The Presidents Message by decree


									                     The President’s Message
                 Let’s tackle 2010 in close ranks
The sun has just set on 2009, a most successful year for African sport, a
busy year for the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa.
The challenge is thus even more daunting in 2010, as upcoming major
events warrant us to be more committed and to prepare meticulously.

First and foremost is the Africa Cup of Nations. As a matter of fact, this
major event scheduled to run from 10 to 31 January 2010 shall for the
very first time be organised in a Portuguese speaking country, a country
that showcased itself as a football nation when it qualified for the 2006
FIFA World Cup. This edition shall bring together Africa’s best 16 football
nations, each vying for CAF’s most prestigious trophy. It shall be a real
trial run for Africa, which shall barely six months thereafter host football’s
greatest planetary event.

I am referring to the FIFA World Cup to be hosted by the Republic of
South Africa from 11 June to 11 July 2010. As Africans, we shall on that
occasion be challenged on two fronts: we need first of all to work for a
hitch-free organisation. On that score, I call on all African sports
administrators to back this initiative. ANOCA shall on its part spare no
efforts to ensure a successful organisation. The second challenge that
we must rise to is the participation of the six African flag bearers to the
event. In fact, South Africa, Algeria, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and
Nigeria, who of course are no rookies, should defend Africa valiantly. We
thus expect all sons and daughters of the continent to give them their
unreserved support.

Then there is the maiden edition of the Youth Olympic Games billed for
Singapore in August 2010. This event shall bring together youths of the
world and warrants all African NOCs to get fully prepared to ensure that
Africa is honourably represented. Youths shall not only compete in
sporting disciplines, but they shall also participate in intellectual activities
scheduled by the International Olympic Committee and the Organising
Committee of the Youth Olympic Games.
ANOCA also hopes, in 2010, to organise the maiden edition of the
African Youth Games. This event, which shall from every indication be a
trial run for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games, requires all African
NOCs to give it due importance by participating with their best young
athletes. Negotiations to determine the date and venue of the event are
far advanced.

Finally, Morocco shall in September 2010 host the finals of the world
athletics championships. Scheduled to take place in Rabat, this event
shall undoubtedly bring together the world’s best athletes. Africa shall
again be challenged on two fronts, as we shall be expected to stage a
hitch-free event and participate honourably.

These are some of the events, amongst others, that require careful
preparation. The challenges of the African Sport and Olympic Movement
are legion and all stakeholders are required to stand together and brace
themselves up to face them squarely.

I wish to end this message with the season’s greetings to all
administrators of the African Sports and Olympic Movement. May we be
blessed with more sports glories and consolidate our achievements in

Int. General Lassana Palenfo
                       ANOCA IN ACTION
Ouagadougou plays host to the 26th seminar of Secretaries General
                       of African NOCs

The 26th seminar of Secretaries General of African NOCs took place on
15 and 16 December 2009 at the Azalaï Hôtel Indépendance in
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. After Kampala in 2008, Secretaries
General met again for a capacity building seminar on NOC
administration and to share experiences in this area. The seminar was
organised under the theme “For sustained communication between the
Secretariat General and Member NOCs.”

In his welcome address at the opening ceremony, the President of NOC
Burkina Faso, Mr Pascal Kinda, pointed out that it was more than
necessary, in this era of New Information and Communication
Technologies, to update the knowledge and build the capacities of NOC
Secretaries General.

As for the ANOCA Secretary General, Counsellor Khaled Zein Eldin, who
competently oversaw the overall organisation of the seminar, he began
by lauding the open-mindedness of the President of ANOCA, General
Lassana Palenfo, describing him as a “very democratic” man who is very
interested in and attentive to development issues on the continent. He
further expressed the wish that participants would, during the two-day
seminar, make contributions that will improve communication between
the ANOCA Secretariat General, which he heads, and the various NOCs.
He rounded off with the agenda of the seminar.

When the President of ANOCA, General Lassana Palenfo, took the floor,
he began by lauding the ideals of Olympism, pointing out that “the only
way out is for us to abide by ideals that are in tune with our need for
fulfilment and our right of belonging to what is so aptly referred to as
humanistic Olympism.”

