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					                                                            6 Years Boys     1st   Toby Kolstad
                  ELLIOTT HEADS                             60m              2nd
                                                                                   Zachary Sindel
                                                                                   Jessie Warwick
                      REVIEW                                7 Years Boys     1st   Mason Haigh
                                                            60m              2nd   Lockie-Thomas Peter
        Ph: 4159-6242 Fax: 4159-6416                                         3rd   Alfie Rickards
     Email:              8 Years Girls    1st   Jessica Jones-Healy
           Edition 20         18 June 2009                  80m              2nd   Natasha Van Der Zwan
Thought for the Week:                                                        3rd   Sharnee Fox
It is better to try and fail, than to fail to try at all.   8 Years Boys     1st   Kyle Sindel
                                                            80m              2nd   Noah Davison
                                                                             3rd   Jacob Lions
Thank you again to staff and parents for the                9 Years Girls    1st   Hayley Hall
wonderful day yesterday that was our Athletics
                                                            80m              2nd   Ariel McIntosh
Carnival! A special thankyou to Mrs Taske, Mrs
                                                                             3rd   Hannah Beasley
Gollshewsky and Mr Garland for their great
                                                            9 Years Boys     1st   Joshua Smith
organisation, and to all the parents and community
                                                            80m              2nd   Brock Peter
members who cooked and served in the tuckshop
                                                            10 Years Girls   1st   Sophie Davey
yesterday. If I start to mention names I’ll end up
                                                            80m              2nd   Rhiannon VanDerZwan
missing someone out. A big thank you too, to
                                                                             3rd   Breanha Wilson
Bargara SS and Kalkies SS for marking the oval
                                                            10 Years Boys    1st   Brayden Haigh
and Norville SS for the use of their shade tents in
coordinated House colours. As I sit this morning to         80m              2nd   Koby Sliwka
write the newsletter I am very grateful for                                  3rd   Clayton Hall
yesterday’s perfect weather and not today’s!                11 Years Girls   1st   Emily Beasley
                                                            100m             2nd   Aaliyah Harding
The day could not have run more smoothly if we
                                                                             3rd   Sarah Newitt
tried, the food was wonderful and we even had
                                                            11 Years Boys    1st   Jimi Wilson
time for a little fun with parent/teacher events in
                                                            100m             2nd   Mitchell Ferguson
shot put and relay. I understand that some parents
                                                                             3rd   Andrew Nader
have strained muscles in unmentionable places this
morning from the relay, but I don’t think there’s           12 Years Girls   1st   Naomi Jones-Healy
much sympathy amongst staff members! The tally              100m             2nd   Stephanie Walther
now stands at Staff 1, Parents 1. Next year we’ll                            3rd   Roshel Maher
introduce Long Jump for parents. Parents will be            12 Years Boys    1st   Jonhas Lawler
welcome at training sessions!                               100m             2nd   Rhys Castle
                                                            13 Years Girls   1st   Madison Williams
Congratulations to Dolphins House who won the day
                                                            13 Years Boys    1st   Jacob Beasley
by a close margin of 650 to 603 over Turtles who
                                                            100m             2nd   Joshua Peter
were valiant to the end! Once again we saw great
sportsmanship with close to 100% participation              200 METRES
rates and houses cheering for the opposition when           8 Years Girls    1st   Jessica Jones-Healy
record breakers and age champions were                                       2nd   Natasha Van Der Zwan
announced! Well done to our House Captains,                                  3rd   Sharnee Fox
Andrew and Ben for Dolphins and Mitchell and                8 Years Boys     1st   Kyle Sindel
Josh for Turtles. You did a great job motivating
                                                                             2nd   Noah Davison
your houses yesterday boys! Congratulations also
                                                                             3rd   Jacob Lions
to the winners below.
