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Lighting Fixtures
Published on July 2007

                                                                                                                Report Summary

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Lighting Fixtures in Millions of US$. The specific product segments analyzed are
Portable, Non-Portable, and Parts & Accessories. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan,
Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region and product
segment for the period of 2000 through 2010. The report profiles 469 companies including many key and niche players worldwide
such as Acuity Brands, Inc., Holophane, Lithonia Lighting Company, Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc., Catalina Lighting, Inc.,
Cooper Industries, Inc., Cooper Crouse-Hinds, Inc., GE Lighting Systems, Inc., Genlyte Group Incorporated, JJI Lighting Group, Inc.,
MORLITE Systems, Inc., Lightolier, Thomas Lighting Residential, Grote Industries, Inc., Guide Corp., Hubbell Lighting, Inc., Alera
Lighting, Architectural Area Lighting, Inc., Columbia Lighting, Inc., Prescolite, Inc., Spaulding Lighting, Inc., Juno Lighting, Inc., Koito
Manufacturing Company Ltd., North American Lighting, Inc., Matsushita Electric Works Ltd., Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of
America, OSRAM GmbH, OSRAM Sylvania, Inc., Philips Lighting B.V., Ruud Lighting, Inc., SIMKAR Corporation, KALCO Lighting,
Inc., Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp., Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., Visteon Corporation, and Zumtobel AG Group.
Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL
research and reported select online sources.

                                                                                                                 Table of Content


  1. Market Overview
  2. Market Trends/Issues
  3. Product Overview
  4. Product Introductions/Launches
  5. Recent Industry Activity
  6. Focus on Select Global Players
  7. Global Market Perspective

  1. The United States
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. Europe
  4a. France
  4b. Germany
  4c. Italy
  4d. The United Kingdom
  4e. Spain
  4f. Rest of Europe

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  5. Asia-Pacific
  6. Latin America
  7. Rest of World

        1. 3F Filippi SpA (Italy)
        2. A.L.P. Lighting Components (USA)
        3. Acuity Brands, Inc. (USA)
        4. Add Lighting (NZ) Ltd. (New Zealand)
        5. Adolf Schuch GmbH (Germany)
        6. Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc. (USA)
        7. Aishi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (China)
        8. Akeron (UK) Ltd. (UK)
        9. Akhgar Electric Ltd. (Iran)
       10. Allen Fluorescent Lighting Pvt., Ltd. (Australia)
       11. Alloy Industry Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
       12. Alphalite Electronics Enterprises (India)
       13. Alppilux Oy (Finland)
       14. American Fluorescent Corporation (USA)
       15. AMI S.r.o (Slovakia)
       16. Ampere Electrical Manufacturing Co. Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
       17. Ansorg GmbH (Germany)
       18. Antron Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
       19. Anu Group of Industries (India)
       20. Aplicaciones Electronicas Industriales SL (Spain)
       21. Arevco Lighting, Inc. (Canada)
       22. Arima Optoelectronics Corporation (Taiwan)
       23. Armor Of Light (USA)
       24. Armstrong Industrial Thailand Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
       25. Arnold Houben GmbH (Germany)
       26. Artigiana Lampadari Snc (Italy)
       27. Artilite BV (The Netherlands)
       28. Asia Elex. Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
       29. Astra Lighting Ltd. (India)
       30. B.C.M. Illuminazione Srl (Italy)
       31. Bankamp-Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
       32. Barel AS (Norway)
       33. Ba-Ro GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
       34. Beacon Products, Inc. (USA)
       35. Bega Gantenbrink-Leuchten GmbH + Co. (Germany)
       36. Beghelli - Elplast AS (Czech Republic)
       37. Bell Lamps & Lighting (UK)
       38. Bernlite Ltd. (UK)
       39. Besa Lighting (USA)
       40. Betec Licht AG (Germany)
       41. Bezet-Werk Hermann Buchholz GmbH (Germany)
       42. BJC Fabrica Electrotecnica Josa (Spain)
       43. Bolichwerke KG Lichttechnische Fabrik (Germany)
       44. Boluce Illuminazione Srl (Italy)
       45. Brass Light Gallery (USA)