Burkina Faso’s Minister of Sports and Recreation, Jean Pierre Palm, on
his part noted that well-run sports facilities are a sure guarantee for sport
development. He urged participants to follow the various papers with
keen interest so that they would be better equipped to serve their
respective NOCs. During this meeting, participants discussed a wide
range of issues like the running of an NOC Secretariat General, women
and sport: New Prospects, sport marketing, preparation for Singapore

The seminar was attended by 53 NOCs and it ended with participants
taking the next appointment for December 2010.

 The Prime Minister of Burkina Faso grants audience to an ANOCA

On the sidelines of the 26th seminar of Secretaries General of African
NOCs held in Ouagadougou, the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, His
Excellency Tertius Zongo, granted audience to an ANOCA delegation.
Led by President Palenfo, the ANOCA delegation was accompanied on
that occasion by the Director of Olympic Solidarity, Mr. Pere Miro, the
President of NOC Burkina Faso, Mr. Pascal Kinda and His Excellency
Jean Pierre Palm, Burkina Faso’s Minister of Sports and Recreation. The
ANOCA delegation thanked the Government of Burkina Faso for its
hospitality and the warm welcome accorded the various participating
delegations. Lassana Palenfo had this to say: “We are here to thank the
Prime Minister for hosting this brotherly and friendly meeting. We brought
together 53 Secretaries General to make projections for the future, and
also to prepare for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore and the
2012 Olympics in London.”

 ANOCA received in audience by the Speaker of the Burkina Faso
                      National Assembly

House Speaker, Mr. Roch-Marc Christian Kaboré, granted audience to a
delegation of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa
on 16 December 2009 in Ouagadougou. The delegation, which
comprised General Lassana Palenfo and the President of NOC Burkina
Faso, Mr. Pascal Kinda, was there to thank the Speaker of the National
Assembly for promoting sport development in his country. The ANOCA
delegation also availed itself of this opportunity to brief their host on the
major resolutions of the 26th seminar of Secretaries General of African
NOCs held in Burkina Faso on 15 and 16 December 2009 in

     The Mogho Naba grants audience to an ANOCA delegation

A powerful delegation comprising President Lassana Palenfo, the
Secretary General of ANOCA, Counsellor Khaled Zein Eldin, and the
President of NOC Burkina Faso, Jean Pascal Kinda, called on His
Majesty the Mogho Naba, Emperor of the Mossé tribe, on 17 December
2009. Delegation leader, Lassana Palenfo, presented a gift to their host,
which the latter placed in full view in his sports museum. The Emperor
said he was pleased to receive a delegation of the Association of
National Olympic Committees of Africa and emphasised the importance
of sport to the African society. In response, President Palenfo said he
was elated to be received by the Mogho Naba, a most illustrious
custodian of African traditions.

             ANOCA Zone 4 Schedules General Assembly

The Ordinary General Assembly of ANOCA Zone 4 shall hold in Bangui,
Central African Republic, on 14 and 15 January 2010. Top on the
agenda is a conference on the autonomy of the Olympic Movement, but
participants will also be expected to assess the last quadrennial and
discuss the opportunities offered by the digital media for the
development of Zone activities, as well as resolutions of the 26th seminar
of Secretaries General held in Ouagadougou on 15 and 16 December

              Awards: Lassana Palenfo among the best

The media organ, Around the Rings, which has for the past 14 years
distinguished the 25 most outstanding personalities who have stood out
as models in the promotion of Olympism, recently made public names for
the 2009 Golden 25 awards. The President of ANOCA, General Lassana
Palenfo, was elected among these illustrious movers and shakers of
Olympism the world over. Africa’s performances at the Beijing Olympics
in 2008, the vibrancy noticed within ANOCA for some years now, the
election of two new IOC members in Africa in 2009, South Africa’s
successful bid to host, for the first time ever on African soil, an IOC
session in 2011 and Palenfo’s re-election at the helm of ANOCA on 7
July 2009 are some of the achievements that may explain such a choice.
General Lassana Palenfo who is currently an IOC member, President of
ANOCA and President of the Confederation of African Judo, counts
today among the most outstanding administrators of sport and Olympic

                             NOC News
            NOC Cameroon celebrates sports excellence

NOC Cameroon on 9 December 2009 organised a ceremony in
recognition of sportsmen and women who have left their mark in the
country for the past fifty years. Organised at the new Yaounde Sports
Complex, the ceremony, during which journalists and sports
photographers also received awards, was in honour of those who have
valiantly kept the nation’s flag flying during major sports competitions
since 1960, the year Cameroon became independent. It was a heavily
attended ceremony that brought together more than 2000 guests who
were treated to a spectacular musical show. Among those who received
awards were sports icons like Roger Albert Milla and Samuel Eto’o Fils,
as well as Jean Lambert Nang, a sports reporter who formerly worked for
the Cameroon Radio and Television.

