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					                                        Today’s Lighting Fixtures:
                                           photos and text excerpted from Her Home magazine

ABOVE: Schonbek’s Matrix
pendant comes in 24 dazzling
colors. Smaller Edges®                             In recent years, designers and homeowners have
pendants are shown in
the back ground.
RIGHT:Schonbek’s Vertex spot
                               SPARKLING        looked to lighting for far more than functional illu-
                                                mination. Using different applications, they layered
                                                light to create different moods and to focus atten-
pendant combines high tech
with glamour.
photos courtesy of Schonbek®     JEWELRY        tion on certain areas or items.
                                                   Today, more often than not, the focus is on the
                                                lighting fixtures themselves. And it’s no wonder.
                                                The lighting industry has exploded with innovative

                               for the Home     options, providing the perfect accents for nearly
                                                every décor style, from today’s streamlined traditional,
                                                transitional and soft contemporary – to a profusion
                                                of retro and vintage looks.

                                                CHANDELIERS AND PENDANTS
                                                Chandeliers are the brightest stars in today’s lighting
                                                design. No longer restricted to dining rooms and
                                                foyers, they’ve moved into virtually every room in
                                                the home – kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, hall-
                                                ways – even closets.

RIGHT: Kichler’s Light Accents allow home-                                                              Bruck ® Lighting Systems has created
owner to dress their chandeliers up or down,                                                         several pendant lights that can be raised
with magnetic crystal embellishments.                                                                or lowered – especially nice over a
photo courtesy of Kichler®                                                                           kitchen island.
BELOW: Bruck Lighting’s Jasmine Move Down                                                            RECESSED AND TRACK LIGHTS
is an adjustable counter weight pendant.
                                                                                                             On the other end of the spectrum,
(Cristello Down pendants also shown)
                                                                                                              more attention is being paid to
photo courtesy of Bruck Lighting Systems
                                                                                                              recessed lights, which previously
           Casablanca Fan Company’s                                                                            had been fairly nondescript. Halo®
Moroccan Marrakesh™ fan in Antique                                                                             (a division of Cooper Lighting)
Pewter with mahogany blades and                                                                                has come out with their H3 line of
halogen light fixture.                                                                                          recessed light housings. Designed
OPPOSITE RIGHT:Casablanca Fan Company’s
                                                                                                               to provide a high light output with
Reverie™ in Brushed Walnut with integrated
                                                                                                              a small ceiling presence, these
light fixture.                                                                                                3-inch apertures are available in
photos courtesy of
                                                                                                              traditional black and white finishes,
Casablanca Fan Company                                                                                        as well as new metallic finishes
                                                                                                            in antique copper, satin nickel and
                                                                                                       Tuscan bronze.
                                                                                                        For homeowners creating a historic look,
                                                  paired with burnished brass, rustic bronze and offers ornate Tuscan,
                                                  even wrought iron. For those looking for           Florentine, Victorian, French Provincial
                                                  a lighter finish, Kichler®’s new Edenvale™         light housings and more. They have also
                                                  collection features a hand-rubbed golden           introduced a “recessed chandelier” with
                                                  brulee. The company has also released a line       Czechoslovakian and Swarovski crystals.
                                                  of updated tiffany fixtures, which includes            In the contemporary line, Schonbek’s
                                                  chandeliers, pendants and sconces.                 Geometrix collection includes three
                                                     Kichler’s new Light Accents ™ allows            recessed lighting designs composed of Strass
                                                  homeowners to customize their chandeliers.         crystal. Slices™ has the quality of a diamond
                                                  The collection includes 72 different glass,        choker around the light. Vertex ® presents
                                                  acrylic and crystal embellishments – 17            its crystal in a technical-looking grid projecting
                                                  of which have been specifically designed           from the light source. And Edges® offers the
                                                  to coordinate with some of Kichler’s most          merest sliver of crystal floating under the
                                                  popular lighting families. Using Magtrim           recessed light.
                                                  technology, it is easy to add or remove Light         A new bent on flexible track lighting,
                                                  Accents to any steel surface, including            Bruck Lighting Systems’ Flight Track
                                                  chandeliers, wall sconces and lamps.               is composed of two 1/16" x 1" aluminum
                                                     Schonbek ®, maker of traditional crystal        profiles with festoon lamps. The track is made
                                                  chandeliers for 134 years, recently came out       of pliable aluminum and may be customized
                                                  with their Geometrix™ collection, a stunning       for larger curves or bent with a template to
                                                  line of contemporary chandeliers and               achieve smaller radii. Sections can be easily
                                                  pendants. The company uses lily-cut Strass®        joined together to create longer systems.
                                                  crystal octagons by Swarovski and weaves
                                                  them into cylinders, spheres, cubes, oblongs,      CEILING FANS
     Choices are mind-boggling, with more         pyramids, spirals and slices.                      In the last few years, ceiling fans have been
  finishes and combinations than ever before.        Available in 37 different crystal colors, the   catching up with the array of lighting fixture
  Metals run the gamut from rich and refined to   Geometrix line includes their first dishwasher-    styles. Casablanca® Fan Company has one of
  beautifully weathered – often accomplished by   safe crystal chandelier, Da Vinci. The crystal-    the widest selections, including a variety of
  layering one color over another and then        covered sphere comes apart in sections to fit      casual, traditional and contemporary fans in
  hand rubbing to reveal flecks of color.         into a standard dishwasher and is available in     today’s most popular finishes; fans representing
     Globes once predominantly white or clear     10-, 12-, 18- and 24-inch diameters. (The          classic design periods; plus Oriental,
  are now available in an array of colored        company cautions owners not to wash their          Polynesian, Morrocan and Mission styles, just
  and textured glass. Crystals are daringly       dishes and silverware in the same load.)           to name a few.
                                                                                                     Bruck® Lighting Systems’ Flight Track System can be
                                                                                                     flush mounted or suspended horizontally or vertically.
                                                                                                     photo courtesy of Bruck Lighting Systems

    And thanks to Fanimation®,
homeowners no longer have to
choose between the clean lines of
a lighting fixture and the practical com-
fort of a ceiling fan. Their Air Shadow™
collection features blades which
retract when not in use.

Not too long ago, choosing switch plates was
pretty simple: beige or brown. Not so today.          Convenience is also an option; with the
Flopping Fish™ recently introduced limited         IntelaVoice™ Wall switch, homeowners can
edition gift sets of hand-finished, aged-copper    turn their lights on and off and control the
patina switch plates, frames and plaques.          brightness with voice commands.
                                                                                                       and lighting designers can create a cohesive
Lutron offers a wide array of gloss and matte                                                          plan based on your tastes, décor, lifestyle and
colors plus satin and metal finishes.                                 *****
                                                                                                       budget. Large lighting stores also employ
   If that wasn’t enough,          Clearly, the lighting world has never been       knowledgeable staff that can provide
has over 160,000 decorative switch plates in       so exciting. But the tremendous volume of           practical advice and creative insights. Finally,
stock, in every conceivable material – including   choices can also be somewhat overwhelming,          many large lighting companies offer families
granite, marble, Corian®, leather, ceramics,       particularly when faced with selecting lighting     of fixtures to provide a coordinated look
copper, art glass and clay.                        for an entire home. Interior decorators             from room to room.