This will be a short newsletter because our computer system is by accinent


									                                                     Once our school leaders are chosen, an

               ELLIOTT HEADS                         Induction Ceremony will take place. Senior
                                                     School Leaders will be offered a chance to
                   REVIEW                            attend a Leadership Camp at Riverside Retreat
                                                     on February 16 and 17.
                                                     LUNCHTIME CLUB
       Ph: 4159-6242 Fax: 4159-6416
                                                     Next Tuesday will see the start of an indoor
                                                     lunchtime club. Mrs Tracy O‟Brien, who is with
       Edition 02      05 February 2009              us as a Special Education Classroom Teacher on
                                                     Tuesdays has offered to run a club in the Grade
Thought for the Week: Be kinder than
                                                     5/6/7 room that will include computers, board
necessary because everyone you meet is fighting
                                                     games and other activities such as colouring in,
some kind of battle
                                                     craft, etc. to cater for the full range of ages in
ELECTION OF SCHOOL LEADERS                           the school.
Today at assembly, we will hear from our senior      P&F MEETING
students who wish to be considered for school        Our first P&F Meeting has been set for Monday
captain or house captain. Tomorrow, students         16th February at 3.15 p.m. It is the AGM and new
from Grades 3-7 will vote. Each class will also      office bearers will be elected. Please come along
vote for 2 student councillors to represent them     and support a small but dedicated group of
for the year.                                        parents who work hard for the children of this
Over the last few years, staff and the P&F have      school. It will be held in the Grade 5/6/7 room.
been working together to try and ensure a high       BUS COMMITTEE MEETING
quality amongst our school leaders each year.        A once a year meeting for parents of children
Some years have been more successful than            who travel on the bus. Please come along on
others. Typically, three School Captains are         Monday night 23rd February at 7.15 p.m. in the
elected from Grade 7, while two House Captains       staffroom.
for each of our two sporting houses, Dolphins        BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE BBQ SATURDAY
and Turtles, are elected from Grade 6.
                                                     After a bit of a rocky start on Saturday
This year, as well as making election speeches at    morning, which we‟ll put down to our
assembly, the nomination process will involve a      inexperience at being involved in a Bunnings
set of criteria that prospective leaders are         BBQ, we settled down to a great day. The trade
asked to comment on. These criteria, along with      was steady all day, and we had plenty of help,
the speech and voting process will be taken into     which made the day run very smoothly. Most
account when selecting our school leaders.           people who helped, put in between 1-3 hours,
Criteria for students wanting to stand for           which meant that no one was over-burdened on
school or house captain are:                         the day. A huge thank you to the following
 Willingness to wear full school uniform with       people who gave up their time to help out.
    pride, including an appropriate hat and shoes.   Without you, we wouldn‟t have been able to do it!
 Willingness to give up some play periods to        John Delaney, Rebecca & Tony O‟Grady, Sharon
    help others, e.g. in the library; sports shed;   Williams, Brenda Biggs, Michael Gobey, Zoe King,
    organising games for younger students.           Karen Grace, Rebecca Gill, Marla Villeneuve,
 Exemplary behaviour record.                        Karen Ferguson, Janet Rickards, Katrina Kruger,
 Confidence to speak in front of a large            Jacqui & Gerry Davey and Belinda Biggs.
                                                     A special thank you to Mike Christopher and
 An understanding that if elected and they
                                                     Cindy Hyland who did a lot of running around
    fail to meet the criteria on all occasions,
                                                     during the day to fetch and carry various
    they will be removed from the position of
    school or house captain.
                                                     While this BBQ might not have been as
                                                     profitable as we expected, we‟ve learnt a lot
from the experience and will be able to buy          from Kathy Nader, Karen Grace and Jacqui
supplies in bulk and on special next time round in   Davey. Thanks to you too! Cindy and Janet will
order to maintain a greater profit margin. We        be in touch soon to discuss a roster. If anyone
made nearly $500! Thanks again everyone. It          else is interested in helping, please complete the
was a great effort for a small school!               tear off slip at the end of the newsletter. For
SCHOOL UNIFORM                                       now, we will be operating as close as possible
                                                     from the Term 4 Tuckshop menu. Prices many
The “Uniform Shop” has done a roaring trade
                                                     vary a little as fresh fruit and vegetables have
this week and it‟s wonderful to see so many
                                                     all gone up. A copy of the menu will be sent home
students already sporting the new shirt, shorts
                                                     early next week.
and skorts. We have already run out of size 8
and 14 shirts, as well as the smaller sized hat,     CORAL COVE RAFFLE
but these have been reordered and should be          Our next raffle is next Friday 13th February. If
with us soon. The old uniform shirt is still fully   you can help out, please let us know. The people
acceptable, but we are still seeing some             who buy our raffle tickets like to see the
students in board shorts. We do ask your             parents and children down at the club from time
cooperation in ensuring your son does NOT wear       to time.
board shorts to school.                              MISSING READING RESOURCES
The new shirts are $15, skorts $12, tailored         Thanks to parents who have dropped off some
girls shorts $10, microfibre shorts $10 and boys     of the missing reading resources. But we are
cargo shorts $10 and hats $10. Closed in shoes       still missing quite a number of books. If you find
must be worn at all times.                           any just drop them at the office, classroom or
ROAD SAFETY                                          library. We just want the books back. THANKS!