                                                            9 Years Girls    1st   Hayley Hall
SPRINTS                                                                      2nd   Ariel McIntosh
5 Years Girls      1st     Kiarah Tull                                       3rd   Hannah Beasley
60m                2nd     Talei Ell                        9 Years Boys     1st   Joshua Smith
                   3rd     Sarah Hall                                        2nd   Brock Peter
6 Years Girls      1st     Tammy Stevens                    10 Years Girls   1st   Sophie Davey
60m                2nd     Summer Riley                                      2nd   Rhiannon VanDerZwan
                 3rd   Breanha Wilson                         3rd   Sophie Davey
10 Years Boys    1st   Brayden Haigh         10 Years Boys    1st   Brayden Haigh
                 2nd   Koby Sliwka                            2nd   Koby Sliwka
                 3rd   Clayton Hall                           3rd   Clayton Hall
11 Years Girls   1st   Emily Beasley         11 Years Girls   1st   Aaliyah Harding
                 2nd   Aaliyah Harding                        2nd   Alicia Lehmann
                 3rd   Sarah Newitt                           3rd   Emily Beasley
11 Years Boys    1st   Jimi Wilson           11 Years Boys    1st   Ben Davey
                 2nd   Mitchell Ferguson                      2nd   Andrew Nader
                 3rd   Andrew Nader                           3rd   Jimi Wilson
12 Years Girls   1st   Naomi Jones-Healy     12 Years Girls   1st   Stephanie Walther
                 2nd   Stephanie Walther                      2nd   Naomi Jones-Healy
                 3rd   Roshel Maher                           3rd   Roshel Maher
12 Years Boys    1st   Jonhas Lawler         12 Years Boys    1st   Jonhas Lawler
                 2nd   Rhys Castle                            2nd   Rhys Castle
13 Years Girls   1st   Madison Williams      13 Years Girls   1st   Madison Williams
13 Years Boys    1st   Jacob Beasley         13 Years Boys    1st   Jacob Beasley
                 2nd   Joshua Peter                           2nd   Joshua Peter
SHOT PUT                                     RELAYS
9 Years Girls    1     Danielle Lehman       P/1/2            1st   Dolphins
                 2nd   Hannah Beasley                         2nd   Dolphins
                 3rd   Zeannen Taylor                         3rc   Turtles
9 Years Boys     1st   Joshua Smith          3/4              1st   Dolphins
10 Years Girls   1st   Breanha Wilson                         2nd   Turtles
                 2nd   Rhiannon VanDerZwan                    3rd   Dolphins
                 3rd   Sophie Davey          5/6/7            1st   Dolphins
10 Years Boys    1st   Brayden Haigh                          2nd   Turtles
                 2nd   Koby Sliwka                            3rd   Dolphins
                 3rd   Clayton Hall          TUNNEL BALL
11 Years Girls   1st   Aaliyah Harding
                                             P/1/2            1st   Dolphins/Turtles
                 2nd   Alicia Lehmann
                                             3/4              1st   Dolphins
                 3rd   Emily Beasley
                                                              2nd   Turtles
11 Years Boys    1st   Ben Davey
                                                              3rd   Turtles
                 2nd   Andrew Nader
                                             5/6/7            1st   Dolphins
                 3rd   Jimi Wilson
                                                              2nd   Turtles
12 Years Girls   1st   Stephanie Walther
                 2nd   Naomi Jones-Healy     SIDE PASS/LEADER BALL
                 3rd   Roshel Maher          P/1/2            1st   Dolphins
12 Years Boys    1st   Jonhas Lawler                          2nd   Turtles
                 2nd   Rhys Castle           3/4              1st   Dolphins
13 Years Girls   1st   Madison Williams                       2nd   Turtles
13 Years Boys    1st   Jacob Beasley                          3rd   Dolphins
                 2nd   Joshua Peter          5/6/7            1st   Turtles
LONG JUMP                                                     2nd   Dolphins

9 Years Girls    1st   Danielle Lehman       AGE CHAMPIONS
                 2nd   Hannah Beasley        8 Years Girl     1st   Ella Boas
                 3rd   Zeannen Taylor                         2nd   Jessica Jones-Healy
9 Years Boys     1st   Joshua Smith          8 Years Boy      1st   Kyle Sindel
10 Years Girls   1st   Breanha Wilson                         2nd   Beau Moody
                 2nd   Rhiannon VanDerZwan   9 Years Girl     1st   Zeannen Taylor
                2nd    Hannah Beasley                Thank you ladies for helping.
9 Years Boy     1st    Joshua Smith                  CAN CAGE
                2nd    Brock Peter
                                                     The Can Cage is already half full again. Thankyou
10 Years Girl   1st    Sophie Davey & Rhiannon
                                                     to the pixies and goblins who sneak in through the
                                                     night and in the wee small hours of the morning to
10 Years Boy    1st    Brayden Haigh
                                                     fill it up!
                2nd    Jayden Moody
                                                     INTERSCHOOL SPORT
11 Years Girl   1st    Aaliyah Harding
                2nd    Emily Beasley                 If you are behind with sports bus money it would
11 Years Boy    1st    Ben Davey                     be appreciated if you could get it up to date by the
                2nd    Andrew Nader                  end of term.
12 Years Girl   1st    Naomi Jones-Healy             UNIFORMS
                2nd    Stephanie Walther             Our uniform committee are available every Friday
12 Years Boy    1st    Jonhas Lawlor                 morning from 8.30 am for approximately 1 hour to
                2nd    Rhys Castle                   sell school uniforms. Please call in and see them in
13 Years Girl   1st    Madison Williams              the classroom adjacent to the office for all your
13 Years Boy    1st    Jacob Beasley                 uniform needs.
                2nd    Joshua Peter                  EDUCATION TAX REFUND
I am sure that next term, many of these students     How do I claim the Education Tax Refund?
will go onto Salters Oval, Jumps Day and Throws             In your tax return.
Day and represent our school.
                                                            If you don't lodge a tax return, claim on a
                                                             separate form or over the phone.