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       46. Brilliant AG (Germany)
       47. Burn Brite Lights (Vic) Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
       48. C. W. Cole & Company, Inc. (USA)
       49. Callenberg Engineering, Inc. (USA)
       50. Candellux Lighting SP. z o.o (Poland)
       51. Canvibloc SL (Spain)
       52. Carlo Bezzi SpA (Italy)
       53. Catalina Lighting, Inc. (USA)
       54. Century Industries, Inc. (Canada)
       55. Chalmit Lighting Ltd. (UK)
       56. China Electric Mfg. Corporation (Taiwan)
       57. Clipsal Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
       58. Cohausz Leuchten Langfeldleuchten-Fabrik (Germany)
       59. Color Kinetics, Inc. (USA)
       60. Collingwood Ltd. (UK)
       61. Comag Srl (Italy)
       62. Commercial Lighting Systems Ltd. (UK)
       63. Compact Lighting Limited (UK)
       64. Con-Tech Lighting (USA)
       65. Cooper Industries, Inc. (USA)
       66. Craft Metal Products, Inc. (USA)
       67. Cranfield Electrical Ltd. (UK)
       68. Cree, Inc. (USA)
       69. Crompton Lighting Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
       70. Cryselco Lighting Ltd. (UK)
       71. Cyberlux Corporation (USA)
       72. D. W. Bendler GmbH & Co. (Germany)
       73. Daiko Electric Company Ltd.
       74. Davis Cash & Co., Ltd. (UK)
       75. Delta Lighting (China)
       76. Designplan Lighting Ltd. (UK)
       77. Dextra Lighting Systems PLC (UK)
       78. Dialight Corporation (USA)
       79. Divcom Lighting, Inc.
       80. Domilux Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
       81. Domus Line Srl (Italy)
       82. Durlum-Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
       83. E.M.C. Colosio Srl (Italy)
       84. E.R.C. SpA (Elettro Radio Costruzioni) (Italy)
       85. Eaton Electrical, Inc. (USA)
       86. Eckerle Industrie-Elektronik GmbH (Germany)
       87. Edison Opto Corporation (Taiwan)
       88. EDL Lighting Ltd. (UK)
       89. EGLO Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
       90. EGS Electrical Group-Appleton (USA)
       91. ELA Lighting (USA)
       92. Elba (Romania)
       93. El-Co Târgu Secuiesc (Romania)
       94. Elektro-Lumen Sro (Czech Republic)
       95. Elektromotoren und Gerätebau Barleben GmbH (Germany)

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       96. Elektro-Valo Oy (Finland)
       97. Elexi Oy (Finland)
       98. Elios SpA (Italy)
       99. Elko AS (Norway)
      100. Elpe Elektroprodukt SP. z o.o (Poland)
      101. Elplast SP.J (Poland)
      102. Eltam Ein-Hashofet Ltd. (Israel)
      103. Emika Elektromechanikai Zrt. (Hungary)
      104. Endon Lighting Limited (UK)
      105. Ensto Oy (Finland)
      106. Era Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS (Turkey)
      107. ERCO Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
      108. Ernst Rademacher GmbH (Germany)
      109. ETAP Lighting (Belgium)
      110. ETS Elektrotechnische Systeme GmbH (Germany)
      111. Eurofase, Inc. (Canada)
      112. Euroreklama (Poland)
      113. Everbright Lighting And Electrical Co., Ltd. (China)
      114. Excel Lighting Limited (Ireland)
      115. F. Verdeyen NV (Belgium)
      116. Fadjr Lighting Mfg. Ind. Pjs (Iran)
      117. Faeber Lighting System SpA (Italy)
      118. Fagerhult AB (Sweden)
      119. Famco Lighting Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
      120. Famor SA (Poland)
      121. Feelux Co., Ltd. (Korea)
      122. Filomatica Maros Srl (Italy)
      123. Fitzgerald Lighting Ltd. (UK)
      124. Flos SpA (Italy)
      125. Fluora Leuchten AG (Switzerland)
      126. Fluorel Ltd. (UK)
      127. Foscarini Srl (Italy)
      128. Franz Sill GmbH (Germany)
      129. Frend Lighting Industries Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
      130. Fujian Juan Kuang Yaming Electric Co., Ltd. (China)
      131. Fujian Lijia Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (China)
      132. Fujian ShangHang GuangHua Lighting Co., Ltd. (China)
      133. Fulham Company Ltd. (UAE)
      134. Funk + Meier AG (Switzerland)
      135. Furnco AB (Sweden)
      136. Furnlite Inc. (USA)
      137. Future Lighting Solutions (USA)
      138. G.Moscatelli SpA (Italy)
      139. Gebrüder Schneider GmbH (Germany)
      140. General Electric Company (USA)
      141. Genlyte Group, Inc. (USA)
      142. Glamox International - Molde (Norway)
      143. Glashütte Limburg, Gantenbrink GmbH & CO. (Germany)
      144. Great British Lighting (UK)
      145. Grossmann-Leuchten (Germany)