Winter Olympics in Vancouver: NOC Kenya selects representative

Kenya shall be represented at the winter Olympics billed for Vancouver
in February 2010 by the skier Philip Boit, who will be participating in the
event for the fourth time. He will compete in long distance skiing, and
undertook a training course in Finland, where climatic conditions are akin
to those required for the winter Olympics. Commenting on his
participation in these games, the sportsman said he was very happy to
represent his country at the Vancouver event. Philip Boit is the only
Kenyan athlete who will be participating in this event.

Senegal: The Kéba Mbaye Foundation backs sports practice among

The Kéba Mbaye Foundation in December 2009 made a donation
estimated at CFA 15,500,000 francs to the Olympafrica Centre in
Somone and the Kéba Mbaye Football Academy in Kaolack. By this
donation, which comprised jerseys, P.E. pants and caps, officials of the
Foundation seek to perpetuate the work of the Foundation’s patron
Judge Kéba Mbaye of blessed memory. The donation was presented to
the Foundation by Thomas Bach, Vice President of the IOC, who is also
a board member of the Keba Mbaye Foundation, which was state-
approved in Senegal in 2008. This gesture aims at encouraging sports
practice and development among youngsters.

At the Olympafrica Centre in Somone, pupils of the Somone 1
Elementary School received 200 tee-shirts, 200 jerseys and 200 P.E.
pants valued at CFA 9,000,000 francs. Constructed in 1988, the Somone
Centre was inaugurated on 24 February 1990 by the then IOC President,
Juan Antonio Samaranch.

In Kaolack, the Foundation donated 80 P.E. pants, 80 tee-shirts and 80
caps to the tune of CFA 6,500,000 francs to the Kéba Mbaye Football
Academy. Created in 2008, the facility has 173 pupils on roll and aims at
developing football from a tender age.

                NOC Zambia: Miriam Moyo re-elected

The General Assembly of NOC Zambia was held on 19 December 2009
to assess the activities of the last quadrennial. It was a very positive
report, which does credit to Miriam C. Moyo, President of NOC Zambia.
This of course explains why she was re-elected to steer the affairs of
NOC Zambia for another term, together with the Secretary General,
Hazel Kennedy. The elections went on in a serene atmosphere that
reflects the image of the Olympic Movement.

        London 2012: Rwanda insists on careful preparation

Rwanda’s Minister of Sports and Culture, Joseph Habineza, who granted
audience to Presidents of National Sports Federations and Executive
Committee members of NOC Rwanda in December 2009, requested the
various Presidents to ensure that athletes are fully prepared for the 2012
summer Olympics billed for London. The minister noted that it was a
critical stage, and he thus requested Presidents of National Federations
to outline a preparatory programme in conjunction with the National
Olympic Committee. He stressed the point that the Government will
spare no efforts to ensure Rwandan athletes are fully prepared for these
games. Represented at the Beijing Olympics by two swimmers and two
other athletes, Rwanda did not bag a single medal, which of course
explains why the government is determined not to be caught off guard in

       Preparation for London 2012: NOC CONGO in full gear

During a meeting held on 2009 December 2009 at the Headquarters of
NOC Congo, the Secretary General, Jean-Paul Ngaloua, requested
Secretaries General of National Sports Federations to submit, as early
as possible, applications for Olympic scholarships. On that score, he
called on the Secretaries General to take necessary measures to
shortlist potential beneficiaries. “For 2012, there are applications for
scholarships that must be submitted to Olympic Solidarity. Given that it is
a lengthy process, we have to begin right away. Federations have the
duty to shortlist candidates. NOC Congo shall set up a commission to
study the files before they are forwarded to Olympic Solidarity,” Jean-
Paul Ngaloua pointed out. The aim of this meeting was to ensure that
everything is put in place to help Congolese athletes to get the best
preparation for the 2012 Olympics in London.
                           African Sport
               Countdown to the 2011 All Africa Games