P&F NEWS                                                    If you use a tax agent, make sure you ask
Thank you to the parents who attended                        them to claim for you.
yesterday’s P&F meeting, after a tiring day at the   The Education Tax Refund lets you claim up to 50
Athletics Carnival. We appreciated your              per cent of eligible education expenses for school
attendance.                                          children. If you are eligible, you can get back up to
Next Meeting: 3.15 p.m. 15th July; the first         $375 for each primary student and up to $750 for
Wednesday of next term. Please come along.           each secondary student.

Chocolate Drive:                                     You can claim things like text books, stationery and
                                                     even internet costs. Remember, you need to keep
The $57.60 for the boxes of chocolates are due
                                                     all receipts for expenses you claim.
NEXT TUESDAY. If you have unsold chocolates
at home please return them and the money for any     If you receive Family Tax Benefit Part A for a
chocolates already sold, to the school by            child at primary or secondary school, you will be
TOMORROW so that we have a chance to sell the        eligible. Some other people are eligible too. To find
remaining chocolates before the payment date.        out more about this and other information such as
                                                     what you can and can't claim go to
Please check your money envelopes. We have
                                            or call
envelopes coming in with:
                                                     the Tax Office on 13 28 61.
   No names
                                                     ASSEMBLY AWARDS
   Incorrect amount, e.g. $35 written on envelope
                                                     STUDENTS OF THE WEEK:
    and $35 in the envelope, when there should be
                                                     P/1/2       ZACHARY SINDEL
    $57.60 in the envelope. Please ensure the
    correct amount is returned.                                  Great efforts in class
Tuckshop Roster                                      3/4         JESSICA JONES-HEALY
1st Friday of month – Jacqui Davey                               A co-operative, helpful class member
2nd Friday of month – Karen Ferguson                 5/6/7       MACEY LIONS
3rd Friday of month – Kylie Lyons                                Diligence in completing her
4th Friday of month – Shaynese Lawler
                                                     PLAYGROUND BEHAVIOUR AWARDS:
Andrew Nader For being responsible                       Queensland Self Defence and Taekwon-Do
Brock Peter       For being responsible                  Academy will be holding an Open Day on Sunday
                                                         July 12 from 9am to 1.30pm. The day will see 4
Jett Christensen For being responsible
                                                         different 15 minute circuits with experienced
Brooke Davison For playing cooperatively                 instructors at North Bundaberg State High School
ICT AWARD:        Macy Lions                             Hall. All welcome. Phone 1800649549 for further
LOTE AWARD: Stephanie Walther                            information.

NEWSLETTER READER: Noah Davison                          FROM KIDS TO KANGAROOS
                                                         A rugby league coaching clinic will be held on
                                                         Wednesday 01 July at Salter Oval. Boys and girls
                                                         aged 5 to 12 are welcome. Cost of $25 includes
Prep/1/2                                                 Boot bag, Mod football, kicking tee, wrist bands
Katrina lost her voice at the carnival yesterday, so     etc. Phone Matt Palin ARL development officer on
she’s away sick (no staying power!), but P/1/2 have      0409069437. Forms available at the office.
had a good week!
                                                         DATES TO REMEMBER
                                                         24 Jun     Reports go home
The class has been enjoying listening to Paul            26 Jun     Last day of term
Jennings trickiest stories. Also they have been          13 Jul     Pupil Free Day
working of their weaving with Mrs Taske and doing        14 Jul     School Resumes.
some ‘straight live ants’ pictures in art. All enjoyed
sports day on Wednesday. Congratulations on your
achievements and high participation rate. I have         TEAR OFF SLIP-P&F MEETING AGENDA
enjoyed my short time with the class. Mrs Brown          I would like the following issue placed on the
and Mrs Gill return next week.
                                                         agenda for discussion at the P&F meeting to
Mrs Roads
                                                         be held on Wednesday 15th July at 3.15 p.m.
                                                         NAME: ____________________________
We have had a good week this week. I thank Laura
                                                         ISSUE: ____________________________
Coutts for her work with the class this term. She
finished up yesterday at the Athletics Carnival,                  _____________________________
but will be back next term for Day Visits leading
up to a two week block in Term 4.
                                                              TEAR OFF SLIP-WINTER UNIFORMS
We had a great class party on Tuesday. Parents did
                                                         I would like to order winter jackets and/or pants.
a great job providing a wide variety of healthy
foods and it was just about all eaten. Thank you         NAME: ____________________________
parents for your support! I hope everyone got            PHONE: ____________________________
plates and containers back.
                                                         _____ jackets @ $25. Sizes: _______________
If you have not paid in full, the second round of
                                                         _____ trackpants @ $12. Sizes:_____________
Mathletics & School Magazine subscriptions of
$16 was due at the beginning of term.
MATHLETICS DISABLE STUDENTS’ ACCOUNTS.                                       Name -
Bundaberg Junior Hot Shotz Football (Soccer)                                 Signed-
Camp: At the Bundaberg Baptist Church during
the school holidays 29 June-3 July, every day from
8.30am-4.30pm. Open to Grades 4-7. Cost is $100.
Lots of giveaways. Ask at the office for a form or
contact John Gallagher on 4151-8222 or by email

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