Backup Your Data On Your Computer Or Lose It Forever

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					Backup Your Data On Your Computer Or Lose It Forever

Computers, though they are meant to make our lives generally easier, depending on the
perception, usually are much like a double-edged sword. Any person, who has used a
computer for a while, will have an understanding on just how safe their date is. More the
fact, that safe date simply does not exist, when it comes to computers. It really does not
matter what type of work you are doing you have experienced computer failure likely
numerous times. Occasionally, as is expected, we will experience disruptions within the
work we are doing on the computer rather we are laying out a business plan, writing a
book, or simply surfing the internet.

Each piece of data you store upon your computer is in danger of a variety of threats.
Because of this, regular computer users have integrated recovery of data directly into our
knowledge of computers. While it is possible to recover data, it does not mean it is
always a necessity. There are rules all computer users should know and apply; the
following will help in preventing the need to use data recovery.

You should practice regular backups of:

Games you have Saved
Your System Settings
My Documents Folder
My Music Folder
My Pictures Folder
Applications that you do not have copies of

It is important to back up the above; because doing so will help you prevent the need to
use data recovery. When backing up these items you should use secondary method of
storage such as tapes, disks, floppies, or zip drives, this allows you to ensure hard disk

Once you have performed the backup, you will want to keep the backup medium stored
in a location away from your computer where it will be protected from contamination,
heat, and dust, all of which may destroy the data contained on the storage medium. This
helps in prevent data recovery from becoming necessary.

Data recovery is still possible, if you accidentally delete a much-needed file. However,
before running out to buy the data recovery software, you will want to look into your
recycle bin. The recycle bin is the holding folder before permanent deletion. If you have
accidentally deleted an important file, first look there and data recovery could be as easy
and just restoring the file. However, once it has been emptied, recovering in this manner
is not longer available.

If you have ever suffered a crash you know how crucial it is to back up your computer, I
have and I know the damage that can be done. Take the time to back up your computer
before it is too late.

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