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					                                               Lockyer Zone
                                               Athletics 2009
                                                           Bulletin 1.
                                                     IMPORTANT INFORMATION
      Shot Put weights:                   10 and 11 years 2kg                      12 and 13 years 3kg
      Discus weights:                     10 years 500g                            11years to 12 years 750g            13 yrs 1kg

        DATE:          Friday, 21st August 2009
        TIME:               9:15 am - 2.50 pm
        VENUE:              Ropehill Community Centre

        NOMINATIONS CLOSE:                         4:00 pm Friday, 14th August 2009
                                                   Check officials’ nominations on page 4.
        NOMIANTION FEE:                            $4 per competitor (Schools/Districts will be invoiced.)

                                               Lockyer Zone Carnival Structure
                                                                                                     School Carnivals

                Caffey District Carnival               Gatton State School Carnival                 Upper Lockyer District
                    th     th                                th       th                                       th
                  4 and 6 August                           13 and 14 August                          Carnival 7 August

                                                    Lockyer Zone Carnival 21 August

                                                       Darling Downs Region Carnival
                                                                1 September

                    District                                                          Schools
          Gatton                                Gatton
          Upper Lockyer Valley                  Our Lady of Good Counsel, Withcott, Helidon, Peace Lutheran
          Caffey Small Schools                  Tent Hill Upper, Mt Sylvia, Flagstone Creek, Grantham, Tent Hill Lower; Junction
                                                View, Mt Whitestone, Ma Ma Creek, Ropeley, Murphy’s Creek

                                           WHO CAN REPRESENT YOUR DISTRICT
          Only the District not individual schools can make nominations.
          Four competitors can be nominated to the Zone Carnival in all events excepting discus where only three nominations can be
           made. No 9 or 8 year old should be in Shot Put or Discus.
    Age                        80 m        100 m      200 m      800 m       Girls    High   Boys      Long     Shot     Discus       Multi
    8 years ##                 4##                    
    9 years *                  4                      4          4          4 85 cm      4 1.00m       4
    10 years                               4          4          4          4 90 cm      4 1.07m       4        4 2kg    3 (500g)      2
    11 years                               4          4          4          4 1.05m      4 1.15m       4        4 2kg    3 (750g)      2
    12 years                               4          4          4          4 1.10m      4 1.15m       4        4 3kg    3 (750g)      2
    13 years                               4          4          4          4 1.10m      4 1.15m       4        4 3kg    3 (750g)
      The 8-year-old children selected in the 80 metres at your district carnival will automatically be placed in the 200 metres at the
  Zone Carnival. This is to give them an extra run in the day. 8 year olds are NOT to be selected to 200 metres only.
 Read item 6 over for an explanation of how the multi event will be run.
Regional Information
* 9 year olds can be selected to the Regional Athletics Carnival in all events indicated above.
## 8 year olds can not be selected to the Regional Athletics Carnival.

Michael Vaughan
Phys Ed Gatton

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                        MULTI EVENT EXPLANATION
1. The Multi Event is like a pentathlon at the Olympics in that the athlete performs a number of events and the
   points gained are added together to give a total. The events in the multi event are 100m, 800m, long jump,
   shot put.

2. If selected the athletes may participate in both individual events and also be nominated for the multi event.
   Although unlikely it may though be possible for a team to have 4 individual nominations and 2 Multi Event
   nominations in an event.

3. All athletes whether they be individual zone nominations or multi event nominations are eligible to win the
   individual event e.g. 11 Years Boys Long Jump - be the Lockyer Champion and Lockyer Record holder.

4. Selection in the Lockyer Team for the multi event will be based on performance in all four (4) disciplines of the
   multi event - 100m, 800m, long jump, shot put. And calculated by a specific points program.

5. Only one athlete can be selected in the Lockyer Zone Team for each age and sex for the multi event while
   individual events can have up to 4 selections.

6. The multi event at the Lockyer Zone Carnival will be combined with the regular individual events for
   800m, long jump, shot put but a separate 100m will be run. Therefore a child already selected in the 100m
   will have to run the individual 100m and the multi event 100m. This has been done so that individual times
   can be recorded for each 100m runner.

7.   At the Darling Downs carnival the Multi Event is integrated as explained in item 6 above while at the
     State all Multi Event element are run separately. Therefore a competitor selected in the 800m, long jump,
     shot put or 100m individual events and the multi event will have to run in their individual event and each multi
     event element.


