‟s view of the day and guess which
part was probably the first thing she told her parents ………. Alison Priestley
“Today I went to Liverpool with Brownies. On the ferry we had something to eat, we fed the
seagulls and 4 Brownies made their promise. After the ferry we went to the shop, it was great!
Then we went for a walk, we sang some songs, I was the leader of one of them. Then we sat
down and had something to eat. Then we walked to the Russian Dance Club and saw a dead rat
while we were waiting outside. We learned a dance. At the arena we did our dance it went really
well. Then we went back to the coach and went home.” Bethany White, 39th St. Cuthberts Brownie

                                        The World in one City

GOLD (Guiding Overseas Link Development)

Lydia would like you to help her with her 2008 GOLD trip to Madagascar. She is hosting a
MAD-AGASCAR Fun Evening on Thursday the 10 of April at 7.30pm in the Victoria Suite Cliffs
Hotel Queens Promenade. Tickets are £1 and light refreshments are included. More details to
80 Birthday

On 15th March this year the 19th Blackpool (St Mark's) Guides will be celebrating 80years of
There will be a celebration Camp Fire at the Church (Westcliffe Drive, Blackpool) together with a
hot pot supper.
The Guides will sleepover after the event and attend a Church Service the following day to
celebrate the 80th Birthday.
If anyone out there can put us in touch with former leaders or Guides, please get in touch with
Audrey on

Does anyone have old uniforms we could borrow to help our presentation of "19th Guides then
and now"? Audrey MacNaughton

Following the severe rain we had early in the year on the 21 January Kilgrimol flooded. The
centre will remain closed until we receive further advice from the Insurance Company and any
necessary repair work has been carried out.
The water was about 15 inches deep and the fire brigade helped move the electrical equipment
and furniture. They couldn‟t pump the water away as the drains were full and because of the
amount of water that was on the airport land next to us. The Brownies and Rainbows are still
meeting but have both moved out until things are sorted out. Sue Allen.
20 Anniversary

At the end of last year Blackpool North Division completed their „Take up the Challenge‟ for their
20 Years Celebrations.
The challenge was taken up by Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section, Guiders and the
Trefoil Guild. A tremendous amount of work went into completing their challenges with
Rainbows/Brownies and Guides eager to show off their work. I‟m sure that planning a patrol meal
with a budget of 50p a head meant that the Guides had a lot of research to do. Congratulations to
everyone who took part. Alison Priestley

4 March            Welcome to Guiding       Newcomers to Guiding Kirkham Methodist Church
8 March            Leadership Sleepover     Senior Section             Guys Farm
13 March           Safety Awareness         Adult Leaders              Cleveleys Park Methodists
15 March           Outdoor Show             Senior Section             Birmingham NEC
28 March           Rainbow Sleepover        Rainbows                   Various Venues

And Finally

There were a number of people who didn‟t receive their copy of the first newsletter and to give as
many people as possible the opportunity to see the newsletter it will included on the Region
website. Details of the link will be emailed out to you.

If you have anything you would like included in the next newsletter, have any comments on the
newsletter, feel that your unit, district or division isn‟t being represented (if this is the case please
send me an article to include). Or you would like further information about any of the events
mentioned please email me at

Alison Priestley

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