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									                                      1st APSC Meeting
  Advisory Panel for Standards Collaboration on Telecommunications related to Motor Vehicles
                               7 September 2004, Geneva, ITU-T

Chaired by Paul Najarian, Director Telecommunications and Standards, ITS America
Objective: Bridge the gap between car companies and telecom industry


1. Introduction of Participants and Opening Remarks
2. Roundtable Discussion regarding the Work Programmes or items (as related to ITS
Telecommunications issues): Who is doing what? Where the overlaps are? What are the timing
issues? What is needed to be done?
3. Mr Francois Abram (ISO) on UN WP29 activities, and how they relate to APSC.
4. ITS activities during the Geneva Auto Show: PALEXPO-related issues, meeting dates, panels,
timelines, etc.
5. Outreach Plan: opportunities for the group. Where should we focus for the next coming year?
6. Administrative matters: disclaimer, web site, next meeting date.

1. Introduction

Mr. P. Najarian, chairman of APSC-TELEMOV opened the first meeting of the group.

2. Roundtable discussion

As an organization, AMI-C has developed a set of specifications. They have developed 4
specifications and 15 technical papers. The specifications deal with multimedia interfaces. AMI-C
is active in ISO/TC 204 and TC22/WG15. Automakers look to develop method of communicating
with the infrastructure. One objective is to reduce number of accidents. In the Fall 2004, US
government and Department of Transportation officials plan to visit Japan and Korea, as well as
Europe in Spring 2005 to learn about such advances in order to draft a policy level decisions.
Practically all regions do the same thing, and are looking to accomplish the same objective,
communicating to and from the vehicles. Therefore, the user perspective is very critical.
As a telecom carrier and service carrier, Deutsche Telekom needs standardization as soon as
possible in order to decide which services to provide and how to discuss with all manufacturers and
suppliers. The E-call service, for example, is one area that requires standardization.
Korea Telematics Business Association was created in September 2003. A Telematics Model City
in Cheju Island (Korea) is under preparation, combining all services and networks available in a
single showcase. Most services will be provided by WLAN and CDMA. The main problem is the
integration of telecom services with vehicles and the carmakers.

As a regional SDO, ETSI has launched several initiatives. A number of such initiatives are directed
under the guidelines and auspices of the European Commission. The e-safety initiative, the Galileo
satellite program, the Global Standardization for Telematics (GST) are a sample of such activities.
Other activities are currently being standardized under ETSI TG37.

ASTAP is a regional standardization organization under the umbrella of the Asia Pacific
Telecommunity (APT), which is equivalent to ETSI for the Asia-Pacific region. ASTAP provides
regional contributions to the ITU and has been active in the preparation of 4 recommendations in
ITU-R, focusing on radio communications in ITS. At the moment, ASTAP has no future plan.
In addition, there is a separate organization in Japan called ITS Info-Communications Forum, which
brings together various ministries, and the Private Sector (more than 200 participating companies)
to define ITS requirements. This Forum has several expert groups; one of them is an International
Task Force on Dedicated Short Range Communications.

ISO: The most relevant group is Technical Committee TC 204, which was formed in 1994. This
TC has nearly 12 Working Groups covering a wide array of applications. Of significance to the
APSC, ISO/TC204 WG16 is dealing with Communications Air Interface Long and Medium Range
(CALM) standards, which will define an in-vehicle communications switch (or modem) to provide
a seamless interface with various communications media (including Infra Red) to the vehicle. At
this moment, TC204 is also facing a Intellectual Property or patent issue regarding the CALM
Infrared standards.

In addition, a few activities may be dispersed through other TCs, as ITS is viewed quite
crosscutting in nature. ISO/TC22 on Vehicles is the lead ISO TC related to any in-vehicle systems.

Telecom Italia, as operator, needs standards. They are involved in a few ITS projects, the most
important is communications safety in tunnels. There are problems to coordinate the work and
development between network operators and car makers, as there is a big difference between the
two sectors regarding the development time and life-cycle between the telecom and automotive

3. UN/ECE WP 29 activities

Mr. François Abram, as liaison officer of ISO to UN/ECE WP 29, gave a short overview on the
activities of UN/ECE WP29. For further information please visit:

4. ITS activities during the Geneva Motor Show

APSC will organize a workshop during the Geneva Motor Show. The Palexpo (in Geneva) has
offered to host this meeting. The following is the preliminary schedule:
Press Conference on the 1st March 2005, at 17:00 PM.
March 2nd, VIP sessions, including keynote speaker.
March 3rd & 4th – technical sessions

A Draft Workshop programme with titles of sessions and session chairs (identified to date) is
provided in Annex 1.
List of participants who attended this meeting is in Annex 2.

Guidelines for speakers and session chairs as well as PPT templates for speakers and for
conclusions will be circulated at the beginning of the week of 13 September to the APSC
Management Team.