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      146. Grote Industries, Inc. (USA)
      147. Guangdong Zhongshan City Huangpu Yongcheng Spring Electric Co., Ltd. (China)
      148. Guangzhou Jiufu Electric Appliance Company Limited (China)
      149. Guide Corporation (USA)
      150. Gustav Hahn GmbH (Germany)
      151. H & T Mirage - Alvalite (UK)
      152. Hadler GmbH (Germany)
      153. Hafa AB (Sweden)
      154. Hagenauer Electronic GmbH (Germany)
      155. Hager Limited (UK)
      156. Haig Lighting, Inc. (Canada)
      157. Harcroft Lighting Pty. Ltd (Australia)
      158. Harvard Engineering Plc (UK)
      159. Havell's Group (India)
      160. Hellux Leuchten GmbH Lichttechnische Spezialfabrik (Germany)
      161. Helvar Oy AB (Finland)
      162. Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
      163. Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corporation (Taiwan)
      164. Hitachi Lighting Ltd. (Japan)
      165. Honghui Rishun Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd. (China)
      166. Honle UV (UK) Ltd. (UK)
      167. Hoppy Ind Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
      168. Howard Industries, Inc. (USA)
      169. Hsuanyen Electronics International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
      170. Hubbell, Inc. (USA)
      171. Huco AG (Switzerland)
      172. Hughes Light (UK)
      173. Hymite A/S (Denmark)
      174. I Guzzini Illuminazione SpA (Italy)
      175. Icon Emergency Lighting Ltd. (UK)
      176. Idman Oy (Finland)
      177. Ifo Electric AB (Sweden)
      178. IGL Tech Corporation (Korea)
      179. Illuma Lighting Ltd. (UK)
      180. Indeluz SL (Spain)
      181. Indo Asian Fusegear Ltd. (India)
      182. Indulux-Nederland (The Netherlands)
      183. Industrial Electrica Cassanense SA (Spain)
      184. Indy Lighting, Inc. (USA)
      185. Inlight, Inc. (Korea)
      186. Insta Elektro GmbH (Germany)
      187. Intelink Electronic (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. (China)
      188. Inter Power Co., Ltd. (Korea)
      189. Iota Engineering LLC (USA)
      190. Ismos Illuminazione Srl (Italy)
      191. Italsmea SpA (Italy)
      192. Iwasaki Electric Company Ltd.
      193. J. & G. Coughtrie Ltd. (UK)
      194. J.B.P. Technologies Ltd. (Israel)
      195. Jeng Yu Electronic Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