The first joint preparatory meeting for the 10th All Africa Games billed for
Maputo, Mozambique, held on 11 and 12 December 2009 at the Pestana
Rovuma Hotel, Maputo. First Vice President, Mustapha Berraf,
represented ANOCA at this meeting, which brought together various
stakeholders involved in the organisation of this major continental event.
In his address presented on the occasion, Mozambique’s Minister of
Youth and Sports, His Excellency Fernando Sumbana, stressed his
country’s commitment to host the games. Besides, and according to the
report presented by the Deputy Director General of the Organising
Committee of the Maputo Games, Mr. Penalva Cesar, management
structures of the Games have already been set up, such as the Inter-
ministerial Committee and Working Committees. 24 sports disciplines
have been proposed on the schedule of the 2011 All Africa Games,
which will run from 3 to 18 September 2011. The following sports
disciplines shall feature on the games schedule: Athletics, Boxing,
Badminton, Basketball, Cycling, Chess, Football, Karate, Judo,
Swimming, Lawn Tennis, Table tennis, Shooting, Sailing, Netball,
Gymnastics, Handball, Paralympics Sports (Athletics and Swimming),
Volleyball, Taekwondo, Canoe race, Triathlon, Rowing and Weightlifting.

        Basketball: Huge reward for the lionesses of Senegal

Following Senegal’s victory at the 2009 edition of the African women’s
basketball championships, President Abdoulaye Wade treated the team
to a reception at the banquet hall of the Presidency of the Republic. After
giving firm instructions to his collaborators that everything be done to
ensure that the lionesses are fully prepared for the world championships
in this discipline, President Wade announced that each of the players
and officials be given a category F3 villa. He equally mooted the idea of
the publication of an official archival report that recounts the feats
performed by former Senegalese sports greats. Reverting to the
performance of the lionesses in Madagascar, the President of the
Senegalese Basketball Federation, Mr. Gaye, said that the Lionesses set
off from the onset to win back the continental trophy and actually pulled it

 Nice wins bid to host the 2013 edition of the Francophonie Games

The city of Nice, France, was elected to host the 7th edition of the
Francophonie Games in 2013. Two African cities, N’djamena (Chad) and
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) were also in the run, but the Conference of
Ministers of la Francophonie held in Paris in December 2009 decided in
favour of Nice.

Football: President Laurent Gbagbo honours the black satellites of

Ivorian President, His Excellency Laurent Gbagbo, on 28 December
2009 in Abidjan, hosted a reception in honour of the players of the
Ghanaian U-20 team that won the FIFA world cup in that category after
beating Brazil on 16 October 2009. The heavily attended ceremony,
which was graced by other top ranking Ivorian personalities, was a
symbolic gesture that confirms the status of ambassadors of the
continent conferred on African sportsmen and women who participate in
major events. President Laurent Gbagbo decorated the Ghanaian heroes
during this ceremony, which took place at the presidential mansion
located in the Plateau neighbourhood in Abidjan.

              Mali: 14 villas to reward sports excellence

Following Mali’s victory in the women’s African basketball championships
in Dakar in 2007, the Government promised to build villas for the players
of the national team. The Government has made good that promise and
handed over keys to 14 villas with 14 certificates of occupancy to the
heroines at a solemn ceremony presided at by His Excellency Amadou
Toumani Touré. The 14 villas were given out as follows: 12 villas for the
players, 1 for the assistant coach, Cheick Oumar Sissoko, and 1 for the
two-time Taekwondo world champion, Daba Modibo Keïta.
The new villas are self-contained with a living room, a master bedroom,
two other bedrooms, one internal and one external toilet, a terrace, one
kitchen and an adjoining yard. They were built by the real estate
company, IFA-BACO, on a serviced site located in Sébénikoro on 250 to
300 square metre plots, with the names of various owners written on
their respective doors. Besides the President of the Republic, the
ceremony was also graced by the Prime Minister, Modibo Sidibé, several
Members of Government, sports officials, Municipal Council authorities,
top ranking personalities of Sébénikoro and of course the recipients

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