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Update Summary on Resolutions Passed - as of: February 2010
Minute                                                                          Action Required                                                       Date of last Resolved/
No.                                                                             by                                                                    update       ongoing /
                                                                                                  Actions taken and/or responses
          Resolutions                                                                             received
13        BUILDING SCHOOLS FOR THE FUTURE - This item will be David Martin                        Area Manager (SCAM) sent email request that a       28.1.10
          deferred until the next meeting of this committee                                       briefing note be submmitted on the 10th March
                                                                                                                                                                  on going
24 & 87   COMMUNITY ASSET TRANSFER STRATEGY AND POLICIES - Head of Regional                       Letter advising the organisation that the council   28.1.10
          Members expressed concern regarding the Porter Street Development                       would not be entering into a new lease would not
          compound and requested that this should be returned to its former                       be entered into 21.1.01
          use as it was let on a short term lease however this was over 7
          years ago. Agreed:

          b. That the Porter Street compound be returned to its former use;
          a. That notice is served to the current tenant of the Porter Street
          compound and that the site is re-instated to its former use as open
          b. That any extension awarded to the Castle Street site is for a
          very limited time period.

                                                                                                                                                                  on going
32        REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTIVITY REPORT The Head of Regional                           Next report due December 2010
          Head of Regional Development presented a report to inform Development
          members of the progress against the service targets for the
          financial    year   2008/9     for   Regional     Development.
          b. That future reports contain more information regarding local
          labour figures.

46        RIVERSIDE AREA PERFORMANCE REPORT - 1ST QUARTER Head of City Safe                       Review currently underway                           28.1.10
          2009/10 that seeks members comments in relation to the
          Riverside Area 1st Quarter Performance, ending June 2009.
          b. that a review of the Common Tasking Process be undertaken,
          and in particular the Community Safety Action Partnership
50   LOCAL DEMOCRACY WEEK - AS PART OF LOCAL Area Manager                   1. CPO for Newington - consulted wider with young 28.1.10
     DEMOCRACY WEEK YOUNG PEOPLE WILL BE INVITED TO (SCAMS)                 people at Hessle Road Net, who felt that currently
                                                                            this was not a priority for them, will investigate
                                                                            when the new youth centre has been completed.
                                                                            2. Completed and will be included in the work of
                                                                            the play partnership and commission of new
     That the Riverside Area Team:-                                         projects.
     1. Look at the feasibility of building a youth pod in the St Georges   3.Young people to be included in future patch
     Road area.                                                             walks                                            .
     2. Consider the list of activities, when available, that the group     4. young people involved in the CSAP in St
     would like to see offered in the area.                                 Andrews       on      a       quarterly     basis.
     3. Request the PCSO to carry out extra patrols in and around St        5.     Area     has     been      cleaned      up.
                                                                            6. Local Democray News letter will be published
     Georges Park
                                                                            before LCW in October 2010.
     4. Co -ordinate a meeting between the Forum and the police.
     5. That the condition of the grassed playing area at Riley Field be
     referred to Streetcare Services.

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