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      196. Jerrard Bros PLC (UK)
      197. Jiangsu Bright Lamps Group Co. (China)
      198. Jiangsu Yaships Lighting & Electric Co., Ltd. (China)
      199. Journee Lighting, Inc. (USA)
      200. Juno Lighting, Inc. (USA)
      201. Kag (Luminaire) Ltd (UK)
      202. Kaiser GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
      203. Kandem Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
      204. Karlskrona Lampfabrik AB (Sweden)
      205. Keselec India Pvt., Ltd. (India)
      206. Kichler Lighting (USA)
      207. Kingfisher Lighting Ltd. (UK)
      208. Klinger-Neon Hansen + Munk GmbH Elektrotechnische Fabrik (Germany)
      209. K-LITE Industries (India)
      210. Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan)
      211. Koninklijke ('Royal') Philips Electronics NV (The
      212. Krok Production and Technical Small Business (Ukraine)
      213. KTO Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
      214. Kumho Electric, Inc. (South Korea)
      215. L & P Laaksonen & Poika Oy (Finland)
      216. L.P. Leuchten GmbH Pasewalk (Germany)
      217. LaMar Lighting Co., Inc. (USA)
      218. Lamina Ceramics Inc. (USA)
      219. Lampadaires Feralux, Inc. (Canada)
      220. Latchwon (Korea)
      221. LDPI Lighting (USA)
      222. LED Lighting Fixtures, Inc. (USA)
      223. Lee Lighting Ltd. (UK)
      224. Legrand S.A. (France)
      225. Leimove Lighting Co., Ltd. (China)
      226. Leone Aliotti Srl (Italy)
      227. Licatec GmbH (Germany)
      228. Lighting Corporation of America (USA)
      229. Lighting Directorect (UK)
      230. Lighting Science Group Corporation (USA)
      231. Lighting Services, Inc. (USA)
      232. Light Waves Concept, Inc. (USA)
      233. LITE Electronic Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
      234. Lite Tech Industries LLC (UAE)
      235. Llumarlite Ltd. (UK)
      236. Lmt Leuchten + Metalltechnik GmbH (Germany)
      237. Los Angeles Lighting (USA)
      238. Louis Poulsen Lighting, Inc. (USA)
      239. LP Leuchten GmbH Pasewalk (Germany)
      240. LSI Industries, Inc. (USA)
      241. Lu Leuchtenumformtechnik Otto Vollmann GmbH & CO., KG (Germany )
      242. Luceplan SpA (Italy)
      243. Ludwig Leuchten KG (Germany)
      244. Luen Yick Electrical Mfg Company Ltd. (Honk Kong)
      245. Lufa France (France)

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      246. Lug SP. z o.o. (Poland)
      247. Lumess AG (Switzerland)
      248. Luminaire (UK) Ltd. (UK)
      249. Lumitron Limited (UK)
      250. Luxima 2 Braci Goduslawskich SpJ (Poland)
      251. Luxo ASA (Norway)
      252. Luxten Lighting Company (Romania)
      253. Lyvia Electrical (UK)
      254. Magnetek May & Christe GmbH (Germany)
      255. Mahnoor Lighting Industry (UAE)
      256. Manufacturas Plasticas May SA (Luxmay) (Spain)
      257. Massive Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
      258. Master Divisione Elettrica Srl (Italy)
      259. Masterlite (Sweden)
      260. Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. (Japan)
      261. Max Muller (UK)
      262. Maxcom-MSk (Russia)
      263. Maxlux Co., Ltd. (Korea)
      264. Mayfield Lamps Pty. Ltd (Australia).
      265. McGeoch Limited (UK)
      266. MCJ Systemy Oswietleniowe (Poland)
      267. Mega Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd.STI. (Turkey)
      268. Megaman (UK) Ltd. (UK)
      269. Meiwa Estate Co., Ltd. (Japan)
      270. Mellert Slt GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
      271. Mentor GmbH & Co. (Germany)
      272. Mercury Lighting Products Company, Inc. (USA)
      273. Meßner GmbH & Co., KG Industriebedarf (Germany)
      274. Metalluk Bauscher GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
      275. Metro Electric Technologies Ltd. (Hong Kong)
      276. Meyda Lighting
      277. MGG Micro-Glühlampen-Gesellschaft Menzel GmbH (Germany)
      278. Milad-E-Noor Productive & Ind. Ltd. (Iran)
      279. Mitsubishi Electric Lighting Corporation (Japan)
      280. Mode Lighting (UK) Limited (England.)
      281. Modern and Classic Lighting (Hong Kong)
      282. Modus Spol. S.R.O. (Czech Republic)
      283. Morrison Lighting (USA)
      284. Myna Electronics Ltd. (India)
      285. Nanjing Sanle Group Co., Ltd. (China)
      286. Nanjing Shuangyang Light Fixtures Co., Ltd. (China)
      287. Navarluz SA (Spain)
      288. NEC Lighting Ltd. (Japan)
      289. Needham Electric Supply Corporation (NESCO) (USA)
      290. Nexxus Lighting, Inc. (USA)
      291. Ningbo Yunhuan Electric Group Co., Ltd. (China)
      292. Niti Luminaire/Niti Industries (India)
      293. Nobile AG (Germany)
      294. Noctron Sarl (Luxembourg)
      295. Norka-Norddeutsche Kunststoff-und Elektrogesellschaf

