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                                                          Volume: 2010           Issue: 011
student profile:
                                                          Upcoming EvEnts
Boone Benton
                                                          coFFEE AnD cULtURE
Q: How would you describe yourself?
                                                          Time:             4 :30pm - 6 pm
A happily married, family man who follows
                                                          Location:         UGA Lobby
Jesus, and wants his children to grow up to be
                                                          Date and artist:  Tuesday, February 16 - Nicolai Tanev
Kingdom builders.                                                           Wednesday, February 24 - Andre Bennett
                                                                            Thursday, March 4 - Laura Noel
Q: Do you have any children, hobbies, or pets?                              Monday, March 15 - D. Lammie Hanson
I have two elementary aged children and
three black and tan miniature dachshunds. I               HEALtHY HABits -- stREss RELiEF
play Alta doubles tennis, golf, and enjoy MLB             Please note the change in time for this event.
baseball. I won my fantasy baseball league this           Time:                 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm
year, and I love traveling to new places with my          Location:             UGA Lobby
family.                                                   Dates:                February 18 and 22
                                                                                March 2 and March 17
Q: What is your major?
I’m a doctoral student seeking a Ph.D. in                 HEALtHY HABits -- YogA
Counseling and Student Personnel Services.                Time:               9 am - 10 am
                                                          Location:           Room 141
Q: Last movie you saw in the theater?                     Dates:              Every Saturday throughout the semester
Up (kiddie movie).
                                                          tHERE wiLL BE no YogA cLAss mARcH 6 AnD 13 DUE to spRing BREAk.
Q: What do you do most often when you are
bored?                                                    gwinnEtt givEs: HoUsEHoLD gooDs DRivE FoR gwinnEtt
I surf the web for baseball info to better my             cHiLDREn’s sHELtER
fantasy team and eBay browse.                             Dates:                     March 15-19
                                                          Join in the effort to collect common household items for the Gwinnett
Q: What was the last song you sang when no one            Children’s Shelter, including items like toilet paper, garbage bags, cleaning
else was around?                                          supplies, latex gloves, and paper towels. The Gwinnett Children’s Shelter is
New York, New York (Sinatra).                             a non-profit organization, serving 300-500 local children and their families
                                                          every year since 1987. For a complete listing of their current needs, please
Q: What is the best day of the year?                      visit the Gwinnett Children’s Shelter website.
Last day of public school.
                                                          womEn’s LEADERsHip in pUBLic sERvicE institUtE
Q: What is your favorite thing about UGA?                 Event date: June 8 - 13                 Application deadline: March 15
                                                          The Women’s Leadership in Public Service Institute is a dynamic six-day ex-
The academic reputation of the school, and
                                                          perience that exposes participants to women in leadership at all levels of
the mutual respect between professors and
                                                          government and to women working in community outreach. Additionally,
students. I’m in a 14 person cohort and we have           participants explore leadership lessons and have opportunities to reflect
an amazing group of students. I love them!                and establish achievable personal goals. Students leave with valuable per-
                                                          sonal and professional connections to other women leaders. The Institute
If you would like to be featured in our Student Profile   is a residential forum that provides both formal and informal opportunities
Section, please contact Ellen Dutro at ellendutro@        for networking, learning and growth. Contact the Office of Student Affairs                                                 for more information and an application.
DAwggonE gooD DEAL

check out’s section called “ways to save” for deals and steals in and around Atlanta. the
page features coupons and money-saving tips, such as how to make your own laundry detergent, as well as
articles about other money related topics, like scholarship opportunities and new credit card regulations.

oLYmpic Host citiEs: How ARE tHEY cHosEn?                                     oH YEAH, now i REmEmBER mAking tHAt nEw YEAR’s
                                                                              REsoLUtion to ExERcisE!
By now, most people know that Vancouver has been chosen
to host this year’s Winter Olympic Games, but how many of                     Now that we’re about a month and a half into the new year,
you know how that decision came to be?                                        many resolutions have already been forgotten, but exercising
                                                                              is one thing you can’t afford to forget.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is an elite group
of 105 voters that consider everything about an applicant city                Check out these top 20 reasons to stay motivated at the gym.
from its financial situation to logistical concerns to plans for              Exercise:
an Olympic village.
                                                                              •	   helps you lose weight and prevent obesity
The IOC sorts through regional selection competitions to                      •	   protects you from heart disease
narrow down the field to four cities. Before the final IOC vote,              •	   aids in diabetes prevention and management
each city gets the opportunity to give a one hour pitch, in-                  •	   improves your sex life
cluding speeches, video, and even celebrity endorsement.                      •	   lowers high blood pressure
                                                                              •	   makes you smarter
IOC members then proceeds to vote on secret ballots un-                       •	   gives you more energy
til one city wins the majority of the votes. If no majority is                •	   reduces LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol
reached by the end of each day, the city with the lowest num-                 •	   decreases symptoms of mild to moderate depression
ber of votes is eliminated and voting recommences.                            •	   reduces stress and anxiety
                                                                              •	   reduces your risk of stroke
Unlike the actual games, there are no first, second, or third                 •	   reduces your risk of certain types of cancer
places. Once the IOC has reached a final verdict, only the city               •	   helps protect you from osteoporosis
in first place will win the prize of hosting the Olympic Games.               •	   boosts your self-esteem, body image, and confidence
                                                                              •	   boosts your mood
                                                                              •	   protects seniors from injury
                                                                              •	   helps you live better and longer
                                                                              •	   helps treat and manage back pain
                                                                              •	   helps you manage seasonal activities
                                                                              •	   helps your kids stay active

To read the complete article from which this article was summarized, please   Not buying it? Check out this article in full with explanation
click here.                                                                   of all 20 reasons to exercise by clicking here.

gwinnEtt givEs: pHiLAntHRopic oppoRtUnitiEs

Gwinnett Coalition for health and human services
Volunteers are needed to answer helpline calls, and financial
contributions or donations of goods and services are wel-
comed. For more info., please call 770.995.3339 or click here.

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