Please remember that it is illegal to cross the      THE GARDEN LOOKS GREAT!
double white lines at the front of the school to     Thanks to our mowing contractor Mr Peter
park in the parking bays, if you enter Breusch       Schweikert, who spent the weekend clearing
Road from Elliott Heads Road. Parents entering       garden beds between the classrooms of trees
from that direction need to go down to the Bus       and mulch. It has opened up the area, creating
Bay, turn around and come back to the parking        greater light and visibility and lessening the
spaces. Thanks for your cooperation.                 appeal for wriggly things! This will become a
BUS TRAVEL                                           palms and strappy plants (such as yuccas) area
This week, all families using our school bus will    only. There are still three trees to come down
receive a letter from the owner, Mr Russell          that were too big for Peter to handle. Does
Lyons, outlining a new fare structure for 2009.      anyone know a tree lopper, as we need a
A slight increase has been necessary, with the       professional who can get the appropriate council
rising costs of servicing, insurance etc. Russell    permission to remove them.
has always tried to keep the fares as low as         CHAPLAINCY PROGRAM
possible and provides a substantial discount for     Once again in 2009 we are lucky to have our
additional children from the same family.            School Chaplain, Ian Purkis with us. Typically,
Parents are reminded that poor bus behaviour or      Ian helps out in classrooms and on the
non payment of fares will result in students not     playground. Sometimes he assists teachers with
being allowed to use the bus until behaviour         students who are worried or upset about
improves or fares are paid.                          something. He is available for one-on-one
TUCKSHOP                                             sessions with children, parents or families who
We hope to begin Tuckshop next Thursday, and         would like some personal time. Please let us know
thank Janet Rickards for her offer to step in as     if Ian can be of help to you.
Tuckshop Convenor. She and Cindy will be             PARENT HELPERS
cleaning the tuckshop and ordering supplies this     Please fill in the tear off slip at the end of the
week, in preparation for next week. Thanks           newsletter if you are able to assist in the
ladies! We have also had generous offers of help     classroom, or with one-on-one work with
students needing extra help. We‟d love your help     in with school timetabling I will withdraw Year
in the classroom. Help is more likely to be          1/2 students after the first half hour. This
needed in Grades P-4, rather than the Senior         means playgroup will become much more „owned‟
grades.                                              by the parents who come. I will run a music/
STUDENT OF THE WEEK                                  movement session in this time and then close the
                                                     doors to the end of the room. The organisation
P/1/2      MASON HAIGH
                                                     will then be up to the parents. Denise will attend
      Consistently excellent behaviour & work
                                                     with Preps, and we will have activities out and
3/4        YALLAH GILLARD                            available – but we need you all to pitch in and
      Excellent attitude toward school and work      help with preparing morning tea and cleaning up.
6/7        TAMICKA CHRISTOPHER                       I really hope that you all continue to enjoy
                                                     playgroup and look forward to seeing you again
      Excellent work in Maths
                                                     or meeting you for the first time. Although our
                                                     older children will miss coming, they have lots of
P/1/2                                                opportunities to use all of our great resources
This past week at school has been busy as we         and it may be a little less overwhelming for some
continue to establish routines and classroom         of our smaller playgroup members. We will begin
expectations. We seem to have a very „dramatic‟      NEXT TUESDAY 10 FEBRUARY. Don‟t forget to
group of children and our spare time has seen        bring a plate to share for morning tea and let
quite a few „shows‟ being performed. Quite a         any parents with under-school aged children
number of them are interested in making              know it‟s on.
puppets and putting on a play in the theatre.        KATRINA AND DENISE
Next week, we will try to provide some direction
                                                     YEAR 3/4
with this by learning nursery rhymes that the
                                                     We have commenced our „Me‟ unit and are
children can use the puppets to perform with.