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      296. Norkar Electric (Iran)
      297. Novaform Lighting Co. (Iran)
      298. Novoline AG (Switzerland)
      299. Nucleo Forme Srl (Italy)
      300. Nuova Irilux Srl (Italy)
      301. Nutech Lighting Corporation (USA)
      302. NVC Lighting (China)
      303. O.M.T., Srl (Italy)
      304. OMS S.R.O. (Slovakia)
      305. Oppo Electronic Co., Ltd. (Korea)
      306. Orion Leuchten Fabrik (Austria)
      307. Ornalux SA (Spain)
      308. Oscaluz S.L. (Spain)
      309. Oshino Lamps UK (UK)
      310. OSRAM GmbH (Germany)
      311. Otto Vollmann GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
      312. Oxford Electrical Products Ltd. (UK)
      313. Oy MTG-Meltron Ltd. (Finland)
      314. Pantallas Altisent SA (Spain)
      315. Pantallas J. Dos SL (Spain)
      316. Paramount Panels (UK)
      317. Paulmann Licht GmbH (Germany)
      318. PDL Industries Aust Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
      319. Peerless Electric Co., Ltd. (Canada)
      320. Permlight Products, Inc. (USA)
      321. PHU "Imperial" Zpchr SP.J. (Poland)
      322. PJR Engineering Ltd. (UK)
      323. Polam-Rem SA (Poland)
      324. Popp GmbH Elektrotechnische Fabriken (Germany)
      325. Porcellane Tecniche Meridionali Srl (Italy)
      326. Potentiel (France)
      327. Power Gems Ltd. (UK)
      328. Prisma Illuminazione (Italy)
      329. Progress Lighting (USA)
      330. Proton Lighting (Sweden)
      331. Quality Home Brands LLC (USA)
      332. Quattrobi Bi SPA (Italy)
      333. R. STAHL Schaltgerate GmbH (Germany)
      334. RAAK Lighting Architectuur BV (The Netherlands)
      335. Radium Lampenwerk GmbH (Germany)
      336. Rechlaternen Herstellungs- Und Vertriebs GmbH (Germany)
      337. Reflux Ltd. (Russia)
      338. Re-Flek Corporation (USA)
      339. Reggiani Ltd. (UK)
      340. Regiolux GmbH (Germany)
      341. Reiss International GmbH (Tettnang)
      342. Renaissance Lighting, Inc. (USA)
      343. Resolux APS (Denmark)
      344. Rexel Australia Electrical Supplies (Australia)
      345. RHAM Industries Aust. Pty., Ltd. (Australia)

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      346. Ridi Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
      347. Robers-Leuchten GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
      348. Roesch Electric AG (Switzerland)
      349. Romlux (Romania)
      350. Ronfell Group (UK)
      351. Rouiba Eclairage SpA (Algeria)
      352. Ruco Licht GmbH (Germany)
      353. Rudolf Marx GmbH (Germany)
      354. Ruud Lighting, Inc. (USA)
      355. RVE Technologie (France)
      356. S.L.V. Elektronik GmbH (Germany)
      357. Safer Electric Corporation Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
      358. San Tzuoo Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
      359. Sarlam S.A.S (France)
      360. SBA-TRAFOBAU JENA GmbH (Germany)
      361. SBA-TrafoTech GmbH (Germany)
      362. SBF Spezialleuchten Wurzen GmbH (Germany)
      363. Scangift Ltd. (Canada)
      364. Schneider Electric SA (France)
      365. Schurter AG (Switzerland)
      366. Sea Gull Lighting Products, Inc. (USA)
      367. Seisler & Co. (Germany)
      368. Selcast OY (Finland)
      369. Selux (CH) AG (Switzerland)
      370. Semperlux AG (Germany)
      371. Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Korea)
      372. SG Armaturen AS (Norway)
      373. Shanghai Aojia Electronics Co., Ltd. (China)
      374. Shanghai Xinhua Electronic Device Co., Ltd. (China)
      375. Shanghai Yaships Lighting & Electric Co., Ltd. (China)
      376. Shin Kwang Hi Tech Company Ltd. (Korea)
      377. Shishi Yongfeng Electronic Co., Ltd. (China)
      378. ShunDe Huada Electronic Appliances Co., Ltd. (China)
      379. Shunde Sun Electric Co., Ltd. (China)
      380. Siam Electric Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
      381. Simkar Corporation (USA)
      382. Simon Lighting SA (Spain)
      383. Simovill Ipari Szovetkezet (Hungary)
      384. SIS-Licht Gebr. Lang GmbH & Co. (Germany)
      385. Siteco Limited (UK)
      386. SLI International Holdings LLC (USA)
      387. Socelec SA (Spain)
      388. Sodirep SA (Belgium)
      389. Soka SAS (France)
      390. Solar Outdoor Lighting, Inc. (USA)
      391. Space Cannon (Italy)
      392. Spectra Lighting Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
      393. Spectral Gesellschaft fur Lichttechnik mbH (Germany)
      394. Starlite Lighting Ltd. (India)
      395. Steaua Electrica SA (Romania)

