The Love Story

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					                                The Love Story

O    nce upon a time there was a cow and a pig. They made a calf that was half pig
half cow. His name was Frank. He grew up and he was not like the others. He had the
physical features of a pig, and characteristics of a cow. He was not happy with his life.

      One hot summer day,a new pig came to the farm. Her name was Betty. She
was beautiful. When Frank saw her, he immediately found his true love.

        She looked at him and then looked away with a disgusted look. She walked
happily away with her boyfriend Butch. He was the tuffest pig ever. Everyday Frank
tried to get Betty’s attention but the same look came everyday. He had no hope for his
one thought love.

       One chilly October night, Frank decided to make himself look like a pig by
painting himself all pink. The next day Betty looked at Frank and blew him an air kiss,
he blushed and went back into the barn before the paint rubbed off. The next day
Frank asked his friends Lenny and Kevin to color him pink with permanent marker. This
was a brilliant idea. He went up to Betty and said lets go on a date to the movie
Barnyard. She accepted and went with him. When they walked home it started to rain
and the marker rubbed off.
       “frank that’s you? Why would you lie to me!??
       “Because I love you Betty.”
       “Well I love you to Frank.”

From that moment on Betty and Frank were in love. They lived happily ever after.

                                    The End

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