                                                     learning a great deal of interesting facts about
Year 2‟s have been learning about the „teen‟
                                                     ourselves and each other. This will lead very
numbers. This can be quite a tricky concept so
                                                     nicely into our unit on the „Human Body‟.
we are taking our time and making sure that it is
                                                     Homework folders will be given out each Monday
fully understood. Yr 1‟s are learning about the
                                                     and returned the following Monday. A reading
numbers under 10 – how to write and count
                                                     book will also be in the folder. Please encourage
meaningfully with them. We have also focused on
                                                     your child to complete a small amount of
the s,a,t,i & p sound. If you ask your child, they
                                                     homework each night. Please approach us if you
should be able to show you the action associated
                                                     have any questions. We have also asked the
with that sound and tell you some words that
                                                     students to design and decorate a title page for
begin with it. Homework for Year 1/2 is due on
                                                     each of their notebooks, this is to be done on
Friday. Students who return completed
                                                     the first page. The drawings are to relate to the
homework every week will be invited to a
lunchtime DVD treat at the end of term. Library
books should have come home on Monday and            REBECCA & KELLY
need to be returned for changing each Monday.        5/6/7
I still need parent helpers for changing             This week we have begun settling into a more
homework readers on Monday morning and to            structured daily routine with the introduction of
hear sight words first thing every morning.          daily Speed Tests and mental arithmetic in
PLAYGROUP                                            Maths, the start of Soundwaves Spelling and the
I have not had many responses back about our         commencement of Reading Groups at 10.30 each
proposed day change, but the majority returned       day right across the school.
requested the day remain the same. A few             We have started talking about our unit of work
parents have even changed daycare                    for this term on Space, and in particular the
arrangements to fit in so at this stage we will      moon phases and it‟s affect on the tides. This is
continue playgroup on Tuesday. However, to fit       to assist Grade 6, who will undertake a QCAT
(Queensland Common Assessment Task) on the
topic later this term. Next week in Reading                  TEAR OFF SLIP for TUCKSHOP HELP
Groups I am looking for a parent to help Blue
Group with a cooking task, as part of reading and        Yes I can help in the Tuckshop on Thursdays.
using a procedural text. A separate letter went          NAME: ____________________________
home about this, to parents of Blue Group, to
                                                         PHONE: ___________________________
ask for assistance.
Students will be given a USB memory stick this
week, to use to save their files when working on
the computer at home and school. Students are
                                                         TEAR OFF SLIP for CORAL COVE RAFFLE
responsible for returning these at the end of
the year or paying for a replacement @ $10               Yes I can help at the raffle at Coral Cove Golf
each. Please let me know if you prefer to buy            Club at 4pm on Friday the 13th February..
your child their own USB.                                NAME: ____________________________
A reminder to parents that mobile phones and
                                                         PHONE: ___________________________
MP3 players are not permitted at school. If you
insist on your child has a phone, they are your
child‟s responsibility and must not come out of          RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
their bag. If they are seen using the phone for
                                                         If your child is Catholic, attends Religious Education
any reason, it will be confiscated and parents           classes at school, and you would like them to
will be asked to collect it from the office.             participate in the Sacramental Program for First
If you have any concerns at all, please don‟t            Communion and Reconciliation, details of classes and
hesitate to drop in and see me before class or           enrolment forms are available by phoning 4151-6666.
after school. A problem shared is a problem              Children must be 9 or over. An information evening at
                                                         the Bundaberg Catholic Community Centre, cnr
                                                         Barolin & Watson Sts Bundaberg, at 7pm on
Cheers TEENY                                             Wednesday 11 February.
                                                                      DATES TO REMEMBER
Cities Hockey Club Sign-On – 07 February from 10am
to 1pm Bundaberg Hockey Grounds. Phone David
                                                         6 Feb       Chinese New Year Display @ 2.15pm
Miller 41529721 or Roxanne 41516365.                     11 Feb      Mrs Patterson/Mrs Kruger @ CQU
AllBlacks Hockey Club Sign-On – 15 February from 3                   Induction for Student Teachers 12-4
– 5 pm at Hinkler Park.                                  13 Feb      Mrs Patterson @ Principals Business
TENNIS learn to play – sessions available Saturday                   Meeting all day
morning and Wednesday afternoons. Phone Kevin                        Coral Cove Raffle 4pm
Banner on 41520753 or Murray Whitbread on
41551508.                                                16 Feb      P&F Meeting 3.15 pm
LEARN TO DANCE – Dianne McLellan dancers. From           20 Feb      Mrs Kruger Primary Connections
3 years to adult. Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip-Hop. Phone               Training
Dianne on 41521644 or Kayleen on 41526205.               23 Feb      Bus Committee Meeting 7.15pm
CENTRECARE – a workshop on „How to raise your
child‟s self-esteem‟. Tuesday 10 March 6.30-8.30pm
or 11 March 9.30-11.30am Phone 41532532 to
                                                                             Name -
Yes I can help in the classroom.                                             Signed-

NAME: ____________________________
PHONE: ___________________________
I can help on Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri. (Circle)

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