                 BLOCK B AND C will run in parallel as will BLOCK D AND E
     Start - 9.15am
     BLOCK A - 800M GIRLS                   Boys Discus 10, 11 and 12 years
                   800M BOYS                Girls Discus 10, 11 and 12 years
     BLOCK B Boys field                       BLOCK C Girls track
     Field Events                                          SPRINTS Heats Finals
     9 yrs, 10 yrs, 11 yrs, 12 yrs, 13 yrs                 Multi Event 100m run before 200m
     (No Shot Put and Discus for 9 years at the Zone       200m Heats Finals
                                  LUNCH 12:00 to 12.30 approximately
     BLOCK D Boys track                                    BLOCK E Girls field
     SPRINTS Heats Finals                                  Field Events
     Multi Event 100m run before 200m                      9 yrs, 10 yrs, 11 yrs, 12 yrs, 13 yrs
     200m Heats Finals                                     (No Shot Put and Discus for 9 years at the Zone
     BLOCK F
     Boys Circular Relays -                                Girls Circular Relays -
     9 yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs and 12/13yrs                      9 yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs and 12/13yrs

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Lockyer Zone Carnival Information
1. Nomination Fee of $4 per competitor will be invoiced to the District.
2. A detailed program with all events and competitors is available at the track for $2.
3. Competitors must compete in their own age group only. Ages are calculated according to year
   of birth (eg a child born in 1997 is 12 years old in 2009.)
4. Running spikes are allowed in all events except 800m, relays, discus and shot put. Spikes must
   be removed immediately at the end of the race. All care must be taken when wearing spikes.
5. High jump notes: Nine year olds are not permitted to do the “Fosbury Flop” or layout styles
   of jumps in high jump. Scissors only are permitted for this age group. If in the opinion of the
   high jump official the jumping style used by any competitor is deemed unsafe, that competitor
   can be withdrawn or told to use a different style.
6. Discus notes: As the 12 and 13 year olds competitors will be using a circle that has a cage at
   the Lockyer Zone Carnival, they will be permitted to use a turn in their discus throw. Therefore
   you may train your competitors in this event in the turn technique. Recommended training area
   is a cricket net which provides the safety required by the EPPR. No other age group will be
   permitted to do a discus turn at the Lockyer Zone Carnival.
7. Each district is allowed TWO circular relay teams, 4 nominations in all other events excepting
   discus where 3 nominations are accepted.
8. In sprints and 200m the first four in each heat will be selected for the final.
9. Certificates will be provided for place getters in finals and those who break records. The
   announcer will present these during the carnival. Sprint and 200 metres runners will receive a
   finalist ribbon. Age champions will receive a trophy.
10.A points competition will be conducted on finals only.
  Individual 1st 6, 2nd 3, 3rd 2, 4th 1. Relays 1st 8, 2nd 5, 3rd 3, 4th 2.
11.The Lockyer Zone team to compete at the Regional Carnival will be selected on times, heights,
  and distances. (see the program for this information) The team will be announced at the
  conclusion of the carnival or faxed or emailed to team managers and respective Principals.
  Check the website for results team lists.
  As a general rule the fastest 4 in each track event (3 for 9 year olds) and the best 3 in each field
  event who make the Regional qualifying heights and distances will make the Zone team to.

12.Each child will be given a nametag, which can be collected by the Team Manager on the
  carnival day.
13.All competitors must be prepared to participate in the Regional Carnival if selected.

1. Guard against a hot day by advising competitors and spectators to wear hats and protective
   clothing. As there is little or no shade teams should organize tents.
2. A tuckshop will operate at the carnival.

3. Each District will require at least ONE TEAM MANAGER and must provide
  officials as listed below. If officials are not provided your district will be invoiced
  for the replacement.
4. Ensure your children know their District and sit in District areas.
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                     Officials nomination sheet
Each team must provide an official in the space provided.
Listed below are the names of official who did the job last year. Pleases indicate availability or a
suitable replacement.

Position          Gatton                      Upper Lockyer                  Caffey
Referee           Michael Vaughan
Field Referee                                                                Barry Donaldson
Starter                                       1. Russell Berlin OLGC
Announcer                                     Tom Otto Withcott
Check Starter
Time Keepers      1. J Stokes                 1. Mrs Webster                 1. H Evans
                  2. ___________              2. ___________                 2. ___________
Judges            Chief: Geoff St Clair       1. Robyn Olive OLGC            1. D Prestridge Flag
                  1. K Blanch                 2. Fiona Coonan OLGC.
                  2. L Ruthenberg
Field Chief       9 yrs: Ann Kilminster       13 yrs: Mark Clair Helidon
Preferably a      10 yrs: ??????
teacher #         11 yrs: Nola Vaughan
                  12 yrs: David Hacker
Field assistant                               1. Angela Frizzell OLGC        1. N Schulz
                                              2. Anna Hanssen Peace          2. N Phoenix
                                              3. S Denman
Recorders         Linda Lerch                                                1. Sonia Lund THL
                  Val Zimmerman
Team              ????????                    Matthew Russell Withcott        Richard Amos
managers          Val Dixon                                                  Ma Ma Crk

# Must know rules of the four field events. Rules for all events will be sent to all schools.

Please fax or email this form with your nominations.

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