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      396. Stil Lux Illuminazione Srl (Italy)
      397. Stonco Lighting (USA)
      398. Streetlight Intelligence, Inc. (USA)
      399. Surya Roshni Ltd. (India)
      400. Swivelier co. Inc (New York).
      401. Tae Nguan Seng Heng Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
      402. Taiwan Fluorescent Lamp Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
      403. TAL NV (Belgium)
      404. Talleres Zamora SA (Spain)
      405. Targetti Sankey SpA (Italy).
      406. Targetti UK (UK)
      407. Tasua Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
      408. Taunuslicht - Otto Müller GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
      409. TCI Srl (Telecomunicazioni) ( Italy)
      410. Tech Lighting LLC (USA)
      411. Techno-Vill KFT (Hungary)
      412. Tejlite (India)
      413. Teknoware Oy (Finland)
      414. Teron Lighting, Inc. (USA)
      415. The Light Corporation (UK)
      416. Thomas & Betts Corporation (USA)
      417. Thorlux Lighting (UK)
      418. Thorn Licht GmbH (Germany)
      419. Tiffany Lamps and Lighting (USA)
      420. TIR Systems Ltd. (Canada)
      421. Topmet Producent Nowoczesnego Oswietlenia (Poland)
      422. Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation (Japan)
      423. Tridonic Atco GmbH & Co., KG (Austria)
      424. Trilux-Lenze GmbH Co., KG (Germany)
      425. Troll-J. Feliú De La Peña, S.L. (Spain)
      426. Tulux Ag Licht.Lumiere (Switzerland)
      427. Turnock Ltd. (UK)
      428. Unilux International SpA (Italy)
      429. Union Light Co., Ltd. (Korea)
      430. Universal Lighting China Co., Ltd. (China)
      431. Universal Lighting Technologies (USA)
      432. UV-Technik Speziallampen GmbH (Germany)
      433. Vee-Lite Lighting, Ltd. (Ireland)
      434. Ventilux Ltd. (Ireland)
      435. Versalux Lighting Systems (Australia)
      436. Victor Products Limited (UK)
      437. Vilaplana, S.A. (Spain)
      438. Vimar SpA (Italy)
      439. Virtulite Ltd. (UK)
      440. Visa Lighting, Corporation (USA)
      441. Visteon Corporation (USA)
      442. Vitalighting Ltd. (UK)
      443. VLM SpA (Italy)
      444. Voigt - Lampenschirme GmbH (Germany)
      445. Vulkan Werk Für Industrie- Und Aussenbeleuchtung GmbH (Germany)

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      446. W.A.C. Lighting (USA)
      447. Wadco Lighting (Australia)
      448. Walter Industries Foreign ENT (Belarus)
      449. Weber Myslakowice SP. z o.o. (Poland)
      450. We-Ef Lighting Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
      451. Westinghouse Lighting Corporation (USA)
      452. Wever & Ducre NV (Belgium)
      453. Whitecroft Lighting Ltd. (UK)
      454. WILA-Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
      455. Wolfe Designs Ltd. (UK)
      456. Woodhead Industries, Inc. (USA)
      457. Wujin Yaming Mine Lamp Co., Ltd. (China)
      458. Wunsch Leuchten GmbH (Germany)
      459. Xenotec Technik Und Licht Kg (Germany)
      460. YCL Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
      461. Yuieh-Hsene Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
      462. Zhejiang Jieying Electric Appliance Co., Ltd (China)
      463. Zhejiang Yankon Group Co., Ltd. (China)
      464. Zhongshan Namei Lighting Co., Ltd. (China)
      465. Zing Ear Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
      466. Zino Mini-Ceramic GmbH (Germany)
      467. Zodion Ltd. (UK)
      468. Zoomlux Lighting LLC (UAE)
      469. Zumtobel AG (Austria)

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