As urgent matter, the Secretariat will contact Palexpo to finalize the organization, while the APSC
Management Team is requested to prepare a flyer on the upcoming workshop as soon as possible.

5. Outreach plan
The need to create an international Standards catalogue – mapping the standards organizations and
their specifications, identifying the overlapping issues and the missing points – was discussed.

ITS America has already developed such a catalogue for US domestic telematics standards only.
This catalogue is available on the ITSA web page at This link is to be
put on the APSC webpage.

This catalogue may be a good start to add ISO, ITU, ETSI completed standards..

AMI-C coordinates a summit, twice a year, with various automotive standards association and
industry groups.

On the outreach plan, a 2000-word article will appear in Traffic Technology International (UK) in
the October 2004 issue, which will be released during the ITS World Congress in Nagoya (Japan).
In association with this World Congress, Mr. Najarian has been invited to present the ITU work,
and in particular the APSC activities. Mr. Oyama will moderate this panel.

Key meetings for APSC outreach activities:

      Sep 25 – Oct 10th, 2004, Paris Auto show
      Convergence 2004, Vehicle Electronics to Digital Mobility, the next generation of
       convergence, 18-20 October 2004, Detroit,
      UN WP29 IVS meeting, 22 October, Nagoya, during ITS World Congress
      ITU-R SG8 meeting, 11-15 April 2005, Geneva, hosted by ITU-R
      Joint ISO TC 204 - ETSI TC ERM TG 37 meeting, 18-22 April 2005, Sophia Antipolis,
       hosted by ETSI
      ITS Telecommunications 2005, the 5th International Workshop on ITS Telecommunications,
       27-28 June 2005, Brest, France (1st time held in Europe) – http://conferences.enst-, ETSI, ITU and ISO should participate

6. Administrative matters

Several organizations have already contacted the ITU-T for joining APSC. The APSC process is
fairly open. A public email reflector is established in order to allow at-large participation and to get
inputs from users.

Further discussions were held to determine whether the disclaimer is applicable to documents
placed on the APSC Template. The disclaimer will be adjusted to allow such documents to be
published on the ITU-T APSC template.
                                            Annex 1

                                   Draft Workshop Programme

March 2, Day 1 - VIP Day

09:00-10:00      Opening Session: Introduction and Workshop Scope
                 Session chairman: Mr P. Najarian, Director Telecommunications and Standards,
                 ITS America
                                           Coffee break
10:30-12:00      Session 1: Standards and Business Model Discussions
                 Session chairman:
                                           Lunch Break
14:00-15:30      Session 2: The Policy Issues - Safety, Security, Privacy and Liability
                 Session chairman:
                                           Coffee break
16:00-17:30      Session 3: Global Activities (Europe, Asia, North America)
                 Session chairman:
                                           Coffee break
After Hours      Networking Session (casual)

March 3, Day 2

10:30-12:30      Session 4: eCall
                 Session chairman:
                                          Lunch Break
14:00-15:30      Session 5: Diagnostics
                 Session chairman:
                                         Coffee break
16:00-17:30      Session 6: Devices and Networks
                 Session chairman:
                                         Coffee break
18:00-19:30      Session 7: In-Vehicle Devices
                 Session chairman:

March 4, Day 3

10:30-12:30      Session 8: Interfaces (including voice)
                 Session chairman:
                                            Lunch Break
14:00-15:30      Session 9: HMI
                 Session chairman:
                                            Coffee break
16:00-17:30      Session 10: Mobile Devices
                 Session chairman:
                                            Coffee break
18:00-19:30      Session 11: Mobile Office
                 Session chairman:
                                           Annex 2

                                       List of participants

1.    François ABRAM, ISO Central Secretariat,, +41 22 749 72 69
2.    Hunt BAE, KOTBA,, +82 2 2285 1650 (101)
3.    Keith BRANNON, ISO Central Secretariat,, +41 22 749 72 70
4.    Rodolfo CERUTI, ITU-T, Telecom Italia,, +39 011 22 85 241
5.    Masayuki FUJISE, NICT,,
6.    Stacy KANG, KOTBA,, +82 2 2285 1650 (110)
7.    Jean-Yves Monfort, ITU-T, France Telecom,, +33 2 9605
8.    Paul NAJARIAN, ITS America,, +1 202 271 4225
9.    Livia ROSU, ETSI,, +33 492 94 4367
10.   Jongtaek OH, Hansung University,, +82 2 960 4496
11.   Satoshi OYAMA, HITACHI,, +81 3 5295 1367
12.   Scott McCormick, AMI-C/CVTA,, +1 734 730 8665 (mobile)
13.   Dietmar SCHMITZ, T-Mobile Traffic Gmbh,, +49 228 5201 329
14.   Judit KATONA-KISS, TSB Councellor,, +41 22 730 5780
15.   Vladimir Androuchko, TSB,, +41 22 730 6311

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