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New Chairperson for IPC Women in Sport Committee: The IPC Women in
Sport Committee (WISC) is pleased to welcome its new Chairperson, Tine
Teilmann. The Committee would also like to thank the former Chairperson,
Ann Cody, for all her hard and dedicated work to initiate the WISC, set up
the WIPS Network and promote girls and women within and outside the
Paralympic Movement. The WISC is made up of the following members;
Sima Limoochi, Jean Stone, Beatrice Hess, Harouna Ousmane and Tine

From 20 to 22 October 2006, the WISC met in Bonn, Germany, to identify
the aims for the next four years. They are to increase awareness and
understanding of gender equity within the Paralympic Movement and
develop leadership. For 2007 some of the actions of the WISC are:
      To set up networks in each region, linked with Regional Paralympic
      Committees and Organizations;
      To provide opportunities for girls and women to receive leadership
      training including advocacy and management;
      And to fulfil the goal of having a Women in Sport Leadership Summit
      in each region by the end of 2008.

In addition, the section of the Women in Sport Committee has been
updated on the IPC website (, in the ‘IPC’ section,
under ‘Organization’.

During the IPC Sports Council in October 2006,          the WISC had the
opportunity to meet with the Chairpersons from all       the sports to learn
more about the accomplishments and challenges           the sports face in
developing sport opportunities and increasing the        number of female
athletes competing.


Kenya: In July 2006, a total of 43 participants from all eight provinces of
Kenya, with guests from Tanzania and Uganda, took part in a National
Women in Paralympic Sport Leadership Training. They had the opportunity
to share their experiences and take part in leadership training facilitated by
an international expert associated with the Canadian Association for the
Advancement of Women in Sport (CAAWS). As a result, a Kenyan Women
in Paralympic Sport Committee has been set up and each participant has
developed an action plan for their province. For more information please
visit the WISC section of the IPC website or contact Grace Maina,
Chairperson at

                   FESPIC Games: Sima Limoochi, member of the WISC, gave a presentation
                   titled ‘Women in Sports: Issues, Aspirations and Strategies’ and
                   participated in a panel with a contribution on ‘The future of Women in the
                   Paralympic Movement in Asia (Gender Opportunities)’ during the FESPIC
                   Congress in November 2006 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

                   At the FESPIC Games 17 of the 27 nations that participated brought
                   female athletes. In Table Tennis there were 179 athletes, of which 43
                   were female. In addition, 13 of the 48 umpires were female. Three Iranian
                   female athletes participated in Table Tennis at the FESPIC Games and
                   won two silver and a bronze medal in the single events, as well as a bronze
                   medal in the team event Class 3.

                   Women from eight Islamic Countries met in Malaysia in November 2006,
                   while attending the FESPIC Games, to share experiences, identify issues
                   and solutions, and set up a network to link to the IPC WISC. This group
                   recommends an increase in opportunities for representation and
                   participation of women in sport structures within Islamic countries, in
                   competitions, and in sport technical positions.

                   Iran: The Women’s Goalball team from the NPC of Iran, through training
                   with the Islamic Republic of Iran Sports Federation for the Blind, finished in
                   second at the FESPIC Games. There are currently 40 female Goalball
                   teams competing in a league and national championships. Before departing
                   for Malaysia a 10-day training camp was held. For more information please
                   contact Amin Allahmani at

                   USA: Aerial Gilbert (USA) is planning to be part of the first US Paralympic
                   Rowing Team to compete in the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. “Rowing
                   has been a metaphor for the interdependence I experience that allows me
                   to lead a full life.” To read more about her career and plans, please visit
                   the FISA website at

                   African Seminar on Women in Sport: The International Olympic Committee
                   (IOC) Women in Sport Commission held an African Seminar on Women in
                   Sport in Cairo, Egypt, from 25 to 28 September 2006. The complete
                   report is available in English and French. To request a copy please contact
                   Clarissa Brack Burdeu at

                   Denmark: The Danish Government, under the direction of the Minister of
                   Sport and Cultural Affairs, has identified Gender Equity as it’s top priority
                   for 2007. The goal is to have more women in leadership positions within

2                  sports organizations.

                   WOMEN IN THE NEWS

                   Jean Driscoll (USA) received the Wilma Rudolph Courage Award from the
                   Women’s Sports Foundation in 2006. The Award is presented to a female
                   athlete who exhibits extraordinary courage in her athletic performance and
                   demonstrates the ability to overcome adversity.

                   Anne Wafula Strike (GBR) was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Action
                   on Disability and Development (ADD), an international development charity.

                   Aimee Mullins (USA) is the first Paralympian elected as President of the
                   Women’s Sports Foundation.

                   Linda Mastandrea (USA), former Paralympian, was named Co-chair of the
                   2018 Chicago Bid Athlete’s Council.

                   Wheelchair Basketball player Marni Abbott (CAN) will be inducted 31 May
                   2007 into the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. Abbott
                   won her first Paralympic gold medal at the Barcelona 1992 Paralympic
                   Games and was Canada’s flag bearer at the Atlanta 1996 Paralympic
                   Games. Since retiring from competition, she has coached Wheelchair
                   Basketball at the provincial and national levels.

                   FROM THE SPORTS

                   Table Tennis: The International Paralympic Table Tennis Committee
                   (IPTTC) is working hard to advance the representation of females in
                   leadership positions, as technical officials and on the field of play. At the
                   2006 IPC Table Tennis World Championships, 26% of the umpires were
                   female. Furthermore, IPTTC has also allowed women of the Muslim faith
                   to compete in their traditional dress.

                   Wheelchair Basketball: In 2007, for the first time, the International
                   Wheelchair Basketball Federation will have ten women’s teams competing.

                   Wheelchair Rugby: The promotion of Wheelchair Rugby for women has
                   taken off. At a Development Camp in Poland in September 2006, the first
                   all female team from Germany named ‘Not Guilty’ competed against the
                   other   all-male  teams.  For  the    complete    story  please   visit



                   IMPORTANT DATES

                   International Women’s Day: Celebrated annually on 8 March, International
                   Women's Day (IWD) is the global day connecting all women around the
                   world and inspiring them to achieve their full potential. We encourage all of
                   you to take this opportunity to organize special events or simply
                   appreciate the accomplishments of female leaders and athletes within the
                   Paralympic Movement. Each year thousands of events take place around
                   the world. To learn more please visit

                   European Year of Equal Opportunities for All: The European Parliament
                   has designated 2007 as the “European Year of Equal Opportunities for
                   All”. The four core objectives of the initiative are Rights, Representation,
                   Recognition,    and    Respect.     For     more     details  please   visit

                   FACTS & FIGURES

                   Research: In 2006, the Women’s Sports Foundation (USA) published a
                   report titled “Women in the 2006 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games:
                   An Analysis of Participation, Leadership and Media Coverage”. This report
                   specifically examines the issues in the Olympic and Paralympic Winter
                   Games from both an international and United States perspective. To view
                   the full report please visit


                   Share your stories, experiences, and other information with the WIPS
                   Network by e-mailing:

                   The next issue of the WIPS Network Update will be published in July
                   2007. Please submit your contributions to the Women in Sport Committee
                   no later than 15 June 2007. E-mail: or fax +49-228-

                                                   Thank you!

                                    © 2007 IPC Women in Sport Committee



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